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  1. instrumentals... Popcorn or Time Is Tight 1 or 2?: single, hear, record - Music
  2. Wishin' and Hopin' - Dionne, Dusty, or Ani?: album, song, best - Music
  3. First time or Killing me Softly... which Roberta?: singing, song - Music
  4. Grade the last song you heard?: rock - Music
  5. Worst No 1's: videos, 90s, song, top - Music
  6. a beautiful cover to the song Forever (Chris brown) - Music
  7. Skill on a very inexpensive guitar: player, good, Texas - Music
  8. I've got my mind set on you (1987)... ver 1 or 2?: singing, hear - Music
  9. What do you think of this jam?: guitar, listen, record - Music
  10. Adam Lambert: singer, listen, Georgia, sounds - Music
  11. Rate this Jam: cover, original, record, instrument - Music
  12. Spencer Davis Group or Chicago... I'm a Man: debut album, albums, top - Music
  13. Badfinger Appreciation: bands, pop, history - Music
  14. Top 10 Songs Of June 2015 Best songs of Billboard Hits Singles Chart Playlist - Music
  15. book on the beatles music: musician, cover
  16. Does think Mickey Thomas of Starship has a good singing voice?: lyrics, singers - Music
  17. Name five bands - what's your favorite song by each: favorite band, metal - Music
  18. RIP Great Bass Man Louis Johnson of the Brothers Johnson: player, albums - Music
  19. Who remembers a video that staged people on a large chessboard?: singer, song - Music
  20. with a: lyrics, blues, artist, song - Music
  21. which is your favorite music?: bands, classic, genre, 50s
  22. Best Song to Hit #1 in the U.S in 1984?: top, singles - Music
  23. Neil Young Pulls His Music From Streaming Services: artists, song, radio
  24. David Gilmour Live: cd, album, Pink Floyd, 60s - Music
  25. The most talented current band.: musician, bluegrass
  26. New David Gilmour solo album almost ready: song, radio, concert - Music
  27. Aerosmith ?: bands, rock, 70s, best - Music
  28. transferring music: cd, itunes, song, iPod
  29. Band releases a lot of albums. You ignore it, that is until it releases what?: song, listen - Music
  30. Drumming From Around the World.0: drum, western - Music
  31. Happy 75th Birthday, Ringo!: Beatles, famous, group, song - Music
  32. When Will There Be an Asian Pop Star in America......: classic, stations - Music
  33. Help me ID this rock/alternative song I heard the other night - it's driving me NUTS!: lyrics, popular - Music
  34. Prince fans... a few questions: singing, artist, song, record - Music
  35. The Rolling Stones - 2015 Tour: rock, concerts - Music
  36. Does know the name of the music?: sounds
  37. Songs you can't listen to while getting it on: albums, hear - Music
  38. Top 10 bands/singers: rock, Rolling Stones, Boston - Music
  39. For True Music Aficionados: What instrument is this? What instrument's sound do you dislike the most?: jazz, 70's
  40. Who do you love to hear sing our national anthem?: singers, group - Music
  41. Have you ever got a song lyric wrong or not known the singer of a song?: country, Pearl Jam - Music
  42. Poll: Best Song to Hit #1 in the U.S in 2013?: lyrics, great song - Music
  43. What Are Your Top 10 Favorite Songs?: soundtrack, singer, alternative, player - Music
  44. Best civil rights songs: gospel, Doors, artist, American - Music
  45. Powerful Music - Best Summer Dance Music Remixes Party Hits 2015: hear
  46. Would you wait in line for more than a day to watch a concert?: band, genre - Music
  47. Songs by year: starting in 1980!: good, history - Music
  48. What is side part used for?: metal, musician, performing
  49. Ornette Coleman, dead at 85: jazz, albums, miles davis, artist - Music
  50. For Sly & The Family Stone Fans: band, funk, player - Music
  51. Foreigner: I Want To Know What Love Is Sampled in a Rap Song?: albums, artist - Music
  52. Need help finding a country song!: lyrics, classic, female, radio - Music
  53. windy or stormy?: great songs, song, top - Music
  54. Listening to a John Denver CD right now: country, album, song - Music
  55. Rhapsody or Adagio?: bands, metal - Music
  56. James Horner is dead...: soundtrack, genre, amazing - Music
  57. Last Song you had in your head?: musical
  58. Eno or Satie?: soundtrack, classic, cd, albums - Music
  59. Happy 70th birthday Pete Townshend: great song, blues, song, American - Music
  60. Really cool collection of songs by former Beatles: band, album, best - Music
  61. What underated musical artists / bands in your opinion deserve more recognition then they currently have?: singer, country
  62. Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu's New York debut concert appearance a sellout: singer, artists - Music
  63. R&B and soul singer Ben E. King dies aged 76: singing, classic - Music
  64. Christine or Stevie?: sing, band, rock, song - Music
  65. Just bought my first guitar...: lyrics, singer, classic, player - Music
  66. Jack Ely, best known for his recording of Louie Louie dies aged 71: lyrics, rock - Music
  67. Whats your favourite RATT album?: videos, bands, 80s, best - Music
  68. Has ever seen this documentary.: band, heavy metal, 70's, good - Music
  69. Songs with your favorite instrumental solos: favorite song, player, Pink Floyd, saxophone - Music
  70. Rap Is The Most Influential Music Since 60's: lyric, classic, genre
  71. The Rutles: Beatles, song, listen, popular - Music
  72. My Tribute to Richie Havens: singer, videos, classic, player - Music
  73. Can you help me figure out what song this is? - Music
  74. Your Salsa . . . my Salsa . . . Our Salsa . . . ☻: singer, dance - Music
  75. Post Smooth, Easy Going Music (Slow R&B, Neo-Soul, Chill-Out Music, Lounge, Light/Smooth Jazz, Soulful Deep House, ): listen
  76. New country music artists that sound like the old country singers: classic, ballads
  77. Grunge vs Punk: bands, genre, albums, Pearl Jam - Music
  78. House full of 250k records!: better, audiophile - Music
  79. Can upbeat/dance songs be called ballads ?: ballad - Music
  80. CBS coverage of Woodstock 8/18/69: good, original - Music
  81. What Songs Have Lyrics With The Longest Words?: singing, Pink Floyd, musical
  82. The top Swing/Jazz Artist of all Time??: iPod, Washington - Music
  83. Jethro Tull - Full Concert - 10/28/84 - Capitol Theatre: rock, player, albums - Music
  84. which sheriff?: good, cover, original - Music
  85. Whats your favourite Kool & The Gang Album?: bands, classic, player - Music
  86. kath or derringer?: guitar, Chicago - Music
  87. Dylan Went Electric and Electrocuted Folk Music: singer, band, house
  88. Do you guys think it's weird that I don't know a single line dance?: song, good - Music
  89. People with extensive musical knowledge, how can we get paid for our lifelong obsession?: soundtrack, videos
  90. to care me find a song similar to this piece?: instrumental, sounds - Music
  91. Hall and Oates appreaciation: singing, favorite song, bands, house - Music
  92. Gnossienne or Gymnopédie? - Music
  93. Left wing country music?: singing, player, song, stations
  94. R&B fans in: classic, cd, genre - Music
  95. From Back to Front - Backing Careers Gone Solo: lead singer, favorite song, band - Music
  96. Where are the trance addicts? - Music
  97. Best Software to make dubstep? - Music
  98. America: sing, classic, player, good - Music
  99. U2 - Innocence + Experience Tour 2015 ----Who's Going?: rock, best, concerts - Music
  100. What is the oldest album/record you have in your collection?: soundtrack, singing - Music
  101. Having difficulty downloading......: techno, used - Music
  102. Rip: blues - Music
  103. Is This The First Rap Song?: videos, hip-hop, rappers, listen - Music
  104. Getting music you havent ever heard.......: singers, band, heavy metal, cd
  105. Advice - I've lost my music :(: house, cd player, vinyl, radio
  106. burdon or cummings?: lead singer, song, better, fan - Music
  107. Your favorite Tame Impala song?: band, cd, album, best - Music
  108. let die or on the run?: great song, band, song - Music
  109. Christopher Cross backup singer I know that voice. - Music
  110. What's your favorite Aphex twin album?: ambient - Music
  111. Stevie Nicks addicts unite!: lyrics, favorite songs, bands, artist - Music
  112. Advice for A Beginner Guitar Player: lyrics, singer, videos, country - Music
  113. If you woke up in a barn full of records,what would you look for?: blues, player - Music
  114. Space-Themed Songs: music and lyrics, singing, great songs, house
  115. Best Song to Reach #1 in the U.S in 1980?: pop, Pink Floyd, seventies - Music
  116. POLL:Best Song to Reach #1 In the U.S in 2014?: favorite song, alternative - Music
  117. Best Song to Reach #1 in the U.S in 1986?(With Video): favorite song, pop - Music
  118. Music you’d like played at your own funeral or memorial service: sing, favorite song
  119. Is R. Kelly's Trapped In The Closet the best opera in history?: videos, house - Music
  120. What song fits the situation in Greece?: lyrics, better, money - Music
  121. Best Single to Hit #1 in the U.S in 1987?: singers, duets, U2 - Music
  122. Best Song to Hit #1 in 1984?: genre, album, artist, 1980's - Music
  123. What are love songs you can't stand to hear?: Beatles, good - Music
  124. Best Song To Hit #1 in the U.S in 1983?: singer, bass, 2010 - Music
  125. Break-up/love lost songs: classic, best, used - Music
  126. Fast-paced, energetic, Irish-sounding song: instrumental, stations, single, radio - Music
  127. Best Song to Reach #1 in the U.S in 1966?: favorite songs, classics, albums - Music
  128. Best Song to Hit #1 in the U.S in 1985?: lyrics, classic, saxophone - Music
  129. Best Song To Reach #1 in the U.S in 1981?: singing, favorite songs, country - Music
  130. George Harrison/Beatles: lead singer, great song, band, player - Music
  131. Songs about random topics: lyrics, band, dance, album - Music
  132. POLL: Best Song to Hit #1 in the U.S in 2012?: favorite song, house - Music
  133. Best Song to Reach #1 in the U.S in 1982?: lead singer, great song, favorite bands - Music
  134. Music Producing Melancholia...: jazz, Beatles, song, good
  135. Albums where EVERY SONG is good...: band, blues, Depeche Mode, greatest - Music
  136. What was the first CD you bought: techno, cd player, albums - Music
  137. Favorite opening bars: classic, album, good, money - Music
  138. Aretha or Dionne?: singing, song, good, performances - Music
  139. Is No Doubt Rock or Pop?: best, solo, radio, American - Music
  140. best decade for music: lead singer, great song, bands, country
  141. For True Music Aficionados: What instrument is this? What instrument's sound do you dislike the most?: electronic, song
  142. What decade saw the biggest change in music?: band, classic, famous
  143. Pink Floyd Fans: lyrics, soundtrack, band, instrumental - Music
  144. Why was 80's music so upbeat and optimistic ??: lyrics, videos, dance
  145. The Thrill is Gone . . .: blues, good, concert, American - Music
  146. Where are songs about the North?: player, good, hear - Music
  147. Whats your favourite U2 albums?: bootleg, pop, song, greatest - Music
  148. Songs You Have Discovered From Commercials: 2000s, best, hear, listen - Music
  149. Do you like music with other languages?: song, radio, hear
  150. Battle of the ROCK BANDS: band, metal, albums, Metallica - Music
  151. Whats your favourite Deep Purple Album?: bootleg, favorite songs, classic, albums - Music
  152. Songs about a couple and their story: lyrics, soundtrack, singing - Music
  153. Do you agree with this Song that Ugly ladies are better than the Pretty ones ?: lyrics, dance - Music
  154. Hip Hop the whole genre vs. The Beatles whole discography: hip-hop, better - Music
  155. What were the best years of the MTV Channel?: music videos, 2010, listen
  156. Popped Songs: lyrics - Music
  157. U2 or Pearl Jam? Or are they really just Equal?: lyrics, favorite bands - Music
  158. Worst rock singers?: lyrics, lead singer, band, ballads - Music
  159. music business: artist, musician, performers, record
  160. Songs You'll Never Hear Played at a Wedding: lyrics, videos, player - Music
  161. Songs you only hear in a store: player, debut album, genre - Music
  162. Most Heinous Thing a Musician Has Ever Done?: lead singer, band, drum
  163. what was the last song you sung along to?: singing, rock, radio - Music
  164. Yes co-founder Chris Squire has died.: singers, favorite band, bass, genre - Music
  165. Favorite XM music stations?: classic, Pearl Jam, 90s, song
  166. Lois Lilienstein (Sharon, Lois, and Bram) has died.: song, movies - Music
  167. Songs that most intensely capture the essence of the band: favorite songs, Pink Floyd - Music
  168. Debbie Harry of Blondie Turns 70: good, amazing - Music
  169. Mix Dance & Hot Girl Cute: mp3 - Music
  170. 44 Song Playlist: favorite songs - Music
  171. What do you think of this Video Game Music?: lessons
  172. top 10 songs of all time? - Music
  173. At the movies tonight saw a preview for a movie about Amy Winehouse: artist, good - Music
  174. in the sky or just alright? - Music
  175. chameleon or angela? - Music
  176. It's Record Store Day! What are you searching for? - Music
  177. Country music in Kenya - interesting
  178. Tyga Cheating on Kylie Jenner with a Transsexual Actress: rapper - Music
  179. Guitar shredder videos! - Music
  180. Impellitteri -- Just Found Out About Guys Last Night: song, guitar - Music
  181. Nömad - Up (Hip Hop Instrumental) - Music
  182. Classical Sad Music - Whither Must I Wander - Ron Meixsell
  183. Hot Chocolate lead singer Error Brown dies aged 71 - Music
  184. Aaliyah vs Ciara: Who was (is) most talented?: dance, vocals - Music
  185. Kanye West Similarities to Bobby Brown: singers - Music
  186. EDM 2015 - Best EDM & Electro House 2014-2015 - Best EDM 2015 Mix Vol 2 - Music
  187. what's it all about? - Music
  188. Dave Grohl Falling off stage at festival in Gothenburg, Sweden - Music
  189. An interesting article: records - Music
  190. The thrill may be gone but remains a thriller -BB King Homicide Inquiry: blues, Nevada - Music
  191. heard High Resolution Music?: cds, neil young, vinyl, better
  192. Band on the Run: lead singer, heavy metal, albums, Beatles - Music
  193. First time or Killing me Softly... which Roberta?: song - Music
  194. Best streaming music site?: genre, song, listen
  195. The best instrumental music Part 1 | Den bedste instrumental musik
  196. Do you prefer George Strait's or Jamie Foxx's version of this song? - Music
  197. Check this!!: good - Music
  198. Streets of rage sample flip - Music
  199. Whats your favourite Chicago Album?: song, greatest, hits, record - Music
  200. PSYCHO BEACH PARTY (band): FL - Music