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  1. News, Al Gore has a girlfriend: California donor and activist Elizabeth Keadle.: famous, look - Celebrities
  2. News, 'The Bold and the Beautiful' Star Joanna Johnson Reveals She's Gay: actors, films - Celebrities
  3. News, Tool time: ‘Home Improvement’ actor arrested for DUI, drug possession: actors, life - Celebrities
  4. Child star Norman Chaney, the fat kid of 'Our Gang', to get a headstone after almost 76 years: serials, famous - Celebrities
  5. Usher's Custody Battle: single, child, 2012 - Celebrities
  6. Small wonder star Jerry Suprian homeless!: life, exploited, fox, show - Celebrities
  7. Charlie Sheen flips out at Staples center.: 2012 - Celebrities
  8. Help!!! Does Recognize This Model?: picture, script, look, 2012 - Celebrities
  9. Miley Cyrus engaged: actor, dr. dre, show, 1977 - Celebrities
  10. Barbra Streisand - 1962: actor, singer, 60's, female - Celebrities
  11. Chaka freakin' khan!!!! Wow!!: weight loss, look - Celebrities
  12. News, Charlie Sheen threatened to sue New York strip club.: actor, life - Celebrities
  13. Mike Wallace Dead At 93: Friends, '60, watch - Celebrities
  14. Lisa Robin Kelly of That 70s Show. check out the mug shot: actress, children - Celebrities
  15. rate Jack Palance: movies, actor, Friends, drama series - Celebrities
  16. Singer Bobby Brown Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI: actor, singers, days - Celebrities
  17. Scott Hall-Simply beyond help.: fan, look - Celebrities
  18. Gene Teirney: movie, actor, film, character - Celebrities
  19. Pippa Middeton Gun: height, Family, celebs, famous - Celebrities
  20. Frankie and Annette! It's Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez!!!!: movies, house, Kiss - Celebrities
  21. Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees reportedly in a coma: Big Brother, singer - Celebrities
  22. Bob Welch of Fleetwood Mac dead at 66: singer, nbc, great song - Celebrities
  23. Does know who this is?: Leonardo DiCaprio, Leon, albums - Celebrities
  24. David Hasselhoff 60 hour bedroom birthday bash...: life, married, 2012 - Celebrities
  25. Egyptian Public Really Doesn't Like Hillary Clinton: country, Action, look - Celebrities
  26. Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds married: news, look - Celebrities
  27. News, Peter O'Toole retires with 'dry-eyed farewell': movies, Oscar award, screen - Celebrities
  28. Jesse Tyler Ferguson Comes Out as a Redhead: reporter, Family, show - Celebrities
  29. Stars as ordinary people: Beyonce, 2009, albums - Celebrities
  30. Big Brother cast member arrested in Lafayette, LA: Lost, Heroes, Survivor - Celebrities
  31. Tony Robbins motivation and 3rd degree burns!: children, child, 2012 - Celebrities
  32. Males Celebrities Looking Like Hobos.....Why?: filming, pretty, scene, fashion
  33. Real Housewives Star's Mansion Goes Up In Flames: lisa, nbc, hollywood - Celebrities
  34. Andy Dick back in rehab...: mtv, life, hollywood, Family - Celebrities
  35. RIP Ann Rutherford: movies, actress, film, hollywood - Celebrities
  36. Lohan might go back to jail again: The Police, Robert Downey Jr. - Celebrities
  37. Frank Cady Sam Drucker Green Acres Dies: actors, character, TV - Celebrities
  38. News, Elvis Lives Again —As a Hologram.: rock, fat, Tupac - Celebrities
  39. News, Moesha Star Yvette Wilson Dead at 48: actress, Friends, life - Celebrities
  40. News, Jack Osbourne says he has multiple sclerosis.: life, pretty, Family - Celebrities
  41. Does Kaley Cuoco come off as bitchy in real life?: actress, characters - Celebrities
  42. Do you find Ken Jeong funny?: movies, films, characters, life - Celebrities
  43. Laugh Worthy / WTF: rock, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Green - Celebrities
  44. If You Got IT Flaunt IT ....: picture, pictures, famous - Celebrities
  45. Mitchell Guist from Swamp People dies: life, watching - Celebrities
  46. Roseanne for President?: 2012, watching - Celebrities
  47. News, Steve Jobs fans continue to make pilgrimage to his Palo Alto home.: actor, techno - Celebrities
  48. We knew Courtney Love was crazy but...: rock, children, life - Celebrities
  49. Ray William Johnson: 1977, watched - Celebrities
  50. News, Zsa Zsa Gabor’s ‘Wonderful’ 95th Birthday: Larry King, Others Visit Bedside: fan, 2012 - Celebrities
  51. Ann Curry being booted from Today show: character, rock, on tv - Celebrities
  52. Actors/Actress You Never Did See the Appeal Of: movies, film, singer - Celebrities
  53. Sophia Vergara's Voice.: pretty, on tv, Family, surgery - Celebrities
  54. Lou Ferrigno The Hulk: actor, hollywood, Short, Psycho - Celebrities
  55. Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis are over: children, child, 2012 - Celebrities
  56. Jon Apologizes to Kate: life, TV, show, relationship - Celebrities
  57. omb Paul McCartney sounds like doo doo on the grammys: rock, pretty - Celebrities
  58. Chris Brown and Drake offered 1 million each to fight!: Tool, dance - Celebrities
  59. Don Grady of My Three Sons dies.: theme song, character, TV - Celebrities
  60. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Divorcing: Lost, house, life, Western - Celebrities
  61. Peter Breck, dead at 82. RIP: movie, fan, Lee Majors, famous - Celebrities
  62. Macaulay Culkin unwell?: film, Willem Dafoe, child, look - Celebrities
  63. Nora Ephron died :(: movies, life, fan, screen - Celebrities
  64. How would you rate Paul Newman as an actor?: good movie, actors, films - Celebrities
  65. Whitney Houston dead @ 48: singer, life - Celebrities
  66. John Travolta shares awkward kiss with his beard: Friends, rumors, Pulp Fiction - Celebrities
  67. Justin Bieber's New Tattoo: gossip, pretty, television, fan - Celebrities
  68. do todays acters and acctresses seem kind of whitewashed?: movies, actors, film - Celebrities
  69. Elizabeth Smart marries: life, days, Family, Crime - Celebrities
  70. Madonna tries to stay relevant by flashing her nipple: country, pop, sexy - Celebrities
  71. Bobbi-Kristina: Lost, Queen, picture, Drama - Celebrities
  72. News, Bobbi Kristina Brown Found Getting High After Whitney’s Funeral?: Lost, Friends - Celebrities
  73. Bobby Brown leaves Whitney Houston's Homegoing. How do you feel about it? Right, Wrong, Indifferent?: acting, children - Celebrities
  74. Chris Tucker Now Owes Over 12 Million in Taxes: actor, Lost, country - Celebrities
  75. Adam Lambert to perform with Queen !!!: American Idol, pop, rock, Judas Priest - Celebrities
  76. Beautiful Carrie Underwood supports Marriage Equality: singer, country, fan, hollywood - Celebrities
  77. Nude Photos of Snooki Leaked: gossip, picture, pictures, sexy - Celebrities
  78. News, Lindsay Lohan found unconscious in California hotel: movie, actress, film - Celebrities
  79. Charlie Sheen's TV Hit Anger Management: actor, Lost, character, hollywood - Celebrities
  80. Rodney King dead at 47.: character, nicest, life, Family - Celebrities
  81. Sheryl Crow has a brain tumor: fat, Music, exercise, look - Celebrities
  82. 'Goodfellas' Mobster DEAD AT 69: movies, film, lisa, life - Celebrities
  83. News, McCartney Quitting Pot for His Daughter: children, beatles, Paul McCartney - Celebrities
  84. Does Don Cheadle have visible European traits?: actors, country, acting - Celebrities
  85. What made the Kardashians famous?: Paris Hilton, movie, house, on tv - Celebrities
  86. Anderson Cooper announces he's gay: life, pretty, news - Celebrities
  87. News, Fred Willard Busted for Lewd Conduct in XXX Theater: theaters, movie theater - Celebrities
  88. News, Paris Jackson Takes The Offensive, Lashes Out In Shocking Jackson Family Feud.: children, single - Celebrities
  89. Mariah Carey Joins Idol: critique, actor, American Idol, singers - Celebrities
  90. What was the point of Madonna at the Superbowl?: trance, fan, artists - Celebrities
  91. Does drool over Mila Kunis?: actress, Friends, film - Celebrities
  92. Matt Lauer: character, rock, gossip, rumors - Celebrities
  93. Madonna grosses $150 million...: movies, actors, singer, dancing - Celebrities
  94. Madonna shows off her ******* (again): country, show, city, look - Celebrities
  95. News, Sally Ride, 1st US Woman in Space, Dead at Age 61: cartoon, reporter - Celebrities
  96. News, Madonna Ignores Pleas to Honor Colo. Shooting.: country, pretty, artist - Celebrities
  97. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mick: movie, rock, rolling stones, Paul McCartney - Celebrities
  98. Halle Berry's Custody Battle: character, country, house, children - Celebrities
  99. News, Marilyn Monroe A Lesbian? Hollywood Icon Had Affairs With Women, New Book Alleges.: Paris Hilton, actress - Celebrities
  100. Chad Everett died: actors, andy griffith, films, pretty - Celebrities
  101. Ben Gazzara Dies at 81: movie, actors, character, house - Celebrities
  102. RIP Sherman Hemsley: actor, character, Short, celebs - Celebrities
  103. Gene Simmons - 4,600 sexual partners - WOW ... LOL!!: life, pretty, bon jovi - Celebrities
  104. Angry comedians and comediennes: lisa, pretty, not so much, look - Celebrities
  105. Sylvester Stallone's Son Found Dead :: movies, rock, pretty, Family - Celebrities
  106. Underrated celebrity that you find attractive: movie, spoiler, actor, The Office - Celebrities
  107. Is Being a Celebrity Respectable Anymore?: movies, actors, American Idol - Celebrities
  108. Madonna cries at her concert: mtv, rock, fan, Music - Celebrities
  109. What supposedly hot celeb do you not find the least bit attractive?: fox, Tom Cruise - Celebrities
  110. Andy Griffith Has Passed: movies, Lost, Friends, andy griffith show - Celebrities
  111. Gwyneth used the N word, now people are upset: Friends, hip-hop - Celebrities
  112. Ladies, do you find the James Bond image to be romantic and exciting?: movies, character - Celebrities
  113. Paula Deen loses 30 pounds in 6 months: exercise, weight, look, 2013 - Celebrities
  114. Justin Bieber: it's gettin time to send the lad home: Lost, metal - Celebrities
  115. Mick Jagger: plastic surgery, Friends, Kiss, Family - Celebrities
  116. News, STEVEN TYLER QUITTING 'American Idol': rock, artist, show, look - Celebrities
  117. Michael Vick: life, War, Crime - Celebrities
  118. This just in from LA- Gary Busey is Bankrupt!: spoiler, actor, homer - Celebrities
  119. Hard to believe but True things about celebrities: The Simpsons, actress, film
  120. Ernest Borgnine, R.I.P.: movies, actor, andy griffith show, film - Celebrities
  121. What celebrities seem really boring from interviews?: actors, film, life
  122. What do you thinke of Jackie Chan?: films, artists, hollywood - Celebrities
  123. Why do people hate Bobby Brown so Much?: actor, singer, life - Celebrities
  124. Celebrities who have WALKED AWAY: movie, film, bass, blues
  125. Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray: theater, filmed, country, Action - Celebrities
  126. another gone too soon: film, character, Kurt Cobain, Queen - Celebrities
  127. Tyne Daly: movies, actor, singer, character - Celebrities
  128. Leslie Stahl: plastic surgery, reporter, house, wig - Celebrities
  129. News, What a novel idea! Snoop Dogg to release smokable book.: fan, look - Celebrities
  130. LiLo on SNL: Lost, commercial, house, wig - Celebrities
  131. Whitney Houston's body ravaged by scars, cuts and burns, autopsy reveals: country, house - Celebrities
  132. George Clooney is an inspiration to bachelor's like myself: Friends, house, children - Celebrities
  133. Dick Clark has died...: rock, song - Celebrities
  134. Why can celebrities can still do movies after conviction but normal people cannot get a job after a conviction?: actors, acting
  135. RIP Davy Jones: movie, singer, soundtrack, song - Celebrities
  136. Snooki: Prego: child, 1967 - Celebrities
  137. notice that Bravo's reality shows ALWAYS have at least one gay male in them?: house, TV - Celebrities
  138. I'd like to be a celebrity?: reporter, Friends, rock, rumors - Celebrities
  139. Reality check For Madonna..........: hardcore, music video, pop, rock - Celebrities
  140. Dark Shadows' Jonathan Frid (Barnabas) dies: movie, actors, Lost, character - Celebrities
  141. Mel Gibson needs serious therapy - latest rant: movies, character, techno - Celebrities
  142. Beyonce's Tumblr page of private pics....: Drama, Family, celeb - Celebrities
  143. Kate Middleton(Duchess of Cambridge)...worries about weight: actress, height, life - Celebrities
  144. William Shatner's Birthday!: plastic surgery, movie, actor, commercial - Celebrities
  145. Whitney Houston coroner report: Accidental drowning?: Friends, Family, look, 2012 - Celebrities
  146. Megan Piper Banned from Prom: actress, Friends, films, house - Celebrities
  147. I miss Harold Dow...Who do you miss?: movie, reporter, TV - Celebrities
  148. Do you like/remember Dr. Ruth?: pretty, dr. dre, Comedy, famous - Celebrities
  149. Free George Clooney: fox, hollywood, War, Tom Hanks - Celebrities
  150. Bobbi Kristina Brown Engaged To Adopted Brother.: Family, relationship, news - Celebrities
  151. Bobbi Kristina changing her name: Queen, relationship, look, 2012 - Celebrities
  152. Raquel Welch.......: actress, film, acting, fan - Celebrities
  153. Madonna's latest at being relevant didn't work--{video}: singers, Music, female - Celebrities
  154. News, Debbie Harry mistaken for Lindsay Lohan.: plastic surgery, actress, singer - Celebrities
  155. News, Whitney had secret Jermaine Jackson affair: report.: Friends, TV, Action - Celebrities
  156. Poll: Ginger vs Mary Ann: life, city, relationship, watch - Celebrities
  157. Where is Meg Ryan: plastic surgery, movies, actor, filming - Celebrities
  158. News, Dennis Rodman Is 'Broke,' Suffering from 'Drinking Problem': child, 1960 - Celebrities
  159. ALICIA SILVERSTONE and child Bear eating out of her mouth.: children, life - Celebrities
  160. Liberal Jane Fonda to Play Conservative Nancy Reagan: movies, actors, days - Celebrities
  161. Best Woman singer: movies, singers, gospel, Christina Aguilera - Celebrities
  162. Octomom Files for Bankruptcy: children, gossip, life, Psycho - Celebrities
  163. News, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg marries longtime girlfriend.: life, pretty - Celebrities
  164. Rest in Peace Robin Gibb: Friends, 60s, Family, Music - Celebrities
  165. Identify this man?: American Idol, cd, picture, Chris Evans - Celebrities
  166. Do you think Rihanna will become legendary?: cd, John Lennon, artists - Celebrities
  167. Video: Will Smith Slaps Reporter in Moscow: movie, actor, days - Celebrities
  168. Donna Summer Dead: singer, instrumental, artists, 70's - Celebrities
  169. Rush Limbaugh: Donna Summer was one of us.: cartoon, singer - Celebrities
  170. Susan Lucci Has Seen Her In Person?: commercial, emmy, pretty - Celebrities
  171. Ray J vs. Nick Cannon: Who Gets More Respect?: Friends, pretty, famous - Celebrities
  172. National Enquirer has Whitney Houston funeral home photos! Who took: Friends, lisa - Celebrities
  173. UCLA scholarship for Sean 'Diddy' Combs' son raises eyebrows: famous, look, 2012 - Celebrities
  174. 'Family Feud' show host Richard Dawson dies: Heroes, TV, Kiss - Celebrities
  175. Kathy Lee Gifford 's faux pas with Martin Short today: fat, fan - Celebrities
  176. Justin Bieber - Battery?: rap, pretty, 1979, watch - Celebrities
  177. Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy divorcing???: single, TV, Psycho, married - Celebrities
  178. Miley Cyrus Braless, Pantless at Billboard Awards 2012: actor, Lost, south park - Celebrities
  179. Charlie Sheen back to his old self...: commercial, acting, pretty - Celebrities
  180. J LO leaving Idol: American Idol, country, rumors, Jennifer Lopez - Celebrities
  181. Beastie boys founder dies: Music, news, 2012, watch - Celebrities
  182. George Lindsey (Goober Pyle) dies: character, children, on tv, Comedy - Celebrities
  183. Octomom Makes Adult Videos: movie, filming, rock, children - Celebrities
  184. Just .When tt pays to have a kid..: gossip, pretty, Family - Celebrities
  185. Bobbi Christina To be in New Sit Com: plastic surgery, movies, actress - Celebrities
  186. Linda Evangelista: Insane Baby Momma?: Lost, pretty, single, days - Celebrities
  187. Erykah Badu Shocks the Wrong Audience This Time!! LOL!: singer, country, picture - Celebrities
  188. 2 lawsuits filed against John Travolta: movies, actor, acting, rumors - Celebrities
  189. What do you think of Tonya Harding becoming a Mom?: pretty, picture - Celebrities
  190. Whitney Houston's Family Signs Reality Show Deal: singer, life, Beyonce - Celebrities
  191. What happened to Angelina Jolie?: movies, filming, Oscar, fan - Celebrities
  192. Ladies: Brad Pitt or George Clonney: hollywood, Family, George Clooney, Colin Firth - Celebrities
  193. Paternity of Micheal Jackson's children: plastic surgery, Wentworth Miller, artists, 50s - Celebrities
  194. Actor Nick Stahl missing.: movies, actors, pretty, Family - Celebrities
  195. Dr. Ruth wants to get you drunk! - Celebrities
  196. How much can you really tell about a celeb?: actress, character, famous - Celebrities
  197. Angelina Jolie and J-Lo's Body Parts Get Their Own Twitter Accounts: look, 2012 - Celebrities
  198. How Much Of Celebrities’ Personalities Is Created By Drugs?: movie, actress, film
  199. Susan Tyrrell dies at age 67: actress, film, Oscar, performance - Celebrities
  200. News, Stevie Wonder 'blackmailed by nephew,' claim Los Angeles authorities.: singer, Music - Celebrities