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  64. Social Class in the UK compared to US: lawyers, house - United Kingdom
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  66. Things I've heard about United Kingdom, are they true?: house, university
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  71. If Margaret Thatcher never came to power, where would we be now?: 2013, asbestos - United Kingdom
  72. Margaret Thatcher dead: 2013, condo, tax - United Kingdom
  73. Is it politically incorrect or seen as boasting to trumpet the achievements/influence of the British Empire or Britain?: credit, school - United Kingdom
  74. Ding dong the witch is dead #1 in UK charts: appointed, how much - United Kingdom
  75. Banning the 500 Euro note in the UK: sale, rent - United Kingdom
  76. Bournemouth as retirement town: crime, home, living in - United Kingdom
  77. Why does Britain seem to retain more imperial measurements than other countries?: buy, schools - United Kingdom
  78. Snow in Newcastle: live in, place, winters - United Kingdom
  79. for who love to cook.: to buy, live in - United Kingdom
  80. Scottish nationalism akin to facism, Farage.: racism, children, party - United Kingdom
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  83. How do you pronounce fortune ?: live, culture - United Kingdom
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  85. Soldier hacked to death in London terrorist attack: sales, 2013 - United Kingdom
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  87. Not London !!: castle, area, cities - United Kingdom
  88. Chipped credit/debit cards vs magnetic strip - should I expect drama whenever I'm paying up?: sale, credit card - United Kingdom
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  90. York mosque counters EDL protest with tea and biscuits: 2013, live - United Kingdom
  91. Youth emigration 'devastating' for economy: apartments, rent, high crime - United Kingdom
  92. Business life in United Kingdom versus USA: health insurance, employment
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  99. Are Angry Young Men popular in the UK again?: live, pub - United Kingdom
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  101. 2 months in Glasgow: how much, theatre, taxi - United Kingdom
  102. Overpaid, oversexed, and over uot;: cost, military - United Kingdom
  103. Should Glasgow apologise for slavery: construction, high school, university - United Kingdom
  104. How to find gorgeous girls in London: school, college - United Kingdom
  105. Who is the 3rd greatest cricketer ever?: houses, cost - United Kingdom
  106. In reality, how rare is a couple like this in the UK?: Asians, culture - United Kingdom
  107. Why Do People in the UK Make Fun of Birmingham?: live, food - United Kingdom
  108. Fake Britain.: to buy, dangerous, statistics - United Kingdom
  109. Wales = prettiest part of UK in natural beauty?: live, friendly - United Kingdom
  110. What exactly is the UKIP about: credit, live in, racist - United Kingdom
  111. Corontion Street Bill Roache arrested on rape charges: 2013, buy - United Kingdom
  112. Queen Elizabeth--A Tory?: how much, theatre, title - United Kingdom
  113. Bedroom tax - what's it all about and is it fair?: low income, renters - United Kingdom
  114. Is President Obama viewed as mixed race or black American in the UK?: credit, home - United Kingdom
  115. Admire you Brits: 2013, credit, hotel - United Kingdom
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  120. Crime in England and Wales has decreased by 8%: violent crime, credit card - United Kingdom
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  122. Is cricket popular in Scotland and Wales?: how much, club - United Kingdom
  123. Does the average physical appearance of English people vary by region?: vs., trains - United Kingdom
  124. Best UK coastal town or village: to live, beaches, wealthiest - United Kingdom
  125. How do you feel about Britain's colonizer past?: home, gated - United Kingdom
  126. Glasgows a rough town.: roughest, to live in, shop - United Kingdom
  127. 1600s to 1800s Welsh Immigration to England?: move, authority - United Kingdom
  128. Can someone me on Eurail passes?: home, to buy - United Kingdom
  129. Findus Horseburgers: buy, live, prices - United Kingdom
  130. Is British speech becoming Americanized?: middle-class, live, schedule - United Kingdom
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  132. Why do britons look down on Americans?: to live, office - United Kingdom
  133. If Britain leaves the EU...: appointed, unemployment, living - United Kingdom
  134. What exactly is a chav?: loan, luxury, income - United Kingdom
  135. Why not have a UK/Ireland: home, living - United Kingdom
  136. my mom is British and talks about going home sometimes: lease, cinema - United Kingdom
  137. Who remembers the Winter of Discontent ?: mortgage, credit - United Kingdom
  138. Who remembers Andy Capp ?: neighbourhood, buy, income - United Kingdom
  139. Do you think British culture is innately violent/aggressive?: crime rate, how much - United Kingdom
  140. Working in the UK: home, find a job, transfer - United Kingdom
  141. How prevalent is old school Received Pronunciation? How much has it changed?: movies, primary school - United Kingdom
  142. For US based brits .... Baked Bean Alert: buy, income - United Kingdom
  143. Where are tales of Wales?: home, live in, pub - United Kingdom
  144. Horsemeat in UK Burgers: sale, 2013, buying - United Kingdom
  145. Is UK-to-US immigration on the rise ?: home, transfer, buyer - United Kingdom
  146. American wanting to study in the UK, advice needed.: high crime, home - United Kingdom
  147. Lindsay Sandiford - Nobody deserves death penalty for smuggling drugs: crime, how much - United Kingdom
  148. Emigration: Two million quit Britain in 'talent drain': mortgage, houses - United Kingdom
  149. Does the English countryside take well to black American tourist: middle-class, home - United Kingdom
  150. Nurses agree a 17.5% pay rise!: college, health, deal - United Kingdom
  151. Miners strike 1984 - which side would you support?: fit in, home - United Kingdom
  152. Marxists in the UK: tax, to live in, authority - United Kingdom
  153. Poll Tax 1989 - fair or not fair?: renters, houses - United Kingdom
  154. Is Ground Beef popular in England?: school, floor, food - United Kingdom
  155. Why are the British so one dimensional...: schools, live - United Kingdom
  156. What are Cumbrians like?: best, population, places - United Kingdom
  157. What good has the Conservative/Liberal stooge coalition done? Anything??: tax, live - United Kingdom
  158. Should the NHS be abolished - and go the insurance route instead?: deductible, taxes - United Kingdom
  159. Upcoming trip to England (May) - tips are Lots of questions!: rental car, rental - United Kingdom
  160. The differences between British and American public housing?: section 8, renters - United Kingdom
  161. What do you think of Oliver Cromwell? Do you see him as having been a sinner, a saint, or something entirely different?: to move, land - United Kingdom
  162. Cardinal O'Brien Let Down his Scots Followers: fit in, condo - United Kingdom
  163. Falklanders prepare for referendum vote.: standard of living, military, businesses - United Kingdom
  164. Favorite and least favorite UK accents?: live, commuter, Scottish - United Kingdom
  165. Grits: to buy, price, food - United Kingdom
  166. About money ... US to UK: rental, credit card, how much - United Kingdom
  167. Just booked a four day stay in the Yorkshire Dales - must sees in that area?: hotel, houses - United Kingdom
  168. Romania and Bulgarian migration to the UK. Why the apprehension? They're .: 2014, for rent - United Kingdom
  169. Two days in London, trying to prioritize. Help!: rental car, rental - United Kingdom
  170. Is Made in the UK a sign of quality?: to buy, price - United Kingdom
  171. Hunting and Shooting (UK) vs. Huntin' n' Shootin' (USA): lease, house - United Kingdom
  172. Seriously thinking of moving to the UK: sublet, rental - United Kingdom
  173. Derby UK or northern uk weather?: move to, office, pictures - United Kingdom
  174. Food Prices in England: to buy, groceries, shop - United Kingdom
  175. I'm fascinated by everything British.: 2013, houses, movies - United Kingdom
  176. Hilary Mantel:-Royal Bodies. Were her observations on the Royals really that offensive?: sales, 2013 - United Kingdom
  177. Why must I pay more to study than a foreigner, in my own country?: home, universities - United Kingdom
  178. What's your favorite part of England?: live, beaches, cottages - United Kingdom
  179. If Scotland became independent...: home, Irish, debt - United Kingdom
  180. Scottish, Irish and Welsh accents: native accents of English or not?: living in, catholics - United Kingdom
  181. Best british bands post: how much, live, land - United Kingdom
  182. Scotland - more in common with England or Ireland?: living in, club - United Kingdom
  183. UK Scotland Ireland TV series, movies suggestions: 2013, crime - United Kingdom
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  186. What is your opinion of our Government?: 2015, unemployed - United Kingdom
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  191. brighton during 1962: live, place, year - United Kingdom
  192. London Languages Map: 2013, neighbourhoods, live - United Kingdom
  193. Prince William and Kate in Glasgow: live in, entertainment, near - United Kingdom
  194. Us to UK Postal Custom Regulations?: neighborhood, live, store - United Kingdom
  195. Taskforce Set to Save Scottish Mining Jobs: unemployment, disposal - United Kingdom
  196. Co-ed Softball team in Manchester looking for players: female, based - United Kingdom
  197. books post EU to UK ?: best, pay, limit - United Kingdom
  198. How to get a Free SIM abroad?: home, live - United Kingdom
  199. Want to study in united Kingdom: schools, universities, tuition
  200. UK Forums Rules Read This First.: permit, ethnicity, reputation - United Kingdom