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  25. Current Stock Market (DJI) drop is close to the 40% Historic Bear Market drop from March 2000 to June 2003: closing, percentage - Investing
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  51. Would really appreciate and an answer soon: cash, dividend, investor - Investing
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  57. So. Just a speculative: buy, accounts, bank, money - Investing
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  67. Pick 6 Horse Race Wagering As A Investment: fund, dividends, trust - Investing
  68. Has there ever been a worse two weeks for the Stock Market (other than the 1987 crash)?: fund, invest - Investing
  69. s on how do I lower my monthly payments on Condo?: credit score, fee - Investing
  70. Two Investment Ideas: Infrastructure, Coal & Gas: mutual funds, dividend, trust - Investing
  71. Morningstar, do you buy their recommendations?: bond, Ameritrade, online broker, fund - Investing
  72. which money market?: bonds, Etrade, fund, credit - Investing
  73. News, Merrill Lynch mulls 15 billion fire sale.: sell, jobs, companies - Investing
  74. Penny Stock Investment Tool?: brokerage, trading, stock market, company - Investing
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  76. Market Tumble: $30,000, past, year, Alabama - Investing
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  81. Stocks are doing a lot better today: buy, profit, negative - Investing
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  83. Current headline on Yahoo Finance 6/27: bond, credit, loan, budget - Investing
  84. Hedonism Funds?: cash, investment, government, money - Investing
  85. Hedonism Funds?: investment, money, economic, bill - Investing
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  88. Wachovia Securities: Scottrade, brokers, cash, annual fee - Investing
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  94. ABK's Derivative Liabilities: bond, company, insurance, bill - Investing
  95. getting out of the USD: fund, trading, invest, buy - Investing
  96. When Do YOu Think The DOW Will Hit 15,000?: stock market, 100,000, recession - Investing
  97. learning technicals: fund, cash, dividends, stocks - Investing
  98. Percentage the market can fall: trading, DJIA, investments, stock - Investing
  99. Best bank accounts in UK? - Investing
  100. Earn 18-28% return guaranteed: credit card, investment, companies, money - Investing
  101. Mutual funds running for safety: ultrashort, year - Investing
  102. buying funds? If so, which ones?: bond, Scottrade, investment - Investing
  103. fed on top of their game as always!: brokerage, fund, FDIC - Investing
  104. what % down or up are you this year in the stock market?: options trading, fund - Investing
  105. Privatize Social Security now that the Stock market is down 25% and still dropping?: bonds, 401k - Investing
  106. Oct 9 -- Will the market tank again?: credit, invest, trust - Investing
  107. Has used Traders Accounting?: trading, corporation, stock, purchase - Investing
  108. invest in Gold? Silver?: brokers, margin, stocks, buying - Investing
  109. Monday,Monday,What will it Bring?: trading, free market, investment, income - Investing
  110. Forex trading: into it??: brokers, fund, margin, daytrading - Investing
  111. Bye bye 9000, hello 7000 time for riots?: 401k, investor, buy, company - Investing
  112. Where will the DOW bottom out?: trading, credit, markets, interest - Investing
  113. shorting financials kicked into effect today again, is this why the market is down?: IRA, fund - Investing
  114. Current market = total insanity.: markets, real estate, jobs, costs - Investing
  115. American Express Offered me 0% interest until the loan is paid off!: credit card, cash - Investing
  116. What are the best stocks to invest in this economy?: fund, trading - Investing
  117. The future of the US stock market: IRA, mutual funds, cash - Investing
  118. Does investing in gold sound like a good idea?: IRA, broker, trading
  119. I'm trying to learn the fundamentals of the Stock Market.: broker, calls - Investing
  120. Dow Jones, S&P 500 and NASDAQ only up 2 percent in last ten years: bonds, mutual funds - Investing
  121. $1,000,000 to Invest: bonds, fund, corporation, buy - Investing
  122. What do you know about IRA's? s?: IRAs, brokerage, mutual funds - Investing
  123. What will the stock market do tomorrow ?: broker, trading, investor - Investing
  124. Jim Cramer (Mad Money) says sell all your stocks: bonds, fund, bankrupt - Investing
  125. is it at all to make a small fortune on the stock markets in a short time: trading, credit - Investing
  126. Jim Cramer says: Sell your Stocks, move to cash and spend only on neccessities: credit card, investments - Investing
  127. Oct 8 - will stock market tank again ????: IRA, bankrupt, invest - Investing
  128. CASH? What to do with cash in this crisis?: fund, FDIC, stock - Investing
  129. 401K Loss: bonds, IRA, brokerage, mutual fund - Investing
  130. should i take my money out?: inheritance, bonds, broker, fund - Investing
  131. 21,000 incoming: FDIC, investment, stocks, buy - Investing
  132. Do you view Stock Market loss today as a paper loss.. or real loss?: broker, cash - Investing
  133. Stop loss: A simple way to protect your money: Etrade, mutual funds, trading - Investing
  134. why we should no longer invest in the stock market: fund, dividend - Investing
  135. Pay off vs.Save: credit card, mortgage, student loan, payments - Investing
  136. Is Wachovia a good buy at $10?: fund, trading, FDIC, bankrupt - Investing
  137. Are real estate investments really beneficial?: mutual funds, margin, cash, mortgages - Investing
  138. Today Will Be HUGE On Wall Street!: trading, DJIA, stocks - Investing
  139. My Predictions for this week: broker, fund, trading, stocks - Investing
  140. Who exactly would buy T-bills and why?: bond, FDIC, cash - Investing
  141. Dow Jones Industrial up just 23% in the last 10 years: mutual funds, 401k, dividends - Investing
  142. Investing in Multi Family Units: fund, cash, fees, mortgage
  143. Bank of America now has an 8.7% Dividend - Buy?: trading, FDIC, invest - Investing
  144. Would it be smart to invest in Solar or Hydro now?: stock, buy - Investing
  145. Kramer says 'Buy Now'!: cash, bankrupt, investments, trust - Investing
  146. Getting Into Investing for the 1st Time: IRAs, brokers, mutual funds
  147. Short on Oil? Temporary?: IRA, stock, companies, tax - Investing
  148. Dow Crashes to 7000? What's the Big Deal?: IRA, fund, wage - Investing
  149. What's the best way to invest.....stocks???: IRA, mutual funds, collection - Investing
  150. Putting one's money into CDs: brokerage, fund, FDIC, cash - Investing
  151. IRA, and retirement saving in general: IRAs, brokerage, mutual funds, cash - Investing
  152. who's buying corn?: investments, inflation - Investing
  153. Forget banking/stocks, just bury silver, gold or copper and do better: brokers, invest - Investing
  154. Who is increasing their 401K contribution?: IRA, rollover, cash, dividends - Investing
  155. How many of you are on track with your retirement funds?: IRAs, mutual fund - Investing
  156. Which Companies Make City Bus and Subway Cars?: fund, corporation, investment - Investing
  157. News, A GM-Ford Combo?: bonds, creditors, cash, corporation - Investing
  158. If you had 100K what would you do??: fund, credit card, invest - Investing
  159. down 300+.... poor longs: fund, margin, cash, 401k - Investing
  160. about stock sale and taxes: brokers, dividend, commission, mortgage - Investing
  161. post your baseless market predictions: IRA, commission, stock market, real estate - Investing
  162. Why are Russians in Georgia?: IRA, fund, markets, interest - Investing
  163. Do most Corps make their money by selling stocks or their own products/services: bonds, trading - Investing
  164. Want to Start Investing, But Don't Know Where to Start: Sharebuilder, margin
  165. Vanguard 500 Index Fund Investor Shares (VFINX) - now a good time to buy?: bond, growth fund - Investing
  166. OIL HITS ANOTHER RECORD AND DOW DOWN MORE THAN 300 points: IRA, job - Investing
  167. My Resume woas!: salaries, jobs, worth, contributions - Investing
  168. 9/15/08 Bloody Monday: brokerages, trading, credit, investment - Investing
  169. my 401k in the toilet this year, ?: IRA, brokerage, mutual funds - Investing
  170. how's this for a strategy: IRA, brokers, cash, fees - Investing
  171. How many people lost today?: mutual funds, 401k, invest, stocks - Investing
  172. gold, silver, dollar: broker, stock, buy, inflation - Investing
  173. Lance Roberts/StreetTalk Advisors in Houston area: brokers, fund, credit - Investing
  174. Short ETF's halted: bonds, trading, credit, cash - Investing
  175. Making $ in short time: bond, fund, bankrupt, investments - Investing
  176. would it make sense to purchase WAMU stock right now while it's in the 2's ?: fund, credit card - Investing
  177. What do you know about Fixed Annuities.: annuity, bond, fund - Investing
  178. Is this high for a sales charge?: broker, mutual fund, fees - Investing
  179. AIG Retirement IRA Annuities Safe???: annuity, IRAs, fund, rollover - Investing
  180. about Gold Prices: fund, trading, custodian, cash - Investing
  181. Clapping at close of trading?: DJIA, stock, buy, closing - Investing
  182. stock market poll: crisis, financial - Investing
  183. Invest in US manufacturing: fund, stocks, ETFs, year - Investing
  184. News, RBS issues global stock and credit crash alert: banks, inflation, money - Investing
  185. Cashing in a US savings bond - Investing
  186. Investment: fund, credit, market, real estate - Investing
  187. Inside AIG Bailout Package: Stock Raiding Clause: brokerage, fund, stock market - Investing
  188. News, Michael Dell Buys $100 Million in Stock.: investment, buying, shares - Investing
  189. What is par rate and what is its relationship to prime rate?: broker, fund - Investing
  190. Treasury and Muni bonds tanking, bargain, or risk?: bond, fund, mortgage - Investing
  191. Broker Turned Monk Offers Home Truths to Needy: investment, company, banks - Investing
  192. Would you sell Merrill Lynch out of spite?: investments, financing, stock - Investing
  193. projections for the energy sector on Monday? - Investing
  194. which commodities performed best since 1999? - Investing
  195. Time to cover oil shorts?: IRA, buy, profit - Investing
  196. News, Morgan Stanley under review for downgrade.: debt, long-term, current - Investing
  197. Real Estate ETFs: market, inflation, dollar - Investing
  198. Regulators Shut Down First Priority Bank of Bradenton, FL: FDIC, corporation, trust - Investing
  199. Investment Banking: fund, corporation, markets, jobs - Investing
  200. Crashing commodities: hedge fund, buy, cost, dollar - Investing