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  1. June/July activities, what to see, what to do ?: Eugene: rental, hotel - Oregon (OR)
  2. Vida, Oregon: Eugene, Springfield, Florence: home, price, shop - (OR)
  3. Searching for small mobile home or rental: Eugene, Junction City: apartment complexes, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  4. High speed cable internet ?: Eugene, Springfield: rental, house, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  5. Are mosquitoes/bugs a problem in Eugene?: Donald: campground, living in - Oregon (OR)
  6. Looking to relocate: Eugene: high school, relocate to, education - Oregon (OR)
  7. Lanscape construction: Eugene, Springfield: design, firm, landscape - Oregon (OR)
  8. Garbage/ cable/ Interent: Eugene, Springfield: how much, average cost, relocating to - Oregon (OR)
  9. Family Friendly Apartments?: Eugene: college, moving to, office - Oregon (OR)
  10. KEZI vs DirectTv: Portland, Eugene, Bend: living, cost, station - Oregon (OR)
  11. Main St Cottage Grove too close to race tracks?: Eugene: houses, place to live - Oregon (OR)
  12. Travelers in Eugene: Ashland: 2015, homes, camping - Oregon (OR)
  13. Looking for Univ of Oregon yearbook 1989 0r 1990: university, where to - Eugene area, (OR)
  14. Best way to find rental in Eugene?: rentals, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  15. A Good Veterinarian Recommendation Eugene/Springfield: park, dogs, practice - Oregon (OR)
  16. Looking for Corvallis Home Inspector recommendations: Eugene: home inspection, title, photos - Oregon (OR)
  17. Eugene Health Care Recommendations: Portland, Salem: obgyn, pharmacy, living in - Oregon (OR)
  18. Real estate agent for quick Eugene tour?: Donald: rental, house - Oregon (OR)
  19. Why Is There No Water in the Eugene Millrace?: university, flood - Oregon (OR)
  20. Oakridge water problems: buy, tanks, average - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  21. Eugene 5-lane highway:: Donald: sale, crime, how much - Oregon (OR)
  22. Im thinking of moving to Eugene Oregon?: sales, job market - (OR)
  23. Uber and Lyft still banned?: Portland, Eugene: 2013, insurance, college - Oregon (OR)
  24. Could Oregon Be the Place for Me?: Portland, Eugene: fit in, real estate - (OR)
  25. Eugene Oregon Questions: Portland, Springfield, Veneta: appointed, condo, lawyers - (OR)
  26. Eugene or Salem? - looking for good family life: Portland: to rent, crime - Oregon (OR)
  27. Job Outlook in Eugene for 2018?: Bend: best cities, university, safe - Oregon (OR)
  28. What is a good restaurant gift card I can buy online?: Eugene: home, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  29. Commuting to Roseburg: Eugene, Springfield, Ashland: construction, living in, move to - Oregon (OR)
  30. Different terrain: Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis: versus, moving, ferry - Oregon (OR)
  31. lesbian/family friendly?: Eugene: gated, live in, vs. - Oregon (OR)
  32. Weekly Motel/Short-term housing in Eugene/Springfield: Portland, Bend: sublets, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  33. Downtown Eugene: live, restaurants, shops - Oregon (OR)
  34. Senior want to move to good safe area: Eugene, Salem: mobile home, living in - Oregon (OR)
  35. Best Sushi Restaurant in Eugene: bars, to eat, friendly - Oregon (OR)
  36. which county would you recommend for buying land to build?: Cave Junction: insurance, house - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  37. Seeking guidance, thanks!: Portland, Eugene, Salem: rental, house, purchase - Oregon (OR)
  38. Advice- Quitting a Lease after just signing: real estate, apartment - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  39. Eugene Oregon vs Salt Lake City Utah: Portland: apartments, crime - (OR)
  40. various counties planning/building/sanitation depts- or not?: Eugene: to buy, live in - Oregon (OR)
  41. HUD/Cascade Management problems HELP LAWYER SUGGEST?: low income, section 8 - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  42. Looking to start over!: Eugene, Springfield: to rent, neighborhood, high schools - Oregon (OR)
  43. Jobs in Eugene Oregon: find a job, live, moving to - (OR)
  44. Yurts, where are they: Oakridge, Donald: house, construction, living - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  45. Safe Neighborhoods - Homes Under $300K: Eugene, Green: apartments, income, price - Oregon (OR)
  46. Annual property/excise taxes on cars in OR?: Grants Pass: sales, car registration - Eugene area, Oregon
  47. Relocating from Camas, WA to Eugene: Portland, Medford: houses, neighborhoods, best schools - Oregon (OR)
  48. If you live on the river, what are you paying for Flood Insurance?: Eugene: how much - Oregon (OR)
  49. Label design needed for exciting Gin project!!!: Bend: 2015, buses - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  50. Eugene & Springfield are often labeled Silicon Shire , is it really a High Tech Sector?: Portland: 2015 - Oregon (OR)
  51. [Lodging]Least-expensive Smoke-free, Drug-free, Vape-free PROPERTY?: to rent, house, utilities - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  52. Thoughts on Woodland Park Estates Neighborhood?: Eugene: homes, gated community, club - Oregon (OR)
  53. Blindly moving to the area..: Eugene, Springfield: apartment, rentals, violent crime - Oregon (OR)
  54. Raising kids in Eugene -- your experiences: Portland, Springfield: fit in, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  55. Social service /counseling, child welfare jobs in the area?: job market, schools - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  56. Can you tell me about Southern Eugene Neighborhoods?: Cottage Grove: rental, crime - Oregon (OR)
  57. Duck Football/Autzen Stadium park and walk?: Eugene, Springfield: apartment complex, home - Oregon (OR)
  58. no ducks for us.: cheap, road, coverage - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  59. Has bought land and built a house?: Eugene, Cottage Grove: real estate, condo - Oregon (OR)
  60. Need Excellent RE Agent Eugene: Springfield, Phoenix: real estate, buying, closing - Oregon (OR)
  61. Is the crime rate really bad in Cottage Grove?: Sandy: house, to live - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  62. Looking into moving to Eugene: Salem: motels, home, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  63. Rental house near Veneta, Oregon?: Eugene, Florence: income, live, to move - (OR)
  64. Gay Friendly Churches: Eugene: transfer to, live, gay-friendly - Oregon (OR)
  65. May be moving to Eugene area: Springfield, Veneta: apartments, rentals, co-op - Oregon (OR)
  66. Besides Facebook/Reddit, what are good community talk places?: Eugene: neighborhoods, county - Oregon (OR)
  67. Looking to move to Medford, seeking: Portland, Eugene: 2014, apartment complexes - Oregon (OR)
  68. 'Making it' in Eugene as a single parent on $48,000/yr: Springfield: rent, houses - Oregon (OR)
  69. Could Eugene work for me?: Portland: appointed, sales, find a job - Oregon (OR)
  70. Moving to Eugene, have questions: Springfield: low income, 2015, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  71. Looking for RV park to live in long term: Eugene: RV parks, rental - Oregon (OR)
  72. Californian thanking your area.: Eugene: lease, townhome, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  73. Eugene for retirement and launching of my 17 year old autistic grandson?: Springfield: homes, job market - Oregon (OR)
  74. Moving to Roseburg, OR: Eugene: to rent, home, buy - Oregon
  75. Having a significant issue with my benefits...: lawyer, unemployment - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  76. What Happened to the Red agave?: Eugene: restaurant, business, blossom - Oregon (OR)
  77. Need Help With Good Eugene Rental Neighborhoods: Springfield, Coburg: apartment, leasing - Oregon (OR)
  78. Moving to Oregon: Eugene, Salem, Corvallis: real estate, 2015, home - (OR)
  79. What do you think of Eugene's culture?: Portland, Bend: real estate, college - Oregon (OR)
  80. Family possibly moving to Eugene: Springfield: elementary school, live, teachers - Oregon (OR)
  81. Old school vibe?: Eugene: hairstyles, homes, living - Oregon (OR)
  82. Moving to Springfield area in a year...: Eugene: apartment, rent - Oregon (OR)
  83. One weekday in Eugene: Springfield: where to stay, rent, credit card - Oregon (OR)
  84. Where is this redwood in Eugene?: Springfield: homes, bus, smog - Oregon (OR)
  85. Quality of doctors Eugene Oregon: Portland, Springfield: live, centers, retire - (OR)
  86. How is job market in Eugene? Is it easy to start a business as well?: rent - Oregon (OR)
  87. Are there micro-climates in our area?: Springfield: live, dryer, summer - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  88. East or west of Eugene for me and my horses?: Portland: house, university - Oregon (OR)
  89. Rental listings and newspapers: Eugene, Springfield: apartment, leasing, safe - Oregon (OR)
  90. Jobs In Eugene: job market, restaurants, bars - Oregon (OR)
  91. stranded in Eugene Oregon looking for a hippie farm or community where I may be able to work for room and board: buy - (OR)
  92. Eugene - want advice: Portland, Mission: apartments, rentals, home - Oregon (OR)
  93. Tornado in Eugene: Springfield, Corvallis: homes, school, car - Oregon (OR)
  94. Drought: Eugene: house, buying, living - Oregon (OR)
  95. Moving to Eugene, need help with housing!: Portland, Four Corners: apartment, crime - Oregon (OR)
  96. Eugene Real Estate: Portland: for sale, rental, houses - Oregon (OR)
  97. Cost of buying vs building: Veneta: custom home, to move, land - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  98. rental car get towed from the tenant's parking lot: apartments, to live - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  99. Is there good trustworthy mechanics in the Eugene area?: Cottage Grove: car, cottage - Oregon (OR)
  100. Tell Me About Eugene: Portland, Green: job market, transfer, theatre - Oregon (OR)
  101. Looking to Relocate from Colorado: Eugene, Medford: rentals, living in, dangerous - Oregon (OR)
  102. Eugene to Salem Commute: living in, vs., bus - Oregon (OR)
  103. Buying land near corvalis: Eugene, Salem: for sale, price, gardening - Oregon (OR)
  104. How do I find housing in Eugene?: Phoenix: hotel, college - Oregon (OR)
  105. Why is Eugene so much friendlier than Portland?: Salem, Springfield: crimes, co-ops - Oregon (OR)
  106. is Eugene built on a swamp?: homes, university, live in - Oregon (OR)
  107. Band name?: Eugene: music, hear - Oregon (OR)
  108. Intellectuals in Eugene: Corvallis: 2015, buy, university - Oregon (OR)
  109. Hospitals in the area: how are they?: Portland, Eugene: 2013, professionals - Oregon (OR)
  110. Relocating: Portland, Eugene, Springfield: transplants, real estate, mortgage - Oregon (OR)
  111. Places To Live With Livestock: Eugene, Springfield: real estate, mobile home, purchase - Oregon (OR)
  112. Corvallis Social Scene and Community Vibe: Eugene, Bend: home, organic, restaurants - Oregon (OR)
  113. job at VA clinic: Eugene: low crime, to buy, good schools - Oregon (OR)
  114. Has the Eugene area been experiencing drought lately?: airport, farmers - Oregon (OR)
  115. Moving to Vaneta....?: Portland, Eugene, Florence: crime rate, homes, place to live - Oregon (OR)
  116. moving to the area & we don't know where to start :/: Eugene: houses - Oregon (OR)
  117. Best Cities & Towns In Oregon To Live Similar To Ireland & Friendly Irish Communities: Portland: homes - Eugene area, (OR)
  118. RR10 Lane co. Building Permits: 2013, vs., shop - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  119. Just back from a week in Corvallis...: Eugene, Salem: rental, homes - Oregon (OR)
  120. Eugene Trees Dying: home, garden, summers - Oregon (OR)
  121. Eugene High Schools: Springfield, Corvallis: houses, neighborhoods, best school - Oregon (OR)
  122. News, Oregon man sets flock of chickens loose in tax office: 2015, taxes - Eugene area, (OR)
  123. The Oregon Ducks collapse in their bowl game vs. TCU.: how much, schools - Eugene area, (OR)
  124. Still being charged rent/utilities after lease is over: attorney, landlord - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  125. Looking for help on Corvallis Neighborhoods for home buyer: Portland: appointed, crimes - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  126. opting out of Smarter balance tests - high school: Eugene: kids, students - Oregon (OR)
  127. Eugene walkable?: university, vs, shop - Oregon (OR)
  128. Best Orchards: Eugene, Salem, Hermiston: house, to buy, organic - Oregon (OR)
  129. Springfield for making new friends in retirement?: Portland, Eugene: house, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  130. Moving to Eugene from Wisconsin: Coburg: real estate, for rent, condos - Oregon (OR)
  131. DMV issues, need help.: Grants Pass: loan, lawyer, legal - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  132. Choosing between Eugene, Salem or the coast: Phoenix: find a job, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  133. Deposits on utilities when moving from out of state?: Eugene: good credit, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  134. apartment recommendations?: Eugene, Donald: apartments, college, shops - Oregon (OR)
  135. Eugene: Need drop off parking lot for auto transporter: Springfield: RV park, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  136. Smoke Free Eugene: Portland, Salem: 2015, maintenance, live - Oregon (OR)
  137. Non-UO Rentals in Eugene Area?: Portland, Salem: for sale, 2015, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  138. Eugene, Oregon... for a transguy: Salem, Corvallis: fit in, low crime, neighborhood - (OR)
  139. Im thinking of retiring in Eugene/Springfield: Portland: fit in, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  140. bags: Eugene, Springfield: buying, school, live in - Oregon (OR)
  141. Eugene Dog Bans?: for sale, how much, motel - Oregon (OR)
  142. If I move to Eugene for work, will I miss Portland?: Donald: university, restaurants - Oregon (OR)
  143. NJ to AZ and now Eugene: Phoenix: living in, law - Oregon (OR)
  144. Cottage Grove: Portland, Eugene, Medford: violent crime, purchases, camp - Oregon (OR)
  145. Paddleboarding Eugene: Portland, Cottage Grove: moving, vacation, activity - Oregon (OR)
  146. Is Yachats smoky?: Baker City, Astoria: vacation, areas, reservation - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  147. U of Oregon vs Oregon State: Undergrad Freshman: Portland, Eugene: violent crime, hotels - (OR)
  148. Eugene to Corvallis/Albany via public transit?: Portland, Salem: hotel, tenant - Oregon (OR)
  149. Crime and being seniors: Portland, Eugene: house, neighborhoods, living - Oregon (OR)
  150. Active Retirement Communities?: Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis: apartment, mobile home, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  151. Morning coffee with Big Trees, lunch with left wing smart people: Portland: new home, gated communities - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  152. Pesticide spraying towns outside Eugene?: Salem, Turner: to buy, organic, prices - Oregon (OR)
  153. leave LA and move near Eugene: Springfield, Cottage Grove: for sale, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  154. Opinions on Eugene from an East Coast transplant...: Portland, Salem: upper-class, appointed - Oregon (OR)
  155. Is Eugene really THAT bad?: Portland, Salem: 2013, violent crime, home - Oregon (OR)
  156. Done with CA: Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis: middle-class, transplants, sale - Oregon (OR)
  157. Corvallis real estate like California style developments: Eugene, Salem: fit in, 2013 - Oregon (OR)
  158. Winters... how long, escapes?: Eugene, Medford: spring break, 2014, rental - Oregon (OR)
  159. Medical Care in Eugene: Portland, Springfield: month to, income, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  160. Eugene to Lebanon: Corvallis, Albany, Phoenix: rental, house, school - Oregon (OR)
  161. What happened to Harry & Annette's Fish Market in Corvallis??: Portland: for sale, lease - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  162. Rental procedure in Eugene area: Portland, Medford: sublet, apartment complexes, renter - Oregon (OR)
  163. Eugene or Santa Rosa Ca?: sales, insurance, home - Oregon (OR)
  164. Is there employment opportunities???: Portland, Eugene: 2015, rentals, condo - Oregon (OR)
  165. What's up with the bag laws: Eugene, Grants Pass: insurance, home - Oregon (OR)
  166. Eugene or Boulder CO: Portland, Corvallis: employment, to buy, school - Oregon (OR)
  167. Springfielders, how do you feel about pot smoking?: apartment complex, lease - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  168. Is six months salary enough?: Eugene, Donald: apartment, rental, how much - Oregon (OR)
  169. Mountain Biking in Oakridge. move: Eugene, Springfield: where to stay, rentals, how much - Oregon (OR)
  170. Eugene Comparisons: Springfield: sales, crime, chapel - Oregon (OR)
  171. I'm possibly moving to Springfield and need advice: Eugene: renting, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  172. people are being unrealistic about prices, living, in Eugene:: Portland: low income, real estate market - Oregon (OR)
  173. Just got burglarized, in west eugene:: Springfield, Dallas: houses, buy, tax - Oregon (OR)
  174. Where do you recommend within an hour of Eugene?: Springfield: rentals, cheap home - Oregon (OR)
  175. My opinion about Eugene: Portland, Springfield: real estate, apartment complex, crime - Oregon (OR)
  176. moved to Eugene from the UK? How do they compare?: rent, crime rates - Oregon (OR)
  177. Springfield Area: Eugene, Junction City, Lowell: houses, safe area, university - Oregon (OR)
  178. Retirement in Oregon: Portland, Eugene, Salem: 2015, houses, buy - (OR)
  179. Junction City or Eugene ?: Albany, Lebanon: crime, how much, home - Oregon (OR)
  180. a move to Eugene? A few insights..: Portland, Salem: appointed, 2015 - Oregon (OR)
  181. I Been Contacted by a Recruiter in Eugene: Portland: for sale, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  182. Eugene crime? I be moving there, could use your: Springfield: crime rates, houses - Oregon (OR)
  183. Wanting to move to Oregon, but..: Eugene, Salem: rentals, high crime, house - (OR)
  184. Thinking about moving back to Oregon, how is the economy in Eugene?: Portland: rent, tenants - (OR)
  185. Looking to relocate to a smaller/quieter town....: Portland, Eugene: house, find a job - Oregon (OR)
  186. What neighborhoods have the most California transplants: Portland, Eugene: co-op, how much - Oregon (OR)
  187. Eugene area - older parents with autistic young adult daughter: Medford: neighborhoods, buying - Oregon (OR)
  188. How can a poor single expectant mother get a place to live?: Eugene: low income, section 8 - Oregon (OR)
  189. EUG Whole Foods Market opening in Fall 2016: Portland, Eugene: sales, co-op - Oregon (OR)
  190. Looking for realtor recommendations to help me find a rental: Portland: sublet, apartment complex - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  191. Grass Pollen Issue in Willamette Valley: Eugene, Medford: colleges, allergies, to live in - Oregon (OR)
  192. Help Me Move to Eugene: Springfield: houses, teaching jobs, purchasing - Oregon (OR)
  193. Restaurant Jobs in Eugene: good?: spring break, health insurance, schools - Oregon (OR)
  194. Blue Magoo recall (Mapleton): limit, state - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  195. mental health jobs in Eugene?: psychologist, practice - Oregon (OR)
  196. Marine layer - fog in Veneta / Crow: area, summer - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  197. RC Call Centers in Springfield: center - Eugene area, Oregon (OR)
  198. My favorite places around Eugene?: directions, town, recreational - Oregon (OR)
  199. Mobile Home Parks In Eugene?: high crime, neighborhoods, living - Oregon (OR)
  200. Do you think Springfield, Oregon is a safe place to live for a student ?: lease - Eugene area, (OR)