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  12. Patrick Henry Hotel to become mixed use development: Roanoke: apartments, hotels - Virginia (VA)
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  44. Fil-AM or Pinoy Networks in Roanoke Area?: association, retirement - Virginia (VA)
  45. rental needed in Pulaski area Feb. 15, 2010: Radford, Dublin: crime rates, living, cost of living - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  46. A foot of heavy wet snow in the NRV and Roanoke Valley: power lines - Virginia (VA)
  47. Need legal help badly.: Roanoke: car insurance, credit card, how much - Virginia (VA)
  48. Our Visit was great, but would LIVING there be the same?: Roanoke: real estate, rental - Virginia (VA)
  49. Old Southwest Roanoke: crime, houses, neighborhood - Virginia (VA)
  50. Floyd, Virginia: Roanoke: trendy, county, place - (VA)
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  61. outdoor - Virginia (VA)
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  74. Recycling: Roanoke: home, tax, live in - Virginia (VA)
  75. Let's talk sump pumps....: house, yard, plumber - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  76. mystery town/city: Roanoke: place, work, near - Virginia (VA)
  77. Horseback riding?: Roanoke: family friendly, teach, lessons - Virginia (VA)
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  84. July 4th in SW VA....: backyard, pictures, quality - Roanoke area, Virginia
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  86. Is there much of a flea market scene...: Roanoke: popular - Virginia (VA)
  87. Rocky Mount: places to stay?: Roanoke, Franklin: motels, place to live, price - Virginia (VA)
  88. pick-your-own farms: Blacksburg: best place, place, ice cream - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  89. Help buying a house in Rke. Co. house inspector: Roanoke: home inspection, expense - Virginia (VA)
  90. Weather in Christiansburg, VA -VS- Kingston, NY: Roanoke, Cleveland: live, move to - Virginia
  91. to take my kid swimming: Roanoke, Franklin: campgrounds, cabins, beach - Virginia (VA)
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  95. which bank/broker did you chose for your purchase mortgage: refinance, house - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  96. Knife Sharpening Service: Roanoke, Lynchburg, Salem: price, mall, garden - Virginia (VA)
  97. Looking for a few local college professors: school, teach - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  98. Sandwich shops close to 24018?: Richmond, Roanoke: price, shopping center, subway - Virginia (VA)
  99. Rent to own??: Roanoke: lease, credit check, houses - Virginia (VA)
  100. Covington area house to rent: Roanoke, Clifton Forge: apartment, rentals, landlords - Virginia (VA)
  101. Where to get a really good toyota deal?: Richmond, Roanoke: how much, to buy - Virginia (VA)
  102. Old Man Winter might not be ready to move on: Roanoke: great, information - Virginia (VA)
  103. Salem Area Apartments: Roanoke: section 8, for sale, rent - Virginia (VA)
  104. July 4 Activities: Roanoke: drive, water, marina - Virginia (VA)
  105. help with names of utility companies/cable/phone: Boones Mill: buying a home, buying - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  106. Roanoke or Blacksburg: high school, living in, move to - Virginia (VA)
  107. S.O.L. scandal at William Fleming High School: Richmond: condo, employment - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  108. Ray-Ban Sunglasses: Blue Ridge, Troutville: 2015, eyeglasses, to buy - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  109. Possibly Relocating to Roanoke Area: Charlottesville, Salem: for sale, houses, job market - Virginia (VA)
  110. Goat Friendly Rental?: Roanoke: high school, college, utilities - Virginia (VA)
  111. nonsmoking bars?: Roanoke: gated, restaurants, law - Virginia (VA)
  112. What parts of the county should we look at when we come and visit?: Richmond: neighborhoods - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  113. Carilion Human Resources???: Roanoke: office, career, free - Virginia (VA)
  114. Good Pedicure???: Roanoke: salon, price, law - Virginia (VA)
  115. Down to 3 weekends: Roanoke, Lynchburg, Charlottesville: theatre, license, food - Virginia (VA)
  116. house rental agencies Lynchburg area: Bedford, Amherst: apartment, rentals, neighborhoods - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  117. What is it like working for the city?: Roanoke: retired, employers - Virginia (VA)
  118. Patrick Henry Hotel Sold!: Roanoke: sale, foreclosure, condos - Virginia (VA)
  119. Best route to get to town?: Roanoke, Blacksburg: area, cities, interior - Virginia (VA)
  120. Carpet clearning service?: Stanley: lease, rated, expensive - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  121. Dumb, dame computer: middle school, college, storage - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  122. Can recommend an ob/gyn in Roanoke county?: Salem: camps, live - Virginia (VA)
  123. Visiting Roanoke - best month?: Lynchburg, Staunton: car rental, rent, hotel - Virginia (VA)
  124. Have Googled -- can't find!: Roanoke, Salem: neighborhoods, live in, suburban - Virginia (VA)
  125. Where should I look for a house.....: Roanoke, Vinton: construction, bill - Virginia (VA)
  126. May be relocating to Christiansburg.. help!: Roanoke, Blacksburg: fit in, how much - Virginia (VA)
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  128. Another one of thinking of moving need opinions threads: Roanoke: apartment complexes, rentals - Virginia (VA)
  129. Dixie Caverns: landlord, bills, places - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  130. Glasgow Area: Roanoke, Lynchburg, Timberlake: real estate, how much, houses - Virginia (VA)
  131. How to find a rent to own/contract for deed: Roanoke: home, housing market - Virginia (VA)
  132. The Roanoker?: sales, lawyers, taxes - Virginia (VA)
  133. Dog Boarding in North Roanoke County: Hollins, Fincastle: farm, farm, great - Virginia (VA)
  134. Great Churches: Roanoke, Salem: school, non-denominational, worth - Virginia (VA)
  135. Veterinarian Recommendations - Speciality surgery: Roanoke, Lynchburg: school, licensed, charge - Virginia (VA)
  136. Closest fair to Lynchburg?: Salem, Farmville: summers, street, bridge - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  137. Vacation help: Roanoke, Charlottesville, Staunton: best cities, rent, amusement parks - Virginia (VA)
  138. Roanoke for toddlers: Salem, Orange: houses, price, gym - Virginia (VA)
  139. Getting Married!: Roanoke: rentals, hotel, wedding reception - Virginia (VA)
  140. massage near Staunton, Va Shenandoah Valley: Charlottesville, Harrisonburg: trading, therapists, good - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  141. Looking to Buy Unmentionables: Roanoke: shops, Walmart, places - Virginia (VA)
  142. Roanoke Day Care Experiences: day cares, preschool, moving to - Virginia (VA)
  143. I'm not in the mood for another storm: Lynchburg: property taxes, cost - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  144. Liberty University Buys Shopping Center: Roanoke, Lynchburg: lease, motel, Home Depot - Virginia (VA)
  145. How would Roanoke compare to say, Asheville?: Hampton, Lynchburg: amusement park, cheap house - Virginia (VA)
  146. ?? No Complaints About Hot Weather ??: Roanoke, Lynchburg: apartment, homes, high school - Virginia (VA)
  147. Musicians, the Appalachians, and Virginia: Roanoke, Galax: theater, live in, restaurants - (VA)
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  149. Roanoke as a retirement destination: Arlington, Blue Ridge: sales, how much, home - Virginia (VA)
  150. Back To The Past (Thoughts On Roanoke): Alexandria, Blacksburg: fit in, house - Virginia (VA)
  151. What stores would you like to see come to the area?: Virginia Beach: movie theater, school - Roanoke area, (VA)
  152. Ukrops owners throwing in towel??: Roanoke, Appalachia: sales, buyer, bankruptcy - Virginia (VA)
  153. Trying to escape Michigan: Roanoke, Blacksburg: real estate, new home, college - Virginia (VA)
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  156. Visiting Roanoke - all recommendations welcome: Franklin, Bedford: rental, hotel, home - Virginia (VA)
  157. explain, Roanoke, Roanoke City and: Richmond, Salem: appointed, public school, tax - Virginia (VA)
  158. best priced fruit/veggies: Roanoke, Salem: sales, apartment, home - Virginia (VA)
  159. looking to run country store, need feedback!: Roanoke, Burke: for sale, real estate - Virginia (VA)
  160. Lynchburg Entertainment: Richmond, Roanoke, Franklin: neighborhoods, movie theater, school - Virginia (VA)
  161. Rural Towns Near Roanoke: Blacksburg, Christiansburg: for sale, to rent, car insurance - Virginia (VA)
  162. Wytheville?: Abingdon, Marion, Blue Ridge: lease, low crime, purchase - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  163. Neighborhoods in Lynchburg VA: Roanoke, Charlottesville: crime, homes, theater - Virginia
  164. What's Blacksburg, VA like?: Roanoke, Lynchburg: rental, elementary schools, college - Virginia
  165. Whole Foods store in Roanoke: Virginia Beach, Norfolk: houses, organic, living in - (VA)
  166. Need Help: Lynchburg, VA: Roanoke, Charlottesville: to rent, how much, transfer - Virginia
  167. give us your opinions. Roanoke or Wilkes-Barre, PA ?: Salem: new home, good schools - Virginia (VA)
  168. Relocating from Hialeah/Miami, FL to Roanoke, VA: Richmond, Lynchburg: section 8, lease - Virginia
  169. I miss Roanoke!: Lynchburg, Reston, McLean: apartment, crime, how much - Virginia (VA)
  170. Lynchburg, VA: Richmond, Arlington, Hampton: appointed, schools, university - Roanoke area, Virginia
  171. Towns Around Lynchburg: Forest, Bedford, Altavista: renting, how much, houses - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  172. house inspector: Floyd: sale, buying a house, buying - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  173. Garage/Storage building for Lynchburg s: purchasing, snow - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  174. Spanish teaching in area?: schools, budget, teacher - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  175. Might move to Roanoke, wanting information: living in, safe, cities - Virginia (VA)
  176. Lynchburg VA - Month to Month w/ 2 Small Dogs: rental, live in - Roanoke area, Virginia
  177. Area behind Virginia Western Community College: live, cars, driveway - Roanoke area, (VA)
  178. What is it like to live in Wytheville?: to rent, home - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  179. American Heart Association - Heart Walk: home, donation, work - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  180. Virginia Tech Binge Drinking problem: apartments, college, parents - Roanoke area, (VA)
  181. putt putt mini golf: Roanoke: best, area - Virginia (VA)
  182. Help Needed with Home Rental Information: Roanoke, Salem: apartments, condos, to buy - Virginia (VA)
  183. Looking for a good ob/gyn: place, doctor, time - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  184. Traffic Lawyer: Halifax County: Danville, South Boston: authority, license, reduce - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  185. mystery: empty old church in raleigh court?: rating, deal - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  186. Speeding ticket in Charlotte county - need lawyer!: Keysville: recommend - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  187. Fireworks laws?: Roanoke: places, selling, around - Virginia (VA)
  188. Ron White, comedian: Roanoke: club - Virginia (VA)
  189. ..?: Roanoke, Salem: college, living in, single - Virginia (VA)
  190. Personal Property Tax, SS, Pension Tax: Roanoke: county, liability - Virginia (VA)
  191. BMW Service Centers: charge, work, basic - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  192. Apartments in Roanoke area: appliances, college, utility costs - Virginia (VA)
  193. Rental Property in Patrick County, Stuart, VA: apartment, mobile home - Roanoke area, Virginia
  194. Special needs programs in Roanoke/Salem area: transfer, schools - Virginia (VA)
  195. General on Taxes in VA: income, property tax - Roanoke area, Virginia
  196. Renovating. Want 2 match existing cabinetry. Who?: house, kitchen cabinets, price - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  197. Moving to Abingdon, general questions: neighborhood, school, live - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  198. Where to find DE: Roanoke, Rocky Mount: buy, food, center - Virginia (VA)
  199. tiffin service for Indian food: Blacksburg: home, student, black - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  200. Best schools near Harrisonburg for transfer student good theatre and music: place to live, moving to - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)