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  56. Godliness with contentment is great gain: doctrine, church, disciples, Jesus Christ - Christianity
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  59. Preaching must be SEEN, not heard: women, churches, Revelation, funeral - Christianity
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  98. 10 Verses For The “Sexually Other” That Emphasize “Love Over Law”: Gospel, woman - Christianity
  99. I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life: hell, testimony - Christianity
  100. Fundamental about Christianity: Eden, lordship, Gospel, hell
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  105. Salvation for Fallen Humans & Fallen Angels (A Practical Guide) - Christianity
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  168. for Christians Who Believe in a Literal Hell.: verse, eternity, God - Christianity
  169. Why such diversity in Christianity: lordship, traditions, Gospel, myth
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  171. 4990BC: The Great Flood,. II Peter chapter 3 verse 7, By fire?: crucifixion, Gospels - Christianity
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  173. for Catholics death: hell, doctrine, believe, mystic - Christianity
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  185. For the love your neighbor crowd.: believe, Jesus, God, Lord - Christianity
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  189. The Bible teaches,the Bible teaches -What is your personal experience?: hell, testimony - Christianity
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  193. What we have: punishment, churches, Revelation, believe - Christianity
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  195. Are Christians And Praying For Signs Of The End Of The Earth?: hell, believe - Christianity
  196. If the Son of Man came eating and drinking , why ban alcohol?: churches, sinners - Christianity
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  198. Austrailian news reports indicate Third Ranking Official in RCC convicted of sexual abuse: church - Christianity
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