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  78. UK Directory - United Kingdom
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  128. babies mauled by fox while in crib: house, living - United Kingdom
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  140. Which city: Edinburgh or Glasgow?: credit, homes, safe area - United Kingdom
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  146. News, Northern Ireland Slides Back Toward Bloodshed.: living in, catholics - United Kingdom
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  148. Moving to RAF Mildenhall: sales, hair salon, rentals - United Kingdom
  149. How do people in the United Kingdom feel about the weather in the winter months?: quality of life, live in
  150. Clear up the language differences for me!: apartment, rent - United Kingdom
  151. News, If US states allow open-carry of guns, why not Britain?: house, to live in - United Kingdom
  152. The differances and similarities between the U.K. nations.: fit in, home - United Kingdom
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  157. Young Curious American: fit in, for sale, to rent - United Kingdom
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  160. Cadbury taken over by Kraft?: sales, buy, vs - United Kingdom
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  165. All the UK or GB is NOT England! Grrr...: live in, membership - United Kingdom
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  168. ONLY for UK citizens : What party will u vote on May 6..?: office, parties - United Kingdom
  169. Does your tax money support the Royal family?: houses, buy - United Kingdom
  170. Bury St. Edmunds - Fornham All Saints: rent, how much - United Kingdom
  171. How Are Gays Treated in the UK Compared with the US?: live, law - United Kingdom
  172. Do you Brits like U.S. television shows: appointed, living - United Kingdom
  173. Volcano Causing Grounded Flights!: taxi driver, live, costs - United Kingdom
  174. News, UK Toasts Safer Beer Glass, Shatter-proof pint glass aims to cut binge-drink violence.: designers, estimated - United Kingdom
  175. are there mexicans in the UK?: living in, areas - United Kingdom
  176. Leftover batter from fish & chips, now what?: buy, living - United Kingdom
  177. Would non-caucasian have less opportunities in UK?: school, university - United Kingdom
  178. How many of you use the phrase Righty-O and/or the word Chap ?: live, place - United Kingdom
  179. Americans Using British Slang -- Why?: fit in, home, high school - United Kingdom
  180. I came across.............: rentals, vacation, companies - United Kingdom
  181. Molesworth: year, about, friend - United Kingdom
  182. News, Driver escapes jail despite 'driving down busy motorway with leg out of window': travel - United Kingdom
  183. Video, Train Level Crossing Safety - Top Gear: race, should - United Kingdom
  184. News, UK's first 'floating bus' gears up to ferry commuters.: transport, vehicle - United Kingdom
  185. News, 'Breadwinner wives' now number 2.7m.: statistics, increase, women - United Kingdom
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  192. Tax Software: taxes, live, money - United Kingdom
  193. for Bristol England History Buffs???: camps, park, green - United Kingdom
  194. News, Prince Harry: I Miss Me Mad Mum.: work - United Kingdom
  195. News, Badgers dig up 100-year-old graves.: cemetery, town, district - United Kingdom
  196. know much about Pelton, England?: family - United Kingdom
  197. cruise ships changing course for Atlantic travel: home, volcano - United Kingdom
  198. News, Titanic bouncy castle with inflatable icebergs is a 'bouncy graveyard': luxury, owning - United Kingdom
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  200. Barnton Hotel, Edinburgh?: money, phones, places - United Kingdom