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  1. Do Northern Irish Protestants think of themselves as Scottish?: ethnic, advantage - United Kingdom
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  8. Rat Infested Ghost Ship Not Likely Headed For British Coast: Irish - United Kingdom
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  13. Are performance targets working?: yard, health, nurses - United Kingdom
  14. What's your favourite touristic large town/small city in England?: high crime, school - United Kingdom
  15. History Bachelor's degree. I want to change career field to finance. Where to start?: loan - United Kingdom
  16. Queens Posthumous Pardon to Gay Hero.: 2014, law, legally - United Kingdom
  17. about taking bus from Dublin Airport to Ferry Port: car, drive - United Kingdom
  18. Two Young Footballers die on same day: statistics, association - United Kingdom
  19. Happy New Year to one and all: 2014, best - United Kingdom
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  22. for Aintree: live, title, best time - United Kingdom
  23. Is Owen Paterson the Devil?: 2014, compensation, organic - United Kingdom
  24. Gifts from California?: home, university, live - United Kingdom
  25. One year internship in Slough, where to live?: renting, homes - United Kingdom
  26. First Cops. Now Brit Head Teachers Can't Spell.: private schools, universities - United Kingdom
  27. David Attenborough narrating the Olympics: 2014, price, better - United Kingdom
  28. The Six Nations: There can only be one winner...: 2015, closing - United Kingdom
  29. Life in Birmingham: houses, university, restaurants - United Kingdom
  30. What language does Scots sound like?: professionals, Dutch, Scandinavian - United Kingdom
  31. Which, The Greatest UK City?: between, how long, exclusive - United Kingdom
  32. Derry/Londonderry, how is life there?: school, gated, living in - United Kingdom
  33. Personal sponsors: university, tuition, companies - United Kingdom
  34. with Nuneaton?: house prices, schools, closing - United Kingdom
  35. Parking & Driving in Ireland during B&B self guided tour: renting - United Kingdom
  36. Which time of year is best to move?: price, moving - United Kingdom
  37. Extra-curicular activities and university admissions in the UK: how much, school - United Kingdom
  38. This Fairly Normal House Is For Sale In The UK. But Itís Whatís Out Back That Has Everyone Talking.: hardwood floors - United Kingdom
  39. Good time to Move to Scotland?: 2013, renting, houses - United Kingdom
  40. Code breaker Jerry Roberts dies.: design, park, pay - United Kingdom
  41. Harry Selfridge - Britain's most influential American?: shop, safe - United Kingdom
  42. Romanichals: better, color - United Kingdom
  43. The doctor who said Megrahi had weeks to live: home, school - United Kingdom
  44. part-time home for an American?: buying, taxes, living in - United Kingdom
  45. Travelling across british border: how much, home, transfer - United Kingdom
  46. Travelling to UK from South Africa with Irish passport: find a job, live in - United Kingdom
  47. Getting scammed with premium phone numbers?: how much, cost, design - United Kingdom
  48. Mark Harper resigns after hiring illegal immigrant: salary, work - United Kingdom
  49. Policeman gets big payout for being teased.: 2014, car - United Kingdom
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  51. Pickpockets and Proud: crimes, how much, big house - United Kingdom
  52. a Move to Manchester: real estate, 2013, home - United Kingdom
  53. Legal or Land Registry: sale, city hall, mortgage - United Kingdom
  54. Your government gave the NSA the ok to spy on you: 2013, deal - United Kingdom
  55. What would I need to do to move to the UK?: fit in, apartment - United Kingdom
  56. Police arrest couple suspected of holding 3 women captive for 30 years: 2013, arrests - United Kingdom
  57. Murders during Northern Ireland conflict: attorney, gated, move - United Kingdom
  58. Greyfriars Church Edinburgh: photos, venue, American - United Kingdom
  59. C4, The Path To Stnehenge.: appointed, closing, live - United Kingdom
  60. Returning to the UK-Indefinite Leave To Remain problem: living, office - United Kingdom
  61. Why do Scottish aristocrats have someone play the bagpipe during supper: hotel, movies - United Kingdom
  62. Help with Student Housing Research: renter, insurance, mortgages - United Kingdom
  63. Private hating council...!?: to rent, houses, employment - United Kingdom
  64. Is Wales similar to the West Midlands and northern England?: to live, cities - United Kingdom
  65. English Counties.: living in, places, map of - United Kingdom
  66. possibly dumb american applying for law programs: schools, universities - United Kingdom
  67. Teaching market, quality of schools: to live, bus, suburbs - United Kingdom
  68. Why Do People Watch Eastenders?: crime, school, recycle - United Kingdom
  69. Great physical pain: home, living, health - United Kingdom
  70. Immigration produces a substantial monetary contribution to UK.: 2013, credit - United Kingdom
  71. Primark v Marks and Spencer: home, shops, clothes - United Kingdom
  72. News, World's deadliest spiders nesting on my banana.: home, Brazilian - United Kingdom
  73. Re-location quandaries: 2014, for rent, houses - United Kingdom
  74. Hundreds attend war veteran's funeral after newspaper ad.: pay, place - United Kingdom
  75. Musicians in Manchester, Glasgow: legal, moving to, best place - United Kingdom
  76. Is your driving the same as your walking?: moving, building - United Kingdom
  77. Who remembers Lew Grade?: house, title, best - United Kingdom
  78. Money incentives to breastfeed.: 2013, vouchers, allergies - United Kingdom
  79. Doggerland destroyed by Tsunami - 8,200 years ago.: college, live - United Kingdom
  80. The business of estate sales: real estate, home, buyers - United Kingdom
  81. UK Income Inequality: luxury, income tax, living - United Kingdom
  82. think British girls are underrated?: rating, stereotypes - United Kingdom
  83. Indian family moving to London: 2014, apartment, rent - United Kingdom
  84. UK: Probe of Islamic Takeover Plot Widens. Islamization public schools in England and Wales.: teachers - United Kingdom
  85. MPs' Pay Rise: homes, college, medical - United Kingdom
  86. Revelation on BBC News this morning: cars, time - United Kingdom
  87. Why do still think of Scotland as a 'Celtic' nation as opposed to England?: live - United Kingdom
  88. Christmas Weather?: good, wife, forecast - United Kingdom
  89. Does knows: homes, price, deals - United Kingdom
  90. Is there a directory to find someone in Crawley, England?: live in, residential - United Kingdom
  91. england and eurovision: live, careers, famous - United Kingdom
  92. shop at Whole Foods?: buy, organic, live - United Kingdom
  93. Reasonable hotel rates in London - Hyde Park: apartments, renting - United Kingdom
  94. Britain's Five Most Wealthy Families Worth More Than Bottom 20%: real estate, 2014 - United Kingdom
  95. Halal meat being sold to unknowing shoppers.: buy, restaurants - United Kingdom
  96. Snowiest Cities/towns in the United Kingdom?: ski resorts, place to live
  97. Is Scots-Irish culture similar to American Southern culture?: transplants, house - United Kingdom
  98. The Brummie Accent: live, bus, rating - United Kingdom
  99. British Museum - Thievers or rescuers?: 2013, homes, to buy - United Kingdom
  100. Why does UK rank low developed countries in the HDI ranking: 2013, crime rate - United Kingdom
  101. Why are many English historical dramas not filmed in the UK?: real estate, houses - United Kingdom
  102. Do young people still have the West Country accent?: university, cities - United Kingdom
  103. My North Korean Neighbours in London: 2013, living, shop - United Kingdom
  104. General Life in the UK: rentals, insurance, look for a job - United Kingdom
  105. The best city in the UK for...: :): 2014, credit - United Kingdom
  106. What are the different regions of England?: home, schools - United Kingdom
  107. Brits, can you explain your humor?: 2013, house, camp - United Kingdom
  108. Brits Reluctance and Fear of Cash: credit card, transfer, buying - United Kingdom
  109. Terraced housing: old indusrial towns: for sale, insurance, low crime - United Kingdom
  110. Embarrassing for an Englishman...: spring break, buy, live - United Kingdom
  111. does a Briton have to join the military to learn to shoot firearms?: school, living in - United Kingdom
  112. Coronation: law, shop, required - United Kingdom
  113. Is 53,000 pound enough for family of 5: rent, schools, utilities - United Kingdom
  114. How do britons react when they see members of the military?: moving, discounts - United Kingdom
  115. Whats the difference between a street and a road: houses, shop - United Kingdom
  116. Secondary school sports in Britain: high schools, universities, gym - United Kingdom
  117. Prince Charlies Brother-in-Law Dead in NYC: 2014, eat, deal - United Kingdom
  118. What do British think of the United States?: home, closing - United Kingdom
  119. Why hasn't the UK adopted right-hand traffic?: dangerous, cars - United Kingdom
  120. Island around the UK: live in, bus, moving - United Kingdom
  121. 7000 homes block visits from the TV licence enforcers..: movies, live - United Kingdom
  122. Is this disrespectful to a statue: move, horse, complaints - United Kingdom
  123. wow, burning aborted babies to heat hospitals?: 2014, disposal - United Kingdom
  124. Should I fill U.S. Tax form if I am student/unemployed in UK?: income, taxes - United Kingdom
  125. What was the UK like in the 80s and 90s?: rent, house prices - United Kingdom
  126. What Percentage Of British People Do You Think Can Do A Good Imitation Of An American Accent ?: statistics, work - United Kingdom
  127. What part of England is most distinct from the rest of the country?: living, pub - United Kingdom
  128. UK car reg. plates colours: taxi, title, cars - United Kingdom
  129. Is UK part of the European Union?: sales, loans - United Kingdom
  130. Obscene Water Bill!: home, plumbing, cars - United Kingdom
  131. The best from British cinema, your favourite?!: credit, movies - United Kingdom
  132. Race down played in the U.K ?: live in, racist - United Kingdom
  133. Muslim staff at Marks & Spencer can refuse to sell alcohol and pork: sale, buying - United Kingdom
  134. Canterbury vs. Norwich: home, theatre, university - United Kingdom
  135. What medium-sized/small British cities would you consider to be want?: fit in, to live - United Kingdom
  136. Uk 2nd safest Country in Europe According to New Survey: 2013, crime rate - United Kingdom
  137. Planning On Moving To England.: apartment, to rent, how much - United Kingdom
  138. Police chase after dad with three children in car: live, dangerous - United Kingdom
  139. Mark Duggan found to have no gun but jury still says he was lawfully killed: taxi, live in - United Kingdom
  140. Carry On films....discuss.!: movies, camping, live - United Kingdom
  141. Los Angeles or London?: houses, salary, tax - United Kingdom
  142. British character actors in old American movies: upper-class, gangs - United Kingdom
  143. Should American visitors and American residents get free healthcare ?: health insurance, how much - United Kingdom
  144. Are Brits sick of Downton Abbey: house, school - United Kingdom
  145. Range of Snack Food/Junk Food in UK Actually Disappointing: prices, airport - United Kingdom
  146. Americanization of the United Kingdom: stores, Whole Foods, Walmart
  147. Do English people of Irish/Catholic heritage tend to be poorer?: middle-class, law - United Kingdom
  148. Did your town have trams: live, price, buses - United Kingdom
  149. Fly through 17th century London: 2013, houses, construction - United Kingdom
  150. Sir Becs, Lady Posh ,you Brits have gone mad.: 2014, live - United Kingdom
  151. Do you like old school British food?: buy, organic - United Kingdom
  152. English Tea Sandwiches Help!: neighborhood, buy, oven - United Kingdom
  153. Just found out I have a good excuse for being an Anglophile: buying, live - United Kingdom
  154. What do you get for taxes in England?: sales, car insurance - United Kingdom
  155. Northerners vs Southerners - the differences?: gated, live, move - United Kingdom
  156. 'The English' by Jeremy Paxman: upper-class, houses, school - United Kingdom
  157. Helicopter crashes into old Glasgow Pub: safe, build, location - United Kingdom
  158. Favourite Building(s) in Britain: houses, schools, university - United Kingdom
  159. The Times vs. The Telegraph: hotels, home, incomes - United Kingdom
  160. British opinion on a topic: movies, live, moving to - United Kingdom
  161. Who was Britain's last German-accented monarch?: upper-class, school, cabinet - United Kingdom
  162. Rank English cities from most to least favourite: living, authority - United Kingdom
  163. Are most of South Asian descent in Britain second generation immigrants or more?: middle-class, house - United Kingdom
  164. Yellow Pages United Kingdom Alternatives?: neighborhood, bus, moving to
  165. Sport. Too much coverage?: live, money, build - United Kingdom
  166. Is there really that much of a culture shock between the UK and the US?: house, living in - United Kingdom
  167. News, UK to Queen: Get a 'Grip' on Your Budget.: 2013, homes - United Kingdom
  168. Little country villages like in the movies?: fit in, manor house - United Kingdom
  169. Is the UK social issues like the US?: house, buying - United Kingdom
  170. The Popularity of Sir Cliff Richard: living, shops, retire - United Kingdom
  171. Storms and Flooding in Great Britain Ė And Now This!: 2014, homes - United Kingdom
  172. Lee Rigbys killers jailed for life: 2013, unemployment, live - United Kingdom
  173. Best place to stop on a trip between London and Scotland?: 2013, city hall - United Kingdom
  174. English universities: credit, live, required - United Kingdom
  175. moving to the UK: unemployment, places to live, legal - United Kingdom
  176. Was Britain impoverished in 1967?: sale, 2014, cheap house - United Kingdom
  177. This might be a dumb but...: buying, organic - United Kingdom
  178. Best Midlands/Northern cities to visit?: best city, dangerous, shops - United Kingdom
  179. Smoking on planes in the past: neighbourhood, to live in, safety - United Kingdom
  180. English TV shows: title, nurse, area - United Kingdom
  181. 'Mikaeel' Kular Is 'Missing': crime, gated, live - United Kingdom
  182. Is Durham more like Northumberland/Tyneside or like Yorkshire?: home, transfer - United Kingdom
  183. Good Quality/comfortable hotels at affordable rates in London: 2014, apartment - United Kingdom
  184. American traveller in the UK & money issues: credit card, home - United Kingdom
  185. New Pub on the M40: live, dangerous, office - United Kingdom
  186. England Or Scotland: 2014, house prices, buying - United Kingdom
  187. Does the UK have perfectly maintained streets with McMansions like the US?: middle-class, for sale - United Kingdom
  188. Charles Rennie Mackintosh Dream from 1898: design, Scottish, plans - United Kingdom
  189. Job Market situation in Cardiff: community college, living in, internships - United Kingdom
  190. Are we the full shilling giving so much to India: money, pay - United Kingdom
  191. When Buffalo Bill Came to Scotland: live, title, Scottish - United Kingdom
  192. Historical child abuse in church and state run homes: live in, children - United Kingdom
  193. List of employers that sponsor work visas: office, based - United Kingdom
  194. Dundee to host oscars in 2016: place, famous, Scottish - United Kingdom
  195. The Great Train Robbery: crime, money, paid - United Kingdom
  196. Memorial to the Lancastrian: construction, live, estimated - United Kingdom
  197. BBC Radio 4 (extra) Lawrence Sweeney Mix: program, parent, guide - United Kingdom
  198. News, Teenager Kanwel Butt electrocuted while 'listening' to railway track to see if his delayed train was coming.: sport - United Kingdom
  199. British Taxes for an American: money, summer, percent - United Kingdom
  200. Looking for a home swap: rental, condo, beach - United Kingdom