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  1. Deciphering Nazi records, obsessively: war, generals, crimes, president - History
  2. The Devil’s Punchbowl...: historical, American, historian, different - History
  3. The last of the Sobibor survivors: years, document, ally - History
  4. know what war this chest is from?: WWII, years, army - History
  5. Did The Hyksos Marry Into Egypt?: ancient, Egyptian, origin, conquer - History
  6. Do you think Mark Antony and Cleopatra ever stood a chance of beating Octavian?: war, Egypt - History
  7. Bushido and the Butchers of Biak: WWII, Japanese, years, combat - History
  8. Celilo Falls: years, USA, western, how - History
  9. Frederick Patterson, the first and only African American owned car company: origin, segregation - History
  10. Nubian Warrior Queens Defeated Greece and Rome: ancient, war, Romans - History
  11. Talk To Me About British Raj: WWII, ancient, Roman, influence - History
  12. Moon Landing: England, empire, Russian, military - History
  13. Legislature size: England, general, state, president - History
  14. Ernie Pyle: The Man Who Told America the Truth About D-Day: war, influence - History
  15. Witching hours: economic, ally - History
  16. The Canadians who did not get off the beaches of Normandy are Remembered: American, D-day - History
  17. The History of Gotham: England, Washington, American, how
  18. Quote “Revolutions are never attempted when people are too complacent” who said this?: Romans, American - History
  19. A contemporary version of an Anne Frank story: WWII, bomb, events - History
  20. Do you think in the past makes what horrible people did in the past more justifiable?: ancient, years - History
  21. Zeppelin attacks on England in WW1: war, bomb, Britain, raids - History
  22. Where is the U-Boat?: tanks, Canada, NYC - History
  23. is the current situation in North Korea equivalent to China in 1950s?: general, 1980s - History
  24. Debs & Socialism: general, European, economy, state - History
  25. Brigands of Southern Italy: war, 1800s, empire, France - History
  26. Robert Schwab Vietnam: Roman, 90s, captive, years - History
  27. Now that the 2010s are almost over: When would you say the decade started feeling like its own true self???: years, ally - History
  28. Definite Impeachable Offenses in History......: war, Lincoln, Japanese, Woodrow
  29. Fossil shells reveal both global mercury contamination and warming when dinosaurs perished: general, years - History
  30. Fourth Atomic Spy Found: war, Russia, army, Soviet - History
  31. Last Hindenburg survivor dies: Washington, origin, years, USA - History
  32. Cajuns in WW2: 50s, Spanish, France, president - History
  33. The Origin Of The Word ‘Cocaine’: 80s, facts, drugs - History
  34. When British Surveyors and Native Americans Tried to Prevent Colonists from Expanding Further: war, 60s - History
  35. Dan Carlin's series: Hardcore History King of Kings 56-58: ancient, war, Rome
  36. National Geographic's Inside North Korea's Dynasty: economic, country, China - History
  37. Common law wives of famous men in US history.: San Diego
  38. Missile Attack on Soleimani Similar to Shoot-down of Admiral Yamamoto: WWII, war - History
  39. Archeologist Spends Over 35 Years Building Massive Scale Model of Ancient Rome: Roman, Pax Romana - History
  40. Do you think people from the distant past that did horrible things should be as reviled as recent evil people?: Roman, Hitler - History
  41. Imagine WWII U-Boats Without Zeiss Optics: state, Japanese, German, military - History
  42. Drought exposes long-submerged 'Spanish Stonehenge' monument: ancient, Romans, 1920s, German - History
  43. So now the Hephtalites are an offshoot of the Xiong Nu: greatest, generals - History
  44. Judas Goat Aircraft in WWII: bomb, England, Japanese, years - History
  45. Oct 1934 - Lower East Side Slums, NYC (real sound) - History
  46. The evolution of the idea of extinction: ancient, general, DNA - History
  47. David Starkey opinion on Queens Anne and Victoria?: years, historians, document - History
  48. Presidential misdeeds: JFK, presidents, USA, historian - History
  49. From Kristallacht to the Fall of the Berlin Wall - November 9, What a Day!: general, German - History
  50. Most important canals: WWII, war, influence, England - History
  51. During Feudalism/Serfdom, who in charge of cities/ports: Roman, European - History
  52. Did the Guns of Navarone actually exist?: WW2, 50s, raids - History
  53. Why tobacco use so prevalent in south states: historical, years, country - History
  54. Science and opposition/quarrels/resistance: general, state, USSR, years - History
  55. new American History textbook: spectrum, popular
  56. Why all the Nomad Migrations go from East to West: general, European - History
  57. In Memory of the 749 American Troops who died 75 years ago in Exercise Tiger: Britain, France - History
  58. Different views of WWI: WWII, war, Britain, European - History
  59. Sub-Saharan Africa's Past - History
  60. Photographs capture an abandoned world inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: years, language - History
  61. The Two Faces of Thaddeus Stevens: war, England, general, Washington - History
  62. Lidar Technology Exposes Jungle Civilizations: war, Mayan, American, Africa - History
  63. Black U.S. Sailors In WWI: WWII, war, general, Spanish - History
  64. Selma Engel, Sobibor escapee, dead at 96: WWII, years - History
  65. Harvard House Stratford Upon Avon.: years - History
  66. History Of The South: state, Spanish, slave, years
  67. King Wenceslas: assassin, assassinated, years - History
  68. A Slave Who Wrote His Own Bio: Washington, European, slaves - History
  69. Plessy and racism: war, Lincoln, state, slavery - History
  70. How did Peasant men and women get together?: general, peasants, popular - History
  71. Varosha ghost town in Cyprus: war, influence, colonies, years - History
  72. The Battle of Rottenrow in Glasgow.: British - History
  73. The Mamluks who defeated the Mongols and Crusaders: ancient, war, Egyptian - History
  74. Native American Slave Owners and the Trail of Tears: facts, European, economy - History
  75. When did America's accent change from British forefathers?: influence, Britain, general - History
  76. Why was there so much controversy with Ronald Reagan's evil empire speech?: war, 90s - History
  77. Did Viking raids make light hair more common throughout Europe?: Roman, influences - History
  78. WWII Books - Russian Perspective: war, Russians, Germans, military - History
  79. Painting Looted By Nazis During WWII To Be Returned To Rightful Heirs: war, Egypt - History
  80. The Prophetic Pragmatism of Frederick Douglass: war, England, 60's, slavery - History
  81. How Urban Dictionary became a hotbed for racist and sexist rhetoric share: events, political - History
  82. Is true that instructors treated soldiers like crap in Vietnam War?: general, 1990s - History
  83. Is This The First Time In History, the Worldwide Fertility Rates Has Been So Low?: 80s, economy
  84. Local Historical Societies: general, state, Spanish, origin - History
  85. Why were Iraq/Afghanistan war veterans treated much better than Vietnam war veterans?: bomb, general - History
  86. Why have the Vikings focus so much on England: Roman, general, interior - History
  87. Things that were more expensive “in the old days”: 1980s, countries - History
  88. 80 years ago today: WW2, war, bomb, general - History
  89. true military valor: WW2, war, bomb, general - History
  90. So the Huns are now officially the Xiong Nu: Romans, European, Chinese - History
  91. Why was Debtors' prison a concept in the old days?: colonies, European - History
  92. The Making of Winston Churchill: WW2, war, greatest, bomb - History
  93. What do you think of the White feather women in WWI?: war, England - History
  94. The Meaning Of Labor Day: 1800s, economy, state, events - History
  95. Greatest and Most Infamous Modern (1789 -1990) Historical Figures: Great Britain, facts, Washington - History
  96. Y2k!: bomb, years, date, government - History
  97. Rampant drug abuse in Nazi Germany: war, 70s, colonies, Hitler - History
  98. Are Western movies accurate when it comes to this historical detail?: general, weapons - History
  99. Which historic figure do you admire the most?: Washington, Lincoln, slavery - History
  100. Why was communism so popular during the 19th/20 century how inherently bad and evil it was?: ancient, 1950's - History
  101. Red Summer of 1919.: war, bomb, general, 80s - History
  102. The search for a lost WWII aircraft carrier (USS Wasp): WW2, greatest - History
  103. Was Nikola Tesla born before his time?: invention, country, how - History
  104. Confederate Soldier's Motive for Fighting?: war, greatest, Britain, colonies - History
  105. 78 years ago today...: war, Japanese, attack, America - History
  106. I killed people on Christmas Day: WWII, war, bomb - History
  107. WW2 figures: war, bomb, Britain, colonies - History
  108. Is it me or are people mostly not knowledgable about medieval or late antiquity history?: ancient, war
  109. Would Civil Rights victories of the mid/late 60s happened faster if Nixon won in 60?: war, influence - History
  110. Between Churchill, Napoleon and T Roosevelt...: war, greatest, England, economic - History
  111. Do you think Julius Caesar was a bad person?: ancient, war, Romans - History
  112. Did interstate highways kill bus and train travel?: WWII, war, 1950s - History
  113. Planned Italian Midget Submarine Attack New York City 1943: WW2, war, bomb - History
  114. Russia's Contribution to Western Civilization - Emigration and the Export of Their Best and Brightest: war, Roman - History
  115. Sad Anniversary - 10 November 1975 Sinking of Edmund Fitzgerald: years, USA, Canada - History
  116. Do you feel it was shameful for America to pardon Japan's Unit 731 for: WWII, war - History
  117. Why do people consider Stalin worse than Hitler?: WW2, war, generals - History
  118. Why Did the Kriegsmarine N-Word Submarine Kill 80% of Its Operators?: war, general - History
  119. Which generation are you?: WW2, war, greatest, 1980s - History
  120. Why did Henry VIII find Anne of Cleves so unattractive?: war, Roman - History
  121. The Romans and America.: ancient, Egyptian, Britain, facts - History
  122. Why do all of California's major cities have spanish names but not Texas'?: Mexican, Washington - History
  123. The significance of Sep 11th....: war, Roman, bomb, general - History
  124. Olympics, men who competed as women: European, events, Russia, German - History
  125. Grant The Artist: war, greatest, generals, Lincoln - History
  126. Napoleon One of the Greatest Leaders.: war, Roman, Egypt, England - History
  127. Edda Goering, Shirley Temple of the Nazi Third Reich, dead at 80: 90s, Hitler - History
  128. The Keys To Ancient Egypt's Development?: Egyptian, slaves, military, famine - History
  129. The most shots at a target without hitting it: ancient, war, bomb - History
  130. Former buildings from ancient times you'd most want to visit: Romans, Egyptian - History
  131. Why did Native Americans in what is now the U.S. never develop the level of civilization of the Aztecs and the Mayas?: Romans, Egypt - History
  132. Do you think Nixon should have served prison time for the Watergate scandal?: WW2, war - History
  133. when germany invaded Poland why didnt France simple go and take Berlin: war, Hitler - History
  134. The truth about Muhammad, Islam, the Crusades,: war, Romans, Britain - History
  135. Do you think the Treaty of Versailles was too harsh on Germany?: WW2, war - History
  136. Von Ribbentrop Jr. dead at 98: war, Hitler, European, events - History
  137. If European explorers never settled in America, what would of happened?: ancient, Chinese - History
  138. Patrimonial state ?: general, 70s, empire, Russian - History
  139. Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra: war, Roman, Britain, facts - History
  140. Most important Colonial U.S. Cities (English 13 Colonies settlement through to the end of the American Revolutionary War: interior, economic - History
  141. Would Gladiators in the past be able to stand up to the toughest guys today?: Romans, 1800s - History
  142. What if the Roman Empire Selected Buddhism as its state religion instead of Christianity?: ancient, Romans - History
  143. Why is it that we admire and revere mass murders from the past?: influence, slavery - History
  144. Was the Normandy invasion necessary?: WWII, war, bomb, Great Britain - History
  145. Churchill v Roosevelt: WW2, war, Britain, generals - History
  146. Queen Marie-Antoinette's Jewels Fetch Record Sums At Auction: Roman, 1980s, Washington - History
  147. Opposition to WW2 in USA: war, Roman, Britain, generals - History
  148. Axis decryption successes in WWII?: war, Rome, Egypt, greatest - History
  149. did the english need to shoot up the french fleet ww2: war, Britain - History
  150. Bletchley Park: WW2, war, Roman, England - History
  151. D-day, 75th anniversary on June 6: WW2, war, greatest, England - History
  152. Women, can you explain this?: war, Washington, state, events - History
  153. Stumbled upon this historical pile of newspapers over the weekend!: war, events - History
  154. So did medievel christian warlords/conquerors not have harems: war, general, European - History
  155. US killing hundreds of thousands of Germans after WW2 ignored?: war, bomb - History
  156. Do buildings still have axes in case of fire, like they use to?: 80s, state - History
  157. DEFEATED: are the 5 Worst U.S. Generals Who Ever Served: WW2, war - History
  158. NYC history that many may not know about: war, Rome, England
  159. What if the US had avoided all post WW2 wars?: war, bomb - History
  160. Was the Am. Civil War Necessary?: Lincoln, economy, state, slavery - History
  161. The Russian Revolution and the Destruction of (a Large Part) of the World: ancient, war - History
  162. Evil America & The Silent Genocide - The Deliberate Criminalization of Black Life In America: war, bomb - History
  163. for the Forest Brothers: WWII, war, Roman, greatest - History
  164. Why not the same hate for the union jack: WW2, war, bomb - History
  165. What would Alaska be today, if Seward had not bought it?: WW2, war - History
  166. Book recommendation for Vietnam War history: WWII, general, 80s, Asians
  167. History Prof’s blog about accuracy of historical movies: Roman, greatest, general
  168. Which unsuccessful candidate would have been the greatest president?: war, Lincoln, JFK - History
  169. Foods that Built America miniseries: Mexico, country, battle, USA - History
  170. Lady who was born in 1868, being interviewed in 1977: WWII, war, 1930s - History
  171. Birth of nuclear war: bomb, generals, Japanese, Russia - History
  172. Why did civilization made such a huge technological leap in the late 1800's /early 1900's?: ancient, Britain - History
  173. Cahokia - Pre-Columbo American Metropolis: England, Mexico, 80s, economic - History
  174. What about the dead sea and the scrolls?: ancient, war, general - History
  175. Why did women make up the good majority of switchboard operators?: WWII, years - History
  176. WW2 participation - allies: war, Roman, bomb, Britain - History
  177. Emmett Till's legacy: 1950s, slave, historical, confederacy - History
  178. What if Nazis Had Gotten Nukes First?: bomb, Hitler, Japanese - History
  179. Watergate what really happened and why?: war, 60's, Washington, economy - History
  180. Were Korean Troops in Vietnam really as stated in books?: war, Japanese - History
  181. Could the U.S. decline like Ancient Rome?: Great Britain, general, Mexican - History
  182. Correction about the 1st Moon Landing: years, attack, compared, commander - History
  183. Companies that didn’t adapt in time: influences, 70's, invention - History
  184. Frank Blaichman, WWII Resistance Fighter, 96: war, Washington, commander - History
  185. Blair Mayne: SAS soldier who never got the Victoria Cross: Ireland, military - History
  186. Capt Leslie Gehres and the USS [I]Franklin[/I]: bomb, Japanese, years - History
  187. James L. Swanson's Manhunt: historical, ally - History
  188. Rafi Eitan, part of the Eichmann capture, dead at 92: Washington - History
  189. Last woman to be hanged in Scotland..: USA, evidence - History
  190. Can the history's of Slavs and Semites be closely compared?: Egypt, Russians
  191. Is an expert on Japanese history?
  192. Durango sawmill just south of town on US550: 60s - History
  193. Terezin, and a look back at a 1940s diary: years, compare, how - History
  194. An Auschwitz love story: tanks, years, Americans, Soviet - History
  195. Marita Lorenz, 80: Roman, JFK, America, Kennedy - History
  196. War movies today, Memorial Day - History
  197. Garibaldi's South American experience: war, military, Brazil, victories - History
  198. Neus Català, 1915-2019: general, Washington, invaded, Spanish - History
  199. Study Has Bad News About Lincoln Museum's Famous Hat.: president, years, ally - History
  200. Today in History II: war, Egypt, England, Mexico