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  52. Sark: transfer, living, hospitable - United Kingdom
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  64. Search after two RAF jets crashed in Moray Firth: tornado, island - United Kingdom
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  75. Looking for help picking a college/university: 2013, how much - United Kingdom
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  86. Awful impression of Queen dupes hospital. One is not amused (nor are the British media).: house, safety - United Kingdom
  87. Scottish mortality rate ghest in Europe': health, population - United Kingdom
  88. Which UK/Ireland dialect is least different from North American English?: home, movies - United Kingdom
  89. Moving to Cornwall: office, health, place - United Kingdom
  90. London Eye Has ever gotten away with having sex in the cupid capsule on the London eye?: top, cameras - United Kingdom
  91. Vocabulary query from an American: home, eat, areas - United Kingdom
  92. Does Your Garage Fit A Car?: to rent, house prices, live - United Kingdom
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  94. Armed Forces Day: military, title, best - United Kingdom
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  96. Should the United Kingdom split into Autonomous regions?: tax rates, area
  97. Is 'Oop North' becoming more like the South?: live, budget - United Kingdom
  98. Jacintha Saldanha prank call nurse had previously attempted suicide twice: live, health - United Kingdom
  99. about your MOT inspections: home, taxi, tax - United Kingdom
  100. The truth about everything (Merger): capita, American, capital - United Kingdom
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  102. Which sport is more popular in England?: live in, ranked - United Kingdom
  103. Scotch-Irish: college, living in, plantation - United Kingdom
  104. US football leagues V. European football leagues - what are the differences?: buying, gated - United Kingdom
  105. Kirchner at it again!: 2013, living, law - United Kingdom
  106. Is the UK getting warmer or colder?: living in, yard - United Kingdom
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  108. New Member- Introduction: 2013, pronounced, year - United Kingdom
  109. Idk: fit in, moving to, rating - United Kingdom
  110. Are teens in Scotland very mature for their age?: co-op, bars - United Kingdom
  111. Britain's Atlantis: universities, land, best - United Kingdom
  112. Immigrants should learn English-More hot air from politicians: employment, drivers license - United Kingdom
  113. An American's opinion about Northern Ireland: condo, crimes, neighbourhood - United Kingdom
  114. Typical May weather?: city hall, hotel, house - United Kingdom
  115. Nurse in phone hoax kills herself: how much, houses, transfer - United Kingdom
  116. So do y'all want an NFL team or not?: universities, living - United Kingdom
  117. Does England feel like a giant suburb-urban area?: living, mall - United Kingdom
  118. Best English market town or village: live, prices, food - United Kingdom
  119. List positive and negative things about English culture & society: to live in, title - United Kingdom
  120. Where Am I (UK)?: park, photos, market - United Kingdom
  121. HM Queen Elizabeth will attend cabinet meeting: live, teach - United Kingdom
  122. Connecticut shootings: The lessons from Dunblane: sale, condo, school - United Kingdom
  123. Being Kates sister has it's perks and it's not just Pippas bum: credit, houses - United Kingdom
  124. Best UK cities to live in excluding London: dangerous, stores - United Kingdom
  125. Shared Flight (with pets) from UK to US?: hotel, new home - United Kingdom
  126. Cost of The Royal Family Explained: bankrupt, taxi, income - United Kingdom
  127. What language does Irish sound like?: schools, best, area - United Kingdom
  128. Workfare UK - did it ever happen?: unemployment, closing - United Kingdom
  129. The hyphenated last name. Why is this more common in the UK?: law, rich - United Kingdom
  130. A few questions about the UK: homes, movies, live - United Kingdom
  131. Are Brits Aryans?: movies, best, area - United Kingdom
  132. Pros and cons of England Vs Spain (Costa Del Sol): lawyers, houses - United Kingdom
  133. Celebrating the NHS: fit in, health insurance, how much - United Kingdom
  134. Why the UK never had drive in movies: insurance, live in - United Kingdom
  135. Desmond Tutu calls for George W. Bush, Tony Blair to face prosecution for invasion of Iraq: live, cost - United Kingdom
  136. Do Brits watch American political conventions?: retirement, best, money - United Kingdom
  137. Should country medal tallies be compared by population ?: calculated, best - United Kingdom
  138. Olympic Opening Ceremony: live, road, between - United Kingdom
  139. Have you ever considered Immigration to Canada ?: apartment, loft - United Kingdom
  140. US citizen marrying a UK citizen: hotel, home, wedding - United Kingdom
  141. GBP currency in Jersey: credit card, restaurant, legal - United Kingdom
  142. At least 47 police officers injured in Belfast Riots.: gangs, assault - United Kingdom
  143. Photos of Prince Harry Naked in Vegas: living, things to do - United Kingdom
  144. 2000 years of British history in 7 hours in mega doc The British: schools, date - United Kingdom
  145. Is the term Brits offensive?: living in, Australians - United Kingdom
  146. Best Universities in the UK?: fit in, 2013, rent - United Kingdom
  147. The best off season time to visit Great Britain?: schools, dryer - United Kingdom
  148. Closing ceremony to Olympics: live, shop, health - United Kingdom
  149. Prime Minister of the UK less powerful than the guy who made facebook: office, catholic church - United Kingdom
  150. Historic win for team GB: best, great, independent - United Kingdom
  151. When i was a lad..: home, school, live - United Kingdom
  152. Have Americans heard of this British slang term?: living, designer - United Kingdom
  153. Sebastian Coe - Jealous Brit?: house, universities, statistics - United Kingdom
  154. How do people feel about the Monarchy?: low income, homes - United Kingdom
  155. English to American Dictionaries: school, title, car - United Kingdom
  156. News, Dog the Bounty Hunter Banned From Britain.: crime, felon - United Kingdom
  157. UK threatens to storm embassy: appointed, crimes, live - United Kingdom
  158. Best Beaches Around the UK: theatre, live in, beach - United Kingdom
  159. Where do people in the UK usually holiday to escape the cold during winter?: live, cost of - United Kingdom
  160. Deep-fried Mars bars disowned by chocolate firm: home, living - United Kingdom
  161. Would this be a realistic British family?: middle-class, house - United Kingdom
  162. England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales... are the main UK ancestries & do folks still usually notice the differences?: live, military - United Kingdom
  163. Your Favourite County.: to live in, best, cities - United Kingdom
  164. How widespread is the ability to speak french?: school, inspector - United Kingdom
  165. UK Car Suggestions for a Short Person: insurance, to buy - United Kingdom
  166. Where is best place to live in England if you or your SO has Asthma?: mattresses, cheap house - United Kingdom
  167. Now it's Kates turn to be seen topless (Duchess of Cambridge): live, title - United Kingdom
  168. Planning a road trip of america: rent, insurance, how much - United Kingdom
  169. WHY do you think British women are perceived as ugly?: movies, living in - United Kingdom
  170. Lazy cultural stereotypes? And when does a caricature no matter how jovial become something divisive and intolerable?: mortgage, credit - United Kingdom
  171. A little different moving to UK ...I think.: middle-class, apartments - United Kingdom
  172. Is Received Pronunciation dying out?: upper-class, home, public school - United Kingdom
  173. Questions Doc Martin made me think of: 2013, apartments - United Kingdom
  174. Naked rambler walks free from Perth Prison.: living, cost - United Kingdom
  175. U.K. vs. U.S. Business Differences: home, live - United Kingdom
  176. Is this really a surprise??..: home, live in, military - United Kingdom
  177. The Tories reach a new low.: 2013, employment, income - United Kingdom
  178. Girl has stomach removed.: live, dangerous, safety - United Kingdom
  179. Where should Parliament move to?: live, moving, money - United Kingdom
  180. Do you feel there is a greater connection to the anglosphere or to continental europe?: live in, restaurant - United Kingdom
  181. What to send British friends for Christmas?: buy, shops - United Kingdom
  182. What's happening in Manchester: neighborhoods, theatre, universities - United Kingdom
  183. Man kills 2 police officers, is it a knee jerk reaction that there is debate to arm all police officers?: crime, live - United Kingdom
  184. What cities would you recommend for a UK trip?: 2013, chapel - United Kingdom
  185. Night Time Weddings..: receptions, house, legal - United Kingdom
  186. Jimmy Savile: live, activity, rated - United Kingdom
  187. about a woman author...: parent, hours, people - United Kingdom
  188. born as lisa odette oakley: time, information, current - United Kingdom
  189. Gay Marriage for Scotland: news, time - United Kingdom
  190. Glasgow University and Woodrow Wilson Connections: child, dyslexia, history - United Kingdom
  191. Population changes in your area (Eng & Wales).: statistics, office - United Kingdom
  192. Searching for a Business Partner-Engineering(Electronics): design, electrical, development - United Kingdom
  193. Does know Twyla Richards?: living in, used, love - United Kingdom
  194. Sign e-petitions (UK residents): crimes, government, people - United Kingdom
  195. Leaking of personal financial information by HMRC - e-petition.: how much, tax - United Kingdom
  196. Rapist who won the lottery done for fraud: crime, living - United Kingdom
  197. Bells across the UK: today - United Kingdom
  198. Surely there's plenty more going on !!!: news - United Kingdom
  199. James Wilson US founding father: university, library, international - United Kingdom
  200. showjumper: live, property, area - United Kingdom