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  28. Bible study: children - Christianity
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  37. Micah Chapter 5: Israel, Jacob, worship, blessing - Christianity
  38. 1 Peter 2:1-6 A “living stone,”: Gospels, testimonies, Messiah, Revelation - Christianity
  39. Jesus was actually born in September: church, Bible, pagans, Catholic - Christianity
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  55. Supernatural Cops - Christianity
  56. pray for Mr. Yoon: hell, testimony, church, prayers - Christianity
  57. 1 Corinthians 13: believe, Bible, prophecy, faith - Christianity
  58. ~~HAPPY NEW YEAR~~ my dear brothers and sisters in Christ!: Gospel, Jesus Christ - Christianity
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  60. My FRIEND WISDOM: crucified, testimony, abomination, woman - Christianity
  61. AMAZING Grace: Creator, history, soul, blessings - Christianity
  62. Let's Not Forget The Real Meaning For The Season: Jesus, Christian, holiday - Christianity
  63. News, GPS, hidden cameras watching over Baby Jesus.: woman, experience, pastor - Christianity
  64. A birthday invitation! Come Celebrate! - Christianity
  65. Christians Who've Studied OT & Mosaic Law in Detail: messianic, Jewish, ministries - Christianity
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  69. What is a Christian?: hell, punishment, believe, sinners - Christianity
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  71. Pat Robertson Appraisal of Bush/Obama: beliefs, abortion, prayers, faith - Christianity
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  83. Girly Churches: women, believe, scriptures, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  84. Christianities involvment in American politics over the years: women, church, believers - Christianity
  85. Do You Keep Notes?: women, church, preaching, scriptures - Christianity
  86. Who Is The Heretic of Christianity: testimony, doctrine, women, churches
  87. Who is really the Jesus of the Bible?: tradition, Gospel, Jehovah's Witness - Christianity
  88. Is Church Hopping Wrong?: doctrine, churches, preaching, believe - Christianity
  89. Should A Christian be Baptized only by Immersion?: Gospel, doctrine, churches - Christianity
  90. Wars and Rumors of Wars: Antichrist, believer, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  91. Baptism?: Gospel, preach, believe, scripture - Christianity
  92. Does Man Have Free Will?: beliefs, scriptures, Moses, sinners - Christianity
  93. The book of Enoch...why isn't it in the bible?: Tanakh, hell - Christianity
  94. On what, exactly, will we be judged come judgment day?: punishment, churches - Christianity
  95. Revelations (Help you.. Help me): believe, Bible, faith, Jewish - Christianity
  96. Free Will: hell, woman, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  97. The Jehovah's Witnesses teach that Jesus is God's First Creation: lordship, church - Christianity
  98. The False Prophet: who and why: Gospel, abomination, woman, Messiah - Christianity
  99. Who is this Prophet mentioned in the Bible: Deuteronomy, Jesus, verse - Christianity
  100. Unforgivable Sin: unpardonable, church, believers, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  101. Do you have a favorite hymn that you sing over and over?: church, believe - Christianity
  102. Are you feeling what I'm feeling?: pray, Jesus, Israel, experience - Christianity
  103. Do you have a 2008 Testimony?: traditions, Jehovah's Witness, doctrine, church - Christianity
  104. Bringing my Daughter back: Gospel, Lutheran, women, church - Christianity
  105. One Accord: beliefs, blood, God, bless - Christianity
  106. Merry Christmas: Micah, Jesus, advent, faith - Christianity
  107. Taking religion out of the holidays: church, Jesus, Bible, theist - Christianity
  108. Pants: women, church, Zeus, Christian - Christianity
  109. A most dangerous doctrine !: Antichrist, believe, scriptures, sin - Christianity
  110. Genesis:Creation:Let Us Make Man in Our Image.: myths, doctrine, church - Christianity
  111. against gay rights/gay marriage - what about intersexed people? (born both male and female): disciples, Jesus - Christianity
  112. Let's check out this conspiracy theory: lordship, Gospels, Epistles, testimonies - Christianity
  113. News, Astronomers: Jesus Born On June 17.: believe, scripture, Moses, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  114. News, Did an angel save girl from dying in hospital?: believe, history - Christianity
  115. Is being cremated a sin?: coffin, cremation, beliefs, scriptures - Christianity
  116. John 6:26-58 and the Lord's Supper: church, believe, scriptures, disciples - Christianity
  117. The Verse Game!!!: hell, Revelation, scriptures, Bible - Christianity
  118. Global Warming: What your take?: Deist, punishment, believe, evolution - Christianity
  119. Christmas-A Christian Holiday?: traditions, Jehovah's Witness, preach, believe - Christianity
  120. Why do i get sucked in..: hell, scripture, pray, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  121. Can true Christians Lose Their Salvation?: crucified, Gospel, church, Revelation - Christianity
  122. Fireproof vs Religulous: Gospel, agnostic, minority, history - Christianity
  123. You Have GOT To See This!!: lukewarm, Antichrist, believe, Bible - Christianity
  124. Gen 3:15 continued: Gospel, incarnation, Jehovah, hell - Christianity
  125. The lord spoke to me and...: messages, church, preacher - Christianity
  126. Jephthah's vow: Torah, punishment, women, church - Christianity
  127. News Video, Evangelicals Stunned by Bush’s Declaration on Bible’s Literal Truth.: believe, prayers - Christianity
  128. not a Catholic bashing ..: the passion, doctrine, women, church - Christianity
  129. Miracles in you life...: church, preaching, believe, pray - Christianity
  130. What are your thoughts on nonbelievers who do a 180 after a near death experience?: hell, church - Christianity
  131. Need help with my faith.. about hell: punishment, doctrine, church - Christianity
  132. What does it mean to SPARE THE ROD and SPOIL THE CHILD?: hell, punishment - Christianity
  133. Snubbed by former pastor's wife.: dress code, Gospel, testimony, doctrine - Christianity
  134. Main reason I haven't returned...: hell, doctrine, women, church - Christianity
  135. Does Satan have or hold dominion on earth/man?: Revelation, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  136. News, 'Virgin Mary' on Playboy cover sparks row.: Gospel, churches, believe - Christianity
  137. News, Non-believers should not receive Christian funeral says minister.: coffin, Mormon, women - Christianity
  138. The Church /who did it?: woman, churches, preacher, believe - Christianity
  139. Are We Paying ( PART 2): coffin, believe, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  140. having church at home: doctrine, churches, scriptures, prayer - Christianity
  141. Our God is an Awesome God: churches, preacher, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  142. Another Heaven ..just things I wonder about: hell, believe - Christianity
  143. No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.: hell, church - Christianity
  144. How do you know God exists??: Revelation, beliefs, scripture, Jesus - Christianity
  145. Are You The ONLY One...: Deist, woman, churches, believe - Christianity
  146. God help the US Dollar: believe, prayer, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  147. Calling All Prayer Warriors!!: believe, prayers, Jesus Christ, faith - Christianity
  148. A nation's merger! Are paying: coffin, church, believe, Jesus - Christianity
  149. Church: Gospel, Jehovah's Witness, doctrine, churches - Christianity
  150. Innate at your own risk: Gospel, Harry Potter, hell - Christianity
  151. What's the point of praying for someone?: Gospel, believer, prayers - Christianity
  152. New Breed of Evangelicals: Gospel, doctrine, church, beliefs - Christianity
  153. John 14:12: crucifixion, Gospel, preach, believe - Christianity
  154. Is File Sharing Wrong (music, video, software)?: believe, Commandment, Christians - Christianity
  155. Lucifer: myth, believe, Bible, translation - Christianity
  156. need urgent help---- i need a prayer: prayers, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  157. educationally challenged adults: hell, church, beliefs, scriptures - Christianity
  158. Is it Biblical for a Church to Call Itself-THE CHURCH OF CHRIST?: Latter-Day Saints, traditions - Christianity
  159. Will there be children and animals in Heaven?: church, believe, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  160. Feel at Home with the Christian Faith but not the Christian Church?: the passion, doctrine - Christianity
  161. How do we explain the concept of the Trinity?: incarnation, preacher, believe - Christianity
  162. Mary: hell, women, church, beliefs - Christianity
  163. Christian Universalism: hell, punishment, doctrine, church - Christianity
  164. Sola Scriptura: tradition, doctrine, churches, belief - Christianity
  165. Twisting Scripture: hell, women, church, preach - Christianity
  166. News, Woman Says Church Threatening To Make Sins Public.: testimony, punishment, churches - Christianity
  167. Christmas Tears: Jesus, verse, soul, experience - Christianity
  168. God is pro-choice!!!: hell, punishment, doctrine, believe - Christianity
  169. Should Christians Gamble?: Gospel, testimony, beliefs, sin - Christianity
  170. News, Haggard says he still struggles with sexuality.: Gospel, church, preach - Christianity
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  172. Proof that Jesus Lived: Gospels, church, believe, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  173. Birth of Jesus: believe, prayer, blood, salvation - Christianity
  174. Declaring who are blessed to all Believers: sinners, Kingdom, Jacob - Christianity
  175. The Water of Life: Revelation, scripture, Solomon, Jesus - Christianity
  176. Things that are Carnal to Christ,With the circumcision made without hands.: Gospel, preach - Christianity
  177. The valley of churches; be on earth Part 2: Georgia - Christianity
  178. A Letter From God?: Gospel, woman, Antichrist, Deuteronomy - Christianity
  179. The valley of churches; be on earth Part 2: Jacob, creation, heaven - Christianity
  180. Praise be, the LORD: hell, churches, Revelation, Jesus - Christianity
  181. Romans 10:17; The Massage of Hope, Isaiah said, Who hath believed our report: Gospel, believe - Christianity
  182. News Video, Girl survives shock that melted necklace. - Christianity
  183. Good clean Christian standup comedy: halloween, Christmas, vs - Christianity
  184. God continues to speak to us today...: Gospel, myth, woman - Christianity
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  186. Christmas-A Christian Holiday? - Christianity
  187. Keep the Faith: pray, Jesus, God, Hebrew - Christianity
  188. Video, Thugs Beat Pastor Bloody as He Decorates Church for Christmas. - Christianity
  189. News Video, Frugal Farmer Leaves $2.6 Million to Rural Pennsylvania Church. - Christianity
  190. The Ghost Dance: churches, worship, experience, bless - Christianity
  191. What Child is this?: difference - Christianity
  192. News, Jesus Seen As Light in Dark Times.: churches, Israel, faith - Christianity
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