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  13. BMG and Columbia House: music cd, 80s, good, single
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  16. Cheesy rock songs that speak to you: lyrics, band, Bon Jovi - Music
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  32. If you are into indie: classic, genre, group, song - Music
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  34. Will this be the year will have a new Tool album?: lyrics, better - Music
  35. I got Itchyworms in my system: band, cd, song, listen - Music
  36. Ten amazing song performances to a piano. Add: bands, classic, Depeche Mode - Music
  37. My only reason for living and composing: hardcore, greatest, musician
  38. with 80's disco-tech from Bangkok Thailand?: movies - Music
  39. Does know the name of of this song?: lyrics, ambient - Music
  40. Name the song help ?: lyrics, soundtrack, singer, great song - Music
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  47. Ed Sheeran - Shape of You Cover by Devon Eddy - Music
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  49. 50 Greatest Prog Rock Albums of All Time: great song, bands, cd - Music
  50. Your favourite Phil Collins Album?: song, best, solo, cassette - Music
  51. for Techno and House music?: top, listen
  52. early Frank Zappa & Steve Allen - jazzy improv w/a couple of bicycles: album, fan - Music
  53. R.I.P. John Wetton: soundtrack, singing, band, bass - Music
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  55. Guns N' Roses Get Booed for Forgetting the City They're Playing In: singer, band - Music
  56. i need help finding good music, i feel musically lost: videos, classics
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  58. Music Subscription Survey
  59. Kaytranada- at all remix: house - Music
  60. What Song Are You Listening To? - Music
  61. Music that DID NOT age well: lyrics, bands, classic, Beastie Boys
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  63. Working my way through the entire Stones discography: band, blues, albums - Music
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  65. Jerry Butler: There is something special about a quartet - Music
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  68. Vote 4 Best CANADA Number 1 Singles:2002: band, song - Music
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  70. Your Favorite Artist (excluding bands) by Decade?: neil young - Music
  71. Original t Versions: music video, classic, cd, itunes
  72. getting tired of hearing this rap song in atlanta?: good, stations - Music
  73. Mcfadden and Whitehead: band, album, song, good - Music
  74. Steppenwolf Dedicated Mono Mix: lyrics, better, singles, original - Music
  75. Why Do Radio Stations Call Hip Hop From 2001 Throwback or Old School ?: album, 2000s - Music
  76. Creative reinterpretations of songs: lyric, musical, popular
  77. Vote 4 Best CANADA Number 1 Singles: 2006: song, American - Music
  78. PBS eight part series... Soundbreaking: soundtrack, sang, techno, artists - Music
  79. What songs make you cry?: sing, dance, best, hear - Music
  80. Playing Guitar Portably: band, alternative, best, Mobile - Music
  81. How high can popular music stars go?: lead singer, band, pop
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  84. Vote 4 Best Canada Number 1 Singles: 2004: pop, song - Music
  85. Does Play Multiple Instruments?: band, bass, player, saxophone - Music
  86. Favorite version of You Raise Me Up ?: singer, classic, song - Music
  87. Vote for your favorite Live or Die songs: dance, Rolling Stones - Music
  88. Most Overlooked Soundtrack Composer: soundtracks, classic, 60s, good - Music
  89. Vote for your favorite Lonely songs: dance, artists, good - Music
  90. Acoustic Guitar Music: jazz, player, genre, album
  91. You want to know what I about music?: sing the song, great songs, band
  92. Mandatory Metallica: band, album, grammy award, song - Music
  93. RIP Chuck Berry: lyrics, band, blues, genre - Music
  94. Vote for your favorite Like songs: band, dance, better - Music
  95. Vote for your favorite Midnight songs: classics, good, children - Music
  96. All about Musicals: music and lyrics, favorite song, cd, group
  97. I never really knew the name of it: lyrics, dance, cd - Music
  98. Signature Songs: artists, cover - Music
  99. Similarly Themed Songs: lyrics, lead singer, dance, best - Music
  100. Vote for your favorite Mister songs: dance, Beatles, famous - Music
  101. Dont Bring Me Down ... ELO or The Animals?: great song, band, classics - Music
  102. Political and Social Commentary Music: lyrics, singing, favorite songs, rock
  103. The Song (Doesn't) Remain the Same...: lyrics, dance, ballad, neil young - Music
  104. Vote for your favorite Money songs: singer, dance, player - Music
  105. Vote for your favorite Missing songs: lead singer, country, Springsteen - Music
  106. Musical Star Look-alikes: singers, band, house, Rolling Stones
  107. Vote for your favorite Man songs: band, classic, Pearl Jam - Music
  108. Twin lead guitar teams: bands, player, albums, Beatles - Music
  109. Miss Sharon Jones dies at 60: singer, band, hip-hop, album - Music
  110. Leonard Coehn died.: singer, dance, famous, artist - Music
  111. When Did Concerts Become So Expensive?: sing, band, blues, album - Music
  112. Songs You Love By Bands You Hate: great song, band, country - Music
  113. RUSH what are the 3 most popular Albums?: band, house, 70s - Music
  114. Vote for your favorite Mind songs: dance, best, listen - Music
  115. Ripping CDs for the first time: classic, mp3, player, genre - Music
  116. Leon Russell dead at 74: sang, classic, album, 2010 - Music
  117. Aliens and Outer Space: song - Music
  118. Two-Hit Wonders: one-hit wonder, band, blues, album - Music
  119. Grammy-winning musician Al Jarreau dies at 76: soundtrack, favorite song, jazz, albums
  120. New Music 2017: dance, song, good, listen
  121. Vote for your favorite Look songs: sing, dance, 80's - Music
  122. What are of your favorite American dance tunes from the 1990s?: soundtrack, song - Music
  123. Beyonce would not have been as big a star if Aaliyah hadn't died in the PLANE CRASH?: sing, pop - Music
  124. Vote for your favorite Light songs: dance, good, dancing - Music
  125. The best rock ballad you ever heard.: blues, Beatles, song - Music
  126. What are of your favorite American dance tunes from the 1970s?: album, song - Music
  127. The new album from Metallica: singer, band, heavy metal, albums - Music
  128. Is heavy metal dying?: band, genre, albums, Metallica - Music
  129. Clapping/snapping songs: electronic, Beatles, top, radio - Music
  130. Singer George Michael dies at age 53: singing, jazz, eighties, song - Music
  131. Worst guitar players: singers, band, classic, artists - Music
  132. Vote for your favorite Move songs: country, better, fan - Music
  133. Do you seek melancholy in music?: lyrics, house, 70's, song
  134. Vote for your favorite Magic songs: dance, artist, good - Music
  135. Led Zeppelin IV vs Who's Next: lyrics, sang, favorite songs, classics - Music
  136. Greg Lake (10 November 1947 - 7 December 2016); Emerson, Lake, and Palmer: great song, favorite bands, classic - Music
  137. How much money are you willing to spend on a concert?: sing, videos - Music
  138. Vote for your favorite Mamas and Papas songs: favorite songs, band - Music
  139. First guitar for my 10 year old son: classic, group, best - Music
  140. What Da Heck Is This Thing? (walkman): videos, dance, player - Music
  141. What are of your favorite American dance tunes from the 1980s?: song, top - Music
  142. Vote for your favorite Long songs: lyrics, sing, dance - Music
  143. Vote for your favorite (He's a) Man songs: dance, neil young - Music
  144. Music with unusual instruments: classic, albums, group, song
  145. What are of your favorite duets?: top, concert, listen - Music
  146. Is Britney Spears the undisputable Pop Icon of the 2000s?: singing, dance - Music
  147. Top 10 Jewish Rock Stars: classic, song, solo, musician
  148. Is Sick Of Beyonce ? And her Latest Music?: lyrics, favorite bands, gospel
  149. The Moody Blues Seventh Sojourn Album is Excellent!: great song, hardcore - Music
  150. Vote for your favorite Morning songs: lyrics, singing, dance - Music
  151. In Memory...: favorite songs, song, best, listen - Music
  152. What are you favorite dance tunes... past and present?: band, classics, genre - Music
  153. Popular songs that you were sung by someone: classic, Beatles - Music
  154. Double Play: favorite songs, Beatles, artist, song - Music
  155. What are of your favorite American dance tunes from the 1950s and 1960s?: band, blues - Music
  156. Best commercial jingles: house, 1980's, song, stations - Music
  157. Vote for your favorite (I'm a) Man songs: singing, dance - Music
  158. How do you listen to your music?: music videos, hardcore, cds
  159. Memorable One Hit Wonders....: one-hit, instrumental, 60s, song - Music
  160. What is the first music that you ever had? And what did you play it on?: sang, classic
  161. Kwabs - Walk(Cover by Devon Eddy) - Music
  162. Life and legacy of Leonard Cohen - Music
  163. Diplomats concert fight rap & brawl!: singers - Music
  164. Ed Sheeran Cover (How would you feel) by Janet Mokhtari: amazing - Music
  165. old rockers: Pink Floyd, best, listen, cover - Music
  166. Trying to find a song country Rodeo: lyrics, chorus - Music
  167. smooth jazz by female singer: lyrics, cd, song, dancing - Music
  168. Modern, calm music for car: song
  169. Trying to find a song country Rodeo: lyrics, chorus - Music
  170. Coldplay and Alicia Keys: singing, song, best - Music
  171. Beyonce - Listen (Cover): amazing - Music
  172. Classical light lyric soprano: song, recommendation - Music
  173. Vote 4 Best CANADA Number 1 SINGLES: 2010, 2011, 2012: pop, song - Music
  174. A New Year's Day Documentary on Chicago (the band): rock, top, guitarist - Music
  175. Elton John Is Reportedly Set to Perform at George Michaels Funeral: sang, classic - Music
  176. Sing Me to Sleep/Alan Walker (Ballad Cover) - Music
  177. opinions on my 5 favorite songs from 2016? - Music
  178. Bjork - Music
  179. Acrosonic won't stay in tune - Music
  180. Music, Let There Be Peace on Earth - Harlem Boys' Choir
  181. Zayn & Taylor Swift & I don't live forever (Dance impro): song, good - Music
  182. I don't like much new rap,but this rapper right is FIRE!: song - Music
  183. Closer to my dreams - Music
  184. Vote 4 Best CANADA Number 1 Singles:2007: song - Music
  185. Childish Gambino: Awaken My Love (new album): listen, amazing - Music
  186. Is there popular odd-meter rap song?: artist, listen, musical
  187. Music Videos: music video, good
  188. List Your Favourite Techno . . .: song, good - Music
  189. Love ME Now - John Legend Cover by Devon Eddy - Music
  190. Smashing Pumpkins reunion....excited? Don't care?: records - Music
  191. Looking for insturmental pieces with a similar mood - Music
  192. [Folk] Whos first album do you think is better?: record - Music
  193. Lenny Fontana & D-Train - When You Feel What Love Has incl. DJ Spen Remix: radio, original - Music
  194. Sirius satellite wins lawsuit over playing songs by The Turtles & other artists.: band, 1960s - Music
  195. Vote 4 Best CANADA NUMBER 1 Singles: 2016 LAST POLL: song - Music
  196. When did RJD Change the Heaven and Hell Lyrics?: original, record - Music
  197. John Legend - Love Me Now Cover by Devon Eddy - Music
  198. My Latest EDM mix!!!: house - Music
  199. What are you thinking right now, using a song (title or lyrics) that describes it - Music
  200. can help me?: lyrics, song, good, listen - Music