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  37. Newton Poppleford - where my grandfather's WWII sweetheart was from, ?: home - United Kingdom
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  54. Ethnicity..: closing, race, territory - United Kingdom
  55. What ethnicity are people in Cornwall?: racist, place, reservations - United Kingdom
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  64. South Asian admixture in people of British Ancestry: America, showing - United Kingdom
  65. 9 hour layover at Heathrow: cost, store, garden - United Kingdom
  66. Battle of Flodden Anniversary today.: 2013, live, place - United Kingdom
  67. Dangers of Laundry Tablets: buying, dangerous, safety - United Kingdom
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  76. best UK banks to accept usa customers to buy stocks?: brokers, money - United Kingdom
  77. British men still living at home past 30: house, safe area - United Kingdom
  78. What's top of your sad list ?? (this post excepted): car, cash - United Kingdom
  79. Rising house prices - good news??: mortgages, buying, construction - United Kingdom
  80. What's the relationship like between the Scots, Irish and Welsh?: how much, living in - United Kingdom
  81. Would you do a dance to get a job as a salesperson.: how much, warehouse - United Kingdom
  82. Testicle Eating Fish: safe, to eat, swimming - United Kingdom
  83. Middle class families can't afford to buy houses?: middle-class, mortgage - United Kingdom
  84. Are you a republican?: live in, place, Scottish - United Kingdom
  85. Americans using British slang (e.g. that woman on Four Rooms): fit in, movies - United Kingdom
  86. Actor Michael La Vell cleared of rape: house, civil lawsuit - United Kingdom
  87. Can the King or Queen ever throw parliment out and take back their power?: cost, law - United Kingdom
  88. Plastic Banknotes for the UK: cost, safer, bills - United Kingdom
  89. You're The Tour Guide.: hotel, cinema, university - United Kingdom
  90. British view Ancestry like Americans?: how much, live, cities - United Kingdom
  91. NFL in Europe: design, worth, basketball - United Kingdom
  92. why is customer service so terrible?: school, income - United Kingdom
  93. Another devil dog attack on a child: pitbull, law - United Kingdom
  94. Displaying the English flag of St, George: house, neighborhood - United Kingdom
  95. Which Premier League Team should this Yank fancy?: home, transfer - United Kingdom
  96. Looking for indian community in london: house prices, university, living in - United Kingdom
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  98. How is Camilla seen in the UK?: home, title - United Kingdom
  99. News, Quarter of young British people 'do not trust Muslims': 2013, crimes - United Kingdom
  100. Does David Icke tell a lot of sense or nonsense: how much, career - United Kingdom
  101. News, London firefighters urge 'common sense' after penis freed from toaster.: 2013, car - United Kingdom
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  105. US native/resident fed up with home, UK: felony, employment - United Kingdom
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  107. Do people in the UK ever deal with their emotional problems?: rated, place - United Kingdom
  108. Why do so many people have such strong feelings to the monarchy: big house, wedding - United Kingdom
  109. United Kingdom to become a republic?: middle-class, 2013, wages
  110. 5p for a plastic bag in shops: bars, food - United Kingdom
  111. British vs American series television: 2013, credit, cinema - United Kingdom
  112. Harrods sell coffee made from civet droppings..: luxury, to live - United Kingdom
  113. Weather in Blackpool?: credit card, hotel, train - United Kingdom
  114. Living in Liverpool England versus New York City USA: 2014, find a job - United Kingdom
  115. Madeleine McCann case reopened: sex offender, hotel, to live - United Kingdom
  116. Immigrating to the UK: living in, legally, moving to - United Kingdom
  117. Missing the English countryside so much that I had to buy this item on eBay!: sale, house - United Kingdom
  118. Would most Scottish people barrack for or against England in the World Cup?: home, live - United Kingdom
  119. Texas to the UK: how much, hotel, houses - United Kingdom
  120. Who is a Geordie?: live in, safety, association - United Kingdom
  121. Why do english women have a reputation of not being pretty?: food, trailer - United Kingdom
  122. English Language and Government Employees: schools, college, education - United Kingdom
  123. What is wrong with people in Norn Iron ?: unemployment rate, neighborhoods - United Kingdom
  124. Do you remember Peter Cook?: live, Irish, offer - United Kingdom
  125. UK version of Walgreens is called Boots??: 2015, pharmacy - United Kingdom
  126. British Public Wrong About nearly Everything: fit in, home, employment - United Kingdom
  127. Country OF England: Irish, American, road - United Kingdom
  128. Defending Ourselves from Intruders: credit card, big house, living - United Kingdom
  129. Prisoners aren't all that bad!: condo, tax, office - United Kingdom
  130. Questions about Reading: crime, home, university - United Kingdom
  131. The Anything Not To Do With The Royal Baby: store, safe - United Kingdom
  132. Things we hate about the UK: appointed, theatre, living - United Kingdom
  133. Are Northern Englanders considered England's Southerners ?: place to live, vs. - United Kingdom
  134. The UK's most useless celebrities: price, ethnic, America - United Kingdom
  135. What ethnicity would you consider Protestant Northern Irish?: plantation, trees - United Kingdom
  136. British people trying out American snacks.: living in, price, food - United Kingdom
  137. Kate Middleton is in labor!: apartment, wedding, buy - United Kingdom
  138. Snus ban in UK, but cigs/e cigs are ok - what?: to buy, dangerous - United Kingdom
  139. Tide is turning: job market, college, legal - United Kingdom
  140. drinking laws in United Kingdom: purchase, landlords, live
  141. Why don't the UK switch to right side traffic?: cost, safe - United Kingdom
  142. How much has Britain changed since 1993?: straightener, crime, house prices - United Kingdom
  143. Best UK candy bars (chocolate bars) chips (crisps) and fast food places: restaurants, prices - United Kingdom
  144. bbc five live: car, station, radio - United Kingdom
  145. What I loved about England!: hotel, homes, live - United Kingdom
  146. How to correctly write a resume in English?: salary, title - United Kingdom
  147. Ian Brady wants moved to Scots prison to die..: crimes, university - United Kingdom
  148. UK city of culture 2017: how much, unemployment, theatres - United Kingdom
  149. Duchess of Cambridge birth partners: buy, live, delivery - United Kingdom
  150. The North South Divide and Health: mover, neighborhoods, buying - United Kingdom
  151. Would you consider Lincolnshire up north?: live, firm, county - United Kingdom
  152. Clothing Differences between UK and US: shops, clothes, summer - United Kingdom
  153. Do you speak regional slang?: live in, groceries, shops - United Kingdom
  154. Teacher, abduction and under-age sex case, what do you reckon?: probation, children - United Kingdom
  155. Where to live around Slough?: for rent, houses, salary - United Kingdom
  156. Actors/actresses that reflect Northern Englishness: accents, rain - United Kingdom
  157. British TV murder mystery series: crime, inspector, American - United Kingdom
  158. Were you born a British subject ?: residents, parents - United Kingdom
  159. Ta-Ta, London. Hello, Awesome: 2013, living in, bill - United Kingdom
  160. Polish girls too pretty for british schools.: rating, playgrounds - United Kingdom
  161. Who makes up the new generation of UK guitar greats?: credit, live - United Kingdom
  162. Places you wouldnt expect in the UK: theatre, beach - United Kingdom
  163. Is there such thing as a Gibraltarian accent?: crime, luxury - United Kingdom
  164. Yorkshire puds: 2013, buy, living - United Kingdom
  165. Regional Food Specialties.: home, live, shops - United Kingdom
  166. About time the UK gave Northern Ireland back to the Irish! When will it happen?: city hall, home - United Kingdom
  167. Is the term 'Oriental' still commonly used/PC in Britain?: living, statistics - United Kingdom
  168. So just how religious are most Northern Irelanders, on a personal level?: live in, bars - United Kingdom
  169. Is Port Isaac As Quaint As Portrayed On Doc Martin?: home, theatre - United Kingdom
  170. Should burka/niqab be banned in the UK?: buildings, American - United Kingdom
  171. When do you think Britain became like it is now?: house, income - United Kingdom
  172. Breastfeeding a five year old child: house, eat, health - United Kingdom
  173. so far so good! London is amazing and absolutely beautiful. And the people are very friendly and: house, restaurant - United Kingdom
  174. Hopscotch, Peever or Potsy: primary school, to move, brick - United Kingdom
  175. This is how they roll at Scotland-England game: best, island - United Kingdom
  176. The Monarchy around the world.: cost, legal, statistics - United Kingdom
  177. Just baked up a batch of scones - woohoo!: loan, living in - United Kingdom
  178. Smoking outside hospitals: live, design, campus - United Kingdom
  179. What's wrong with the phrase uite good ?: how much, living in - United Kingdom
  180. Which part of the UK reminds you of America the most?: big house, school - United Kingdom
  181. Do britons socialize less than people in the US?: home, theatres - United Kingdom
  182. Shops near where you live: lease, house, to buy - United Kingdom
  183. British muslims and radicalism: crimes, school, camps - United Kingdom
  184. They want a race war in the UK: home, law - United Kingdom
  185. Made in Britain: buy, live in, manufacturing - United Kingdom
  186. Population growth: insurance, houses, transfer - United Kingdom
  187. Which states or region of the US do Brits find most appealing?: live, shop - United Kingdom
  188. The meaning of words: sales, home, buying - United Kingdom
  189. Living in London for 1 Month?: 2014, apartments, rentals - United Kingdom
  190. Why no ability streaming in UK state schools?: classes, place - United Kingdom
  191. Baby Ps mother gets released from prison: job, children - United Kingdom
  192. Royal Births through history.: 2013, news - United Kingdom
  193. Festivals?: traveling - United Kingdom
  194. Salary discrimination- too low to give interview!: home, living - United Kingdom
  195. A Guide to Japanese Tourists: ice cream, square, news - United Kingdom
  196. recommendations for International moving companies (USA TO UK): company, furniture - United Kingdom
  197. Getting Your Own Back!: horse, news, time - United Kingdom
  198. Milton Keynes or Bedford?: university, living in, PhD - United Kingdom
  199. retirees in Blackpool: live, place, resorts - United Kingdom
  200. Oldest surviving music hall in the World: work, demolition - United Kingdom