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  1. The San Diego Chargers moving to LA in 2012?: ticket, game, sport - Pro Football
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  13. Which piece of transportation infrastructure is most likely to connect the next two Super Bowl cities?: Dolphins, Jets - Pro Football
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  20. Football fans?: coach, game, Eagles, team - Pro Football
  21. Who is going to be the first?: coaches, playoffs, superbowl - Pro Football
  22. Will the Chargers be able to recover in the road to Super Bowl 45?: game - Pro Football
  23. Redskins fans help me with this because I fee like I'm about to explode.: NFC, strategy - Pro Football
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  25. NFLs Stricter Enforcement on Dangerous Hits: leagues, fan, win, games - Pro Football
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  30. Non-Steeler fans who have attended Steeler games at Heinz Field: fan, Steelers - Pro Football
  31. Why is it that an NFL team that had won last season's superbowl are called Defending Champs ?: win, game - Pro Football
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  35. New Orleans Football: league, teams - Pro Football
  36. Does the NFL need to get rid of the NFL Combine?: drafted, draft - Pro Football
  37. The Official Tailgating Tailgaters Unite!: AFC, pro, games, Chiefs - Pro Football
  38. Our second best player arrested DUI - Tampa Bucs: athletic, league, lose - Pro Football
  39. To all football fans and members on this forum:: best - Pro Football
  40. My top 10 Choices to Play the 2011 Super Bowl Halftime Show: fighters, people - Pro Football
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  46. Show ME the Money !!! - Pro Football
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  48. former NFL -college player need a great job?: coach, star, athletic - Pro Football
  49. Denver Broncos WR Kenny McKinley Commits Suicide: sport - Pro Football
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  51. LaGarrette Blount at it again: drafted, coaches, draft, game - Pro Football
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  53. Black Monday....Mangini joins the unemployed list.: coach, president, Cleveland Browns - Pro Football
  54. Surprised by the Browns firing Mangini when they look to be on the rise: coach, fan - Pro Football
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  56. List of Players with the Most Disappointing Training Camps: coach, lose, NFL - Pro Football
  57. decent tickets?: jerseys, fan, games, ball - Pro Football
  58. I know this had to be painful for Jaws this morning but he admitted that the Eagles will win...: games, Texans - Pro Football
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  60. Fantasy Football: draft, league, schedule, people - Pro Football
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  67. Toby Gerhart: Vikings, people - Pro Football
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  70. NFL ego crime scene: professional, men, watching, players - Pro Football
  71. SB XV Odds to Win: game, New England Patriots, York Jets, Baltimore Ravens - Pro Football
  72. What are black bands players wore yesterday?: coaches, professional, sport - Pro Football
  73. Would an NFL team in Toronto (or other Canadian city) kill the CFL?: leagues, games - Pro Football
  74. Best way to get into football?: coaches, games, ESPN, sport - Pro Football
  75. What needs to happens in order to see this wildcard matchup in the NFC?: win, games - Pro Football
  76. Congrats Bears Fans, you now have a first round bye because of Joe Webb: NFC, playoffs - Pro Football
  77. Merry Christmas City Data Football Fans!: Giants, Bears - Pro Football
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  79. DeSean Jackson: league, game, ball, NFL - Pro Football
  80. Clausen, McCoy, or Tebow?: drafted, coach, draft, game - Pro Football
  81. Do ya'll think Bill Romonawski should be in the Hall Of Fame since he did win 4 Super Bowl Rings (Broncos and 49ers)?: games, tackle - Pro Football
  82. Jets employee trips Dolphin player: coach, league, game, sport - Pro Football
  83. Honestly why do the 13-3 number 1 seed FALCONS get no respect???: NFC, league - Pro Football
  84. Childress fired: coach, sport, NFL, Packers - Pro Football
  85. Mike Vick: NFC, playoffs, athletic, win - Pro Football
  86. Rex: Can I sniff your feet?: tickets, man, sport, NFL - Pro Football
  87. According to ProFootball Talk, there could be new overtime rules starting this weekend: playoffs, win - Pro Football
  88. Best NFL Special Teamers Ever: shoes, ball, Denver Broncos, Cowboys - Pro Football
  89. What is the most painful memorable game that has stuck with you for most of your life?: NFC, playoffs - Pro Football
  90. Michael Vick - Best QB in the NFL - without a doubt: coach, games - Pro Football
  91. NFL back in L.A. (Relocation): league, fan, games, legend - Pro Football
  92. Do you enjoy CLOSE playoff games as long as your team is..: fan, win - Pro Football
  93. Rex Grossman played solid for skins: coaches, games, man, NFL - Pro Football
  94. Will Tim Tebow become an elite NFL star QB?: coach, manager, pro - Pro Football
  95. Have you been called a bandwagoner after your team that you been through the worst with had a better season?: coach, jersey - Pro Football
  96. What if Mike Vick faces Atlanta in the NFC Championship game?: AFC, playoff - Pro Football
  97. Top 10 NFL team arrests since 2000....: league, sport, NBA, Miami Dolphins - Pro Football
  98. Atlanta Falcons vs. Philadelphia Eagles: AFC, NFC, playoffs, lose - Pro Football
  99. Congrats to Peyton Hillis!: jersey, game, Patriots, watch - Pro Football
  100. Giants/Vikings Game has been moved to Monday due to Blizzard in Minnesota area: NFL, watch - Pro Football
  101. Penn. Governor Ed Rendell sounds off: NFC, hockey, league, fan - Pro Football
  102. MNF's John Gruden: pay, coach, pro, games - Pro Football
  103. Breaking News..............49ers fired Mike Singletary: coaches, game, ESPN, NFL - Pro Football
  104. ATL Falcons/Nawlins sAints (MNF 12/27/10): NFC, playoffs, games, records - Pro Football
  105. Rooney Minority Coach Rule: coaches, professional, league, fan - Pro Football
  106. Don Meredith 1938-2010: draft pick, draft, league, game - Pro Football
  107. Arena Footbal compared to the NFL, which you think is better?: coach, professional - Pro Football
  108. FAT LADY SINGS IN clevelanD: coaches, playoffs, fan, sport - Pro Football
  109. Giants 31-10 Collapse Game ended up being the reason they missed the playoffs: NFC, coach - Pro Football
  110. NFC Playoff Picture (discussion): playoffs, win, games, NFL - Pro Football
  111. NFL division champ home field advantage: NFC, coach, playoffs, wildcard - Pro Football
  112. Commercials during a score?: NCAA, coach, hockey, pro - Pro Football
  113. Seattle-St. Louis..ridiculous!: NFC, playoffs, win, games - Pro Football
  114. Jets vs Pats on MNF -12/6: AFC, coach, games, Patriots - Pro Football
  115. Nfl mvp 2010-2011 season: team, stats - Pro Football
  116. Johnson / Finnegan: games, ESPN, sport, tackle - Pro Football
  117. Team Alignment vs Geographical Location: AFC, NFC, leagues, games - Pro Football
  118. The Loser Bowl: NFC, playoffs, league, fan - Pro Football
  119. Derek Anderson Meltdown: games, Cardinals, 49ers, watch - Pro Football
  120. Vikings/Eagles Game has been postponed to Tuesday at 8pm: league, sport - Pro Football
  121. The Official 2011 NFL Playoff: AFC, NFC, superbowl, win - Pro Football
  122. Titans Sign Moss: coach, sport, NFL, Tennessee Titans - Pro Football
  123. Jets Fans Prepare!: playoff, Ravens, teams, prediction - Pro Football
  124. Things that I will never understand about what players/coaches do in the NFL: preseason, lose - Pro Football
  125. Clinton Portis Comments on Female Reporters in NFL Locker Rooms: professional, league - Pro Football
  126. Why aren't the Panther's running the ball?: coach, league, game - Pro Football
  127. Favorite and Least Favorite NFL Players: hockey, league, game, tackle - Pro Football
  128. This year's surprise team(s) in the NFL: AFC, playoff, game - Pro Football
  129. 2010 Fantasy Football Sit/Start: league, game, ball, Texans - Pro Football
  130. 2011 NFL Labor Situation: preseason, coaches, playoffs, finals - Pro Football
  131. Who is winning the Heisman this year?: win, games, NFL - Pro Football
  132. What was your biggest surprise today in the NFL?: sport, ball, Dolphins - Pro Football
  133. Geaux falcons!: playoffs, win, games, Saints - Pro Football
  134. Most annoying and/or bandwagon NFL fans?: tickets, win, game - Pro Football
  135. Wade Phillips next job?: coach, league, game, ESPN - Pro Football
  136. This has been a wacky day in Week 3 of the NFL: draft pick, coach - Pro Football
  137. Haynesworth represents just about everything that's wrong with pro football: draft, pay
  138. Honolulu Blue: The Official Detroit Lions: sport, tackle, Bears - Pro Football
  139. The Offensive Scheme Click if you want to learn how football works.: coaches, games - Pro Football
  140. Now that Jets got Revis, predict their record & Superbowl chances: AFC, playoffs - Pro Football
  141. The Cardinals have released QB Matt Leinart: star, games, ESPN - Pro Football
  142. ESPN is in love with Tim Tebow. Why?: drafted, ticket - Pro Football
  143. Does the NFL and fans value dogs more than people?: AFC, star - Pro Football
  144. Is the AFC North the new division to beat?: NFC, pay, coaches - Pro Football
  145. Does JETS owner Woody feels he has the upper hand against Revis?: pay, professional - Pro Football
  146. I cannot believe that when Emmit Smith gave his HOF Speech tonight he did not..: fan, sport - Pro Football
  147. 2010 Football Season: preseason, games, sport, race - Pro Football
  148. College vs Professional Football - who rules in each area: fan, game - Pro Football
  149. Donovan McNabb Surprised in Locker Room by Young Fan: NFC, coach, professional - Pro Football
  150. Watching Football: games, sport, Vikings, teams - Pro Football
  151. Is this the definitin of a FAkE NFL fan?: superbowl, win, game - Pro Football
  153. N F L Wants an 18 Game Season: preseason, pay, coaches - Pro Football
  154. Can the Cowboys make it to their own Super Bowl?: preseason, coach - Pro Football
  155. Brian Westbrook has found a new NFL home and has signed with the..: NFC, pay - Pro Football
  156. 2010 Fantasy Football Draft General Discussion: drafted, leagues, lose, game - Pro Football
  157. 2010 High School Football: coach, playoffs, jersey, recruit - Pro Football
  158. What team is the 2010 NFL season Sleeper Team?: AFC, win, Texans - Pro Football
  159. Does fee like it's only 1 NFL game scheduled for tomorrow?: NFC, fan - Pro Football
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  162. Brett Favre: ESPN, Bears, Minnesota Vikings, players - Pro Football
  163. Are tired of Roger Goodell and rediculous NFL Rules?: league, game - Pro Football
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  166. The Raider Nation: AFC, hockey, league, win - Pro Football
  167. Why isn't Shanahan getting roasted for benching McNabb?: coach, win, games - Pro Football
  168. Oakland Raiders are always winning!: AFC, playoffs, fan, win - Pro Football
  169. Bama Fans: fan, ESPN, sport, watch - Pro Football
  170. Does 'icing the kicker actually work?: coaches, win, game - Pro Football
  171. It's a certain QB in the NFL who is playing horrible but has to be benched after 9 games: star, sport - Pro Football
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  173. Need help with NFL Week 10 picks....: win, Bills, Dolphins, Patriots - Pro Football
  174. Wade Phillips Fired by Dallas Cowboys.: coach, games, sport, money - Pro Football
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  180. All the things we learned today watching Week 6 of the NFL: AFC, NFC - Pro Football
  181. After seeing all the teams in the NFC the last 5 weeks, it is clear the best tea in the NFC is the..: AFC, fan - Pro Football
  182. Randy Moss returning to Vikings ?: fan, games, tackle, NFL - Pro Football
  183. Which is the Best AFC East Team?: game, Buffalo Bills, Patriots - Pro Football
  184. Jeff Fisher asked to call timeouts for Monday Night Football commercial breaks: coaches, jersey - Pro Football
  185. Jets vs Patriots: team, best - Pro Football
  186. Why so many media's and people focus so much on the player stats and money than the winnings the team makes?: game, record - Pro Football
  187. Interesting Stat by NY Post's Phil Musnick's about the Steelers, Chiefs, and Bears: league, Cowboys - Pro Football
  188. Two Hail Marys in one day: playoff, win, game, Lions - Pro Football
  189. Duh Raiders,: game, record - Pro Football
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