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  104. I'm begining to think Brits have more common sense than Americans: home search, high schools - United Kingdom
  105. What good would stealing a TV be in England?: house, to buy - United Kingdom
  106. Our UK flags: school, military, title - United Kingdom
  107. Womens statues in Scotland: pub, park, areas - United Kingdom
  108. Which regional accents are at greatest risk? Which are holding strong?: home, movies - United Kingdom
  109. What can be done to reduce the risk of future riots?: camps, live - United Kingdom
  110. English, not UK riots.: live, cities, place - United Kingdom
  111. Do Scots really like haggis: house, live in, food - United Kingdom
  112. US Media reporting vigilante type groups patrolling their neighborhoods: lawyer, houses - United Kingdom
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  115. Blue Eyes vs Brown Eyes: living in, cities, population - United Kingdom
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  122. What to bring from US: credit card, to buy, live - United Kingdom
  123. Things you miss/don't miss from the UK: credit, school - United Kingdom
  124. New Direct Eurostar Routes from St Pancras Planned: ski resorts, 2015 - United Kingdom
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  126. Help me decide where to live in UK: for sale, rent - United Kingdom
  127. Are country people that different anymore?: houses, buy, camper - United Kingdom
  128. I'll be spending a year in the UK. I'M SO STOKED.: home, university - United Kingdom
  129. Are Brits upset at America for not helping them during the Nazi bombings?: lease, houses - United Kingdom
  130. What ethnicity do British and Irish people resemble most?: live, move - United Kingdom
  131. Am sorry not to have been in the UK for such an amazing day: taxes, live - United Kingdom
  132. Wedding gift?: how much, incomes, live in - United Kingdom
  133. Small amount of money to start, working for studying and living: to rent, loan - United Kingdom
  134. Harrogate: house prices, living in, prices - United Kingdom
  135. When were the 'Brits' born??: live, sold, senior - United Kingdom
  136. Are there elements of Scottish culture that the English have never heard of?: how much, primary school - United Kingdom
  137. Greece or Cyprus for a Holiday?: hotel, college, prices - United Kingdom
  138. Are Scottish separatist politicians reviled in England?: taxes, business - United Kingdom
  139. Southerners vs Northerners: how much, rooftop, living in - United Kingdom
  140. Money to England form usa: how much, home, transfer - United Kingdom
  141. Edinburgh Vs Glasgow: houses, school, university - United Kingdom
  142. Moving to Newcastle: sales, houses, find a job - United Kingdom
  143. Discussion of Motorways in UK: car insurance, credit, construction - United Kingdom
  144. Official UK Chat: transfer, gardening, food - United Kingdom
  145. Scottish movie A Lonely Place to Die: home, movies - United Kingdom
  146. graduate school in the UK. Thoughts?: loans, schools - United Kingdom
  147. I want to move to Liverpool: schools, universities, living - United Kingdom
  148. The American Revolution, as taught in British schools?: movies, primary school - United Kingdom
  149. Living in England: how much, place, visiting - United Kingdom
  150. The British immigration check points suck just as much as American POEs: appointed, apartment - United Kingdom
  151. whats the rudest country in your experiance?: live, bus - United Kingdom
  152. American wanting to retire in UK: extended stay, home, employment - United Kingdom
  153. from Tahiti to UK: 2013, weddings, quality of life - United Kingdom
  154. Why the English get green card: 2013, homes - United Kingdom
  155. Why ferries are more common in the UK? reasons for it?: home, to buy - United Kingdom
  156. Dale Farm: eviction, houses, gated - United Kingdom
  157. Cameron's veto..: transfer, buy, camp - United Kingdom
  158. Why are the UK Press against EU Control, but ignore US influence/control?: house, employment - United Kingdom
  159. Behavioural traits of Anglo-Saxon peoples/nations: crimes, living in, law - United Kingdom
  160. Gay Marriage US versus UK: 2015, wedding, taxation - United Kingdom
  161. What are good UK films?: movies, trains, rain - United Kingdom
  162. Is there a distinct Afro-British culture?: violent crime, house - United Kingdom
  163. Great Britain or the United Kingdom: island, sticker, America
  164. Blighted areas in Birmingham.: houses, unemployment, neighborhoods - United Kingdom
  165. Rank the accents in order of preference:: live, shop - United Kingdom
  166. Citizenship versus Self-Identification as another Nationality: home, living in, military - United Kingdom
  167. The U.K. is gonna get full ?: house prices, unemployment - United Kingdom
  168. How is World War II Taught in British Schools?: how much, theatre - United Kingdom
  169. I wonder what i'll miss?: buying, theatre, live in - United Kingdom
  170. How much has Britain changed since Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne in 1952?: home, school - United Kingdom
  171. Cambridge UK vs Cambridge MA: university, to live, move to - United Kingdom
  172. Best city outside London: employment, to live, nicest - United Kingdom
  173. Does it feel crowded?: living in, shopping mall, buses - United Kingdom
  174. Bring dog from US: transport company, home, living in - United Kingdom
  175. Missing Home: credit rating, homes, university - United Kingdom
  176. How's the economic recession going in UK?: real estate, apartments - United Kingdom
  177. Cardiff University?General England questions: renting, house, cinema - United Kingdom
  178. Grocery shopping in the UK: sale, home, neighborhood - United Kingdom
  179. UK's 2nd City?: live, light-rail, oil - United Kingdom
  180. Britain's Greenness: homes, living in, transport - United Kingdom
  181. which city in Uk is reasonable to buy a little condo for vacation?: lease, condos - United Kingdom
  182. News, Brits Plan to Boost Speed Limit to 80 MPH.: construction, cost of - United Kingdom
  183. How many posters have actually moved to the UK?: apartment, houses - United Kingdom
  184. Scotland, Northern Ireland tunnel?: cost of, transport, ferry - United Kingdom
  185. Vegetable Gardening in the UK: to buy, organic, live in - United Kingdom
  186. UK loves the -OH group....why?: homes, college, closing - United Kingdom
  187. Pace of life in the UK vs. the US: middle-class, home - United Kingdom
  188. Thinking about moving to UK: rental, health insurance, crime - United Kingdom
  189. Broad Scots vs Scottish Gaelic: how much, schools, shop - United Kingdom
  190. Labour MP headbuts conservative: house, pub, office - United Kingdom
  191. NHS Reforms: tax, living, cost of - United Kingdom
  192. Mail Delivery Times: flat fee, credit card, transfer - United Kingdom
  193. News, U.K. man collects 20,000 bird ornaments: house, store - United Kingdom
  194. Stoke-on-Trent remembers Lidice massacre 70 years on: school, free, news - United Kingdom
  195. Poles stand behind Trapattoni's team for Euro 2012 opener: area, news - United Kingdom
  196. Protester accuses Tony Blair of war crimes - United Kingdom
  197. University of Bradford vs. Kingston University?: road, science, better - United Kingdom
  198. Manchester Softball Team Looking For Male & Female Players: train, area - United Kingdom
  199. News, Six-year-old aims to be next Lord Sugar with sweet shop empire.: price - United Kingdom
  200. Labour supporter suggests positive action to Labour leader: machine - United Kingdom