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  12. buying a home in Sanford/Springvale: Portland, Biddeford: appointed, short sales - Maine (ME)
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  20. Specific Neighborhoods in Cumberland, North Yarmouth, Yarmouth, Cape Elizabeth: Portland: townhouse, private school - Maine (ME)
  21. Californian moving to Maine and i need ones help: Portland: high school, college - (ME)
  22. Life in Boothbay Harbor: Bath: houses, to buy, taxes - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  23. Movin from Atlanta to Portland, ME. Need your advice!: Lewiston: job market, to buy - Maine
  24. Job market for educators in Portland area?: public schools, college - Maine (ME)
  25. Continuing Ed offerings?: Portland, Brunswick, Orono: home, schools, colleges - Maine (ME)
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  27. executive, furnished,monthly rental homes in South Portland ?: extended stay, apartment - Maine (ME)
  28. Fried fish: Portland: allergies, to live in, restaurants - Maine (ME)
  29. Affordable Portland-area rentals: apartments, utilities, price - Maine (ME)
  30. Gentrification in Portland?: Brunswick, Falmouth, Standish: apartments, rentals, house prices - Maine (ME)
  31. New apartments in Portland: Washington: crime, how much, neighborhoods - Maine (ME)
  32. Neighborhoods in Portland Maine: South Portland, Casco: crime rates, homes, places to live - (ME)
  33. Do you have tips or advice for an incoming family with a disabled son?: Portland: real estate - Maine (ME)
  34. Kummelweck rolls on the Mid Coast?: Portland, Brunswick: live in, kosher, eat - Maine (ME)
  35. Starting a Business in Maine: Portland, Bangor: insurance, equity loan, buying - (ME)
  36. Ticks in Portland?: moving to, best, clothing - Maine (ME)
  37. MA or ME, safe and connected, near artists.: Portland, South Portland: renting, theater - Maine
  38. Special Education in Portland area: Falmouth, Cape Elizabeth: school districts, moving to, place - Maine (ME)
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  40. Does Gorham, ME have form of public transportation?: Portland: live in, bus - Maine
  41. Moving to Portland from Denver, CO: Brunswick, Scarborough: universities, quality of life, living - Maine (ME)
  42. Portland Move: Falmouth, Cape Elizabeth, Yarmouth: for sale, real estate, renters - Maine (ME)
  43. Looking for a bakery close to Freeport: Portland, Falmouth: shops, drive - Maine (ME)
  44. Portland area towns with city sewer: Scarborough, Westbrook: real estate, condo, house - Maine (ME)
  45. Portland or Nashua or Burlington oh my!: Manchester, Andover: crime, employment - Maine (ME)
  46. one day in Portland ME: Cape Elizabeth, Casco: rentals, groceries, shops - Maine
  47. Portland move - job prospects/cost of living?: South Portland, Scarborough: appointed, apartment - Maine (ME)
  48. Moving in - Possibly from midwest: Portland, Madison: apartments, crime rate, neighborhoods - Maine (ME)
  49. Mackerel fishing around Portland: Eastport: vacation, best time, summer - Maine (ME)
  50. ATMs in Portland: Bangor, China, Machias: mortgage, loans, house - Maine (ME)
  51. Special Needs Service: homes, elementary school, activities - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  52. Have jobs, need the right Portland neighborhood: South Portland, Yarmouth: rent, to buy - Maine (ME)
  53. Celebratory Dinner in Portland?: Kennebunk, Rockland: restaurants, price, food - Maine (ME)
  54. Moving from Long Island, NY to Portland Area as a Nurse: Falmouth: job market, buyer - Maine (ME)
  55. What is life in Portland like?: Lewiston, Bangor: employment, camp, wages - Maine (ME)
  56. West Falmouth??: Yarmouth, Parsonsfield, Cornish: house, schools, move to - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  57. More Working Moms: Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, or Yarmouth?: Portland, Augusta: renting, day care - Maine (ME)
  58. Mold or Mildew issues along Maine Coast?: Portland, South Portland: insurance, hotel - (ME)
  59. Wear are the rustic neighborhoods in the west coast?: Portland: wood floors, house - Maine (ME)
  60. Lodging in York Harbor: Kittery: hotel, price, suites - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  61. Biddeford ME Overall Feedback and Direction it’s Heading: buying, landlord - Portland area, Maine
  62. Suggestions on where to live? Working in Kittery.: Portland, Saco: house, quality of life - Maine (ME)
  63. Questions for who relocated to Portland, ME: Falmouth, Freeport: transplants, 2015 - Maine
  64. don’t you just love the homeless begging you for money?: Portland: buy, camp - Maine (ME)
  65. there-- thinking seriously of moving to Portland-ish: Brunswick, Washington: fit in, to rent - Maine (ME)
  66. Questions for Transplants with Families - where are the kids?: Portland: real estate, crime - Maine (ME)
  67. Job interview in Portland and move to Portland...: South Portland: homes, buy - Maine (ME)
  68. Alternative to Cape-Falmouth-Yarmouth-Scarborough-Cumberland WITH good schools?: Portland, Brunswick: real estate market, homes, neighborhood - Maine (ME)
  69. NYC to Maine South Portland: for sale, real estate, HOA - (ME)
  70. Curious about forced air heat in Portland: Scarborough, Falmouth: to rent, how much - Maine (ME)
  71. Travel from Portland to Nova Scotia without car?: Presque Isle, Yarmouth: rental car, renter - Maine (ME)
  72. Moving to Portland. Need advice about middle schools in Cape, Falmouth, and Yarmouth.: Lewiston: fit in, houses - Maine (ME)
  73. Will Portland home prices keep going up?: South Portland, Scarborough: real estate market, rent - Maine (ME)
  74. Moving to Maine in August: Portland, Bangor: real estate, apartments, rentals - (ME)
  75. Thoughts on continued growth for Portland; and threats to Maine economy (aging work force, GOP healthplan, ): condos, crime - (ME)
  76. Questions for that relocated to Maine.: Portland, Auburn: for sale, real estate - (ME)
  77. Thinking of Moving to the GPA --> A Few Questions: Portland: rentals, violent crime - Maine (ME)
  78. New from California help: Portland, Scarborough: apartments, rental, crime - Maine (ME)
  79. Maine for a family from the UK?: Portland, Kennebunk: insurance, houses - (ME)
  80. Does Portland check all boxes? (plus about homeless): South Portland: low crime, neighborhoods - Maine (ME)
  81. Krispy Kreme opened in Saco: Brunswick, Topsham: buy, shops, Whole Foods - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  82. Winter-- how bad is it really?: Portland, Brunswick: 2013, rentals, house - Maine (ME)
  83. Moving to Maine in October...Safe & Affordable near Portland: Brunswick: sales, 2015 - (ME)
  84. Questions about Portland Maine: Falmouth: section 8, renting, condos - (ME)
  85. about Brunswick Maine: Portland, Lewiston: movie theater, schools, college - (ME)
  86. Looking for realtor in Bath area: house, live in, market - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  87. Amazing culinary experince in PORTLAND. Support this great cause!: Danforth: living, celebrity - Maine (ME)
  88. Hope Island for sale for 8 million!: Portland, Strong: rental, house, purchasing - Maine (ME)
  89. Produce in Winter: organic, quality, where is - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  90. Responsible & Decent Childcare & CNAs,: special needs, market, accepting - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  91. Where to Retire in the Lincoln County Maine Area??: college, live - Portland area, (ME)
  92. Looking for a inexpensive surveyor in S. Portland - Maine (ME)
  93. Occupational Therepist Assistant Jobs: moving to, medical, therapy - Portland area, Maine (ME)
  94. Costs associated with Air bnb in the Portland area...: upkeep, property - Maine (ME)