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  21. Is Christianity Just About Encouraging People To Love Others?: Gospel, testimony, punishment
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  52. R.C. Sproul: hell, church, belief, Holy Spirit - Christianity
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  59. Illuminati card games: myth, Messiah, Antichrist, believe - Christianity
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  73. All the Prophets and Early Christians Read Enoch: Tanakh, traditions, woman - Christianity
  74. is it just me or is the church going the way of the world?: punishment, women - Christianity
  75. Is hell a good place?: punishment, belief, scriptures, prayer - Christianity
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  80. Multitudes came to hear and listen to the man Christ Jesus: Gospel, hell - Christianity
  81. To Everyone Who Believes: Sodom, believe, pray, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  82. Temper Tantrums: hell, Revelation, believe, prayer - Christianity
  83. Becoming A Disciple Of Yahushua the Messiah: Gospel, hell, woman - Christianity
  84. Why Does God Use / Allow Satan And Now - Temporarily: hell, Messiah - Christianity
  85. The Final ET/UR Showdown: hell, punishment, Messiah, believe - Christianity
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  87. Why would want to be a Christian?: crucifixion, incarnation, Buddhism - Christianity
  88. Lawrence O'Donnell message for Christian Right: hell, believe, Jesus Christ, Earth - Christianity
  89. I am peace, and when I speak they are for war! Psalm 120:7: Gospels, Messiah - Christianity
  90. Joel Osteen: the real deal, or not?: hell, church, scriptures - Christianity
  91. Do You believe in ET, UR or annihilation (or other): hell, doctrine - Christianity
  92. Will Judas be eternally tormented or have universal salvation?: Gomorrah, hell, Sodom - Christianity
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  94. The TWO revelaings of the Antichrist - Must-read: coffin, women, church - Christianity
  95. How Does One Explain THIS Prosperity Gospel Success Story???: woman, churches, preaching - Christianity
  96. Changed lives as proof of the Christian claims.: doctrine, woman - Christianity
  97. s how to avoid being judged on Judgement Day:: hell, believe, Jesus - Christianity
  98. The Conclusion: hell, punishment, woman, Messiah - Christianity
  99. God's nature is not like a mono-rail ...and because of that we benefit.: Micah, lordship - Christianity
  100. John 15:2---Which Translation Makes More Sense to You?: tradition, testimony, church - Christianity
  101. Truth Ahead of Sensitivity: abomination, doctrine, church, believe - Christianity
  102. A Liberal Religion Welcoming You: traditions, hell, churches, agnostic - Christianity
  103. Love, God and being gay: hell, abomination, churches, Revelation - Christianity
  104. Why are there so many denominations in Christianity?: tradition, Gospel, Mormon
  105. WWYD? Accused rapist invited to our Bible study: woman, churches, believe - Christianity
  106. Unforgivable sins in Christianity (long post warning): hell, punishment, doctrine
  107. The Day of the Lord: Epistles, Messiah, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  108. The Lost Sheep: Gospels, punishment, woman, believers - Christianity
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  110. clothes?: dress code, women, churches, believe - Christianity
  111. Pat Robertson puts Foot in mouth Again - He's Always so Offensive!: woman, believer - Christianity
  112. 2-for-1!: Gospels, hell, believe, sinned - Christianity
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  114. Bible Study?: Gospels, doctrine, churches, Revelation - Christianity
  115. Campbell34 has gone to be with Jesus: beliefs, prayers, Israel - Christianity
  116. Awesome Sermons: Lutheran, testimony, church, scripture - Christianity
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  122. Men and Women in Christianity: Hierarchy or Equality?: Gospel, Lutheran, messages
  123. Is it really sinful to be childfree?: birth control, Gospel, Mormons - Christianity
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  125. Christians and Facebook: churches, preacher, beliefs, scriptures - Christianity
  126. A New Kind of Pentecostalism: Fast-Growing Christian Movement focusing on Helping the Needy: Gospel, churches - Christianity
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  128. Unbelieving Christians: Mormons, doctrine, church, lukewarm - Christianity
  129. The Gospel of the Bible in a nutshell.: Eden, doctrine, Messiah - Christianity
  130. Who can forgive sins but God alone?: crucify, Messiah, scriptures - Christianity
  131. Eve did not eat an apple, she had sex with Satan: paradise, Eden - Christianity
  132. God warns about the anti-christ cult messages that will dwell within Christianity: Gospels, Epistles
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  135. Understanding Israel and Romans 11 !: crucified, church, believe, exodus - Christianity
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  137. I believe in Universalism and not Universal Restoration: Christ, creation, spiritual - Christianity
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  144. Was Samson's Suicide Justified?: myth, belief, scriptures, Bible - Christianity
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  147. How can Jesus be Best Friend in the Flesh: doctrine, church, believing - Christianity
  148. Jesus is God but no Trinity: doctrine, woman, believe - Christianity
  149. Good luck surviving the wrath of god!: Gomorrah, coffin, hell - Christianity
  150. Should Christianity be Taught in Public Schools as a Historical subject?: Gospels, Jehovah's Witnesses
  151. another Jesus/God: lordship, Gospels, incarnation, Jehovah - Christianity
  152. Republican Oposition to Christianity: presbyterian, Darwin, believe, abortion
  153. Spiritual people (Christians, in particular) who detest religion.: Mormonism, doctrine, church - Christianity
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  167. This Christian Song Has Made an Atheist Second Guess His Beliefs: church, God - Christianity
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  172. A snippet from book #64 in my hard copy UR library: hell, dogma - Christianity
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  184. searching our hearts.: pray, God, bless, perfect - Christianity
  185. Why So Much Passion For Unity In The Bible With People Enough ??: testimony, church - Christianity
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  189. A snippet from book #78 in my hard copy UR library: believe, God - Christianity
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  191. News, Jesus page the most popular on Facebook.: preacher, Creator, singer - Christianity
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