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  1. does know who gave the final order for the invasion of Iwo Jima: years, China - History
  2. The Scots in the Spanish Civil War...: England, general, Lincoln - History
  3. The other side of Charles Dickens.: Roman, general, origin, years - History
  4. The Lovely Town of Poundbury: economic, royal - History
  5. Impeachments that never were: Eisenhower, presidents, government, ally - History
  6. Did you know that historians convened to form a group during the election?: presidents, political - History
  7. German submarines surrendered in this Scottish Loch: WW2, London, why - History
  8. What are your thoughts on Elizabeth Báthory?: historical, origin, historians - History
  9. Lost Photos of Tower Bridge in London: 80s, state, empire - History
  10. Ailsa Craig in Scotland...: Roman, Great Britain, colonies, biggest - History
  11. Ships claimed sunk more than once: Japanese, kings, attack, battle - History
  12. Cave Dwellers of Scotland: war, general, origin, years - History
  13. The Man Who Discovered Coronado's Campsite and Changed History: Roman, facts, slaves
  14. Why did places develop city states while others did not: ancient, Romans - History
  15. Today in history: war, Roman, bomb, Great Britain
  16. Luftwaffe Eagle: WW2, war, Roman, 1930's - History
  17. What do you think the 1900s were like?: 50s, years, country - History
  18. ST Valentines Bones, Strange but True: facts, France, Ireland, years - History
  19. Strange ship built on the River Clyde.: Russian, why - History
  20. What do you think George Washington would think of the U.S MIC?: war, influence - History
  21. Gracehill Moravian Village: Ireland, years, British, different - History
  22. A History of War...what is in the future???: general, economy, invaded
  23. The Darien Scheme.: war, England, colonies, economy - History
  24. have on African immigrants to the Caribbean: influence, 1800s, European - History
  25. US Quietly Publishes Papers on 1953 Iran Coup: European, economy, president - History
  26. Worst President: events, slavery, historical, presidents - History
  27. If Only The Colonists Had Played A Different Game: England, general, colonies - History
  28. Buffalo Bill in Scotland - History
  29. What would a world post-WWII without a Nazi Germany or USSR be like?: war, Hitler - History
  30. Did Egypt Shape Washington?: ancient, Roman, Egyptian, influences - History
  31. Knights and Chivalry.: war, European, state, crimes - History
  32. The butterfly effect in the neutrality of Spain in the Second World War: greatest, influence - History
  33. Colorized pictures of war in the Pacific: Japanese, American, how - History
  34. 50 Years Later - The 6 Day War: WW2, Egyptian, England, Mexican - History
  35. Why didn't China industrialize like Japan?: 60's, colonies, European, Chinese - History
  36. British History.: facts, historical
  37. 6h June 1944: German, D-day - History
  38. The history of the world.. in less than 20 minutes: Japan
  39. Lord Nelson and his loves: war, England, Lincoln, historical - History
  40. USSR tried to Kill a Pope: state, assassin, Russian, assassination - History
  41. Victims of Communism: USA, western, ally, evidence - History
  42. USSR and Pope John Paul II: Soviet - History
  43. Why Crimea was to Ukraine: war, state, empire, Japanese - History
  44. 1990s vs 2000s vs 2010s (Late contemporary period debate): influence, general, years - History
  45. It's really sad how much of a waste WWI was.: WWII, war - History
  46. Photos Of Palestine And Israel 1930-1949: war, Roman, influence, empire - History
  47. Man asked to be stuffed after death and put in a closet: WWII, war - History
  48. What happened to the world before Sims 3 Into the Future?: war - History
  49. good historical TV show to watch in my free time?: ancient, war - History
  50. History of nuclear age: war, Roman, bomb, Britain
  51. Can a nation's military be effective after decades of peace?: WW2, war - History
  52. Did ancient, medievel, and colonial era wagons have differential gears: ally - History
  53. Columbian Exchange: Roman, Hitler, European, economy - History
  54. Pronouncing Proper Names from Sappho: origin, Greek, USA, how - History
  55. How Accurate Was Apocalypto?: ancient, general, Mexico, facts - History
  56. When thinking about wars of the past, do you feel bad for that fought?: WW2, war - History
  57. American Empire Falling Faster Than Rome?: economic, events, historical, years - History
  58. The untold story of America's Southern Chinese: Asians, historical, country - History
  59. Robert E. Lee writes to the New York Times: war, general, economy - History
  60. Ohio Indian Trails: American, Delaware - History
  61. Good Historical book suggestions?: WW2, war, Romans, Britain - History
  62. Were the plumes on knights' helmets usually red, and if so, why?: historical, country - History
  63. What do you think the founding father's would feel about the ACW?: war, France - History
  64. Greco-Turkish War 1919-22: book recommendations?: general, peoples, Greece - History
  65. Bovril Boats on the Thames.: ally - History
  66. The best known Courtesans: ancient, war, Roman, bomb - History
  67. Mildest dictator of 20th Century Europe: WWII, 60s, European, countries - History
  68. What if Japan had converted battleships into aircraft carriers?: war, bomb - History
  69. Is that ?: colonies, America, Canada, British - History
  70. The Rockefellers, John D. Sr. and Jr.: general, 1950s, European - History
  71. The real sword in stone: ancient, Roman, Britain, European - History
  72. WWII (?) I.D. Bracelet---what is this? Pic inside: WW2, slave, origin - History
  73. Billy The Kid---How were LG Murphy and Jimmy Dolan (The House) in debt if they had a monopoly??: years, recessions - History
  74. Speaking of Jeanne d'Arc: greatest, events, France, Russian - History
  75. Tolpuddle Martyrs: economic, Americans, government, London - History
  76. Langbank Timber Ponds.: ally - History
  77. American war stamps, liberty bonds: German, years, date, government - History
  78. Lucy Worsley Documentaries: Roman, facts, biggest, empire - History
  79. Prince Cecilie Sister of Prince Philip who died tragically young.: war, assassin - History
  80. How quickly did the Spanish Main develop: 1800s, European, economy - History
  81. Medieval Africa: ancient, war, Romans, Egypt - History
  82. Indigenous : what is the female name for Chief ?: ancient, war, England - History
  83. History Channel...Iaccurauracies that are just ...wild.: ancient, war, bomb
  84. know the history of marriage?: Egypt, general, origin, country
  85. Why Did The South Lose The Civil War?: generals, economy, Japanese - History
  86. U.S. history trivia questions: president, country, American, British
  87. History of Income Inequality & The Great Leveler: WW2, ancient, war
  88. Jefferson or Hamilton: Who was smarter?: Great Britain, facts, colonies, Washington - History
  89. Who remembers the Elian Gonzalez case?: generals, Mexico, events, countries - History
  90. historical bestsellers: ancient, war, 80's, presidents - History
  91. Confederate veteran recalls the 1860s: war, Lincoln, economy, state - History
  92. Slavery Wasn't Unique To The U.S: war, Roman, Britain - History
  93. National Anthem of Roman Empire: ancient, war, greatest, influence - History
  94. Mount Vernon history: war, general, 80's, Washington
  95. USS Indianapolis Found after 72 years: Japanese, historical, how - History
  96. Vietnam Under JFK?: war, generals, 60's, president - History
  97. The unfortunate truth about WWII: WW2, Hitler, Europeans, nazism - History
  98. Must read history/historical books: WW2, war, greatest, Great Britain
  99. Scottish facts that most Scots dont know: ancient, war, Roman - History
  100. Did the American Frontier have a high cost of living?: United States, western - History
  101. Outside Fire Escapes on Tall Buildings: 70s, state, years, USA - History
  102. 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Midway: WW2, war, greatest - History
  103. Name the US President who ...: Washington, Lincoln, state, Woodrow - History
  104. This Week In History - The Vél d'Hiv Roundup In France: WWII, war
  105. Lol...what year did City Data forum begin?????: England, general, facts - History
  106. Childrens rope games with songs from the past.: sixties, years, how - History
  107. How can a mobster rule a city?: influence, 1950s, state - History
  108. Would Spain being a part of WWI or WWII have made a difference?: war, general - History
  109. World's oldest man, Auschwitz survivor, dies at the age of 113: why, different - History
  110. This Gun Was Designed To Kill 100 Birds At Once, And The Government Banned It: state, historical - History
  111. The Reichstag fire - in America: war, general, Hitler, events - History
  112. Alll new weapons are well forgotten German ones: war, greatest, bomb - History
  113. Adolf Hitlers Childhood: Washington, origin, why, how - History
  114. Questions for Calvin Coolidge: war, Rome, England, 1930's - History
  115. How significant was Dunkirk?: war, Britain, European, events - History
  116. Would there have been Africans in the Roman Empire?: Romans, Egyptian - History
  117. Huge Collection Of Un-Touched Nazi Artifacts Found In Argentina: war, 50s, Hitler - History
  118. The Scots and the KKK: war, Roman, influence, 1920s - History
  119. Recent History: the North Hollywood Bank Robbery/Shootout 20 years ago: officers, combat
  120. What do you think Witch trials were really motivated by?: England, events - History
  121. Inventors who died trying out thier inventions.: German, torture, China - History
  122. Why do people still wonder how Germany could have won the war?: WWII, Britain - History
  123. Grave Robbers: Roman, 1800s, Lincoln, origin - History
  124. George Washington's Servant/Slave with Turban?: war, Roman, general, European - History
  125. Lighthouses and their dangers.: origin, years, country, USA - History
  126. The Islamic expansion: why did it happen, and so fast?: war, Roman - History
  127. Most brutal / animalistic battle ever fought in history?: WW2, ancient, war
  128. The Most Developed Cultures That Lacked Writing?: ancient, Romans, economic - History
  129. Using UV Lamps to Stencil a Babys Name..: 50s, years, spectrum - History
  130. Facts about Napoleon..: England, empire, historical, years - History
  131. know what JAPANESE ate as rations in WW2?: war, Britain, Chinese - History
  132. 150 000 Jewish Wermach soldiers: WW2, generals, 1930s, Hitler - History
  133. Mark Antony/Cleopatra are victorious, what changes?: war, Romans, Egyptian - History
  134. Which of King Henry's VIII wives got the worst treatment?: England, Spain - History
  135. 100th Anniversary of Russian Revolution: war, greatest, facts, state - History
  136. Why was Martha Washington against George Washington becoming President?: war, Lincoln, state - History
  137. Africa's Great Civilizations: Egypt, years, African, Latin - History
  138. 1970's; a drug sniffed called T it THC, not marijuana: 80's, drugs - History
  139. Mary Surratt: Lincoln, state, assassin, assassination - History
  140. dislike Abraham Lincoln?: war, greatest, general, facts - History
  141. Old Forgotten Graveyards: ancient, war, England, general - History
  142. Why did no one see what was brewing in the late 19th century?: WWII, war - History
  143. Cannibalism In European History: England, 80s, slave, African
  144. Segregation in Schools and Neighborhoods: WWII, Mexican, 1930s, European - History
  145. Who would win in a fight between a Knight, a Viking and a Samurai?: historical, kings - History
  146. Christopher Columbus: ancient, Europeans, economic, empire - History
  147. Who do you think was Jack the Ripper.: 60s, DNA, years - History
  148. feel they do not belong in this era?: WWII, Roman - History
  149. The REAL reason for the alliance between Nazi Germany and the Japanese.: WW2, war - History
  150. Apropos of the proposed general strike on February 17...: biggest, France, attack - History
  151. Who do you blame most for the sinking of the Titanic?: British, different - History
  152. I am interested in American Civil War, where to start?: generals, facts - History
  153. 19th century pictures no one smiled: country, contribution, how, different - History
  154. Alexander the Great actually despised Homosexuality: ancient, Romans, influence, general - History
  155. Excluding Texas + California, were there American settlers in Mexico in the early 19th century?: war, general - History
  156. Who Outside Of Germany Supported Hitler?: WW2, war, general, 1930s - History
  157. How do you feel about modern-day Japanese warships entering Pearl Harbor?: German, military - History
  158. the ethics of changing history.: WW2, Roman, bomb, 60s
  159. naval battles on film: WWII, war, bomb, general - History
  160. What was Argentina thinking when they invaded the Falklands?: war, Britain, general - History
  161. Roanoke:The Lost Colony History Channel: ancient, England, Europeans, years
  162. Has seen Hogback stones in a cemetery: ancient, war, England - History
  163. China: Capitalism and Freedom: influence, 1950's, European, Chinese - History
  164. Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt...where they close?: president, years, country - History
  165. Why is Communism not as hated/viewed as evil as Nazism?: Mexico, 1930s - History
  166. How Anglo was America in its very early colonial era?: influence, colonies - History
  167. A Great Little Documentary, About How The RAF Saved Britain, And How The British Suffered.: war, influence - History
  168. Early Viking colonies in north America killed over milk?: Europeans, kings, military - History
  169. When did we lose the South of United States?: war, Roman, influence - History
  170. Why was Spanish Flu not mentioned more in the 1920's: war, 1800s - History
  171. Kids in the battlefield?: war, Hitler, historical, German - History
  172. Who do you think would win on a one-on-one fight? The Bismarck, or The Yamato?: WW2, war - History
  173. Best and worst admirals of World War II in the Pacific: bomb, general - History
  174. Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find..for now: ancient, England - History
  175. Great Historical Fiction.: WW2, war, Roman, Britain - History
  176. The Great Wall of China does not exist.: ancient, general, Mexico - History
  177. Is the USSR the most evil empire to have existed?: war, Romans - History
  178. Objects now obsolete.: war, general, 60's, European - History
  179. Spotted an error on an ancient map: Roman, empire, historical - History
  180. Did slaves from the South escape to Mexico? Did they form communities in Mexico?: general, Mexican - History
  181. Dutch and Portuguese historic accomplishments underrated?: war, influence, bomb, Europeans - History
  182. Lincoln's efforts to ship all the blacks out of the US....: war, Mexico - History
  183. Was black slaves only prevalent in Brazil, SE USA, and Caribbean?: ancient, Romans - History
  184. The Alamo and the Scots.: Britain, general, Mexican, European - History
  185. Had Archduke Franz Ferdinand not been assassinated would WWI been avoided?: WWII, war - History
  186. Why's do we idealize life pre-colonization of America??: war, England, 70s - History
  187. Have Celts made a larger impact on Canada or the US: war, Roman - History
  188. What is History's greatest lie?: ancient, Roman, European, biggest
  189. Why has France militaryly done so bad since Napoleon?: WWII, war, Roman - History
  190. Israel used Messerschmidt aircraft in 1948: WW2, war, bomb, 60s - History
  191. Why is Lincoln considered such a hero when he went against the constitution so much?: war, general - History
  192. How did people discover metals?: ancient, greatest, France, years - History
  193. Why has Russia historically been so evil/violent?: WW2, war, influence - History
  194. China and North Korea: war, influence, bomb, 1950's - History
  195. Highest Hedge in the World..Mekleourhedge.: war, Britain - History
  196. Scottish Hangings gone wrong.: events, crimes, army, execution - History
  197. Bertillion Measurements used before fingerprints in forensics.: crimes - History
  198. translation from Plato's Symposium? - History
  199. Glengarry and the Glengarry Cap: Australia, officers, popular, Chicago - History
  200. News, Civil War-Era 'Corduroy Road' Uncovered in Michigan: Americans - History