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  12. Trolley system comming to Roanoke?: Jefferson: live in, buses, medical - Virginia (VA)
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  24. Roanoke: homes, neighborhoods, private schools - Virginia (VA)
  25. Industrial Base In Roanoke: Norfolk, Chesapeake: for sale, how much, home - Virginia (VA)
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  31. Barber's in Roanoke: restaurant, military, shop - Virginia (VA)
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  46. moving from SW Louisiana to Pearisburg Va,: Roanoke: find a job, live in - Virginia (VA)
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  52. Roanoke Nightlife: Jefferson: live, club, beach - Virginia (VA)
  53. Is sw va or ne tn the right place for me?: Norfolk: fit in, low crime - Roanoke area, Virginia (VA)
  54. I need your help. We are coming for a short visit and thinking of staying at corporate suites...: Roanoke: extended stay - Virginia (VA)
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  66. on the Villages at Garst Creek?: Roanoke, Franklin: apartment, rental - Virginia (VA)
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  68. Roanoke vs. Wheeling WV: house, purchasing, living - Virginia (VA)
  69. Should we add a Roanoke area sub-forum?: Richmond, Lynchburg: bill, metro area - Virginia (VA)
  70. our own forum!: Roanoke, Lynchburg: real estate, to rent, to live in - Virginia (VA)
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  72. Best wireless carrier: Roanoke, Franklin, Floyd: to rent, home, buyer - Virginia (VA)
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  74. accountant/tax advisor in roanoke?: Cloverdale, Stanley: moving to, office, small business - Virginia (VA)
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  77. CDL: Roanoke: schools, community college, vehicles - Virginia (VA)
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  88. Moving to Roanoke: Wise: school, live, gym - Virginia (VA)
  89. Roanoke's Art Museum Construction Webcam: Washington: fit in, new home, design - Virginia (VA)
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  92. toddler care in Roanoke?: school, zip code, centers - Virginia (VA)
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  95. for Sean about the greater Roanoke area: Salem, Rocky Mount: sales, apartment - Virginia (VA)
  96. Need Cheap Rent, Good Small Town Appeal, Family Place Around Harrison Burg Or Roanoke: Harrisonburg: low crime - Virginia (VA)
  97. the catch-22: Norfolk, Roanoke, Lynchburg: apartment, movers, house - Virginia (VA)
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  104. heading to Roanoke then SW to Abingdon: Blacksburg, Bristol: hotel, homes - Virginia (VA)
  105. Retiring: Roanoke, Franklin, Vinton: real estate, home, gated - Virginia (VA)
  106. Coming to Roanoke: Rocky Mount, Boones Mill: house, closing, living - Virginia (VA)
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  108. ELS in Roanoke: summer, visit, good - Virginia (VA)
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  113. Salem/Roanoke: Cave Spring, Williamsburg: real estate, rentals, how much - Virginia (VA)
  114. Does Roanoke deserve this title?: crime, house, theatre - Virginia (VA)
  115. hawaii to lynchburg,roanoke????: Forest, Bedford: rentals, crime rate, home - Virginia (VA)
  116. Childcare in the Roanoke, Lynchburg, Charlottesville area: day care, YMCA - Virginia (VA)
  117. Pet limits in Roanoke: Salem, Franklin: apartment, home builder, neighborhood - Virginia (VA)
  118. Relocating to Roanoke: Franklin, Boones Mill: new home, schools, subdivisions - Virginia (VA)
  119. commercial construction in roanoke or lynchburg?: Altavista: real estate, homes, find a job - Virginia (VA)
  120. Catholic church in Roanoke?: Richmond, Salem: castle, top, town - Virginia (VA)
  121. Salem Virginia: Roanoke, Blacksburg: real estate, apartment complexes, to rent - (VA)
  122. Horse Boarding Roanoke Area?: Hollins, Fincastle: school, university, price - Virginia (VA)
  123. Downtown Roanoke: Richmond: hotel, theatre, construction - Virginia (VA)
  124. Floods in Downtown Roanoke: Salem: apartment, condo, buying - Virginia (VA)
  125. tell me about Salem, VA: Norfolk, Richmond: real estate, low crime, job market - Roanoke area, Virginia
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  128. outside roanoke: Salem, Vinton, Rocky Mount: for sale by owner, 2013, neighborhood - Virginia (VA)
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  130. GYMS in Roanoke: YMCA, live, price - Virginia (VA)
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  138. Location of Algoma Apple Packing Farm?: Richmond, Roanoke: wood floors, attorney, house - Virginia (VA)
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  146. Tangelwood Kroger: Roanoke, Franklin, Rocky Mount: buy, camper, to live in - Virginia (VA)
  147. Other than Cox other ISP out there in Roanoke?: Salem: home, transfer - Virginia (VA)
  148. Towns around Roanoke?: Salem, Hollins, Franklin: hardwood floors, fit in, rent - Virginia (VA)
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