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  1. The Hu Band (Mongolian folk rock): lyrics, music videos, metal, genre
  2. Wow, what a treat: singing, album, song, better - Music
  3. My Favorite Things: lyrics, classic, albums, 1960s - Music
  4. Who are guys? help!: lyrics, song, musician
  5. The Science Of Creativity: blues, artists, musician, guitar
  6. Not sure what to make of hip-hop anymore: lyrics, albums, artists - Music
  7. What is title of this song?: videos - Music
  8. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus: lyrics, country, song, best - Music
  9. Great Album Sides: lyrics, sang, great song, classic - Music
  10. Foreigner donates proceeds from remake of classic song to Shriners: great song, band - Music
  11. Ed Sheeran/ Marvin Gaye/ Van Morrison - Plagiarism: singer, dance, album - Music
  12. ray sawyer of dr hook and the medicine show has passed at 81: favorite bands, 2009 - Music
  13. An appreciation of Vic Damone: singer, sinatra, artist, song - Music
  14. Mandy Barnett Fans?: classic, cds, artists, song - Music
  15. Beautiful piano covers - Music
  16. Rules V.S. Creativity (A Tug-of-War in Music Production): alternative, artist, better
  17. Nancy Wilson has died at 81: singers, jazz, 50's, listen - Music
  18. Robert Cray - 30+ years of getting it done: great song, jazz, 80's - Music
  19. Reggae Added to UNESCO’s ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’ List: singing, classic, genre - Music
  20. Jazz Funk: soundtrack, genre, seventies, listen - Music
  21. The White Album is 50 years old!: lyrics, soundtrack, sang, band - Music
  22. Two Black Country Singers Make History By Debuting At No. 1: debut album, genre - Music
  23. b-b-b-bennie or b-b-b baby: instrumental, album, song, good - Music
  24. Delius' Florida Suite?: singing, classic, album, better - Music
  25. Live at the Whiskey a gogo - Music
  26. music with Spanish horns: band, jazz, player, genre
  27. What is this band?: videos, guitarist, covers - Music
  28. Hit Music Used In TV/Movies: classic, Pink Floyd, 80s, good
  29. Ed King died today: guitar, Alabama, Nashville - Music
  30. Fractured Christmas Carols: classic, song, radio, hear - Music
  31. Pete Shelley, lead singer of punk band Buzzcocks, dies at 63: great songs, cd - Music
  32. It Never Rains in California song: lyrics, 70's, listen - Music
  33. Clint Black...?: song, better, cover, Madison - Music
  34. My new music for docfilms. Films are best: soundtracks, instruments, listen
  35. Grindcore, goregrind, powerviolence, noisegrind, mincecore...?: favorite bands, metal, genre, genres - Music
  36. Anti-crime music !?: classic, stations, NYC, classical
  37. New music has gotten so bad that I'm listening to artists from the 90s who I didn't like: classic, Madonna
  38. Heavy/Hadcore Music...Post Up What You Like!!: hardcore, genre, good
  39. Your thoughts on Asian Country Singer?: player, artists, song, top - Music
  40. Lp: singers, rock, compact disc, Beatles - Music
  41. Your opinion on our 'Twenty one pilots' cover version of 'Lane Boy': song, good - Music
  42. Peter Tork of the Monkees has died: 70s, good - Music
  43. Is this the true essence of true black metal?Are our gods really astronauts? - Music
  44. Keith Flint from The Prodigy has died...: lyrics, sang, videos - Music
  45. Need New Music: band, electronic, genre, artists
  46. Inexplicable things (prodigies): good, musical, performance, drummer
  47. De La Soul On The Complications Of Sampling: lyrics, videos, techno - Music
  48. Rest in Peace bluegrass great Mac Wiseman: country, albums, artists - Music
  49. If you play, want to play or just like violin music: videos, good
  50. Help with a song title: singer, pop, artist, 80s - Music
  51. Scott Joplin, belated obit: better, New York, used - Music
  52. Where can I find more stuff like this?: blues, song, best - Music
  53. Which Version Of I Ain't Living Long Like This?: bands, country - Music
  54. Favorite Bootlegs/unreleaed material: instrumental, 2009, song, instrument - Music
  55. Why do people pay outrageous prices for musicians that are well beyond their prime?: singers, Rolling Stones
  56. Watching concert DVDs: blues, player, album, group - Music
  57. Albums You Like That No One Does: lyrics, band, drum - Music
  58. Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight - Emmylou Harris or the Oak Ridge Boys: classic, 1980's - Music
  59. Whose version of Pancho and Lefty do you like best Emmylou Harris or Willie and Merle?: country, album - Music
  60. Ashes By Now - Emmylou Harris or Rodney Crowell?: song, best, record - Music
  61. Tomorrow Will Be 60 Years. Wow, Just Wow!: lyrics, singing, band - Music
  62. Dream Theater: bands, metal, albums, song - Music
  63. RIP James Ingram: duets, albums, famous, artist - Music
  64. Song My Way: singer, sinatra, female, record - Music
  65. miss early 2010s music?: pop, song, best, popular
  66. 🇺🇸 Billy Idol Becomes U.S. Citizen 🇺🇸: rock, American, Los Angeles - Music
  67. The Cure will be inducted into the R&R hall of fame...: meaning, fan - Music
  68. Voice lessons for 10 year old?: sang, videos, classic, genre - Music
  69. Music - live, studio, acoustic - what's your favorite way to listen?: favorite band, album
  70. for who knows the Go-Go's songs: lyrics, itunes, 2010 - Music
  71. heard Kokopeli ? - Music
  72. Covers of Stevie Wonder songs: great songs, rock, player, artists - Music
  73. 43 Years Ago Today - Nov 10 1975: song, best, American, Michigan - Music
  74. NATIONAL ONE-HIT WONDER DAY – September 25: singing, blues, artists, 1980s - Music
  75. Has ever seen Carlos Santana live?: band, rock, miles davis - Music
  76. La Bamba -- English Lyrics: dance, song, meaning, American - Music
  77. R.I.P. Tony Joe White: artist, song, used - Music
  78. What do older generations think of the popular 90s genre eurodance ?: lyrics, singer - Music
  79. Famous and not so famous introductions.: artist - Music
  80. Crappy radio rock: bands, alternative, 2000s, song - Music
  81. Unifying Bruno Mars Concert: singing, country, good, dancing - Music
  82. Mick's high voice - need a Stones expert!!: singing, album, song - Music
  83. remember Stevie Brock?: 2000s, song, listen - Music
  84. What do you think of my voice?: sing, song, best - Music
  85. Why is it we can identify a song by hearing just a FEW notes?: meaning, musician
  86. Getting mad looking for a song: singing, 1980's, listening to music, popular
  87. Tribute Bands: band, Beatles, good, concerts - Music
  88. RATT and Marvin Gaye - “I Heard it Round and Round the Grapevine” 😄: commercials - Music
  89. How come only modern, mainstream music gets ridiculously large amounts of views on Youtube?: lyrics, alternative
  90. Henning Hallqvist - Debut Album: lyrics, sing, classic, Rolling Stones - Music
  91. Social D singer Mike Ness punches fan: singers, punk, albums - Music
  92. help .Who tell me the 5 dance name,thanks - Music
  93. Your best original and your favorite remake.: Beatles, Springfield, amazing - Music
  94. help with this song?: lyrics, band, pop, genre - Music
  95. Do you think less of a musician who doesn't write their own stuff: lyrics, lead singer
  96. Great protest songs of the past: lyrics, singers, country, Doors - Music
  97. New Music 2019: great song, album, song, good
  98. Looking for song name. 90s country, funny fast chicken: lead singer, one-hit wonder, artists - Music
  99. Why is Hip Hop still popular? Isn't the canvas full now?: lyrics, bands - Music
  100. Free music: blues, artist, best, DJ
  101. Which song do you listen before sleeping or at midnight?: singers, great songs - Music
  102. Biggest hip hop artists worldwide this decade?: lyrics, blues, genre - Music
  103. Who is lead vocalist on 4 Styx songs?: lead singer, band, classic - Music
  104. .....With Strings: funk, song, better, dancing - Music
  105. Classic Rock Remakes: sing, bands, famous, song - Music
  106. How many Americans knew about Beatles in 1963?: singers, funk, famous - Music
  107. Why is popular music today so homogeneous?: lyrics, singing, alternative
  108. What's your 5 favorite bands?: metal, albums, Beatles, top - Music
  109. What was the last popular Rock song on the top 40: bands, pop - Music
  110. What Tribute Bands Are Great? Let's See Them!: band, classic, genre - Music
  111. Songs/bands that you are embarrassed to admit you like...: singing, band - Music
  112. Marty Balin of the Jefferson Airplane, passes at 76: singer, favorite bands, classics - Music
  113. What happened to rock bands?: singers, band, classic, album - Music
  114. Is rap music basically dead now?: sing, videos, hardcore, genre
  115. Late night car ride music: blues, Rolling Stones, song, good
  116. Fill in the blank. I wouldn't go to a concert from _________ if they were playing for free across the street: bands, country - Music
  117. blue grass fans: band, player, group, artists - Music
  118. Hologram Concerts With Dead Performers: singer, band, techno, Beatles - Music
  119. The Kinks You Really Got Me.. actually hear it back in '64-'65?: bands, house - Music
  120. Does miss Amy Winehouse: singers, song, money, children - Music
  121. Songs about angst and depression: lyrics, favorite song, band, classic - Music
  122. Shoegaze & Dream Pop: song, sounds - Music
  123. You can go back in time and see ONE of musicians in concert: singer, band
  124. Will there ever be a great popular Rock album again?: classic, albums - Music
  125. Down the rabbit hole into dark / atmospheric jazz, spy and whatever I find interesting: soundtrack, videos - Music
  126. 25 Years Ago Today We Lost FZ: house, used - Music
  127. Songs you love to hate: videos, rock, player, group - Music
  128. Old Songs That Still Sound Ahead Of Their Time: band, album, good - Music
  129. Is there personally into indie music?: bands, genre, White Stripes
  130. A shout out to an underated genius - Paul Hardcastle: singer, jazz - Music
  131. I miss live albums: singing, great song, band, heavy metal - Music
  132. Did Led Zeppelin inadvertently invent Punk rock?: lyrics, bands, classic - Music
  133. Your Favorite Rhythm Guitarist?: singer, band, metal, player - Music
  134. Under the radar Christmas originals: 80's, song, top, fan - Music
  135. Why has nobody been able to achieve a more infectious guitar sound than Eddie Van Halen did in 1978?: bands, cd - Music
  136. 2018 Christmas Music Songs.: singing, favorite songs, rap, best
  137. R.I.P. Guitar Great Roy Clark: country, artists, song - Music
  138. Music and songs honoring the U.S military: country, ballad, genre
  139. Bad Advice songs: singing, classic, ballad, good - Music
  140. I'm no fan of Mariah Carrey...: singer, rap, artist, song - Music
  141. The Struts --- Best new band in 20 years?: classic, 70's, song - Music
  142. Bands or artists that could never top their debut album?: albums, Pearl Jam - Music
  143. It's that time again. World's worst Christmas tune!!: song, greatest, musician
  144. Most beautiful classic rock song ever heard?: heavy metal, neil young - Music
  145. Rock and Roll Hall inductees announced: classics, genre, group, artists - Music
  146. Singing in the home: singers, album, artist, song - Music
  147. Joe Strummer - Can You Believe It's Been 16 Years?: lyrics, sang, band - Music
  148. What is the name of that music ?: lyrics, song
  149. Queensryche:'Man The Machine' Lyric Video: sing, classic, records, amazing - Music
  150. Silk Road Ensemble - Ma Yo-Yo: radio, original - Music
  151. Ayreon Universe: listen, performance - Music
  152. Wonderful video of frail old man in the hospital: videos - Music
  153. Italian Opera Club - Music
  154. What is the name of this song? - Music
  155. About Two Songs (Instrumental), that I've really had in my head of late: player, themes - Music
  156. help find indie song: lyrics, California - Music
  157. One of the last story singers: song, good - Music
  158. Silent Night by Shetland Islands' girls choir 1950s: group, used - Music
  159. Music by Moozeeck: videos, song, record
  160. Last days of George Harrison: Beatles, Soul - Music
  161. Best Pop Vocal Album – 2019 Grammys - Music
  162. Everyone Is A Producer s Why): good, meaning, influenced - Music
  163. Early Music?: performance
  164. For who likes classical piano: artist - Music
  165. Rare Song ID Help - Non-English Lyrics - EDM Album/Track: song lyrics, classic - Music
  166. My band broke up because i made this music video for us
  167. Trick to increase views on Spotify: artists, song, good, musician
  168. An artist or group's last concert or last performance - Music
  169. Best jazz improv method? - Music
  170. Various ‎– Socialist Disco. Dancing Behind Yugoslavia's Velvet Curtain 1977-1987: cover - Music
  171. Does Jackie Chan write his own songs?: lyrics, soundtracks, singer - Music
  172. What is your favorite country/folk music from your childrenhood place?: song, West Virginia
  173. Bolden (movie): jazz - Music
  174. The Electric Conductor, Gustavo Dudamel: good, Los Angeles - Music
  175. IDzILLeagle - U.C.C. United Children of Creation: Reno - Music
  176. Geoff Emerick - Music
  177. News, After 43 Years, a New Honor for Queen's Iconic Hit: song, guitarist - Music
  178. Which one is the best piano learning book? - Music
  179. she's a woman..., or, she's a woman: rock, albums, Beatles - Music
  180. Good Music video
  181. A few new tracks (2018) in Medieval style - Music
  182. Share your Spotify playlist(s): heavy metal, listen - Music
  183. Can somebody know the name of the song? i can't find it... - Music
  184. Oklahoma, 75 years ago: dance, 40s, song, musical
  185. Smashone The God - Break Of The Dawn: good - Music
  186. Suggest a name for a band! - Music
  187. YouTube musical discoveries.: concert, Georgia, talented
  188. White Boy by Tom MacDonald: rap, song, better, fan - Music
  189. Did ever meet Freddie Mercury?: favorite songs, song, hear - Music
  190. DJ Mixes on my Mixcloud, listen .. - Music
  191. TUM HO - Aashiqui 2 - MUST WATCH!: instrumental, song, cover - Music
  192. Just like that blue bird, Bowie left us 3 years ago! I miss him dearly! - Music
  193. Straight ouf of PARIS [ FRENCH RAP] !!!: artist, good, listen - Music
  194. Elvis - His Latest Flame Remix - Hot Girls Shuffle Dancing: dance - Music
  195. A blog for opera fans: best - Music
  196. Gg allin: punk - Music
  197. 90's best bollywood songs. - Music
  198. Live at Ronnie Scott's - Music
  199. The best Christmas singer of all time is...: song, top, hear - Music
  200. Mvland Acoustic Band: fan - Music