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  1. Vietnam 1970-1973: Roman, years - History
  2. News, Smithsonian wants Aretha Franklin's hat.: president, America, how, Los Angeles - History
  3. Gandhi assassinated 61 years ago today, 1/30/48: British, surrender, tactics, best - History
  4. Was the holocaust closed?: why - History
  5. What was the back up plan if D Day failed?: general, European - History
  6. Dead Language Manx Gaelic Being Revived: ancient, England, Ireland, Latin - History
  7. News, Sunken Battleship Found After 250 Years.: greatest, Britain, British, victories - History
  8. Is this an old Loggers Emblem? Brainteaser!: popular - History
  9. Horses: England, America, China, why - History
  10. News Reports: Most-wanted Nazi died in Cairo in '92.: war, Egypt, European - History
  11. for who grew up in the Soviet Union during the Cold War: WW2, bomb - History
  12. Warriors on Military Channel??: war, Romans, empire, battle - History
  13. The Sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff -- the Greatest Maritime Disaster in History: WW2, war
  14. News, Fire damages house 1st wired for electricity.: facts, American, how - History
  15. Mvnicipal Bvlding, Bvlgari... Why v instead of u?: Romans, Spanish, origin - History
  16. Thomas Jefferson & the French Revolution: war, greatest, colonies, state - History
  17. Recent history of depression: war, Britain, state, invention
  18. Has Seen This?: Washington, presidents - History
  19. News, Australian library finds copy of Schindler's list.: war, German, Germany - History
  20. About the census...: general, historical, years, countries - History
  21. News, Historic NYC diner will get hauled to Alabama.: Spanish, Birmingham, Mobile - History
  22. Brigg POW camp,60 years on: war, England, Germans, United States - History
  23. Dust Pneumonia (Dust Bowl): general, years, American, government - History
  24. News, Lincoln stamps being released for Abe's birthday.: Washington, president - History
  25. What Did Hitler Think Of Berlin Mayor Steeg: war, military, government - History
  26. History Altering Events: Egypt, 80s, historical, Greek
  27. Netherlands American Cemetary: WWII, military, ally - History
  28. History of last name: facts, German, Germany, USA
  29. what with the pens?: historical, presidents, document, different - History
  30. Google Earth has uncovered city below the waves?: origin, Africa, why - History
  31. News, Vampire Skull Found in Italy: years, document, different - History
  32. DuPont: The Nylon King: WW2, war, 1930s, empire - History
  33. Smithsonian finds hidden Civil War inscription on Lincoln's pocketwatch: years, American, Latin - History
  34. Enlightenment of Madame Geoffrin Salon Painting: historical, best - History
  35. Funny Drawings, WWII: If Maps Could Fight - History
  36. Did see Rough Crossings?: slaves, British, revolutionary - History
  37. My West Virginia Civil War history blog: Lincoln, cities, historians
  38. The Etymology of A Name: facts, European, state, Russian - History
  39. American Civil War Veterans in Australia: interior, Brazil, Allies, cities - History
  40. Sixth Anniversary of the US Invasion of Iraq: WWII, war, country - History
  41. News, 30 years later: Jonestown horror endures.: attack, USA, political, peoples - History
  42. A Little Something for Valentine Day!!!: England, Spanish, royal - History
  43. Google honors 200th birthday: Lincoln, contribution, USA, political - History
  44. The original Vaudeville Theatre: war, France, years, army - History
  45. Native-American DNA: influence, European, origin, years - History
  46. !!! Lincoln was HUMAN!!!: war, Washington, USA, political - History
  47. Great Peshtigo Fire: events, Japan, German, Germany - History
  48. Man Landed on the Moon on the 25th anniv. of Valkarie: bomb, Hitler - History
  49. News, WWII-Era Mass Grave Believed to Contain 1,800 Germans.: war, bomb, Germany - History
  50. How did the anti-communist sentiment of the post WWII era affect the labor movement of the US?: war, 60's - History
  51. Has read/are with The Histories by Herodotus?: ancient, Egypt - History
  52. From George Washington to Barack Obama in 4 minutes: origin, presidents, United States - History
  53. News, End to Prohibition marks 75 years.: greatest, England, general, 80s - History
  54. News, 'Pickled' baby mammoth opens window to Ice Age.: Japanese, DNA, Russian - History
  55. News, New photos published of MLK assassination.: leader, rights, Atlanta - History
  56. China's contribution to mapping world.: colonies, European, Chinese, slave - History
  57. have history on: historical
  58. What if Mary Queen of Scots had won?: England, assassin, Spain - History
  59. The Fall Of Rome Historical Drama: Roman, events, empire, military - History
  60. what's your impression of nanking nanking - History
  61. The Civil War in Four Minutes: Kentucky, Louisiana - History
  62. The Man in the Doorway: years, how, ally - History
  63. Robert Smalls surrenders the Planter by evading Confederate navy: slavery - History
  64. Slideshow, Assassination of John F. Kennedy.: JFK, events, president, years - History
  65. News, Amazing stories of liquor legends. - History
  66. Armchair Reader history books: war
  67. Glaring errors in documenting history: WW2, war, German, military
  68. News, U.S. funeral museum adds Vatican exhibit.: USA, how, different - History
  69. Black Friday: why, ally, Seattle - History
  70. Happy Thanksgiving - History
  71. For profit history is a conflict of interest whitewash: war, Roman, facts
  72. Biographies and Autobiographies: France, historical, president, military - History
  73. The Fate of the Roman Emperors: Romans, Pax Romana, greatest, general - History
  74. Gila River Indian Reservation: Mexico, American, society, ally - History
  75. News, MLK, Malcolm X, Ali artifacts in new exhibit.: war, Lincoln, state - History
  76. Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: ancient, Roman, empire, historical - History
  77. News, 4,300-Year-Old Pharaonic Tombs Unveiled Near Cairo.: Egypt, pharaohs, ally - History
  78. News: New theory - Patton Assassinated: war, general, military, years - History
  79. Could germany have captured North Africa, palestine, and Iraq if they had devoted their full resources to it?: war, Egypt - History
  80. I Just Watched ''Downfall'' Hitler's Last 12 Days: WW2, war, generals - History
  81. Who is your favorite Roman emperor??: Egypt, Britain, empire, Spain - History
  82. Black and White: general, state, segregation, country - History
  83. Your Time Machine: war, Washington, Hitler, Lincoln - History
  84. American Spies in Soviet Union: war, Roman, bomb, general - History
  85. Your ancestral lands: war, Romans, England, general - History
  86. Why does the Turkish government deny the Armenian genocide ?: European, biggest, Japanese - History
  87. Did Greek WWII Resistance Delay Hitler's Barbarossa Timetable?: war, invaded, USSR - History
  88. German/Japanese co-operation in WWII?: war, Britain, Hitler, European - History
  89. What if Huey Long had Lived?: influence, general, facts, Washington - History
  90. Indentured Servant & Convict Transportation: Colonial America's Disposable People: England, Mexican, 80s - History
  91. Second Thoughts on Reagan: WWII, war, greatest, 70s - History
  92. Blond Hair: ancient, England, Asians, Europeans - History
  93. Best President Ever: country, achievements, ally, Louisiana - History
  94. most important key battles in history: war, Roman, Great Britain, Mexico
  95. Modern-Day Rennaissance Man: greatest, origin, years, language - History
  96. Albion seed: war, influence, England, Ireland - History
  97. Which Loss Was Worse For Germany.....Stalingrad or North Africa: WWII, war - History
  98. Why Study History?: war, events, Japanese, France
  99. Indian Removal Act of 1830 and the Southern views on race: war, England - History
  100. Would US forces have done their own kamikaze attacks during WWII?: bomb, invaded - History
  101. How will our decade be remembered in the world's history?: WWII, war
  102. Most Influential Non-Royal Women in History: Romans, president, USA, leader
  103. Forgotten and Overlooked History: WWII, war, Roman, bomb
  104. Biggest Egomaniac Ever: Hitler, Chinese, years, political - History
  105. Who has more power in this country today - the Masons or the Jews?: influence, Mexico - History
  106. biggest military mistakes in history: war, Romans, Hitler, invaded
  107. The Kennedy Assasination: facts, assassin, assassination, origin - History
  108. White Settlers vs. Indians: war, Mexico, 1800s, colonies - History
  109. Historically are there more crazies, nuts and other dysfunctional people today than anytime in history?: 70s, drugs
  110. Rosenbergs: WWII, war, bomb, facts - History
  111. Trivia: Worst Defeat US Forces Ever Suffered in Battle?: war, greatest, general - History
  112. Bloodiest battle known to man: ancient, war, Romans, generals - History
  113. The culture of the fifties: WWII, war, bomb, general - History
  114. History Trivia: presidents, United States, government, how
  115. Was WII a good war ?: WWII, greatest, general - History
  116. What disaster happened 30 years ago: country, America, weapon, leader - History
  117. President Lincoln's Pallbearers?: generals, facts, Washington, state - History
  118. Which 1st Lady Was More The President Than The President?: influence, Woodrow - History
  119. Why did Switzerland Succeed in Neutrality?: war, Hitler, European, France - History
  120. History Game: war, general, Washington, military
  121. German Americans interned in World War II: WWII, Mexico, Japanese - History
  122. Malcolm X vs Martin Luther King: war, greatest, 60's, Washington - History
  123. Who was you favorite WWII General? - Why?: war, greatest, generals - History
  124. Help With Odd Headstone Dates: Europeans, origin, Greek, military - History
  125. Operation Torch We fought the French?: WW2, war, Roman, Britain - History
  126. What would America be like if it lost the Revolution?: influence, Britain - History
  127. Favorite Moment in History: war, Roman, general, empire
  128. Native American/arrowhead experts Not sure what I found...: facts, German - History
  129. Famous Last Words -- Clever Ways to Say Goodbye Forever.: general, Lincoln - History
  130. They Said What???: general, Lincoln, historical, country - History
  131. The Holocaust really troubles me...: WW2, ancient, war, general - History
  132. History Channel Rocked Yesterday!: Hitler, Russian, Germans, Germany
  133. The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War: civilization, USA, western - History
  134. Who discovered America?: Mexico, Asians, Europeans, viking - History
  135. What happened to the Salem accusers?: England, economic, state, historical - History
  136. A Short History of Nearly Everything... Bill Bryson: general, facts, years
  137. a for you WW2 history buffs: war, bomb, general
  138. What Would Of Happened If Eisenhower Let Patton Confront The Soviets: WW2, war - History
  139. What was happening in Sub Saharan Africa during WWII?: war, Egypt, Britain - History
  140. Video, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald edited by Joseph Fulton.: WWII, state - History
  141. Highest ranking US military officer killed in battle?: WWII, war, bomb - History
  142. Tragic Heroes of the past: WW2, war, Roman, general - History
  143. Kings Who Died In Battle: war, Romans, England, generals - History
  144. In my dads day......the greatest Generation.......they put a chicken in every pot, Now THE LEAST GENERATION.....: war, 70's - History
  145. Ever find artifacts in your house or yard?: WWII, ancient, England - History
  146. Geneology The Alfred Krupp Family: ancient, England, viking, kings - History
  147. Why do parents let schools teach Revisionist history ?: war, facts
  148. What Did Napoleon Do With Prisoners Of War: WW2, Britain, invaded - History
  149. Why are You Interested in History: WWII, ancient, war, Romans
  150. Attila the Hun: Romans, generals, empire, conquer - History
  151. WWII: Could Japan have taken over all of China if it didn't attack US?: war, Britain - History
  152. High Executioner Of France: 1930s, invention, German, years - History
  153. Were you born on the same day as a historic event?: Roman, Washington - History
  154. Can name one (1) former Spanish colony that isn't poverty stricken, and 1 British one that is? (Exclude Africa): bomb, Great Britain - History
  155. Recent Historical Novels: WW2, war, generals, Mexican - History
  156. Difficult History Trivia one at a time: war, general, state
  157. What Is Your Favorite Historical Time Era: ancient, Romans, Egyptian - History
  158. Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941: WWII, bomb, general, Washington - History
  159. Is life harder for the average person in today's recession than in the early 1980s?: general, Washington - History
  160. English Words From Ancient Gaul: Romans, Great Britain, conquer, German - History
  161. Wehrmacht 5 Hour Show On Tv Today: WW2, war, general, Hitler - History
  162. Will the History of Our Times be Accurate?: 80s, facts, JFK
  163. Is it true Patton kept elite panzer divisions together well after the war in hopes of taking on the Soviets?: WWII, Russians - History
  164. News, Nazi women exposed as every bit as bad as Hitler's deranged male followers.: 1930's, German - History
  165. Interesting News in the Swedish Press: Hitler, state, Ireland, origin - History
  166. Eugene Debs: WWII, greatest, general, 70's - History
  167. Nikkei (Japanese Americans) in the Pacific NW: WWII, war, bomb - History
  168. Saxon Grave Found: ancient, Romans, Britain, DNA - History
  169. What was the largest army (military) in History?: WWII, ancient, biggest
  170. The History Channel Show Barbarians (The Goths) On Today: Roman, general, empire
  171. C-Span presidents ranking: war, Egyptian, England, generals - History
  172. Middle Ages: Europeans in China: Asians, European, Chinese, invention - History
  173. News, British scientists uncover oldest words in English.: ancient, Britain, European - History
  174. Mao Zedong: war, general, Hitler, biggest - History
  175. Civil War Letter -long but good: Lincoln, state, origin, kings - History
  176. Global Warming?: England, historical, famine, years - History
  177. The Friends of Uncle Joe: WW2, war, bomb, Britain - History
  178. Carpathia: In Titanic's Shadow: greatest, German, years, American - History
  179. The Bonus Army - Sad the way Vets were treated: war, general - History
  180. Teaching Children History: Roman, facts, biggest, events
  181. What if MLK had Lived on?: influence, JFK, assassin, assassinated - History
  182. ex SS/Nazis in French Foreign Legion - myth?: WWII, war, general - History
  183. Hitchhiking in the US: WW2, general, 70's, crimes - History
  184. Mystery of the Romanov's: war, England, DNA, Russians - History
  185. How did they do it???!!!!: war, Roman, general, Mexico - History
  186. Much Maligned Groups Through the Ages: Romans, Egypt, general, 1990's - History
  187. What was the best day........: WWII, war, greatest, Washington - History
  188. What Came Before Ancient Egypt or Babylon(Sumer): Egyptian, greatest - History
  189. 1973 in Nam and later: WW2, war, general, 1950's - History
  190. News, Scientists want DNA tests on Galileo for eye test: Rome, British - History
  191. Slideshow, Presidential Children.: Lincoln, events, presidents - History
  192. Video's, Watch 18 past inaugurals. - History
  193. I Can Solve A Great Mystery: greatest, Mexico, state, United States - History
  194. News, French battleship intact after nearly a century under water.: German, Mediterranean - History
  195. Salt and Pepper: war, general, facts, Vietnam - History
  196. News. Test of Lincoln DNA sought to prove cancer theory.: assassin, assassinated - History
  197. Mao: the unknown story by Jung Chang: country, weapon, leader - History
  198. News, George Washington denied his 'due': country, New York - History
  199. News, Titanic pocket-watch which stopped when owner fell into sea is on display for first time.: America - History
  200. News, Nixon memo shows White House dilemma over Vietnam.: war, Washington, presidency - History