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  2. Heads or Tails: Jesus, Satan, God - Christianity
  3. Born from above in myriad ways: messages, believers, prayer, sinners - Christianity
  4. God's Free Gift of Salvation - pt. 2: Gospel, Jesus Christ, baptize - Christianity
  5. Factions: evolution, Bible, translation, moral - Christianity
  6. A glorious visit & a final warning…: messages, believe, pray - Christianity
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  11. Satan Is The God Of Jesus, according to the bible (video): HaShem, scriptures - Christianity
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  13. Speaking What He Hears ??: tradition, hell, preach, scriptures - Christianity
  14. Are You The Virgin Who Gives Birth To A Child?: woman, churches - Christianity
  15. If you know and love God, you will keep His commandments!: Gospels, testimony - Christianity
  16. Seeing The Father?: Jesus Christ, Creator, experience, Apostle Paul - Christianity
  17. Fast for this world: godless, church, believers, prayer - Christianity
  18. We Got Legalism JUST HOW MUCH ?: church, abortion, evolution, homosexuality - Christianity
  19. I refuse: hell, woman, sin, disciples - Christianity
  20. The Reprobate Rule: doctrine, woman, church, allegory - Christianity
  21. In A Dream About Archangels: Gospel, Jesus, Bible, God - Christianity
  22. Lukewarm Believers Headed For Tribulation?: punishment, churches, Revelation, preacher - Christianity
  23. So many are Hurting & Broken - Lets Pray: believe, prayer, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  24. The 5 Scariest Teachings of Jesus: Revelation, believe, pray, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  25. Does faith require a lack of reason? Dei sacrificium intellectus: myth, doctrine - Christianity
  26. Scriptural historian's observation the Old Testament: Torah, myth, exodus - Christianity
  27. How to tell someone belongs to the world.: doctrine, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  28. Don't We Have Enough Lovers And Experts ?: church, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  29. Numbers 5 - The Cup of Ordeal and Mary: Gospel, believe, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  30. I was bullied: believe, suicide, pray, Jesus - Christianity
  31. The World Been A Sweety Before So Why Christianity ?: tradition, Leviticus, Deuteronomy
  32. Is It All A DNA Thing?: Eden, women, believer, Moses - Christianity
  33. This Is Wrong: Torah, church, preaching, priest - Christianity
  34. I Saw Satan Fall Like Lightning~ His Tail~His Tail DREW A THIRD WITH HIM: Kingdom, God - Christianity
  35. The gates of hell could not prevail against God’s Great Reformation: Lutherans, doctrine - Christianity
  36. What Makes Christians Different Than A Lover And Cross Boaster Only ?: testimony, church - Christianity
  37. Myles Munroe, Bahamian Pastor, Killed: prayers, Jesus, faith, Christian - Christianity
  38. Reigning in Life through Right Believing!: Gospel, unpardonable, hell, Revelation - Christianity
  39. It Important HOW YOU FIT IN With People ?: church, preacher, believers - Christianity
  40. No, Gog and Magog is NOT the United States and the biblical writers were not...: church, Revelation - Christianity
  41. News, Pastor Refuses To Bury Woman Because She Didn’t Tithe Enough While In A Coma (VIDEO): church, missionary - Christianity
  42. What's Involved In Living Out Christianity Enough ?: woman, church, Revelation
  43. Many Will the Coming Kingdom of Christ: paradise, punishment, Revelation - Christianity
  44. The word of exhortation. Be holy as God is holy: Jehovah, godless - Christianity
  45. Jesus Will Return In 2150. The Reason Is Found in Luke 22:10: Revelation, believe - Christianity
  46. Ark of the Covenant - Under the New Covenant: testimonies, church, Messiah - Christianity
  47. Let us pray: godless, praying, Jesus Christ, Matthew - Christianity
  48. Family Synod Lasting Harm: hell, churches, scripture, priest - Christianity
  49. 7000 Men Killed In An Earthquake: Revelation, believe, suicide, Jesus - Christianity
  50. How Does The Son Free You?: believe, scripture, prayer, sin - Christianity
  51. A.D.: Beyond the Bible' first trailer video released: Gospel, Jesus, Christian - Christianity
  52. trumpets and plagues out of proper order: Messiah, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  53. Ebola free nurse thanks God for her recovery, and atheists are reacting in a way that will make your blood boil: conservative - Christianity
  54. The importance of community: churches, Holy Spirit, Christ, mission - Christianity
  55. flood chronology: Revelation, Bible, religion - Christianity
  56. What Makes Church ACTUALLY Church ?: churches, preacher, believers, Christ - Christianity
  57. What Is Your Christian View On This Activity?: hell, beliefs, sin - Christianity
  58. A Man Meets The God He Hates (A Poem performed live): testimony, Jesus - Christianity
  59. People Take Love Too Far In Christianity ?: doctrine, women, lukewarm
  60. Mark Drew On The Odyssey of Homer For His Gospel: crucifixion, tradition - Christianity
  61. Questions about saints: doctrine, church, believe, scripture - Christianity
  62. Kirk Cameron's: Saving Christmas: churches, beliefs, Jesus, worship - Christianity
  63. for Smart People???: believe, Bible, creation, recall - Christianity
  64. Science Falslely: Gospels, myth, woman, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  65. Does the book of Job prove that our lives are game?: messages, myth - Christianity
  66. God is a Duality.: Gospel, church, Revelation, gnostic - Christianity
  67. Have they discovered a new lost Gospel that says Jesus was married?: Gospels, church - Christianity
  68. If all scripture is divinely inspired, how can if contain errors?: Gospel, messages - Christianity
  69. What is evil? Can define evil.: lordship, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  70. Churches going the way of the dinosaur in the Caribbean: messages, Jehovah - Christianity
  71. Luke Could NOT Have Been With Paul AND Theophilus--120-Year Spread Between Them!: Gospels, Epistles - Christianity
  72. Watching The Jim Bakker Show...: hell, Revelation, prayers, Jesus - Christianity
  73. God bless our Armed Forces. Happy Veterans Day.: America - Christianity
  74. Lets lift him up: church, praying, Jesus, Isaac - Christianity
  75. Saint Albert the Great: church, priests, mystic, faith - Christianity
  76. Jesus Didn't Care About Correct Doctrine, and Neither Should We: crucifixion, Gospel - Christianity
  77. How many pray but NEVER get what they want?: believe, scripture, prayers - Christianity
  78. Not one of us knows God....: Torah, Revelation, preacher, believe - Christianity
  79. Is it by Faith?: Gospel, exodus, Moses, disciples - Christianity
  80. THE WORDs of GOD: Revelation, believe, sin, Jesus - Christianity
  81. No word no salvation--jesus !!: believe, pray, disciples, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  82. ETERNAL LIFE and IMMORTAL LIFE: Revelation, Moses, Jesus, blood - Christianity
  83. IS THIS WHICH is IN ME YOUR GOD?: sin, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  84. Video, Heart Stopped For 45 Minutes - Miracle Near Death Experience & What She Saw.: blood, recall - Christianity
  85. Error correcting the bible: believe, scriptures, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  86. Is celebrating Thanksgiving in Church a good idea?: churches, scriptures, Jesus - Christianity
  87. The comforter brings to remembrance all that was said to us: churches, believe - Christianity
  88. To Enter The Kingdom Of God ?: doctrine, Jesus, Bible, Matthew - Christianity
  89. Cult Leader Thinks He's Jesus (Documentary Exclusive): Messiah, sinned, Isaiah - Christianity
  90. Do we get to decide which parts of scripture are inspired?: Gospels, churches - Christianity
  91. Two Witnesses ~ I Will Give Power To My Two Witnesses: testimony, abomination - Christianity
  92. True message of the Bible: Gospel, Epistles, abomination, Revelation - Christianity
  93. BELIEVE IT or NOT ALL of YOU ARE DECEIVED: Jehovah, scriptures, Jesus - Christianity
  94. What is the purpose of your life? -- Why do you exist?: crucifixion, Gospel - Christianity
  95. How Chrisitanity screwed up Arfica and the Middle East: women, Jesus, Israel - Christianity
  96. The scapegoat: crucifixion, church, preaching, gnostic - Christianity
  97. Giving up our desires for Jesus?: women, believe, sin, creation - Christianity
  98. We are now very close: Jesus, Bible, Kingdom, Israel - Christianity
  99. Are 7 Arch Angels the 7 angels of the Lord?The 7 stars.: churches, Revelation - Christianity
  100. Killing Children - The Bible God's Perfect Justice?: women, believe - Christianity
  101. Why are most Evangelical and/or Conservative Christians White?: traditions, preacher, beliefs - Christianity
  102. Written upon their hearts?: Torah, believe, scripture, sin - Christianity
  103. You Are A Roman Pagan Living Near Jerusalem~ It's 40 A.D.: tradition, myths - Christianity
  104. Which One is The Greatest of The Three?: Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Ghost - Christianity
  105. African American Gospel churches vs Evangelicals: hell, women, believe, Moses - Christianity
  106. Universal Reconciliationist: believe, sin, Jesus Christ, Bible - Christianity
  107. Is this op-ed in the Jerusalem Post correct?: Torah, funeral, exodus - Christianity
  108. What should have greater authority, the Bible or Church traditions?: tradition, Gospel - Christianity
  109. Parable of the Wedding Feast: Micah, hell, punishment, church - Christianity
  110. Do we still believe in Jesus' virgin birth? If so, why?: Gospels, Epistles - Christianity
  111. Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill/Bob Coy and Calvary Chapel: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  112. Struggling with Religion: crucified, Gospels, churches, believe - Christianity
  113. what chapter what verse?: crucified, Gospel, doctrine, believe - Christianity
  114. Why do You Believe the World is only 6.000 years old?: Eden, myths - Christianity
  115. Solving The Two Genealogies of Jesus Christ: crucifixion, Gospels, women - Christianity
  116. Watch the media ignore what the Pope said about marriage: women, churches - Christianity
  117. How to prepare for hell if you are divorced and remarried: abomination, church - Christianity
  118. Mormon Beliefs - reconciling two apparent tiers of belief.: Latter Day Saints, Eden, Gospel - Christianity
  119. Guadalupe miracle - fact or fiction: churches, believe, praying, Jesus - Christianity
  120. Pope Francis: ALL Go To Heaven, Atheists: hell, doctrine, preach - Christianity
  121. I'm the brother of the prodigal son: church, preach, believers - Christianity
  122. Paul Was In Jerusalem During Jesus' Ministry And Crucifixion: Gospels, Epistles, Messiah - Christianity
  123. Paul And Peter...................Popoff!: Gospel, woman, believe, ritual - Christianity
  124. The best NT Scriptures that warn about losing eternal life: crucify, Gospel - Christianity
  125. John 21:22 If I want him to remain alive until I return...: hell, myth - Christianity
  126. If you want to learn about Marian doctrines-----: believe, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  127. Halloween or Samhain?: Gospel, Jesus, history, pagans - Christianity
  128. The Millenniel Kingdom - Humans Present?: lordship, hell, testimony, Revelation - Christianity
  129. will this person be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?: hell, beliefs - Christianity
  130. False Doctrine: paradise, Gospel, churches, preach - Christianity
  131. God Puts Israel's Hand On A Hot Stove: hell, scripture, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  132. The Holy Spirit Cannot Answer Prayers: lordship, believe, scriptures, Moses - Christianity
  133. Liberal Diversity: All Four 'View' Hosts Bash Catholic Church: hell, believe, pray - Christianity
  134. I guess that took care of that---: Moses, history, atheists - Christianity
  135. Dinosaurs in Paradise!: Pentateuch, believe, evolve, Solomon - Christianity
  136. Homosexuality is a SIN...accept it, get over it and REPENT!: Torah, traditions - Christianity
  137. Don’t ignore Jesus’ warnings at the end of The Book!: paradise, Gospel - Christianity
  138. Why did Jesus have to pray?: crucified, incarnation, doctrine, believer - Christianity
  139. Has been through the trial of faith? needed: Gospel, testimonies - Christianity
  140. The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as: Gospel, woman - Christianity
  141. God created us for what exactly?: Eden, Revelation, believe, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  142. Do pentacostals believe in the trinity 3 as 1 God?: Gospels, doctrine, women - Christianity
  143. The blackest of all backgrounds: Deist, crucified, Gospels, hell - Christianity
  144. Silencing the Church: woman, churches, believe, praying - Christianity
  145. Strictest Denominations: Lutherans, Mormonism, churches, preach - Christianity
  146. Is cremation against the bible?: tradition, hell, churches, Revelation - Christianity
  147. A Verse Especially For Dead-Beat Dads: women, church, believe, pray - Christianity
  148. The Wages Of Going The Right Way: believe, pray, disciples - Christianity
  149. Why did God have to rest?: Eden, myth, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  150. If the word NEW TESTAMENT was removed from the bible, would people look at the bible more as a whole rather divide it?: Messiah, believe - Christianity
  151. What is Love?: Jesus, Bible, God, Corinthians - Christianity
  152. Has this become the 'Christian forum' in name only?: doctrine, church, Revelation - Christianity
  153. Will God forgive or help someone who has backsliden.: Gospel, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  154. How to Approach Fellow Christians Who Are in Error: Gospels, messages, pray - Christianity
  155. The Old Testament NEVER Say The Messiah Will Be Crucified: the passion, crucifixion - Christianity
  156. The just shall live by FAITH...Stop feeding the atheist trolls!!!: Buddhism, hell - Christianity
  157. The believers blood thirsty heritage: Pentateuch, myth, punishment, doctrine - Christianity
  158. Dung it: Gospel, believe, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  159. Did Jesus imply can come from God?: Jehovah, women, churches - Christianity
  160. Paul Continued Keeping The Law Of Moses Till He Died: Antichrist, believe - Christianity
  161. Does God Love All ?: women, belief, sinners, Jesus - Christianity
  162. What is the Bible was NOT perfect?: hell, myth, doctrine - Christianity
  163. why do big churches have police: theist, Christian, pastor, religion - Christianity
  164. Finding a church, Ellensburg WA: tradition, Gospel, Lutheran, hell - Christianity
  165. If your theological ideas contradict this:: testimony, church, believe, scripture - Christianity
  166. Faith, Reason and the Sciences: doctrine, church, believers, scriptures - Christianity
  167. Is the Book of Genesis inspired?: myth, believe, evolution, Bible - Christianity
  168. Which laws in the OT have been fulfilled by Jesus and don't apply to Christians?: Leviticus, hell - Christianity
  169. How long should church services last?: hell, churches, priests, worship - Christianity
  170. The Holy Souls in Purgatory can help us---: churches, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  171. Daniel O. McClellan: Gospel, punishment, believe, scripture - Christianity
  172. Which version of the Bible do you use and why?: testimonies, church - Christianity
  173. The Suffering Servant: Micah, crucified, Gospels, Jehovah - Christianity
  174. Ephesians 5- submitting yourselves one to another: traditions, church, rituals - Christianity
  175. Christians - what do you have to say to this, about God the Father ?: punishment, believe - Christianity
  176. Christians: Is Christianity a form of Judaism?: Messiah, believe, Jesus
  177. Christians Should Avoid Temptations To Riot: punishment, believe, sin, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  178. Can you die of cancer if your a True Christian?: Revelation, beliefs - Christianity
  179. Adultery: An abominable sin that is a capital crime that defiles the land: Gomorrah, Sodom - Christianity
  180. Why Wouldn't John 8:31 People Want To Know John 8:31 People ?: believe, God, Hebrew - Christianity
  181. The Body Of Christ Need Everybody ?: church, believe, prayer, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  182. HOW MUCH Is Enough To Know A John 8:31 Person ?: church, scripture, blood - Christianity
  183. Is Christianity Just Being A Former Dope Addict And Former Drunk Only ?: church, believer
  184. People Say They Religion Is Being A Sweety Only ?: Gospel, church, lukewarm - Christianity
  185. Author Reveals ‘World’s Most Persecuted Minority’ and Issues Dire Warning About What’s Happening in North Africa and the: people - Christianity
  186. Is A John 8:31 Person A Sweety And Grace Believer Only ?: churches, Revelation - Christianity
  187. Can You Know God And Not Know Man In God ?: women, churches - Christianity
  188. Exhort for the everyone: godless, Jesus Christ, Kingdom, Creator - Christianity
  189. Should The Gospel Of The Kingdom Of Heaven Be Preached?: testimony, believe - Christianity
  190. IANDS 2014 Conference - stage backdrop - Christianity
  191. If Christianity Is Love Only Then Explain Matthew 5:17-20 ?: praying, faith, heaven
  192. Who Actually Came Up With The Story of The Last Supper?: crucifixion, Gospel - Christianity
  193. Two Football Players Had No Idea That a Last-Minute Decision to Go to Church Would Save a Man’s Life: God - Christianity
  194. A John 8:31 Person Should Know What They Are ?: church, Holy Spirit, Christ - Christianity
  195. Youv'e Been A Sweety And Courageous Optimistic Person But Are You Really A Christian ?: church, funeral - Christianity
  196. The word of exhortation: godless, Jesus Christ, Kingdom, repentance - Christianity
  197. The Two Towers Of Mirrors: women, Revelation, evolve, priest - Christianity
  198. What Are We Trying To Know About People As Saints ?: Gospel, Jehovah - Christianity
  199. ARE WE Together The Real Body Of Christ ?: Matthew, God, Hebrew - Christianity
  200. Are Love Experts The Real Lunatic Legalist ?: women, Bible, blood - Christianity