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  89. Why do Christian Bloggers criticize the Large Hadron Collider?: church, believe - Christianity
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  93. When people die: Gospel, hell, punishment, church - Christianity
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  96. Holy Trinity: crucifixion, Jehovah, testimony, Revelation - Christianity
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  98. True Happiness: women, church, believers, scripture - Christianity
  99. Harry Potter: Deuteronomy, beliefs, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  100. Neat new movie - Fireproof: hell, women, church, marriage - Christianity
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  102. Jehovah's Witnesses why wont you vote?: paradise, traditions, church, Revelation - Christianity
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  105. Interested in your feedback!!: hell, churches, preacher, believe - Christianity
  106. Manning is getting his heart right now!: prayers, Jesus, God - Christianity
  107. Keep my commandments - Sabbath: Torah, traditions, zachariah, testimony - Christianity
  108. What is legalism?: birth control, Gospel, hell, punishment - Christianity
  109. The Storm's Is Over Now: prayers, Jesus, Kingdom, soul - Christianity
  110. ILNC and her name: Christian, Lord, America, reasons - Christianity
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  112. As a protestant, I can't stand the When did you get saved?: Gospel, hell - Christianity
  113. Is it ok to like and want material things as long as God is FIRST in your life?: Gospel, believe - Christianity
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  116. The Latin Vulgate: preaching, believe, scriptures, Jesus Christ - Christianity
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  119. Situational ethics?....: church, prayer, faith, Commandment - Christianity
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  121. Cute???: church, preacher, Jesus, faith - Christianity
  122. Obama-- Christians , listen to this :: woman, church, pray, Bible - Christianity
  123. The front of the churchis NOT an Alter !: crucified, preacher, believe - Christianity
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  126. Scared: believer, scripture, prayers, Jesus - Christianity
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  129. Postmodernism vs Christianity: Gospel, hell, punishment, church
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  131. I get to eat today! God provided for me!: testimony, church, believe - Christianity
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  133. The Christian Doormat: crucified, preach, believe, pray - Christianity
  134. Can a Christian Be Depressed?: preacher, believe, scripture, pray - Christianity
  135. Your thoughts on Joel Osteen: tradition, Gospel, messages, church - Christianity
  136. How do I love a homeless panhandler as my neighbor?: hell, churches - Christianity
  137. The book called the Bible , and it's importance: traditions, myths, believe - Christianity
  138. Headship & Submission: women, church, believe, scripture - Christianity
  139. Being a man. A Christian Man at that.: women, believe, scripture - Christianity
  140. WOW!!! I did not know Bill Maher was such an atheist. He was totally bashing Christians on Larry King last night.: presbyterian, churches - Christianity
  141. Devil: Real or fable as Christians think?: Deist, Lutheran, messages - Christianity
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  147. Hobbies: creation, God, Christians, science - Christianity
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  150. Do you like New York City?: church, Revelation, Christians, wife - Christianity
  151. Israel and the People of God: Micah, zachariah, Messiah, exodus - Christianity
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  153. Well-known Christian artist Ray Boltz announces he's Gay: hell, church, believe - Christianity
  154. Are you negative?: believe, suicide, pray, spiritual - Christianity
  155. Are all sins equal?: Revelation, believe, scripture, sin - Christianity
  156. Simple: Gospel, preach, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  157. What does the 4th commandment mean to you?: believe, sinned, Bible - Christianity
  158. one feeling unusual energy or unrest?: beliefs, prayer, Holy Spirit - Christianity
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  161. pray for me....: church, prayers, Jesus, verses - Christianity
  162. The Christian Home: messages, testimony, church, preach - Christianity
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  166. A Call to Prayer..A Must Read Letter to Understand the Situation: believe, Bible - Christianity
  167. Communication in Christ: hell, doctrine, churches, believe - Christianity
  168. Jesus the Lamb verses Jesus the Lion of Judah: Gospels, hell, Revelation - Christianity
  169. Christian immigrants to US be warned!: women, abstinence, believe, Jesus - Christianity
  170. Presidential nominee is compared to Jesus Christ: crucifixion, woman, Messiah - Christianity
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  173. The effect of God's discipline in my life!: testimony, woman, believe - Christianity
  174. Brothers and sisters, what exactly are we doing? If you have ears, hear.: Gospel, church - Christianity
  175. who believe we have a free will...: hell, scriptures, sin - Christianity
  176. Children and Church: beliefs, prayers, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  177. Have you dealt with sins?: Gospel, hell, Sodom, doctrine - Christianity
  178. Prayer for Hurricane Ike & ILNC: prayers, Jesus, blessing, North Carolina - Christianity
  179. Besides God, what is something you have a passion for?: church, Jesus - Christianity
  180. Your birth verse.: Deuteronomy, scripture, Isaiah, bless - Christianity
  181. Just For Today--September 11, 2008: agnostic, prayers, Jesus, atheists - Christianity
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  189. The Energy Non-Crisis: missionary, Baptist, Christians, mission - Christianity
  190. The Myth Of Neutrality - Christianity
  191. Who is the man in the glass...: world - Christianity
  192. News, Pope launches crackdown on world's largest illicit Catholic shrine and suspends 'dubious' priest: Mary, virgin - Christianity
  193. 4T Prosperity Program: church, attend - Christianity
  194. another Pagan Christianity ..
  195. A gathtering for worship, study and oration: verse, sunday, Easter - Christianity
  196. Heaven by Randy Alcorn: scripture, blessing, saved, amazing - Christianity
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