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  126. Racism in Saltville still?: Roanoke: home, safety, racist - Virginia (VA)
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  128. Hockey!: Roanoke, Blacksburg, Christiansburg: homes, purchase, living - Virginia (VA)
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  130. 401 Campbell Lofts: Roanoke: for sale, apartments, rental - Virginia (VA)
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  133. Microbrewery - tap room: shop, best, park - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  134. Multi-racial lesbian-headed family looking for a neighborhood: Roanoke, Orange: middle-class, loft - Virginia (VA)
  135. Need contractor recommendation?: Cloverdale: live in, gas, best - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  136. V Tech to create medical hub in Roanoke: Jefferson: apartments, houses - Virginia (VA)
  137. Great article on the medical research in this area: Roanoke: business, place - Virginia (VA)
  138. 221 North Broad St. area, Salem, VA: house, neighborhood, buying - Roanoke area, Virginia
  139. Roanoke snowfalls ?: to buy, moving to, food - Virginia (VA)
  140. Retiring to Roanoke Area?: condo, townhome, to buy - Virginia (VA)
  141. Where are you from and how do you like it?: Roanoke: health insurance, utilities - Virginia (VA)
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  143. Park & take bus to downtown from Cave Spring: Roanoke: hotel, live in - Virginia (VA)
  144. Too Conservative?: Roanoke, Blacksburg, Salem: college, living, food - Virginia (VA)
  145. what is the truth about crime in Roanoke: law, safety - Virginia (VA)
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  147. Yearly Auto Tax: Roanoke, Forest: 2015, property tax, price - Virginia (VA)
  148. Retiring to Lexington, VA ??: Roanoke, Charlottesville: real estate, colleges, living in - Virginia
  149. Spiritual Community (Reiki, crystals, ect.): Roanoke, Blacksburg: chapel, home - Virginia (VA)
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  158. Details about SWVA for relocation?: Roanoke, Lynchburg: transplants, sales, real estate - Virginia
  159. Lynchburg, VA or Boise, ID for family with elementary age kids?: Newport News: transplants, real estate - Roanoke area, Virginia
  160. Hunting in Roanoke County: Cave Spring, Appalachia: home, to buy, legally - Virginia (VA)
  161. Roanoke Bound: Hampton, Charlottesville, Harrisonburg: low income, 2014, co-op - Virginia (VA)
  162. Looking for a QUALITY Dog Kennel / Dog Boarding: Roanoke, Cave Spring: house, school - Virginia (VA)
  163. housing expenses: Roanoke, Salem, Appalachia: houses, living in, cost of - Virginia (VA)
  164. for former CA residents now living in Roanoke or VA in general: Floyd: homes, job market - Virginia
  165. Possibly Moving To Roanoke - Pros and Cons? And Where Are The Best Places To Live?: Alexandria: apartments, rentals - Virginia (VA)
  166. To be revealed speciality grocer coming to roanoke.: Short Pump: tax, stores - Virginia (VA)
  167. Campsites near Roanoke?: Blacksburg, Blue Ridge: camping, swimming, budget - Virginia (VA)
  168. How are the mountain roads there? Sheer? Rails?: Roanoke, Blacksburg: living, dangerous - Virginia (VA)
  169. Floyd: Roanoke, Christiansburg: house, employment, purchase - Virginia (VA)
  170. Freightcar closing down: Norfolk, Roanoke, Lynchburg: insurance, layoffs, purchase - Virginia (VA)
  171. on Vinton?: Roanoke, Salem, Washington: middle-class, apartment, lofts - Virginia (VA)
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  183. Berglund Center: Hampton, Roanoke, Orange: where to stay, loft, hotel - Virginia (VA)
  184. Lidl #1100, Challenger Avenue and Valley Gateway Boulevard, Roanoke (Roanoke County), Virginia: Richmond: sales, construction - (VA)
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  189. Brush & leaf removal in Botetourt County: Cloverdale, Troutville: live in, area - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  190. Indie Street Fair: Jefferson: home, organic, marketplace - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
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  194. Trick or treating in Old Sw tonight 10/29/2016: Saturday - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
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  196. propane usage: new house, efficiency, heat - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
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  199. post about VA Parks in VA forum: Roanoke: state, time - Virginia
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