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  38. How to edit sound level of my music files?: cds, mp3, player
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  44. Is the majority of music full of sex, drugs and other vulgar and inappropriate themes?: lyrics, sing a song
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  51. woodstock? - Music
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  54. K-Poppers: pop, group, western, listen - Music
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  61. RIP Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) - Music
  62. John Coltrane: classic, miles davis, artist, 50's - Music
  63. heard it through the grapevine: dance - Music
  64. What is this musical instrument called?: rock, albums, used
  65. Suggestions For Country That's Not Really Country: bands, artists, 1970's - Music
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  67. Young kids react to AC/DC very cute video.: metal, Metallica - Music
  68. 2 new rap songs of 2017: good - Music
  69. Mastodon’s new record, Emperor of Sand, a very good listen for prog and heavy metal fans!: lyrics, album - Music
  70. Native Americans music: singers, rock, group, artists
  71. Every Singer I admire is British: bands, listen - Music
  72. New Cheap Trick single!: favorite bands, fan, listen, sounds - Music
  73. Quick! What's Your Current Ear Worm?: pop, song - Music
  74. Back in the 1950's TV shows showing Elvis had video restrictions: lyrics, singing - Music
  75. What is the name of this music? Does know?
  76. Diggin' In The Crates: 1970's - Music
  77. The Cranberries appreciation post (New song!): lyrics, band, rock, album - Music
  78. Soul Singer Cuba Gooding Sr. Found Dead in His Car: lead singer, band - Music
  79. Who are the best Mexican Piano Accordion Players?: band, country, genre - Music
  80. RIP Paul O'Neill - Music
  81. What is House Music?: electronic, artist, best, musical
  82. I am a little confused with the songs from Ted Nugent.: lead singer, albums - Music
  83. Just curious, do people hear or feel anything special, when they listen to love songs?: lyric, band - Music
  84. Feedback: record - Music
  85. 50's/60's Fans...HELP!!!: singers, rock, debut album, album - Music
  86. Where to buy music besides Amazon or iTunes?
  87. Scorpions fans in the house?: band, ballads, albums, 1980s - Music
  88. Shows where the opening act blew away the headliner: singer, band, player - Music
  89. Is Motley Crue still a popular band though they broke up?: dance, albums - Music
  90. The Wall is my life set to music: lyric, singing, rock
  91. Journey speaks backstage at 2017 Rock Hall induction.: radio, fan, American - Music
  92. Linkin Park-Heavy: band, pop, genre, artist - Music
  93. What can be the best songs to listen at night: singers, hardcore - Music
  94. Ella Fitzgerald would be 100 years old today: singers, jazz, player - Music
  95. Vote for your favorite Music songs: band, dance, Madonna
  96. Drake: album, artist, song, rapper - Music
  97. Do country music singers exaggerate their twang?: band, album, musician
  98. Metallica Live (May 14 2017) - yeah, they were THAT good: bands, genre, song - Music
  99. Galway Girl - Ed Sheeran(Cover by Devon Eddy) - Music
  100. Africa: song - Music
  101. Why do rap artists sing about crime so much?: lyrics, classic, genre - Music
  102. Meta Lyrics: music terms, music industry: singing, country, Beatles, artists
  103. What musician do you think has played live in front of the most people?: band, blues
  104. Your favourite albums from the year you were born: band, classic, Beatles - Music
  105. Studio Live: lyrics, singing, videos, artists - Music
  106. Songs, albums and bands you didn't 'get' right away.: music lyrics, lead singer, videos
  107. Songs that were ruined for you by movies or t.v.: singers, great song - Music
  108. The persistence of progressive rock music: bands, dance, genre, Pink Floyd
  109. Vote for your favorite No songs: dance, good, money - Music
  110. Linkin Park Chester Bennington Now Gone: lead singer, favorite bands, house, hear - Music
  111. German band leader on PBS about 10-15 years ago: classics, player, 60s - Music
  112. What's the best superhero theme?: videos, classic, 1970's, song - Music
  113. Looking for title of an instrumental: saxophone, song, radio, hear - Music
  114. The One Thing I Hate About Music 2000 to Present...: lyrics, singers, techno
  115. Songs That You Consider To Be The Most 'Inventive': lyrics, sang, band - Music
  116. Hip hop dethrones rock as most consumed music in the US: bands, alternative
  117. Vote for your favorite Never songs: dance, 80s, good - Music
  118. Help me find that song!: lyrics, singing, band, rock - Music
  119. Ennio Morricone is a musical genius, isn't he?: better, western, amazing
  120. Favorite Newer Music: lyrics, singing, band, techno
  121. INDIAN music: singer, classic, song, best
  122. Folk Music: lyrics, singer, house, 80's
  123. Has that there was a huge increase in the fidelity of music starting in the mid 60s?: soundtracks, band
  124. Mexican Polka Music?: lyrics, singers, band, classic
  125. Songs beautifully re-recorded by other artists that surprised you.: band, classic, album - Music
  126. No talent music hacks who rode the backs of others.: lyrics, singers
  127. Trying to find the title of this country song: videoclip, band, itunes - Music
  128. Name The Artist or Group: lyrics, artists, 1970's, song - Music
  129. Your Favorite Steely Dan Tune . . .: band, blues, albums, group - Music
  130. Love me, love my music?: sing, videos, band, heavy metal
  131. The Mount Rushmore Of Singers: country, genre, album, sinatra - Music
  132. Will mp3's become obsolete?: mp3 player, player, 1990s, best - Music
  133. Your favourite sixties music: sing, band, classics, debut album
  134. Songs with Spanish lyrics part in them: videos, album, Madonna - Music
  135. Help to find a song: lyrics, sing a song, classic, good - Music
  136. Music and driving - my favorite combination: sing, metal, player
  137. Chris Cornell (20 June 1964 - 18 May 2017); Soundgarden and Audioslave: lyrics, lead singer, bands - Music
  138. Gregg Allman RIP: singers, great song, blues, albums - Music
  139. Dead Grunge Heroes: singer, band, song, top - Music
  140. Interesting rock or electronic music videos: singer, music video, great songs, classic
  141. Elvis Presely was the most over rated singer I have ever heard of: singers, blues - Music
  142. RIP - Glen Campbell: singer, favorite song, country, albums - Music
  143. Why haven't the 5th Dimension been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?: singers, bands - Music
  144. Why do people stop enjoying pop music as they age?: classic, 2010
  145. Smooth Jazz Fans Only - Uptempo Smooth Jazz Songs!: artists, guitar, listen - Music
  146. Neil Diamond Still Going Strong: singer, great songs, instrumental, song - Music
  147. Love me a good Fight Song: heavy metal, listen, history, Wisconsin - Music
  148. Who likes Spanish music?: singing, bands, classic, albums
  149. What's your favorite album cover?: classic, albums, Beatles, artist - Music
  150. The Who’s Roger Daltrey: ‘We don’t know if we’ll ever play again after current tour’: lyrics, singing - Music
  151. Which Is The Current 'Nostalgia/Oldies' Decade?: classic, 1970's, best - Music
  152. Who never seen live his favorite band, artist... ?: country, miles davis, 1980s - Music
  153. I want to see a blues man play this Super Bowl halftime show: band, alternative - Music
  154. Beautiful songs by metal artists: listen - Music
  155. Complete sheet music for Radiohead's No Surprises
  156. 13 year old rock/metal singer Jadran: singing, band, heavy metal, song - Music
  157. A great song - Music
  158. Help With A Song List for a Cub Scout Event: classic, genre - Music
  159. A great album: U2, song - Music
  160. Use of Retro Music Playing Devices, i.e. Stereos: singing, house, cd
  161. Great song - Music
  162. Spin It: The Album Review: lyrics, better, cover - Music
  163. Retro&synthwave music
  164. Young - The Chainsmokers (Cover by Devon Eddy) - Music
  165. What genre of music do they play on Adult Swim commercials?: house, sounds
  166. Metallica - Worldwired Start of the Tour in South Korea 2017 - Music
  167. Video, Extremely Talented Kid Slays It on Electric Guitar: player - Music
  168. Retro Video: 2 Live Crew on the Donahue show: bass, 80's, song - Music
  169. When shuffling all songs in your collection produces odd and great results: bands, classic - Music
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  171. Summer Movie Season: 2017 - Music
  172. What instruments would you say are used in this song? - Music
  173. Nasty Politics!: genre, genres, listen - Music
  174. Is there song that transcends your general dislike of it's parts...: country, instruments - Music
  175. Joan Jett interviewed by Roseanne Barr on The Roseanne Show (Rare) - Music
  176. My latest Electro, Progressive and Deep House mix on MixCloud!: listen - Music
  177. Band of Horses: lyrics, good, chorus - Music
  178. Jason Isbell - If We Were Vampires: song - Music
  179. Aretha Franklin profile: American, Soul - Music
  180. The first jazz record: classic, American, popular, records - Music
  181. American Epic on PBS: blues, record - Music
  182. Does like Horrorcore music?: favorite songs, artists, song
  183. An overview of symphonies: New York - Music
  184. For Streisand fanatics - NPR interview: concerts, NYC - Music
  185. Aussie Hip Hop - Music
  186. 16 Times Pop Stars Were Shady As **** During the '90s - Music
  187. acoustic to electric intros; wizard or sin?: funk, guitar - Music
  188. Jadran, the future of metal: singer, videos, classic, Bon Jovi - Music
  189. Renee Fleming, departing - Music
  190. 11 yo Girl Sings Sound Of Silence. - Music
  191. Yes inducted intot he R&R Hall of FAme, with a little help of a friend (Is Rush, Geddy lee played with them!) - Music
  192. Rap/hip hop belongs in Syria, not America!: dance, rappers, listen - Music
  193. Musical Instrument???: albums, listen, Venice
  194. DJ Maze feat D. Major - Brand new single Say me - Music
  195. From Russia with love. Beautiful music.
  196. Bet never heard this instrument before: videos, instruments - Music
  197. Tube - Blex - El Escape - Music
  198. Good choreography - Music
  199. Oxy Moronic by NOFX: punk, industry - Music
  200. Giving James Brown Props In Dutch - Music