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  84. Westbrook out for OKC w/ Knee Injury: playoff, dark horse, finals - Basketball
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  87. Basketball Country?: NCAA, hockey, NBA, Celtics
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  102. Jerry buss died: playoffs, NBA, pro, Champion - Basketball
  103. Is Brittney Griner better than the worst guy in NBA?: olympics, win - Basketball
  104. So wait a second, the Nets/Bulls game is scheduled for primetime on Saturday instead of Knicks/Celtics?: playoff, Heat - Basketball
  105. The Lakers: Buried + Done: playoffs, win, games, NBA - Basketball
  106. At his current assist rate, Lebron will retire with double the amount of assists as Kobe and MJ..: coach, MVP - Basketball
  107. A Breath of Fresh Air: shoe, playoffs, win, games - Basketball
  108. ESPN reporting Kobe has a torn achilles tendon: playoffs, win, games - Basketball
  109. kids think they could take Jordan during his prime: games, NBA - Basketball
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  112. **Official** 4th Annual Bracket Challenge: logo, Champion, fan, school - Basketball
  113. Allen Iverson, NBA icon, struggles with life after basketball: coach, boxing, game
  114. What NBA game tomorrow do you find the least intriguing out of all five?: games, Knicks - Basketball
  115. What states could make the best Basketball team in NBA and ABL history?: rooster, win
  116. Lebron and Durant Training Together: finals, win, ESPN, NBA - Basketball
  117. Moving the NBA season.....: playoffs, hockey, finals, games - Basketball
  118. Will Kareem Abdul Jabbar's statue look a lot different since he complained about not having one?: coach, uniform - Basketball
  119. For all the people who are fans of out of towner teams read: arena, pay - Basketball
  120. ***Official LA Lakers **: playoffs, star, olympics, games - Basketball
  121. Best NBA Little Guy?: playoff, MVP, game, record - Basketball
  122. Who are of your favorite people in the NBA?: best, players - Basketball
  123. How far do you think the Brooklyn Nets will go in the next 5 years.: draft, playoffs - Basketball
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  125. Pick a Current Active player......: draft, star, finals, game - Basketball
  126. Houston Rockets 2012-13: playoffs, win, games, NBA - Basketball
  127. NBA Countdown on ESPN still is not on the level of Inside the NBA on TNT: games, Celtics - Basketball
  128. James Harden to Rockets: drafted, draft, finals, win - Basketball
  129. New rule to limit too many overtimes in a game.: draft, MLB - Basketball
  130. Stoppa the floppa: lose, game, NBA, professional - Basketball
  131. Shaq: Dwight is not the Best Center in the League: finals, game - Basketball
  132. NBA Season 2012-13 Regular Season: coach, playoffs, finals, wildcard - Basketball
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  137. 76ers: pay, win, games, tickets - Basketball
  138. Ray Allen .. Heat Bound: finals, Celtics, Nets, Champion - Basketball
  139. 2013 NBA Champion Prediction: draft, finals, win, Celtics - Basketball
  140. free agency 2012: draft, finals, win, Raptors - Basketball
  141. Joe Johnson trade: draft pick, draft, game, NBA - Basketball
  142. Nash headed to Lakers: playoffs, wildcard, game, ESPN - Basketball
  143. Knicks made right decision with J. Lin: draft, pay, jerseys - Basketball
  144. Is it a dream team?: olympics, game, legends, NBA - Basketball
  145. Lithuania gives Team USA all it can handle: Comcast, finals, game - Basketball
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  147. Kobe, what is going to happen with Dwight now....?: coach, playoffs, finals - Basketball
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  149. Want Copy of Jordan's Flu Game: playoff, finals, lose, games - Basketball
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  151. Most nba players go broke after retirement?: pay, managers, game - Basketball
  152. NBA Draft: draft pick, wild card, Raptors, Cavaliers - Basketball
  153. Dwight, how's LA?: arenas, foul, game, NBA - Basketball
  154. Milwaukee Bucks: arena, playoffs, finals, win - Basketball
  155. Staples Center: reason a sellout for Clippers is more than for Lakers?: pay, fairweather fan - Basketball
  156. Durant is a great player but him crying with his mom on camera was not a good look: star, finals - Basketball
  157. Rings Are Not The Barometer For Greatness: MVP, finals, olympics - Basketball
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  164. i think this would be a championship caliber starting five that could beat: win, tickets - Basketball
  165. Knicks at a crossroads: playoffs, MVP, games, race - Basketball
  166. LeBron James enters the 20,000 pts. club.: MVP, finals, game, NBA - Basketball
  167. Sacramento Kings to relocate to Seattle!: jersey, NBA, New Jersey Nets, Grizzlies - Basketball
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  169. Will the spurs continue to be good after the big 3 retire?: coach, playoffs - Basketball
  170. Official Marquette Golden Eagles: NCAA, coaches, win, game - Basketball
  171. So, you are Dwight Howard....what do you do?: draft pick, coaches, foul - Basketball
  172. How's this trade? Knicks and Lakers-: draft pick, coach, draft, Suns - Basketball
  173. Pau Gasol, MWP, Howard and 2 first round picks for Durant and Ibaka. How does that sound?: jerseys, MVP - Basketball
  174. Mike D'Antoni is the new Lakers coach.: player, playing - Basketball
  175. Which winless team will win first? The 0-6 Wizards or 0-8 Pistons?: drafted, coach - Basketball
  176. Charlotte Bobcats 2012-2013 OFFICIAL: coach, playoffs, win, games - Basketball
  177. Most underrated NBA players for the 2012-2013 season.: star - Basketball
  178. Now that Lebron has a ring which next great player will get a ring in the NBA?: win, game - Basketball
  179. College basketball 2012-2013: preseason, win, fan, team
  180. Mike Brown gets fired!: coaches, win, games, ESPN - Basketball
  181. [11-10-2012]L.A. Times: Lakers say they're 95% sure Phil Jackson will return as coach.: pay, coaches - Basketball
  182. Credit where credit is due...the NY Knicks: playoffs, win, games - Basketball
  183. Top 10 MVP: win, records, Knicks, Clippers - Basketball
  184. The NBA and the Shot Clock: arenas, president, games, Pistons - Basketball
  185. Has your team sent it's lineup card to the league for approval?: draft, pay - Basketball
  186. more andrew bynum problems: games, woman, race, Lakers - Basketball
  187. Hey Knicks fans.....: jerseys, playoffs, star, Magic - Basketball
  188. Andrew Bynum out indefinitely: playoffs, lose, Philadelphia 76ers, Lakers - Basketball
  189. NCAA D-3 guard scored 138 points: coaches, game, records, NBA - Basketball
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  195. Marquette's Jerome Whitehead found dead: Champion, team, player, championship - Basketball
  196. FAITH IN HUMANITY RESTORED: On A High School Basketball Court In Texas: player, ball
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  199. LOL...funniest March Madness video I've seen in years!: watch - Basketball
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