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  33. Destruction at the Galleria is well underway.: construction, contractor - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
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  50. St. Clair County growing.: Birmingham, Anniston: real estate, lawyer, home - Alabama (AL)
  51. Are there 'liberal'/conscious/new ager/'hippie' type people living in Birmingham?: Talladega: squatters - Alabama (AL)
  52. Bham Gay Pride Parade last Saturday night.: house, homeless - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
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  58. Lebanese Food and Festival Friday and Saturday, April 12 & 13, 2013 Another food festival!!!!! (Oh Yeah!!!): Birmingham: for sale - Alabama (AL)
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  75. What next when the land is gone: Birmingham, Mountain Brook: income, live - Alabama (AL)
  76. Recreational Soccer that allow all players to play if not as good: Birmingham: area - Alabama (AL)
  77. Healthiest areas of Birmingham?: Homewood, Mountain Brook: best school, air quality, Whole Foods - Alabama (AL)
  78. ?? Consignment Shop in Mountain Brook ??: Vestavia Hills: buying, live in, prices - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  79. Leeds vs Helena/Pelham: Alabaster, Trussville: school, place to live, county - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  80. Chinese Drywall Remediation in Birmingham: houses, buying, contractors - Alabama (AL)
  81. Bham Economy: Birmingham: real estate market, employment, construction - Alabama (AL)
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  84. If working in Lincoln, where is best place to live?: Birmingham: apartment, to rent - Alabama (AL)
  85. preschools - hoover/ vestavia hills: buy, moving to, areas - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  86. Hoover school registration: Berry: apartment, lease, school district - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  87. Car Registration by County: Vestavia Hills, Cullman: how much, houses, DMV - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  88. Birmingham Gets Nice Ink In Gourmet: live, food, cities - Alabama (AL)
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  90. Need Girls Day Out idea for the Birmingham, Al area: hotels - Alabama (AL)
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  92. Alabama Adventure??????: amusement park, insurance, pool - Birmingham area, (AL)
  93. How much do people care about their city's MLB team?: Birmingham - Alabama (AL)
  94. Business licenses needed for writer?: Homewood: home, income, taxes - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  95. Trussville/Leeds/Gardendale/Hoover (north Shelby), Communities, Schools: Birmingham: real estate, home - Alabama (AL)
  96. Le pointe !!: Birmingham, Five Points: 2014, apartments, for rent - Alabama (AL)
  97. Cleveland to Birmingham: Hoover, Trussville, Irondale: month to, houses, neighborhood - Alabama (AL)
  98. Para Sailing - nearest to Bham - advice: Mobile: power lines, insurance - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  99. Street Drankin allowed in Bham.: Birmingham: 2014, bars, cities - Alabama (AL)
  100. Is Irondale a good place to live?: Birmingham, Trussville: rental, low crime - Alabama (AL)
  101. I-65/US 78 - Birmingham, AL: Memphis: 2014, construction, place - Alabama
  102. Apartments near UAB: Birmingham, Southside, Berry: best neighborhood, leasing, home - Alabama (AL)
  103. UAB bone marrow transplant / stem cell rescue: housing, best - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  104. Introduction to Birmingham: Hoover, Trussville: new home, schools, to live - Alabama (AL)
  105. Moving from St Louis to Alabama!?!: Birmingham, Tuscaloosa: townhouses, employment, neighborhoods - (AL)
  106. Heading to Bham (area) from NJ - worried about flooding: Birmingham: insurance, how much - Alabama (AL)
  107. abuse of authority: Huntsville: vehicles, office, ticket - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  108. Riverchase neighborhood: Hoover: houses, shop, safe - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  109. Rent to Own - experienced with this??: real estate, rental - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  110. Dinner in Birmingham: Homewood, Foley, Southside: home, allergy, restaurants - Alabama (AL)
  111. Best Wings in Birmingham?: yard, health, place - Alabama (AL)
  112. Recommend a contractor/builder?: Jackson: home builder, price, land - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  113. Taking Mega-Bus From Atlanta To Birmingham~Is The Destination Point Safe For A Woman To Pick Me Up>?: Homewood: taxi - Alabama (AL)
  114. Kenley Apartments: price, place, good - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  115. Moving from Eastern Ky to around Alabaster. Scared to death.: Birmingham: apartments, for rent - Alabama (AL)
  116. Forest & Highland Park areas - Family with small child: Birmingham: for sale, apartment - Alabama (AL)
  117. Looking for an active, liberal church in Hoover/B'ham?: Birmingham: living in, yard - Alabama (AL)
  118. The future of real estate....: Birmingham, Montgomery: real estate market, 2014, foreclosed - Alabama (AL)
  119. Moving to Birmingham September: Mountain Brook, Southside: apartments, neighborhood, school - Alabama (AL)
  120. subrubs of birmingham with the most colonial: Hoover, Homewood: homes, best schools - Alabama (AL)
  121. Future of Birmingham: loft, crime rate, restaurants - Alabama (AL)
  122. Looking for a middle-age meetup group to make new friends.: Birmingham: move to, activity - Alabama (AL)
  123. Birmingham looking like North Alabama?: Montgomery, Huntsville: living, agriculture, areas - (AL)
  124. Need to find reasonable & safe apts in Homewood, Hoover or Vestavia Hills: Birmingham: apartments - Alabama (AL)
  125. What is your favorite locally owned business?: Birmingham, Homewood: furniture stores, moving - Alabama (AL)
  126. adamsville: Birmingham, Hoover, Homewood: renting, low crime, houses - Alabama (AL)
  127. The Birmingham News. Now Three Days A Week.: Mobile, Huntsville: homes, neighborhoods - Alabama (AL)
  128. So Birmingham......: Montgomery, Tarrant, Lincoln: quality of life, move, manufacturing - Alabama (AL)
  129. Is Birmingham a major city ?: Greenville, York: insurance, health care - Alabama (AL)
  130. Nordstrom comes to Birmingham: shopping center, move, discount - Alabama (AL)
  131. Moving to Birmingham/UAB: Mountain Brook: for sale, apartments, rentals - Alabama (AL)
  132. Jasper, AL Crime?: Birmingham, Arley: sales, crime rate, house - Alabama
  133. Uptown Entertainment District: Birmingham, Louisville: real estate, apartments, loft - Alabama (AL)
  134. Huntsville First City in the Nation to Offer Laptops and Wi-Fi on the buses to School Children instead of Textbooks: Birmingham: credit card, how much - Alabama (AL)
  135. Bham folks, your thoughts about Pelham?: Birmingham, Hoover: house, buyer, high school - Alabama (AL)
  136. Moving- Pick my school and neighborhood: Birmingham, Hoover: for sale, house, magnet school - Alabama (AL)
  137. West St. Clair the next North Shelby?: Birmingham, Montgomery: apartment complexes, lofts - Alabama (AL)
  138. Moving Need Advice? Help Us Help You.: Birmingham, Dothan: apartments, rentals - Alabama (AL)
  139. Looking at Alabama/where to live: Birmingham, Mobile: apartments, rental homes, crime - (AL)
  140. Birmingham Weather: Carolina: tornadoes, moving to, deal - Alabama (AL)
  141. Non-daily Birmingham News: Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville: attorneys, unemployment rate, buying - Alabama (AL)
  142. Trinity Hospital appears to be an economic bomb about to explode: Birmingham: sale, 2013 - Alabama (AL)
  143. Once Dying, Birmingham is Suddenly Hot: Huntsville: crime, taxi, live in - Alabama (AL)
  144. Pediatricians who don't force vaccines?: Hoover: home, private school, live - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  145. Where can one get an excellent suit ?: Birmingham, Leeds: sales, buyers - Alabama (AL)
  146. King Cake from local bakery?: Birmingham, Decatur: living, costs, metro area - Alabama (AL)
  147. Rebuilding of I-20/59 downtown: Birmingham, Hoover: 2013, construction, closing - Alabama (AL)
  148. Best Route from Birmingham to Disney World Orlando: Montgomery, Dothan: hotel, live - Alabama (AL)
  149. Moving to Birmingham from Southern California: Hoover, Homewood: apartments, rental homes, condos - Alabama (AL)
  150. Job offer in Alabaster?? Help!!: Birmingham, Hoover: fit in, crime, houses - Alabama (AL)
  151. Food Specialties in Bham?: Birmingham, Pelham: schools, closing, live - Alabama (AL)
  152. Is Birmingham an underrated city ?: Cullman: crime, places to live, cost - Alabama (AL)
  153. Who would be in or out if the Birmingham and the suburbs in JeffCo Merged?: Hoover: homes, schools - Alabama (AL)
  154. Hispanic/White couple Mountain Brook: Hoover, Homewood: fit in, 2013, apartments - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  155. Best area to buy a house: Birmingham, Bessemer: appointed, apartments, foreclosure - Alabama (AL)
  156. Dome Stadium......: Birmingham, Alabaster, Mountain Brook: 2013, how much, hotels - Alabama (AL)
  157. Downtown Housing Units: Birmingham, Montgomery, Hoover: 2013, apartments, rental - Alabama (AL)
  158. Which Orthopedic for knee surgery: Birmingham, Vincent: university, bill, rated - Alabama (AL)
  159. 29 Seven Apartments- Lakeview- Ground Up and Interior: Birmingham, Southside: renter, lofts - Alabama (AL)
  160. Safe, cheap, hotel off 65: Birmingham, Montgomery: safe area, restaurants, shops - Alabama (AL)
  161. Moving to area, Need help: Birmingham, Hoover: real estate, 2013, apartments - Alabama (AL)
  162. 19, starting out on my own: Birmingham: loans, home, find a job - Alabama (AL)
  163. Need suggestions for safe airport parking (BHM): Birmingham, Huntsville: hotels, safe neighborhood - Alabama (AL)
  164. Arrrgh! Searching for new Primary Care Physician: Birmingham, Vincent: insurance, home - Alabama (AL)
  165. DSL vs. cable internet experience: Birmingham: to rent, house, neighborhood - Alabama (AL)
  166. Is there a River bank around near by - for a walk: Birmingham: buy, school - Alabama (AL)
  167. Alabama School of Fine Arts: Birmingham, Hoover: appointed, crime, homes - (AL)
  168. Moving from michgan to ensley alabama,HELP!!!: Birmingham, Detroit: crime rate, roughest - (AL)
  169. Is electrical equipment not the landlords responsibilty ?: apartments, leasing - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  170. Should Birmingham heavily invest in South Birmingham for major new growth?: Montgomery: insurance, neighborhoods - Alabama (AL)
  171. Tell Me about Trussville: Homewood, Alabaster: rent, HOA fees, consignment - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  172. Regions Bank vs PNC bank: Birmingham, Decatur: appointed, sales, mortgage - Alabama (AL)
  173. Birmingham's push for international flights: Vance: chapel, consignment, prices - Alabama (AL)
  174. Norwood Thoughts?: Birmingham, Homewood, Helena: fit in, for sale, apartment complexes - Alabama (AL)
  175. Sun 3/17 Shooting @ Railroad park!: apartment, crime, shop - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  176. Greystone to UAB realistic?: Birmingham, Hoover: hotel, houses, neighborhood - Alabama (AL)
  177. Birmingham Skyline....: apartments, lease, condos - Alabama (AL)
  178. Birmingham's CSA expands again, now includes Talladega County: Tuscaloosa, Hoover: prices, groceries - Alabama (AL)
  179. New or upcoming projects in the Birmingham Metro Area: Trinity: 2013, apartments - Alabama (AL)
  180. Moving to Birmingham in July, need advice: Southside, Five Points: sales, apartments - Alabama (AL)
  181. Moving to Alabama =): Birmingham, Montgomery: how much, house, university - (AL)
  182. Which suburb to choose?: Birmingham, Hoover: real estate, city hall, houses - Alabama (AL)
  183. Mayor Bell next project?: Birmingham: 2013, new home, neighborhoods - Alabama (AL)
  184. Neighborhoods and Blacks: Birmingham, Hoover, Homewood: middle-class, how much, public schools - Alabama (AL)
  185. Long lines at Jefferson County DMV: Birmingham, Decatur: lease, insurance, live in - Alabama (AL)
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  187. Congrats to BHM!!: Birmingham: job - Alabama (AL)
  188. landscaping - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  189. Funniest Birmingham Blog ever...: driver, people - Alabama (AL)
  190. Region Field: 2013, construction, ballpark - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)
  191. Looking for doctor: Birmingham: areas, surrounding - Alabama (AL)
  192. 17 Alabama museums will be offering free admission for two Sept. 29, 2012.: Smiths: live, offer - Birmingham area, (AL)
  193. see on the news about a man shot while driving?: Birmingham: car, wife - Alabama (AL)
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  195. And a cool article on downtown Birmingham: small town, small - Alabama (AL)
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  197. Headhunter looking for a medical sales rep in Jacksonville AL: health, pay - Birmingham area, Alabama
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  199. Positive Accolades for Birmingham: Montgomery, Athens: home, neighborhoods, school - Alabama (AL)
  200. Clairmont Pointe (Southside; Minutes from UAB, Downtown): bedroom, room - Birmingham area, Alabama (AL)