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  1. Homeless man freezes to death in Birmingham: rent, houses - United Kingdom
  2. Will he get a call for an interview?: employers, phone - United Kingdom
  3. Wheelchair user woman turned away from disability assessment centre: home, contractor - United Kingdom
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  5. Pedophile on the lose - United Kingdom
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  9. British UFO hunter dies mysteriously: recycle, young, black - United Kingdom
  10. The Grauniad strikes again: live, best, teachers - United Kingdom
  11. Corbyn thwarts leadership coup following Labour Party fallout over Brexit. Sacks Hilary Benn: to buy - United Kingdom
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  13. does brexit change uk being on the un security council?: 2015, live - United Kingdom
  14. A lighthearted: how much, vacation, great - United Kingdom
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  16. Edenbridge, Kent: rentals, crime, houses - United Kingdom
  17. homemade polish food: home, buy, pierogi - United Kingdom
  18. How being against being Radical Islam and unchecked mass migration is NOT islamophobic: crimes - United Kingdom
  19. Lighting in recovery wards (post-operative care wards): moving, nurse - United Kingdom
  20. NHS may be asked for identity: 2015, bill - United Kingdom
  21. Tram fatalities in London: home, buying, shop - United Kingdom
  22. Sickness and a new employer: employment, legally, employers - United Kingdom
  23. Remembrance Day.: theatres, schools, living - United Kingdom
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  25. BHS 'the unacceptable face of capitalism': how much, house, taxes - United Kingdom
  26. Lorry driver on his phone kills mother and three children: law, dangerous - United Kingdom
  27. Auntie obliges Tory MP's request to play God Save the Queen: showing, great - United Kingdom
  28. Edinburgh/London or Edinburgh/Dublin: how much, train, ferry - United Kingdom
  29. What was the point of a referrendum if the rich people get to choose?: place - United Kingdom
  30. Train journey London-Edinburgh: hotels, home, school - United Kingdom
  31. Need a favour near Glasgow (will reward with cookies): apartment, transfer - United Kingdom
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  33. Visiting London: club, shop, gangs - United Kingdom
  34. Brawl at Crematorium in Glasgow: house, live, move - United Kingdom
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  36. The Gillingham Fire disaster: cinema, living in, law - United Kingdom
  37. about british pounds.: homes, buying, living in - United Kingdom
  38. Was Brexit vote influenced by migrant crisis at Calais?: cars, water - United Kingdom
  39. DisabledUS MARRYING DISABLEDUK: moving to, title, medical - United Kingdom
  40. Spooky town in Scotland: ferries, best, location - United Kingdom
  41. US military wanting to settle in the uk.: how much, home - United Kingdom
  42. Tell him Theresa May: good, dancing, start - United Kingdom
  43. Edinburgh Bus: taxi, buses, commuting - United Kingdom
  44. help: married, family, marriage - United Kingdom
  45. s on how I can...: dorm, school, university - United Kingdom
  46. David Cameron to stand down as an MP: house, furnishings - United Kingdom
  47. For the brits: move to, garbage, America - United Kingdom
  48. Human Organs Grown in Animals.: live, law, medical - United Kingdom
  49. for Liverpool FC Fans: to live, clubs, build - United Kingdom
  50. IT Job market and salaries in the UK at present: to rent, salary - United Kingdom
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  52. Canal boat dwellers in the UK: eviction, living, price - United Kingdom
  53. Scottish husband, American wife. How do we do this?: house, school - United Kingdom
  54. Brexit, the Movie: 2014, European, union - United Kingdom
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  57. Does everyone stop and stand if for one minute at: 2015, construction - United Kingdom
  58. U.K. rape laws: law, best, adult - United Kingdom
  59. Is Northern Ireland important? If so, how?: house, restaurants - United Kingdom
  60. What does Sinn Fein want besides the obvious?: capita, European - United Kingdom
  61. Poll for the British people about house and interior epochs you like.: houses - United Kingdom
  62. What will be the effects of voting about EU ?: health insurance, home - United Kingdom
  63. How to get a work visa or immigration ??: high school, engineering - United Kingdom
  64. Theresa May off to meet Trump: wedding, shop, moving to - United Kingdom
  65. New One Pound Coin: legal, common, machine - United Kingdom
  66. Droll message from an English friend to America: lawyers, weddings - United Kingdom
  67. Does Brexit mean more opportunity for the rest of the world?: 2014, credit rating - United Kingdom
  68. Singer Lily Allen Apologises to Migrant Children in France on Behalf of the British People: 2015, big house - United Kingdom
  69. Future of housing and the NHS: insurance, crimes, how much - United Kingdom
  70. Corruption crackdown in UK; hunderds of properties could be seized.: for sale, real estate - United Kingdom
  71. Sam Allardyce has gone !!!: 2015, sex offenders, home - United Kingdom
  72. Trade Options: 2015, live, law - United Kingdom
  73. Funny Laws: home, to buy, taxi - United Kingdom
  74. Brexit - will european nationals need a visa in the near future?: 2015, living in - United Kingdom
  75. Outrageous FIFA says no poppies: house, live in, clubs - United Kingdom
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  77. What Margret Thatcher said about the EU: house, unemployed - United Kingdom
  78. Should there be more Muslim state Schools?: 2013, catholic schools - United Kingdom
  79. Drinking and driving: 2014, how much, buying - United Kingdom
  80. Great Britain: Rising numbers of attacks against Eastern Europeans - Why and who?: violent crime, school - United Kingdom
  81. Flash crash temporarily drops Pound by 6%.: program, bank, central - United Kingdom
  82. BREXIT Court battle over rights of Parliament.: how much, lawyers - United Kingdom
  83. What are the differences in the ways British women dress as opposed to American women?: sales, brokers - United Kingdom
  84. Trump Counter-Petition.: legally, move, bill - United Kingdom
  85. Don't Blame All Americans for Trump: buy, taxes, live - United Kingdom
  86. Human Trafficking in Dumbarton , boy found in bushes: crime, radio - United Kingdom
  87. expat visiting UK from USA & green card holder: attorney, to live - United Kingdom
  88. A surprising finding, just a British keychain: buying, price - United Kingdom
  89. We should be learning URDU and Polish: school, college - United Kingdom
  90. Automatic cars for disabled: to buy, tax, price - United Kingdom
  91. HM Queen Elizabeth says that only two US Presidents have had a State Visit: live, pub - United Kingdom
  92. more British are in favour of Trumps visit to the UK: for sale, home - United Kingdom
  93. Do brits really use the Bloody hell! in everyday life?: movies, floor - United Kingdom
  94. Can I buy a sim card for my phone at/near Gatwick?: school, cost - United Kingdom
  95. Hypocrites in Politics: 2015, credit, gated - United Kingdom
  96. UK and US political parties comparison: 2015, credit, live - United Kingdom
  97. People lie in hospital corridors who have paid into the NHS: health insurance, buy - United Kingdom
  98. Your Favourite Supermarket in the UK?: living in, price, shop - United Kingdom
  99. Do they talk about the American Revolutionary War in England?: house, schools - United Kingdom
  100. BREXIT according to Theresa May: taxes, live, car - United Kingdom
  101. An American company would never do this: 2015, shops - United Kingdom
  102. What can Brits tell me about Nigel Farage?: house, estimate - United Kingdom
  103. Net migration to Britain at near record high.: credit, house - United Kingdom
  104. why does the UK have Sharia courts?: live, cost of - United Kingdom
  105. Stop messing with our chocolate!: home, buying, tax - United Kingdom
  106. Prince Harry has made a statement about his girlfriends abuse: best, privacy - United Kingdom
  107. Trump reaches out to UK: how much, taxes, live - United Kingdom
  108. Proposed diesel ban in London: taxis, tax, live - United Kingdom
  109. of all types concerning a move from U.S. to Edenbridge: rentals, credit check - United Kingdom
  110. another Honours List: tax, gym, celebrities - United Kingdom
  111. What city in UK is the best for me?: low crime, universities - United Kingdom
  112. False account on Twitter saying HM Queen Elizabeth is dead: celebrity, limit - United Kingdom
  113. Is Glasgow really THAT bad?: appointed, violent crime, hotel - United Kingdom
  114. Can you get in trouble for talking bad about the Queen?: live, legal - United Kingdom
  115. Boxing Day: school, live, prices - United Kingdom
  116. High court Brexit ruling: what does it all mean?: 2014, how much - United Kingdom
  117. Scotland Couldn't Join the EU - Deficit too Great: 2014, lender - United Kingdom
  118. The Best of Nigel Farage: move, celebrities, racist - United Kingdom
  119. Is brexit the beginning of the end of the UK?: transfer, taxation - United Kingdom
  120. Labour Party revolts against Corbyn!!: cabinet, cabin, best - United Kingdom
  121. Would it be crazy for London to secede from the UK?: required, membership - United Kingdom
  122. How crazy would it be for London to secede from the UK?: costs, military - United Kingdom
  123. What continent is the UK part of now that they Divorced the EU?: move, European - United Kingdom
  124. Charming old villages near London: houses, college, centers - United Kingdom
  125. Do you think now that the UK is out of the EU, should it build stronger ties with certain Commonwealth countries?: living in, move to - United Kingdom
  126. Why have we not heard a peep from the Queen on Brexit?: company, market - United Kingdom
  127. Brexit, Let's Have Positivity.: taxes, living, bills - United Kingdom
  128. Nigel Farage Resigns: deal, career, rain - United Kingdom
  129. Chilcot Inquiry: crimes, inspectors, military - United Kingdom
  130. What is the big deal about Fox Hunting?: to buy, gardens - United Kingdom
  131. The Battle of the Somme: homes, live in, military - United Kingdom
  132. Foreing Press Speculating where London financial world will relocate: sales, 2015 - United Kingdom
  133. Radical leftists in the UK today: how much, landlords, universities - United Kingdom
  134. Why are the English shocked by losing to Iceland?: 2015, how much - United Kingdom
  135. Breaking news - Boris Johnson is not standing for leader of the Conservative party.: appointed, live - United Kingdom
  136. Why did Scotland/Northern Ireland Choose to Remain withe EU?: 2014, farm - United Kingdom
  137. Turkey joining the EU - Was this a major reason for Leave?: atheist, area - United Kingdom
  138. A little gripe about British tourists...: spring break, 2014, living - United Kingdom
  139. British football teams in Euro 2016: live, castle, best - United Kingdom
  140. Meaning of currency: credit card, money, company - United Kingdom
  141. for the Irish, concerning tea and biscuits...: 2013, house - United Kingdom
  142. Who should succeed the queen?: live, contemporary, closest - United Kingdom
  143. what is the best way to migrate UK ?: for rent, insurance - United Kingdom
  144. Who likes British soft drinks?: live, costs, dentists - United Kingdom
  145. like Horlick's?: to eat, hot, children - United Kingdom
  146. British Overseas Territories: insurance, living in, rated - United Kingdom
  147. British MP shot and killed outside her constituency surgery: health, best - United Kingdom
  148. Brexit : Why have a non-binding referendum at all?: live, train - United Kingdom
  149. Do Englishwomen find Alastair Cook attractive?: farm, pictures, farm - United Kingdom
  150. Congratulations to the Brits for withdrawing from the German Empire: appointed, camp - United Kingdom
  151. EU Referendum - Polling Day & The Results: camp, history - United Kingdom
  152. Job at RAF Mildenhall...USA DOD Contractor: low income, high crime - United Kingdom
  153. Is Islamization of Europe happening? Has London Literally fallen?: home, movies - United Kingdom
  154. Difference between redneck and chav: mobile home, living in, store - United Kingdom
  155. Jeremy Corbyn on Sky: roach, party, compared - United Kingdom
  156. Are legal/illegal immigrants starting to leave?: lawyers, house - United Kingdom
  157. Labour leadership challenge: gated, rated, best - United Kingdom
  158. Should England be divided up into independent kingdoms?: design, areas - United Kingdom
  159. Farage campaigning for Donald Trump in USA: best, American - United Kingdom
  160. The UK: the Time-bomb of the World: 2015, apartment - United Kingdom
  161. about Irish citizenship: unemployment, taxes, to live - United Kingdom
  162. The UK's Performance in the Rio Olympics: vs., company - United Kingdom
  163. Which Country Is The Best For Me ? (UK or US?) I am an Atheist: for rent, crime - United Kingdom
  164. Theresa May, the next PM of the UK: home, movies - United Kingdom
  165. BLM needed in UK.: 2015, crime, live - United Kingdom
  166. Which country do you guys feel the strongest connection to?: how much, houses - United Kingdom
  167. Scottish vs. British surnames: live, castle, rating - United Kingdom
  168. How do you take your tea?: how much, live, food - United Kingdom
  169. Moving back to Scotland from Spain: home, teaching jobs, purchasing - United Kingdom
  170. Watching BBC in US: theater, live, license - United Kingdom
  171. Scottish Referendum 2nd Anniversary..: 2015, how much, to live in - United Kingdom
  172. British ambassador to Saudi Arabia Converts to Islam: safety, snakes - United Kingdom
  173. NHS reaches 'Tipping Point': health insurance, buy, go bankrupt - United Kingdom
  174. As an American, should I care about BREXIT?: camp, tax - United Kingdom
  175. Do UK citizens visit mainland Europe often?: how much, to live - United Kingdom
  176. Do British people view British English as the only true English?: teachers, accents - United Kingdom
  177. Pronunciation for Brits (are words all the same?): movies, live - United Kingdom
  178. US citizens retiring to UK: to rent, income, legally - United Kingdom
  179. Direct Link Between Alcohol & Cancer: 2015, house, university - United Kingdom
  180. Family Life & Living in the Lincoln, UK Area: where to stay, crime rate - United Kingdom
  181. Which country in the world is most similar to United Kingdom?: housing, island
  182. How important for our police to be fit.: fingerprints, crime - United Kingdom
  183. Live : Three people shot dead in Spalding, Lincolnshire: 2015, violent crime - United Kingdom
  184. Why do English speakers pronounce the J in Spanish as an H (Juan): closest, good - United Kingdom
  185. Who is doing worse the UK or the US: schools, college - United Kingdom
  186. Exit Ireland: taxes, live, dangerous - United Kingdom
  187. Almost doubles.: money, famous, date - United Kingdom
  188. [Quiz] 11-plus: design, Scottish, work - United Kingdom
  189. The New Plastic Fiver: credit card, home, buying - United Kingdom
  190. Fish and Chips: 2015, home, buying - United Kingdom
  191. Welsh girl caged like animal in Saudi Arabia: wedding, school - United Kingdom
  192. Third Person Singular is Plural? Yorkshire or beyond?: fit in, home - United Kingdom
  193. I'm so proud of England and their Brexit vote: 2015, house - United Kingdom
  194. Who sold Trump that land in the first place?: purchases, deal - United Kingdom
  195. Looking to learn: school, university, business - United Kingdom
  196. Do Brexiters want free trade?: immigration, people, Republican - United Kingdom
  197. Giving illegal drugs to addicts in fix rooms: how much, cost - United Kingdom
  198. job in London: to relocate, community, destination - United Kingdom
  199. Need information about Edenbridge - United Kingdom
  200. Claiming on my insurance again: dermatologists, health insurance, health - United Kingdom