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  20. Why does Cadbury Chocolate taste so different in the UK then in Canada?: appointed - United Kingdom
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  22. Paddington Bear: shop, train station, station - United Kingdom
  23. What is the general consensus on Margaret Thatcher in the U.K?: decorative - United Kingdom
  24. Sick Brits 'travelling to Serbia for sex with dogs at animal brothels for as little as 60': crime - United Kingdom
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  31. Help needed - with a special word of the private school: park, music - United Kingdom
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  33. Is it true that the U.K gives very lenient sentences for awful, heinous crimes?: crime - United Kingdom
  34. Are you allowed to have a mattress in your living room in the UK?: renting - United Kingdom
  35. Hot Springs/Spas in Wales?: car, drive, water - United Kingdom
  36. Egham/Ottershaw Visit: amusement parks, wedding, school - United Kingdom
  37. Unsettling rise in deportations of EU citizens: house, inspection - United Kingdom
  38. How do I find a job from the outside?: university, income - United Kingdom
  39. Do you still need to earn 3x your rent per month to rent a place in UK?: for rent - United Kingdom
  40. Is it to see the southernmost coastline of Belgium from UK?: linear - United Kingdom
  41. best time of year to find housing and bar work in the UK: school - United Kingdom
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  46. Who remembers Peter Wyngarde?: best - United Kingdom
  47. Odd which side of the sidewalk do you walk on?: 2015, live - United Kingdom
  48. Calling all Scots! What tartan is this?: how much, schools - United Kingdom
  49. UK Debt Bubble: mortgages, credit card, to live - United Kingdom
  50. New Direct Eurostar Train from London to Amsterdam: business, cities - United Kingdom
  51. got one bada$$ old man over there.....: live, rain - United Kingdom
  52. Rabbit hole leads to 700-year-old Knights Templar cave: chapel, dangerous - United Kingdom
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  59. HM Queen Elizabeth will open the Queensferry Bridge on Monday.: place, news - United Kingdom
  60. Peugeot to by Vauxhall: buying, car - United Kingdom
  61. where in the UK was this picture taken in the 70s?: castle, locations - United Kingdom
  62. When someone asks your opinion and you don't have one, how do you describe that.: train - United Kingdom
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  64. How much do entry level jobs pay monthly in London on average?: 2015 - United Kingdom
  65. Who's Human Rights.: 2013, crime, house - United Kingdom
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  70. What happened in history that created the 'cesspool' that is Northern Ireland?: home - United Kingdom
  71. Should UK join EFTA?: wealthy, title, membership - United Kingdom
  72. News, In Medieval England, Villagers Chopped Up Their Dead: science, good - United Kingdom
  73. Moving to UK from US: universities, pros and cons, living in - United Kingdom
  74. 2 weeks in Scotland in September: 2015, gardens, beach - United Kingdom
  75. affordable areas to rent near Docklands: fit in, renter, credit - United Kingdom
  76. Does the UK have a spaceport?: dangerous, vehicles, AFB - United Kingdom
  77. News, 'Human waste' in cans forces shutdown at Coca-Cola plant in Northern Ireland.: factory - United Kingdom
  78. 12 months' upfront rent - what discount should I give tenant?: tenants, landlord - United Kingdom
  79. News, Germaine Greer blasts Princess Diana: 'Worst in the country': celebrities, deal - United Kingdom
  80. Mass graves found in Lanarkshire run by the church.: living, ticket - United Kingdom
  81. London Tube Explosion: 2015, crime, credit - United Kingdom
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  83. 19yo American Male with Italian Citizenship, I want to move from US to an EU country.: fit in, health insurance - United Kingdom
  84. How do Brits feel about Norwegian Air Shuttle?: 2013, lease - United Kingdom
  85. Hoovers with high power banned by the EU: to buy, to live in - United Kingdom
  86. Was there a sole fault of someone or something causing the end of British Empire as a superpower?: bankrupt, live - United Kingdom
  87. Suggestions for a United Kingdom tour: rent, how much, hotel
  88. Darkest Hour movie accurate?: cabinet, live, cabin - United Kingdom
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  91. Nigel Farage hints at 2nd Referendum over Brexit: legal, best deal - United Kingdom
  92. Three nights in Gatwick: hotel, buying, shop - United Kingdom
  93. Where to visit, what to do?: hotels, home, theatre - United Kingdom
  94. Why isn't Republican Sinn Fein classified as a terrorist group in the UK ?: 2015, wedding - United Kingdom
  95. Ebonics in England?: construction, school districts, authority - United Kingdom
  96. Similarities between Dover and Calais?: wages, authority, eat - United Kingdom
  97. Job offer London. Should I negotiate.: rental, how much, hotel - United Kingdom
  98. When will the Russians stop murdering people in the UK: crime, home - United Kingdom
  99. News, 'Snowflake' school bans students from touching snow: insurance, lawyers - United Kingdom
  100. Vacation to Scotland or Ireland?: hotel, shop, airport - United Kingdom
  101. Kids and Toy Guns: house, buy, movies - United Kingdom
  102. Irn Bru panic as fans stockpile before recipe change: buying, school - United Kingdom
  103. Living in Wales vs England: cost, moving to, racist - United Kingdom
  104. Nature of stadiums and sports teams in the UK vs USA: college, gated - United Kingdom
  105. Devon, England- How would you describe it?: how much, houses - United Kingdom
  106. tea and food in England.: for sale, to rent - United Kingdom
  107. What is Sexual Harassment?: luxury, live, vs. - United Kingdom
  108. types of British foods: house, buy, closing - United Kingdom
  109. News, Why you should give money directly and unconditionally to homeless people.: crime rate, houses - United Kingdom
  110. What do you think about Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle?: living in, move - United Kingdom
  111. So excited - planning a trip to Scotland in the spring and looking for pointers!: to rent, hotel - United Kingdom
  112. Your favorite *mountain* areas: live, move to, nicest - United Kingdom
  113. Who remembers Enoch Powell?: appointed, house, school - United Kingdom
  114. Prince Harry was cheated as succession to British throne.: living, law - United Kingdom
  115. How much of the UK shuts down when it snows?: ski resorts, school - United Kingdom
  116. Is watching I'm A Celebrity 2017?: fit in, home - United Kingdom
  117. How do Brits feel about Meghan Markle?: pictures, to sell - United Kingdom
  118. So can an American stay in Great Britain 6 months, then leave, then come back...: to live in, legal - United Kingdom
  119. History of the red telephone boxes..: houses, living in, costs - United Kingdom
  120. What are the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the UK?: 2015, university - United Kingdom
  121. How can I speak with an Estuary accent?: Irish, working - United Kingdom
  122. BBC: Chancellor Merkel warns UK on scope of talks with EU: business, place - United Kingdom
  123. Prince Andrew supposedly dating Kylie Minogue.: fit in, 2015, live - United Kingdom
  124. Theresa May calls a General Election.: safe, Scottish, jobs - United Kingdom
  125. How much was a fiver in 1990?: purchasing, calculator - United Kingdom
  126. Getting our first Tim Hortons Coffee Shop: houses, minimum wage - United Kingdom
  127. A few places to see in Wales?: appointed, 2015 - United Kingdom
  128. When it comes to Nudity is England more like the U.S or Europe?: buying, camps - United Kingdom
  129. Do Scottish nationalists want to revert to the status of Scotland prior to the Act of Union 1707?: home, bankrupt - United Kingdom
  130. SWAT in the U.K. A couple questions: 2015, crime - United Kingdom
  131. UK Police and guns: condo, dangerous, moving - United Kingdom
  132. Fox News pulled off the air in Britain: to buy, costs - United Kingdom
  133. Cornwall vs Channel Islands: taxation, living, restaurants - United Kingdom
  134. Best seaside town?: house prices, tax, to live - United Kingdom
  135. When will the English Crown restore its stolen French Estates: places, claim - United Kingdom
  136. Explosion at Ariana Grande concerts Manchester: place, venue, work - United Kingdom
  137. Manchester bombing: homes, live, dangerous - United Kingdom
  138. Need Help Converting Salary/Cost of Living UK to US: sales, health insurance - United Kingdom
  139. Theresa May rejects headgear in Saudi Arabia: law, retire - United Kingdom
  140. Parliament will have final say on BREXIT.: house, university - United Kingdom
  141. Offer in Brighton - Moving a Family from the US: to rent, month-to-month - United Kingdom
  142. Could the UK apply to rejoin the EU in the future?: dangerous, best - United Kingdom
  143. Military History, India: living, dangerous, agriculture - United Kingdom
  144. Double standard when it comes to racism: appointed, floors - United Kingdom
  145. When did England become non-metric?: buy, school, law - United Kingdom
  146. Shopkeeper's murderer a hero in Pakistan.: 2015, education, catholics - United Kingdom
  147. shillings and pence: how much, school, calculator - United Kingdom
  148. town similar to Chester: 2013, hotel, castle - United Kingdom
  149. Martin McGuinness is dead.......: crimes, wedding, cabinet - United Kingdom
  150. 2nd Scottish independence referendum is now officially triggered!: taxes, budget - United Kingdom
  151. Southeast vs. southwest: 2014, crime, credit - United Kingdom
  152. Is the sky always gloomy and rainy in UK?: home, to buy - United Kingdom
  153. PM May has signed letter to trigger Article 50.: organic, live - United Kingdom
  154. UK Universities more Christianized than expected. Where are the college safe spaces in the UK?: credit, club - United Kingdom
  155. Why are UK cities not oriented towards the Sea?: apartments, live - United Kingdom
  156. Major incident in London.: how much, office, bridge - United Kingdom
  157. A survey of British Muslims: living, law, vs - United Kingdom
  158. How do Brits view King Henry VIII?: schools, best - United Kingdom
  159. Should smoking (of all kinds) be relaxed for non food pubs, bars and clubs: low crime, neighborhood - United Kingdom
  160. British women are beautiful!: living in, peroxide, accents - United Kingdom
  161. getting a bit fed up with Brexit now?: tax, radio - United Kingdom
  162. Most beautiful part of the UK?: design, best, park - United Kingdom
  163. Charlie Gard: 2013, credit, home - United Kingdom
  164. Realistic time needed to see London / Stonehenge: hotel, live in - United Kingdom
  165. UK General Election 2017: 2015, calculated, live - United Kingdom
  166. What's the general opinion of people of Irish descent living in the UK?: how much, home - United Kingdom
  167. Were the police right to pay a child rapist for information.: crime, credit card - United Kingdom
  168. SILLY ...what is a partner ?: live, legal - United Kingdom
  169. Traditional food in the UK?: live, restaurants, pub - United Kingdom
  170. TV show Open All Hours: appointed, living, pricing - United Kingdom
  171. Bruce Forsyth has died.: theatre, high school, DMV - United Kingdom
  172. Should we now legalise Euthanasia?: homes, quality of life, taxes - United Kingdom
  173. William and Kate to be king and queen?: law, title - United Kingdom
  174. Is Denby stoneware worth the price?: sale, wedding, to buy - United Kingdom
  175. Why is British media obsessed with US news?: health, ratings - United Kingdom
  176. My favourite scientists from UK, why is that ? Got uestions about British society: live in, move to - United Kingdom
  177. Lack of Screens on Windows: house, live in, marketplace - United Kingdom
  178. London Fire Today: apartment, home, landlords - United Kingdom
  179. Brexit is dead, long live the EU.: unemployed, schools - United Kingdom
  180. Foreigners reveal what they dislike about the uk: to live in, friendly - United Kingdom
  181. News, Queen to receive 6m pay increase from public funds: landlord, income - United Kingdom
  182. News, Who Wants to Be King? Not Us Royals, Says Harry: house, to live in - United Kingdom
  183. Northern Ireland - the Bible Belt of the U.K.?: 2015, dangerous - United Kingdom
  184. what visitors like about British People: nicest, friendly, rating - United Kingdom
  185. US history in UK; what is taught: schools, university - United Kingdom
  186. Wales: rated, area, counties - United Kingdom
  187. Not enough slang: school, rated, famous - United Kingdom
  188. So, the Brexit talks have begun...: 2015, DMV, wages - United Kingdom
  189. Adopting and Americanizing HRH Prince Harry: good, fun, video - United Kingdom
  190. IT Companies in UK: about - United Kingdom
  191. Holly Willoughby gets 200k rise: pay, contract, amount - United Kingdom
  192. Multilingual/Bilingual Jobs: sales, finance, engineering - United Kingdom
  193. Police chiefs to discuss offering guns to all frontline officers: vehicles, road - United Kingdom
  194. Funerals and Muslims.: to move, yard, phone - United Kingdom
  195. Friendlier locals: London, Manchester or Glasgow?: phone, market, working - United Kingdom
  196. Story of a brave Scottish Soldier: to buy, price, paid - United Kingdom
  197. Scotland in October with family: price, refund, tickets - United Kingdom
  198. In the Dark BBC - United Kingdom
  199. about time off work.: health care, recruiter, company - United Kingdom
  200. 300 years of winter CET index Part One (up to 1848): top, winters - United Kingdom