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  1. Nice way to tell neighbor to stop using my Internet?: Syracuse: live, cost - New York (NY)
  2. Syracuse Community Geography: employment, area, location - New York (NY)
  3. Veterans Health in Central New York: Ira: health insurance, unemployed, military - Syracuse area, (NY)
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  8. microscope repair?: title, company, local - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
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  10. Augie's on Marshall street?: bars, place, pizza - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  11. Syracuse Area Diversity (Neighborhoods/Schools): New York, Clay: real estate, house, school district - (NY)
  12. Village of Liverpool house rentals......: Syracuse: neighborhood, living in, land - New York (NY)
  13. James st housing: Syracuse, Fayette: apartments, lease, crime - New York (NY)
  14. Ice-cream kiosk or cart in mall in syracuse: Ithaca, Perry: buying, living in - New York (NY)
  15. Hello Oswego experts! Do you have advice?: Rome: apartment, rent - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  16. I find this guy in Syracuse downtown. - New York (NY)
  17. Where can I get a few Christmas trees (for birds during the cold weather): Syracuse: landscaping - New York (NY)
  18. Best plac to deliver baby in or around Fulton/Oswego/ Syracuse: rated, best place - New York (NY)
  19. Syracuse Mover Recommendations?: Fayetteville, Fayette, Liverpool: apartment, movers, how much - New York (NY)
  20. Restaurant with private party room: Syracuse, Liverpool: hotels, wedding, live - New York (NY)
  21. Trails?: New York, Syracuse, York: legally, bike, parks - (NY)
  22. Closest Adirondack Peak to SYR?: New York, Syracuse: amusement park, hotel, live in - (NY)
  23. where to buy outdoor play equipment?: New York, Syracuse: Home Depot, fence, store - (NY)
  24. Inexpensive wedding: New York, Syracuse, Auburn: 2015, weddings, living - (NY)
  25. Summer Camps near Syracuse: Eagle: 2014, relocating to, area - New York (NY)
  26. Daycare recommendations in F-M school district: New York, Syracuse: home, YMCA, living in - (NY)
  27. Inexpensive family restaurant/Liverpool: Syracuse, Cicero: restaurants, to eat, friendly - New York (NY)
  28. Moving: Temporary Rentals/Eventual Permanent Housing: Syracuse: apartments, credit, hotel - New York (NY)
  29. High Speed Rail: New York, Syracuse, Niagara Falls: 2014, train, mayor - (NY)
  30. Which ISP Is Best For Me?: 2014, school, living in - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  31. Cheap/affordable night out.....: New York, Cicero: neighborhoods, movie theater, live - Syracuse area, (NY)
  32. Tips & reviews about Landmark Theater..: fit in, parking, where to - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  33. safe towns/ suburbs that are Afforable, with low property taxes in syracuse, rochester NY: Clay: real estate - New York
  34. Syracuse bound, looking for apartment help: Manlius, Cicero: affordable apartments, rentals, house - New York (NY)
  35. services and school for children with autism: 2015, to live - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  36. Fresh Wild Caught Fish in the Area?: farm, place - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  37. Registration in Florida and Insurance in NY: New York, York: DMV, title - Syracuse area
  38. short term/month to month furnished rentals: Syracuse: extended stay, sublets - New York (NY)
  39. Looking for a housekeeper and/or Dog sitter: Syracuse, Liverpool: house, university - New York (NY)
  40. how is the transportaion in Syracuse??: Poughkeepsie, Hudson: find a job, living, fence - New York (NY)
  41. Places in Syracuse to take my visiting mom: Oswego, Ontario: 2014, home - New York (NY)
  42. Interesting shopping: school, live, shoppers - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  43. How to travel from Syracuse University to Middletown, NY.: Binghamton: home, transfer - New York
  44. Going to Taughannock Falls State Park: New York, Syracuse: renting, neighborhood, university - (NY)
  45. Moving to Syracuse - Good apartments to rent?: Franklin Square, Skaneateles: real estate, apartment complex - New York (NY)
  46. Kosher Delis/Bagel Shop: New York, Syracuse: university, medical, building - (NY)
  47. indoor RV or boat storage: Syracuse, Woodstock: shop, company, place - New York (NY)
  48. Apartment Hunting, no dice :(: Syracuse, Solvay: real estate, apartments, lease - New York (NY)
  49. know a good tenant attorney in Binghamton or Syracuse area?: apartment, renters - New York (NY)
  50. Furniture store advice: New York, Syracuse, Clay: sales, apartment, mattress - (NY)
  51. FM elementary schools?: community, compare, great - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  52. is rochester/syracuse realistic to buy a home in the suburbs safe areas: house - New York (NY)
  53. Apartment Help for a SU undergrad: Hope: apartment complex, lease, safe area - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  54. Pet sitting services?: daycare, area, cats - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  55. Relocating to Skaneateles: New York, Buffalo, Syracuse: ski resorts, sales, rentals - (NY)
  56. Catholic areas: New York, Rochester, Syracuse: loft, employment, schools - (NY)
  57. Sterling, NY Renaissance festival: Hope: 2014, donations, summer - Syracuse area, New York
  58. Second speeding ticket... I need advice: price, deal - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  59. Chinese take-out in/near Baldwinsville: Syracuse, Auburn: house, university, live - New York (NY)
  60. Looking for Senior housing that allows multiple pets: Liverpool: apartments, rent - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  61. Is this a good start as cable guy with no exp.?: installation, pay - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  62. Where is the culture in southern Syracuse suburbs: Binghamton, Ithaca: neighborhood, university - New York (NY)
  63. Need on Camillus area: New York, Syracuse: real estate, apartments, low crime - (NY)
  64. LGBT friendly salons in Syracuse metro?: Wayne, Cayuga: hair salon, 2014, home - New York (NY)
  65. Need a temporary home in the Syracuse area: Fort Drum: apartment, rentals - New York (NY)
  66. Looking for a place to rent downtown: Syracuse, York: apartments, rental homes - New York (NY)
  67. Will New York Times investigate SU & Bernie Fine ?: Syracuse: university, money - (NY)
  68. Need your suggestions..: Syracuse: home, living in, garden - New York (NY)
  69. Free sledding in Syracuse?: Ohio, Lyndon: 2013, high school, live - New York (NY)
  70. Best Thrift Stores: New York, Syracuse, Auburn: shopper, beach, area - (NY)
  71. Mother's Day Out and/or half day Preschool in or near Baldwinsville: New York: childcare - Syracuse area, (NY)
  72. Barns for lease for a retail business close to syracuse: buying, place - New York (NY)
  73. quick about 81-481: Ontario: construction, building, road - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  74. What should I do....: Syracuse: school, live in, prices - New York (NY)
  75. Nice town between Watertown and Syracuse: New York, Clay: apartments, house, job openings - (NY)
  76. Primary Care Physician referrals?: Syracuse, Auburn: live, retired, offices - New York (NY)
  77. Real estate agents who deal with rental properties: Syracuse, Ava: apartments, rentals - New York (NY)
  78. Boeheim to Retire!: Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse: house, school, university - New York (NY)
  79. HELP! international scholar looking for nice apt close to SU - tips?: Marshall: sublease - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  80. Propane bill is extremely high!: contractors, costs, electric bill - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  81. Childcare on weekends: Syracuse: moving to, child care, working - New York (NY)
  82. Cicero suburb (Syracuse) NY new businesses open: Clay, Bath: high school, live - New York
  83. Route 370 Bridge over Seneca Construction: Liverpool, Glen: house, live, commute - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  84. Riverside fitness in baldwinsville: coupon, new house, buy - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  85. Looking for apartment for son- where to start?: New York, Syracuse: apartments, house - (NY)
  86. commute from Baldwinsville area to Syracuse University: Brighton, Lysander: how much, houses - New York (NY)
  87. Best time to seriously start apartment hunting for a May move?: Syracuse: real estate, 2014 - New York (NY)
  88. HSE training courses in Syracuse..: school, community college, oil - New York (NY)
  89. Time Warner Cable Adding 90 Jobs, Opening Office at former Hechinger Plaza: New York: 2013, home - Syracuse area, (NY)
  90. Nobhill apartments: Clay, Clayton, Madison: university, living, garages - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  91. New city neighborhoods?: Syracuse, Thompson, Lodi: townhouses, tax, zoning - New York (NY)
  92. Houses for rent (via yard signage): Syracuse, Manlius: for sale, live, estate - New York (NY)
  93. Moving to Syracuse from Brooklyn: budget, vehicle, best area - New York (NY)
  94. SnowSweet apples?: LaFayette, Wolcott, Fayette: university, price, farm - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  95. Relocating: Seeking Friendly Areas For Apartment Hunting: New York, Syracuse: real estate, apartments - (NY)
  96. Looking for a property management rental agency: Syracuse: real estate, house - New York (NY)
  97. architectural services new york: house, design, residential - Syracuse area, (NY)
  98. 2nd honeymoon: Syracuse, Baldwinsville, Baldwin: apartment, hotels, wedding - New York (NY)
  99. The Coffee Tree: Syracuse, Jefferson, Warren: restaurant, shop, subway - New York (NY)
  100. New York State Teacher Hiring: Syracuse, Hudson: teaching jobs, school district, retire - (NY)
  101. relo to the area - need advice on where to look: Syracuse: real estate - New York (NY)
  102. Syracuse NY Topics=New Downtown Covered Stadium, Cold & Snowy Winter Up North, Hotel at Destiny USA Mall y: New York: construction
  103. NYC transplants in Syracuse: Manlius, Franklin Square: home, neighborhoods, school - New York
  104. Village of Fayetteville: Syracuse: home, to buy, taxes - New York (NY)
  105. recommendation for local moving company?: movers, storage, garage - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  106. Dey's plaza apartments: Syracuse, Jefferson: condo, homes, neighborhood - New York (NY)
  107. Help with Remodeling and Renovation?: Syracuse: contractors, live, price - New York (NY)
  108. Apartment help! Syracuse area/downtown: Franklin Square, Franklin: apartments, lofts, school - New York (NY)
  109. Kings gate west apartments: Camillus, Hope: live in, parking, ratings - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  110. OBGYN Recommendations: Syracuse, Baldwinsville, East Syracuse: live in, office, health - New York (NY)
  111. Professional Couple w/Mini-Yorkie need a rental soon!: apartments, credit - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  112. need recommendation for car undercoat service and winter tires: Syracuse: ski resorts, buying - New York (NY)
  113. Homes in Camillus: neighborhood, to buy, price - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  114. Older grad student looking for quiet areas: Syracuse, York: real estate, apartment complex - New York (NY)
  115. Rivers Pointe/Hammocks at Timberbanks: New York, Syracuse: real estate, apartments, rentals - (NY)
  116. Big League Manager: Baldwinsville, Baldwin: live in, retired, area - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  117. Syracuse from Cleveland: Utica, Binghamton, Brighton: apartments, mattress, how much - New York (NY)
  118. Purchased dishwasher - need plumber, possibly electrician?: apartment, house - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  119. Looking for a cheap photographer in the Syracuse area: wedding, budget - New York (NY)
  120. African American Natural Hair Stylist: Syracuse, Brighton: salon, hairstylists, live - New York (NY)
  121. Restaurant Recommendations: Syracuse, Utica, Cicero: food, family friendly, best - New York (NY)
  122. commute from Watertown to Syracuse?: Oswego, Fort Drum: live in, area, location - New York (NY)
  123. Carless in syracuse: Utica, Ithaca: renting, home, buy - New York (NY)
  124. Would An MLB Team Survive In Syracuse?: New York, Buffalo: stadium, metro - (NY)
  125. Contesting Property Reassessment Van Buren: sales, assessor, credit - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  126. Servers protest discrimination, conditions at Danzer's: Syracuse, Liverpool: home, to live, restaurant - New York (NY)
  127. on moving to downtown Syracuse from Albany NY: Guilderland: low income, section 8 - New York
  128. Finger Lakes Wine Touring Advice Needed: New York, Aurora: where to stay, good hotel, home - Syracuse area, (NY)
  129. rustic venue for wedding reception: New York, Syracuse: rentals, receptions, gardens - (NY)
  130. Housing for summer internship - Liverpool: Syracuse: extended stay, sublets, apartment - New York (NY)
  131. Syracuse vs. Rochester (late 20s couple): New York, Auburn: real estate, crime rate, home - (NY)
  132. Townhouses for rent: Syracuse, Manlius, Thompson: real estate, apartments, neighborhood - New York (NY)
  133. State of the City address.......: Buffalo, Syracuse: 2015, theater, university - New York (NY)
  134. Future of Syracuse?: Manlius, Ithaca, Boston: schools, universities, income - New York (NY)
  135. apartment questions (free heat?): Syracuse, Manlius: for sale, apartments, rentals - New York (NY)
  136. How is it commuting during winter snow?: Syracuse, Brighton: live, versus - New York (NY)
  137. Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant locations?: Syracuse, Manlius: universities, income, living - New York (NY)
  138. Best athlete to come from the Syracuse area?: Carmel, Cicero: 2014, university - New York (NY)
  139. Whole Foods coming to Skaneateles?: Syracuse, Albany: real estate, 2015, stores - New York (NY)
  140. Commute by bus to Syracause University & Onondaga Community College: Syracuse: 2015, apartment complexes - New York (NY)
  141. University area shopping: Syracuse, Lansing, Lawrence: restaurants, shops, areas - New York (NY)
  142. F-M vs Camillus: Buffalo, Syracuse, Manlius: houses, transfer, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
  143. Best Walkable Neighborhoods for a Single Female: Syracuse, Manlius: apartments, for rent - New York (NY)
  144. with a Diesel engine in Syracuse?: home, to buy - New York (NY)
  145. New Traffic Pattern: Waverly: university, tax, safe - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  146. Hidden Gems, Syracuse: New York, Camillus, Hanover: ski resort, rental, hotel - (NY)
  147. good Italian and seafood restaurants: Syracuse, Utica: to buy, move, beach - New York (NY)
  148. Looking into the area: New York, Syracuse: rent, appliances, houses - (NY)
  149. Advice needed help: Syracuse, Manlius: fit in, house prices, safe area - New York (NY)
  150. Boeheim owes region an apology!: Syracuse, Springfield: crime, university, live - New York (NY)
  151. Cost of Living? Newish to Work Force: New York, Syracuse: 2014, apartments - (NY)
  152. Housing Help in Syracuse: Manlius, Baldwinsville: real estate, apartment complexes, rentals - New York (NY)
  153. Is the Syracuse area/CNY a good area for women?: New York: home, employment
  154. Relocation advice: New York, Syracuse, Manlius: low income, section 8, real estate - (NY)
  155. Moving from Miami to Syracuse, NY: New York, Utica: apartments, low crime, houses
  156. Best time for Westcott-area apartment-hunt visit: Syracuse: real estate, sublets, apartments - New York (NY)
  157. Neighborhood vs. neighborhood: New York, Syracuse, Albany: real estate, apartment, lofts - (NY)
  158. Utility Bill - Outrageous: Syracuse, Solvay: 2014, house, tenants - New York (NY)
  159. Companies in CNY that are growing, offer unique products, or are relatively unknown: New York: 2014, hotel - Syracuse area
  160. Indian Doctor Moving to Syracuse: Franklin Square, Geneva: apartment, lofts, how much - New York (NY)
  161. Quiet Apartment near East Syracuse: Manlius, Cicero: real estate, affordable apartments, rentals - New York (NY)
  162. Retail areas in Syracuse suburbs: Buffalo, Clay: home, school district, living in - New York (NY)
  163. Big News!: Syracuse, East Syracuse: rent, house, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
  164. Syracuse or Ithaca--for a single professional: New York, Franklin Square: for sale, real estate, 2013 - (NY)
  165. Is with this neighbourhood?: Syracuse, West Seneca: apartments, rental, condos - New York (NY)
  166. Bella Bakery--Baldwinsville: Syracuse, East Syracuse, Hope: 2013, buyer, live - New York (NY)
  167. Potentially Relocating: Need Advice and Insight!: New York, Syracuse: condos, crime rate, houses - (NY)
  168. est neighborhoods to live without a car?: New York, Syracuse: apartments, rentals - (NY)
  169. Ryan Homes?: New York, Syracuse, York: for sale, home builder, buyers - (NY)
  170. Sedgwick/Strathmore Public Schools?: Syracuse, Manlius: for sale, real estate, houses - New York (NY)
  171. Best individual grocery store in the area: Syracuse, Fayetteville: buying, school - New York (NY)
  172. Questions about Syracuse, NY: New York, Union: neighborhood, to buy, living in
  173. Relocating to Syracuse and looking for housing opinions: New York, Franklin Square: real estate, apartment complex - (NY)
  174. Coming up to Syracuse for a few days from NYC: New York: safe area, buy
  175. Three Foot Party Subs?: Watertown, Adams: live, shop, subway - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  176. Moving up to Syracuse and have uestions: Manlius, Baldwinsville: apartments, neighborhood - New York (NY)
  177. JD vs. FM schools and Lymestone vs Waterford Woods: Syracuse: neighborhood, to buy - New York (NY)
  178. Is Camillus NY good for families?: Syracuse, Clay: renting, homes, neighborhoods - New York
  179. Urban Homstead Program: New York, Buffalo, Syracuse: 2014, apartments, lofts - (NY)
  180. good or not so good areas in/near Syracuse: New York: real estate, 2014 - (NY)
  181. Moving from southwest Ohio to Syracuse (possibly): Manlius, Ithaca: houses, neighborhood - New York (NY)
  182. On the fence about Syracuse...Calling all Syracuse/Ithaca/ Upstate experts: New York: to rent, crime - (NY)
  183. Could something like this be a good idea for Syracuse?: Utica: apartments, condos - New York (NY)
  184. Advice for young family relocating from Brooklyn: New York, Syracuse: real estate, apartments - (NY)
  185. move back to syracuse: Utica, North Syracuse: construction, to live, to move - New York (NY)
  186. Moving to the Syracuse area (a New Yorker transplanted in Buffalo): Rochester: apartment, renting - (NY)
  187. Fastest growing zip codes in the area: Syracuse, Manlius: apartment, crime - New York (NY)
  188. opinions about apartments: Syracuse, Greenwich: apartment complex, rental, neighborhood - New York (NY)
  189. Moving from Texas to Syracuse; apartment searching: Cicero, Camillus: apartments, lease - New York (NY)
  190. Landlords and snow removal: Syracuse, Liverpool: apartment complex, rentals, how much - New York (NY)
  191. Moving to Syracuse for Grad School. Looking for Housing.: Franklin Square: 2013, apartment complexes - New York (NY)
  192. South Salina area of downtown: Syracuse, Franklin Square: real estate, apartments, rent - New York (NY)
  193. SU recent grad looking for new apt.: Syracuse, Franklin Square: 2013, apartment complexes - New York (NY)
  194. SU Graduate student, housing: Syracuse, Franklin Square: apartments, for rent, hotel - New York (NY)
  195. Inventions...... - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  196. EPA Wood-Stove Proposal: law, homeowner, heating - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  197. General Contractor/Design recommendations: house, price, reviews - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  198. Midwife or OBGYN recommendations (St. Josephs): live, health, nurses - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  199. Help Needed in Selecting My New Apartment: Clarendon, Clare: apartments, lease - Syracuse area, New York (NY)
  200. Nebosh, hse for Oil and Gas....: Rochester, Syracuse: schools, to live, centers - New York (NY)