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  9. Anavex AVXL: trading, invested, stocks, buy - Investing
  10. Did of you buy ACI or BTU after George Soros purchased shares?: bonds, fund - Investing
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  17. Which will Dow Jones hit first from 08/14/2015 -- - Investing
  18. If I cash in my traditional IRA: brokerage, fund, 401k - Investing
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  20. How do we think the market will do this week (8/9)?: buying - Investing
  21. for techies...Bollinger bands: trading, stock, average, past - Investing
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  27. IRA Investing age limit: buy, sell, accounts, money
  28. Futures & Fair Value: broker, trading, calls, cash - Investing
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  32. Rate of return for amortized term loan: fund, mortgage calculator, investor - Investing
  33. Evolving to an Investment Mentality: fund, trading, puts, stock market - Investing
  34. bond vs. hedging: calls, puts, commission, mortgage - Investing
  35. Roth IRA AGI may come close to limit: IRAs, rollover, 401k - Investing
  36. Mylan attempting hostile takeover of perrigo: trading, stock, buy, work - Investing
  37. 34,125.21 in retirement plan, what option should I choose?: annuity, bonds, fund - Investing
  38. TRPrice...pomix: IRA, mutual funds, market, buy - Investing
  39. My 401K accounts are not performing, why create a new one?: bond, IRA - Investing
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  45. Portfolio optimization - Investing
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  51. Risk capital to total assets?: trading, 401k, investment, stocks - Investing
  52. Option traders: FOK order between BID and ASK: Interactive Brokers, brokers, trade options - Investing
  53. Iron Ore or Steel: Bites?: bankrupt, interest, money, average - Investing
  54. Is it worth enrolling in my new employer's 401K plan?: IRA, fund - Investing
  55. REITs -- recommendations?: fund, cash, dividends, mortgage - Investing
  56. short selling: stocks, buying, bill - Investing
  57. Rebalancing 401k -- does timing matter?: balanced fund, 401k plan, invest, market - Investing
  58. How does Scottrade's FRIP work?: fund, dividend, stocks, payment - Investing
  59. P2P lending: Lending Club: investor, loans, borrow, economy - Investing
  60. Damn you Yahoo! Finance!: self-directed, IRA, online broker, mutual fund - Investing
  61. DHI- Does see value there at all?: dividend, commission, stock - Investing
  62. Low Risk Investment for short term: credit, cash, buy, paycheck - Investing
  63. about the 4% rule: Fidelity, investment, income, tax - Investing
  64. Does know a NASDAQ index ETF fund ticker?: mutual funds, trading, cash - Investing
  65. How do you choose a new mutual fund?: bond, IRA, mutual funds - Investing
  66. Mixture of short term gain and long term gain for the same stock: broker, cash - Investing
  67. Dumb, Illegal or just a bad idea?: annuity, bonds, cash - Investing
  68. Need really good advice about my Whole life policy: inheritance, IRA - Investing
  69. Government intervention in China...: trading, stock, stores, recession - Investing
  70. Apple car?: trust, market, buy, sell - Investing
  71. Silver...and the Marketwatch predicition of $1000?: margin, trading, investor, stock - Investing
  72. Thinking of buying a second home...: mortgage, loan, income, payment - Investing
  73. Queston About Bonds:: bond, investor, market, borrowing - Investing
  74. Is there a Fidelity ETF similar to Fidelity Contrafund?: bonds, brokerage, mutual funds - Investing
  75. real advantage of an ETF over an index fund: annuity, bonds - Investing
  76. When to sell a stock?: dividends, investment, stocks, purchase - Investing
  77. 401K or can I do better?: IRA, mutual fund, Fidelity, Vanguard - Investing
  78. Online Banking Investment?: bonds, FDIC, cash, stock market - Investing
  79. Real estate stock market and the Housing market: mutual fund, invest, income - Investing
  80. Margin account: Scottrade, brokerage, fund, calls - Investing
  81. Depreciation Recapture - Geek Alert: market, real estate, sell, interest - Investing
  82. Best OIL ETF to purchase.........................ideas?: IRA, fund, dividends, commissions - Investing
  83. Quick way to check for preferred shares?: stock, company, analysis - Investing
  84. Which will Dow Jones hit first from 8/6/2015 -- - Investing
  85. If the Bond Market is going to crash what will protect us in the next BEAR MARKET for stocks?: junk bond, fund - Investing
  86. Rate Hike: credit, stock market, sell, unemployment - Investing
  87. my new portfolio model for retirement went to my own model: bond, IRA - Investing
  88. Monday: puts, stock market, interest, compare - Investing
  89. Can you settle this disagreement?: cash, loan, income, real estate - Investing
  90. Best use of money after selling house: bond, fund, credit - Investing
  91. Friday: stock market, buy, interest, past - Investing
  92. Accredited Investing: bonds, investor, income, stocks
  93. How much would you charge ?: trust, loan, interest, $20k - Investing
  94. Thursday: trading, stock market, interest, make money - Investing
  95. Which will Dow Jones hit first from today --: DJIA, buying, most - Investing
  96. FBIOX vs. FSPHX - Biotech Bubble?: mutual fund, trading, credit, dividend - Investing
  97. Buffett/Munger/Bogle Approach vs Pfau/Kitces Approach: annuity, bonds, mutual funds - Investing
  98. Is it time to get back into the Energy Space ?: IRA, credit - Investing
  99. Wednesday: stocks, index - Investing
  100. Buffett's offensive veterans: income, market, government, economy - Investing
  101. Position sizing strategies: bonds, broker, mutual fund, trading - Investing
  102. CTAs/CPOs: fund, trading, work, advisor - Investing
  103. Would seriously consider suicide over huge losses?: broker, investments, income - Investing
  104. Over 50 years old? If there was a guaranteed investment that paid 6% would you bail out of the stock market?: annuity, bonds - Investing
  105. Prediction about tomorrow's market: dividend, investor, stock market, interest - Investing
  106. Meeting with Financial advisor tomorrow, how much of a commission?: annuity, bonds - Investing
  107. Have 450k - what's the best way to invest?: IRA, mutual funds, credit card - Investing
  108. Natural resources are near 52-week lows: IRA, margin, stocks, buying - Investing
  109. Is there just one mutual fund that would serve most people who are retired?: bond, IRA - Investing
  110. Which stock is your best stock for long term?: mutual funds, trading, fees - Investing
  111. Transfer saving into IRA: 401k, income, stock, job - Investing
  112. Is it actually the BEST time to buy Volkswagen stocks?: lawsuits, bankrupt - Investing
  113. Company Stocks: mutual funds, calls, puts, 401k - Investing
  114. would you buy NFLX?: mutual fund, investment, stock, buying - Investing
  115. Inhertance of a Condo - sell or rent?: inheritance, lawyer, investment - Investing
  116. In your opinion which tactic listed will add more value to a stock ??: cash, dividend - Investing
  117. Why are people so excited about dividends?: trading, cash, dividend - Investing
  118. lost 35 percent in OIL can I recover: fund, trading, credit - Investing
  119. time to short M and NFLX?: fund, cash, dividends, investor - Investing
  120. How do you finance your retirement with your portfolio?: bond, IRAs, mutual fund - Investing
  121. I want to set aside $100K stock market trading, not investing, foolish?: mutual fund, fees
  122. Capital Gains Taxes--not what I want to hear: hedge fund, fees, small business - Investing
  123. Tuesday: stock market, company - Investing
  124. 30 Year Treasury Bonds: bond, Ameritrade, online broker, trading - Investing
  125. Do you think the government will be shut down on October 1st?: cash, income - Investing
  126. GOVERMENT BONDS(how do they work)?: credit, investment, loan, markets - Investing
  127. 401(k) Investment Help: bond, IRA, brokers, mutual funds - Investing
  128. The Trajectory of a Crash: cash, dividend, invest, millionaire - Investing
  129. I dont know what to do with $5000 in an IRA: bonds, TDAmeritrade - Investing
  130. Is the market always right? No!: trading, stock market, work, make money - Investing
  131. New in trading .. would apprreciate your help: Fidelity, investor, stocks - Investing
  132. Shorting against the box: bond, Ameritrade, brokers, options trading - Investing
  133. Help me sort out my 401k/Roth IRA retirement accounts.: fund, rollover - Investing
  134. Steadily losing money ??: mutual funds, Fidelity, invest, Vanguard - Investing
  135. Local CU IRA vs. Name Brand IRA: bonds, IRAs, mutual funds - Investing
  136. I have a for conservative long-term investors :): bond, IRA, mutual funds - Investing
  137. On a day like this...: bonds, cash, mortgage, investments - Investing
  138. my advice: bonds, mutual funds, investor, stocks - Investing
  139. Interest Rate Outlook - Bond Bull Market: judgement, fund, credit - Investing
  140. How Did You Choose Your Annuities?: annuity, bonds, IRA, brokerage - Investing
  141. Why invest in annuities when you could invest in the Dividend Aristocrats instead?: inheritance, annuity - Investing
  142. s the 10% Correction :-) WELCOME IT WITH OPEN ARMS!: margin, 401k, investor - Investing
  143. are the oil majors dividends safe: IRA, puts, cash, dividend - Investing
  144. Where does the money you put in stocks go after a huge collapse?: trading, cash - Investing
  145. Would you invest in evil companies to get high dividends?: dividend, loan - Investing
  146. Will this recent stock market decline push people into real estate: IRA, fund - Investing
  147. Chinese stock markets have gone crazy: trading, corporation, buy, government - Investing
  148. GDP grew 2nd quarter by 2.3%: stock market, unemployment, recessions, inflation - Investing
  149. How to build a portfolio: fund, fee, Fidelity, investor - Investing
  150. Tucker99's Passive Investment Portfolio Update/Questions: bonds, balanced fund, dividends - Investing
  151. Retiring in 10 years - best proportion of Roth to 401(k) in portfolio for tax purposes?: IRA, fund - Investing
  152. How about the stock market recovery today?: work, currency, money - Investing
  153. What is the better deal?: fund, investment, salary, pension - Investing
  154. How much further down will the market go before recovering?: fund, trading - Investing
  155. oil stocks: trading, stock market, buying, company - Investing
  156. AAPL reverse: fund, margin, calls, collection - Investing
  157. Getting started investing: E-Trade, Scottrade, brokerage, fund
  158. Do you ever play with PENNY STOCKS?: fund, trading, calls - Investing
  159. My 401k YTD performanceshows 3.4%?: bond, fund, fee, Fidelity - Investing
  160. Since the stock market is going nowhere...: fund, trading, calls - Investing
  161. the biggest lie you were told about the stock market is: brokerage, fund - Investing
  162. Expense ratios -- how high is too high?: mutual funds, Fidelity, Vanguard - Investing
  163. Should move my funds out of a 2040 target auto-balance plan: bond, mutual funds - Investing
  164. Help, should I dump my target date fund in 401k?: balanced fund, fees - Investing
  165. bond rate questions.: brokerage, mutual funds, margin, trading - Investing
  166. Black Monday: IRA, brokerage, fund, cash - Investing
  167. Energy Markets now a repeat of 2008-2009 opportunity?: bond, IRA, fund - Investing
  168. My father lives on dividends for his retirement income: bond, brokers, mutual fund - Investing
  169. Dump Fidelity Managed Account or No?: IRA, mutual funds, trading - Investing
  170. Hillary Clinton lays out plan for a capital gains tax increase and new rules for stock buybacks: bonds, trading - Investing
  171. Market Watch articles appear to be from volunteers: annuity, investor - Investing
  172. Buying bear funds?: bonds, IRA, balanced fund, cash - Investing
  173. What's the likelihood that we'll have another black monday?: bonds, markets, buy - Investing
  174. Closed-End Funds for high income in retirement??: annuity, bond, IRA - Investing
  175. Should I transfer funds into S&P now at a discount? (401k): bonds, margin - Investing
  176. Online Brokerage Accounts.: Scottrade, TDAmeritrade, IRAs, fund - Investing
  177. Black Tuesday?: fund, cash, investments, stock market - Investing
  178. At age 62 should I join the company's 403b?: fund, puts, cash - Investing
  179. What to do with 30k?: bonds, IRA, mutual funds, fees - Investing
  180. Maximizing Stock Profits: hedge fund, calls, cash, dividend - Investing
  181. Is it time to start dumping???: fund, trading, commission, investor - Investing
  182. How much have you lost in your 401 (k)?: bond, fund, trading - Investing
  183. Your way to buy/own stocks: bonds, brokerage, mutual fund, trading - Investing
  184. Which will Dow Jones hit first from 7/29/15 --: dollar - Investing
  185. stocks for capital gains or dividends?: bonds, fund, cash, dividend - Investing
  186. Ready to start buying on this crash, I mean dip???: cash, dividend - Investing
  187. BIIB-falling knife or buying opportunity?: trading, stock, sell, company - Investing
  188. of us who didn't panic and sell. Should we be worried?: brokerage, trading - Investing
  189. When to be concerned about 401k loss: bond, IRA, mutual funds - Investing
  190. Alibaba (BABA): fund, puts, investment, stock market - Investing
  191. delete - Investing
  192. delete - Investing
  193. Private Placement Offering?: fund, trading, wholesale, advisors - Investing
  194. dollar yen - Investing
  195. H.r. 2146: IRA, Vanguard, tax, employees - Investing
  196. FSRPX & Similar Consumer Discretionary/Cyclical Funds: stocks, buying, companies - Investing
  197. Sale of Primary Residence to invest in Non-deductible IRA: bond, fund, calls - Investing
  198. bought online advertisment shares before?: income, purchase, account, percentage - Investing
  199. your favorite & best trading algo?: strategies - Investing
  200. Ranking economies of various countries...: debt, past, financial, vs - Investing