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  1. News: Luciano Pavarotti Hospitalized in Italy: classic, 70's, fan, covers - Music
  2. Emmanuel Moire-- French Singer: cd, albums, famous, song - Music
  3. Does listen to 2pac?: lyrics, videos, albums, song - Music
  4. To morrow - the song: lyrics, classic, mp3, chords - Music
  5. Feist: alternative, cd, song, CA - Music
  6. meloncamp's new C.D.: singing, country, itunes, song - Music
  7. Where are all the house and trance heads hiding?: drum, cd, song - Music
  8. Flogging Molly?: lead singer, band, punk, pogues - Music
  9. Native american music on web.: rock, cds, albums, 80's
  10. Quiz, Elvis Presley: Fact or Fiction?: videos, rock, Beatles, song - Music
  11. Jordin Sparks: classics, ballads, song, good - Music
  12. Does know this old song?: sang, house, albums, good - Music
  13. News, Duet for Elvis and daughter Lisa Marie.: singing, elvis presley, song - Music
  14. ipod - lost all music: itunes, song, original
  15. News, Country Singer Johnny Cash’s Former Home Goes Up In Flames.: Tennessee, Nashville - Music
  16. John Eddie fans?: fan, listen - Music
  17. one knows: soundtracks, band, instrumental, Doors - Music
  18. News, New Questions About Jim Morrison's Death.: rock, Doors, listen - Music
  19. Hearing music for the first time w/ headphones: sang, classic, mp3 player
  20. Music Query: sang, album, artist, song
  21. Name that Theme Song.: hear, listen - Music
  22. Country/Southern Gospel Writers?: music and lyrics, singing, cd, group
  23. John Williams' music/concert: soundtrack, classic, cds, 60s
  24. Vivaldi soundtrack for 'Vincent: Life and death of Vincent Van Gogh': best, concert - Music
  25. Irish Nostalgia: rock, 80's, song, good - Music
  26. Who knows who sings this?: alternative, cd, mp3, artist - Music
  27. John Denver fans needed!: lyrics, song, cover, original - Music
  28. Mew: singing, videos, bootleg, band - Music
  29. ever see Nirvana?: band, albums, Pearl Jam, group - Music
  30. Heard Of This Music Before?: Depeche Mode, song, listen
  31. I'm absolutely CRAZY about this song: lyrics, jazz - Music
  32. Music video you will laugh out loud: soundtracks, band, Beastie Boys
  33. News, Rod Stewart's Son Sean Sued, Accused of Beating Man.: singing, emotional - Music
  34. Barbara Sinatra: CA - Music
  35. Itunes Store letdown: classic, artists, 60's, song - Music
  36. News, Faith Hill berates overzealous fan of husband Tim McGraw from the stage at Louisiana show.: singer, country - Music
  37. ELVIS at MSG - June 10, 1972: famous - Music
  38. Amazing Talent: lyrics, sing, song, American - Music
  39. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!: better, listen, performance, record - Music
  40. News, Kiss singer Paul Stanley suffers heart ailment.: band, hard rock, album - Music
  41. Build yer own country song !: sing, good, Virginia - Music
  42. Help for name of song in die hard 4.0 help: soundtrack, singing - Music
  43. Who's Greatest Lyrics.: drum, albums, Beatles, song - Music
  44. THAT SONG - Lost, sorta remember,can't forget: lyrics, band, funk - Music
  45. News, Pavarotti unconscious, family gathers: report: singer, cds, greatest, hear - Music
  46. fiddle player: rock, better, fan, American - Music
  47. News, Britney Spears Uses F-Word on New Track.: dance, artist, song - Music
  48. Lost Website: videos, favorite bands, artists, song - Music
  49. News, Former Attorney General Janet Reno Releases Americana Music CD.: singers, band
  50. News, Rock Star Prince Plans to Sue Video Web Sites.: music video, pop
  51. News, Man Trying to Sneak Into Concert Venue Impaled on Fence.: group, ticket - Music
  52. Local Music: singer, band, electronic, genre
  53. Promoting nyc: country, best, stations, radio - Music
  54. For White Stripes Fans: Tennessee - Music
  55. News, Rock stars more likely to die prematurely.: elvis presley, artists, rapper - Music
  56. Evanescence US Tour: singer, favorite bands, house, fan - Music
  57. news, WORST LYRICS EVER: MY LOVELY LADY LUMPS.: song, listen - Music
  58. Triviaplaza Pop Music Quizes: lyrics, albums, 2000s, song
  59. News, 'Redneck Woman' Goes Back to School.: sang, country, cd - Music
  60. Mom Words to William Tell Overture - Music
  61. out there like John Renbourn: blues, albums, good, solo - Music
  62. help find what this is from,,,,,,: lyrics, singing, 1970's, song - Music
  63. The sweetest 2 minute song ever recorded: lyrics, great song, albums, Beatles - Music
  64. Song that makes you dance: White Stripes, dancing, hear, Soul - Music
  65. Who's was better in concert. The Clash or U2?: singing, favorite band, pop - Music
  66. Most overrated albums of all time?: lyrics, band, classics, Beatles - Music
  67. One-Hit Wonders: lyrics, singing, favorite songs, band - Music
  68. Your Favorite: singing, favorite song, dance, Bon Jovi - Music
  69. Songs that will get you a speeding ticket: band, country, White Stripes - Music
  70. Spice girls: dance, song, concert, fan - Music
  71. The Sound Of Music: music videos, heavy metal, genre, Doors
  72. So Who Had The Best Debut Album?: lead singer, country, albums - Music
  73. Favorite cover songs: country, Rolling Stones, best, original - Music
  74. John Denver?: singing, great song, country, song - Music
  75. Guitars...The Sweet Sound.....: videos, bands, classic, player - Music
  76. How do you decide on your fav. artist?: lyrics, singers, favorite songs - Music
  77. Ian Brown: lyrics, favorite bands, album, 90s - Music
  78. Is it normal to like just one genre?: lyric, singing, band - Music
  79. Beatles Trivia - A Day in the Life: lyrics, classic, cd - Music
  80. Need help finding an uplifting or inspirational popular song: song lyrics, favorite, top - Music
  81. Which Artists Rule Your Music Collection?: bootleg, blues, cds, albums
  82. 80's Video's that make you laugh when you sing the song: dance, 80s - Music
  83. Does still buy CDs?: alternative, mp3 player, cd, albums - Music
  84. What C.D. do you like to blast when you are angry about something?: blues, cd - Music
  85. Van Halen tour...Does really care?: lead singer, bands, bass - Music
  86. Big Girls Dont Cry what your opinion?: lyrics, sing, Rolling Stones - Music
  87. of you Tim McGraw and Faith Hill fans?: band, country, group - Music
  88. How can people say Patsy Cline was ugly??: singer, albums, artists - Music
  89. Remember Woodstock 1969?: videos, rock, Doors, better - Music
  90. Favorite Sax Solos: band, house, player, Rolling Stones - Music
  91. CD 25th Anniversary Today. What was your First...: techno, music cd, player
  92. What do you think about Christian Rap & Contemporary Gospel??: sang, videos - Music
  93. Whats your favorite rap group?: lyrics, sing, heavy metal, artists - Music
  94. Is Kasey Kasem still alive?: dance, albums, top, stations - Music
  95. Someone HELP!!!: videos, dance, song, hear - Music
  96. The Zircons/60's group: sang, cd, album, artist - Music
  97. News, Do you still use Cassette tapes?: house, cds, mp3 - Music
  98. Music in non-English languages: lyric, singer, classic, song
  99. Remember when?: lyrics, singers, band, classic - Music
  100. Tell me your fav.....: lead singer, band, alternative, ballads - Music
  101. Favorate 80's New Wave Video: techno, 80s, song, best - Music
  102. Admit it- you were a fan!: classic, albums, artists, better - Music
  103. Steve Perry from Journey vs. singer from today?: lyrics, lead singer - Music
  104. Favorite Band: favorite bands, drum, genre, Beatles - Music
  105. MTV Video Music Awards: singing, videos, bands, dance
  106. GEORGE him or hate him as an artist?: lyrics, great songs - Music
  107. song lyrics & copyright laws: cd, album, best, meaning - Music
  108. Can Ipods transfer songs to a NEW COMPUTER: videos, itunes, good - Music
  109. I've recently become a country music lovin' fool: lyrics, sing, alternative
  110. what song are you listening to right now?: blues, scorpions, 80's - Music
  111. What's up with Britney Spears?: singing, Madonna, better, children - Music
  112. John Lennon Music Videos: lyric, singing, great song, country
  113. Favorite Music Videos: dance, Beastie Boys, group, song
  114. 80's bands still touring?: band, rock, Depeche Mode, 80s - Music
  115. What song plays on your cell phone?: singing, rock, Doors - Music
  116. Rank The Southern Rock Classic Bands: great song, 70s, song, top - Music
  117. What's CD is in your car right now?: sing, alternative, cds - Music
  118. What record is on your turntable right now?: singing, techno, cds - Music
  119. Favorate Female Musician of All-Time: punk, albums, artist, song
  120. Unknown Bands: old concerts, new: band, house, albums - Music
  121. AC/DC vs Aerosmith: band, classic, cd, player - Music
  122. Elton John VS Billy Joel: lyrics, singers, favorite songs, hard rock - Music
  123. Country artists to listen too?: albums, song, top, meaning - Music
  124. A Song You Don't Like, But Triggers a Good Memory: favorite song, rock - Music
  125. W.A.S.P Rock Band: lyrics, singing, metal, cd - Music
  126. For who p-hop was dead!: lyrics, classics, cd - Music
  127. What Happened to Mega Outdoor Concerts: bands, country, Beatles, famous - Music
  128. Southern Rock - Discussion: great song, bands, 70s, song - Music
  129. For who enjoy listening to Christian music: lyrics, singers, favorite songs
  130. The Dixie Chicks - is their career over?: lead singer, band, country - Music
  131. Where Were You???: country, good, radio, American - Music
  132. First Song/Album Purchased: great song, rock, Beatles, good - Music
  133. Wouldnt you folks agree that most mainstream music is garbage?: singer, great songs
  134. The Grammy Awards: soundtrack, singing, favorite songs, country - Music
  135. Favorite Albums of all time?: soundtrack, singers, classic, genre - Music
  136. Your Opinion of Great Songs: sang, favorite song, dance, REM - Music
  137. Songs So Dumb, You Have to Love Them: dance, cd, cd player - Music
  138. Theme Songs: blues, Hawaii, Dallas - Music
  139. Why do people buy CDs when Vinyl sounds better?: singer, hardcore, compact disc - Music
  140. Songs that should be retired!!!: sing, band, classic, neil young - Music
  141. Best Guitarist,Bass,Drummer,Lead Singer of All Time.: bands, blues, player - Music
  142. Name your favorite Elvis Presley song: singers, house, cd, cd player - Music
  143. Songs That Might Move You To Tears: lyrics, country, best - Music
  144. Cult fans? Did you hear the news?: favorite songs, band, player - Music
  145. Schoolhouse Rock: singing, song, good, stations - Music
  146. Does know anything about BOSTON (the band)?: lyrics, classic, cd - Music
  147. Christmas Music: singing, favorite song, bands, house
  148. Music aimed at the younger generations..: singers, bands, heavy metal
  149. Your favorite 70's Songs part 2: lyrics, favorite song, 70s, vinyl - Music
  150. This moved me to beyond tears: singer, drum, albums, good - Music
  151. It's offical- hip hop/rap done died!: lyrics, bands, alternative - Music
  152. Your favorite 70s song(s): lyrics, favorite song, classic, album - Music
  153. Favorite male and female singers. Who do you love, who can't you stand?: lyrics, favorite band - Music
  154. questions about ipods: country, itunes, player, song - Music
  155. What kind of music do you like?: soundtrack, christmas music, classic
  156. country music boundaries?: bands, classics, gospel, cds
  157. Best Rock bands in order from Old To New: band, blues, album - Music
  158. New Music?: singer, bands, punk, cd
  159. Power Ballads: lyrics, singers, music video, great songs
  160. Bring Your Favorite Blues music: sing, band, album, Rolling Stones
  161. What music do you like, that would embarrass your piers ?: singers, band
  162. Favorite Concert?: lyrics, singing, favorite band, heavy metal - Music
  163. Music: band, heavy metal, ballads, cd
  164. Songs you absolutely hate and can't stand: classics, artists, best - Music
  165. oldies music/50,s-70,s/yesterday once more: singer, country, Beatles
  166. What song do you Love but would be embarrassed if people heard you listening to it?: lyrics, soundtracks - Music
  167. The 80's?.......: videos, favorite songs, band, heavy metal - Music
  168. First Concert u attended, who did u see?: country, famous, group - Music
  169. Christian Rock Music Groups??: sing, band, hardcore, cd
  170. Apple Ipods: techno, cd, itunes, cd player - Music
  171. DOOWOP 50's60's: singing, great songs, band, classics - Music
  172. Favorite Happy Song....: dance, White Stripes - Music
  173. Music Trivia: blues, Beatles, famous, group
  174. OK, for all you music lovers out there...: great song, bands, heavy metal
  175. Why Are There No Great Female Guitarists?: classic, player, 80's - Music
  176. Are there new good blues musicians?: bands, player, album
  177. What song do you have stuck in your head right now? - Part 1: sing, bands - Music
  178. Best Karaoke Song?: singing, dance, sounds - Music
  179. Music: Michael Buble has it ALL over Frank Sinatra: singer, favorite song, dance
  180. Most American musical genre?: music and lyrics, singers, videos, favorite songs
  181. What's your personal theme song?: sing, dance, dancing, hits - Music
  182. News, SpiralFrog to offer free music downloads.: videos, record, Los Angeles
  183. House music: popular
  184. Rick Marlowe, Holbrook records, Holbrook: artist, song, Arizona - Music
  185. News, Graceland embraces Elvis impersonators.: elvis presley, artist, Tennessee, Memphis - Music
  186. Your Favorite Psych Prog Groups and Lp's: listen - Music
  187. Composer Thomas Newman: electronic, California, amazing - Music
  188. Moment of Truth by Gang Starr: hip-hop, albums, best - Music
  189. Sissel: singer, female - Music
  190. Neat Site For Singers/Musicans: videos, bands, song, radio
  191. Kissed By An Angel - Music
  192. Wilco Sky Blue Sky: band, country, albums, guitarist - Music
  193. Chamillionare's new song- The Evening News: hip-hop, rappers, Houston - Music
  194. Mssion Man Band: pop, ballads, solo - Music
  195. Turbonegro fans: lyrics, metal, genre, fan - Music
  196. Type O Neg. Tour - Music
  197. Bands and Artists: Interesting Facts.: classic - Music
  198. The Platters/50's music: singer, group, song, female
  199. Elvis Presley in Buffalo 1957 - Music
  200. MAy Luciano PAvaroti rest in peace...: singing - Music