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  21. ARM Holdings has been acquired by Softbank for about $32 bn: stock, company - Investing
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  39. How Brexit influences on UK banking sector: trading, mortgages, loans - Investing
  40. What if UK just never joined the EU?: stock market, percentage, profit - Investing
  41. For all of you have buy stocks...did you all follow the general rule of thumb for investing priority?: bonds, 401k
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  46. Bank of England has cut interest rates to 0.25% in new stimulus package: fund, cash - Investing
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  48. The NASDAQ stock market still has not fully recovered from the 2000-2002 crash!: fund, dividends - Investing
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  54. 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange: cash, investor, loan, financing - Investing
  55. FED, Banks and interest rates: dividends, invest, stock market, borrowing - Investing
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  58. Which accounts should I be focusing on first (sole proprietor)?: bonds, IRA - Investing
  59. Non-Spouse Beneficiary IRA: broker, mutual fund, Fidelity, investment - Investing
  60. IEX now an official stock exchange: brokers, investor, money, profit - Investing
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  71. on Options - symbol?: stock, money, worth, financial - Investing
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  74. Norstar Brokerage/ Fleet Financial / Bank of America mergers: corporation, stocks, purchase - Investing
  75. A gambling type of stock: RT Ruby Tuesday: IRA, buying, work - Investing
  76. Have stock in IRA; allowed to buy same stock in nonretirement account?: brokers, mutual funds - Investing
  77. How much effort do you spend in investment research?: bond, fund, trading - Investing
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  80. This Is Wrong Wrong Wrong: bond, IRA, investments, trust - Investing
  81. Can't Beat the Market - What does this really mean?: bonds, brokerage - Investing
  82. The Fed is bluffing, they have no stomach for raising rates.: credit, mortgage - Investing
  83. Vanguard vs Blackrock iShare ETFs: bond, mutual funds, custodian, 401k - Investing
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  86. how to invest 100k: bond, IRA, fund, cash - Investing
  87. Highest Dividend paying stock?: balanced fund, puts, credit card, cash - Investing
  88. Inherited IRA(non spousal) with the 5 year rule: brokerage, fund, credit card - Investing
  89. Might be good time to buy AT&T: bond, fund - Investing
  90. Have you ever dumped all your cash into the market during a crash?: bonds, fund - Investing
  91. Need your opinion on 401k contribution at 53: IRA, mutual fund, cash - Investing
  92. just opened fidelity account...: bonds, IRA, fund, fees - Investing
  93. Buying Chicago Public School (CPS) Bonds: bond, credit rating, bankrupt, investment - Investing
  94. Using a variable annuity for an IRA inheritance for over 65: bonds, fund - Investing
  95. Day Trading is Hard...: brokers, fund, puts, 401k - Investing
  96. Holding on to a Company which is going bankrupt?: bond, self-directed, IRAs - Investing
  97. Beverly Hills 10 unit cash flow issue: income, market, purchase, sell - Investing
  98. Rental house - Should I sell it or rent it?: fee, mortgage - Investing
  99. How will the election affect the market?: stock market, buy, companies - Investing
  100. bamboozled again?: annuity, IRA, brokers, fund - Investing
  101. Do we really need more banks, sheesh!: credit, cash, fee - Investing
  102. Healthcare prediction?: fund, stocks, company, interest - Investing
  103. Investing in houses is a bad idea?: inheritance, margin, cash
  104. Help...Vanguard: Wellington - Wellesley contributions: bonds, IRA, balanced fund, trading - Investing
  105. What do you think of retirement balanced funds by target years?: bonds, fees - Investing
  106. Market went down yesterday, s why?: bond, fund, Fidelity - Investing
  107. Need to find a good radio station: margin, puts, investor - Investing
  108. Every time the stock market reaches a new high, the pundits say it is too expensive....: fund, cash - Investing
  109. The mere hint of a Sept. rate hike has the DOW down 300: fund, credit - Investing
  110. How could a 4% annual withdrawal fail with 3% annual dividends and economic growth?: bond, IRA - Investing
  111. Stocks that pay dividends of 50%+: dividend, investment, buying, sell - Investing
  112. Brokerage Accounts (Fidelity versus USAA): IRA, mutual funds, margin, trading - Investing
  113. The 4% (withdrawal) rule is was too conservative for the last thirty years: bond, fund - Investing
  114. When you're an income investor weeks like this are easier to take: bonds, IRA - Investing
  115. Stumpf testimony: commissions, loan, purchase, jobs - Investing
  116. Index fund vs. mutual fund for young(ish) children: inheritance, IRA, brokers - Investing
  117. A 0% return on the market predicted by year end: 401k, investments, stock market - Investing
  118. High rates on CDs in other countries: bonds, FDIC, cash - Investing
  119. Thinking of moving 50% of my money to a short term bond fund: mutual funds, dividend - Investing
  120. Fee Only Financial Planner: annuity, bond, brokerage, fund - Investing
  121. Which of investment types do you prefer? mutual funds, ETFs, stocks: fees, dividends - Investing
  122. Article on why dollar cost averaging is a bad idea: bonds, cash - Investing
  123. Putting all your savings on AMZN?: mutual fund, trading, credit, invest - Investing
  124. Brexit? American stocks take up slack, lose value, or meh?: fund, dividends - Investing
  125. Markets are set for bloodbath tomorrow: stocks, real estate, interest, gains - Investing
  126. Avoiding the stock market for peace and stability.: inheritance, annuities, bond - Investing
  127. Lending Club - or nay?: mortgage, investment, loan, buy - Investing
  128. Yellen sucks!: credit card, bankrupt, free market, income - Investing
  129. is it too late to start buying REITs?: bonds, IRA, brokerage - Investing
  130. Will rolling an old 401k into an tira ruin my capability to do a backdoor roth?: IRAs, fund - Investing
  131. Opinions, how long do you think this down market last?: stock market, bank - Investing
  132. What to do with boatload of money?: fund, FDIC, invest - Investing
  133. Is this market EVER going to correct?: fund, investment, student loan - Investing
  134. S&P 500 hits record high on strong economy, earnings bets: bond, investor - Investing
  135. Aging parent with Fidelity managed account - get out?: bond, IRA, balanced fund - Investing
  136. 10Y or 30Y?: junk bonds, cash, investment, stocks - Investing
  137. Did of you buy stocks at the bottom in '09??: bonds, IRAs - Investing
  138. What are good markets for rental properties?: fund, cash, dividend - Investing
  139. Money Market Funds: junk bonds, mutual funds, FDIC, credit rating - Investing
  140. Monte Carlo Simulation: bond, retirement plan, mortgages, Fidelity - Investing
  141. What would be 3 tips on portfolio management you want to receive before start to invest?: bond, E-Trade - Investing
  142. what should i invest in? Stocks?: bond, mutual funds, FDIC, cash - Investing
  143. Elderly & Investing (Stubborness): IRA, fund, cash, fees
  144. Blue Horseshoe loves DISNEY (DIS) stock: cash, invest, stocks, buying - Investing
  145. Would it be wise to buy the VIX or something like it?: bonds, IRA - Investing
  146. Is it wise to buy more shares of the same stock when the stock price rises?: fund, cash - Investing
  147. Fed keep on blowing bubbles: trading, cash, wage, markets - Investing
  148. Need retirement investing guidance: inheritance, bonds, IRAs, broker
  149. Bad jobs report = good for Wall Street and bad for Main Street: bankrupt, free market - Investing
  150. I don't know anything about investing.: annuity, bond, IRAs, brokerages
  151. about transfering Roth IRA: broker, mutual fund, trust, companies - Investing
  152. Gold and Silver investment do you yes or now: bonds, IRA, mutual fund - Investing
  153. Portfolio Check: bond, IRA, mutual funds, 401k - Investing
  154. Is it bad to have too much money with one mutual fund company?: IRA, mutual funds - Investing
  155. Early retirement considerations: IRA, invested, Vanguard, wage - Investing
  156. Investing in Water?: bonds, mutual fund, trading, mortgage
  157. Adjusting my wife's 401K asset allocation: bond, IRA, balanced fund, rollover - Investing
  158. Do you do fundamental analysis - how?: mutual funds, cash, dividends - Investing
  159. Would you invest in this bond?: mutual funds, trading, puts, credit rating - Investing
  160. I feel angry when my stock market portfolio goes down more than the S&P 500 Index?: annuities, bonds - Investing
  161. Should I buy my company's stock?: fund, trading, investment, income - Investing
  162. Invest in Tesla: IRA, fund, stocks, buying - Investing
  163. In late 2011 the experts said that stocks were overvalued and would crash: bond, fund - Investing
  164. Vanguard Wellesley(R) Income Fund Investor Shares VWINX: bond, IRA, fees - Investing
  165. what is the best type of rental property?: bonds, calls, invest - Investing
  166. Need advice coming out of college!: investment, trust, market, jobs - Investing
  167. How many investment brokerages do you use?: Scottrade, Ameritrade, IRA - Investing
  168. Take out consumer loan to invest for: income, stock market, job - Investing
  169. Reason you own bonds/bond funds?: bond, cash, dividends, income - Investing
  170. Getting back into the stock market: bonds, balanced fund, bankrupt, investment - Investing
  171. How much of your net worth (including home equity) should be in real estate?: fund, cash - Investing
  172. play the dividend reinvestment game?: mutual fund, cash, fees - Investing
  173. Is Vanguard 500 Index best for hands-off compound interest?: bonds, mutual funds, fees - Investing
  174. SURVEY: What's your allocation ratio?: annuities, bonds, cash, invest - Investing
  175. Convince Me To Stay In VEU Vanguard All World Index Fund: mutual funds, investment - Investing
  176. I like Mutual Funds vs ETF's because of automatic dividend reinvestment: brokerage, cash - Investing
  177. made huge fortune investing solely in mutual funds?: credit, cash, 401k
  178. Matured Bond and Taxes: margin, cash, mortgage, invest - Investing
  179. Let's be who really makes a living or at least decent money: broker, mutual fund - Investing
  180. Remodel home or payoff second mortgage?: cash, investment, loan, refinance - Investing
  181. Are you holding on to a stock that has gone up 5 times its value or more?: IRAs, brokerage - Investing
  182. pay off current home or use equity for new home?: cash, mortgage - Investing
  183. FIRECalc Results - Retirement Calculators: inheritance, annuity, bonds, IRA - Investing
  184. Are Strong Arguments That Real Estate......: trading, credit, loans - Investing
  185. Squeezing As Much From The Market Before The Crash.: cash, dividends, investor - Investing
  186. Do you do better investing in....: annuities, E-Trade, mutual funds, trading
  187. New to stock market.: bonds, mutual funds, margin, lawyer - Investing
  188. When do you give up on a stock and sell?: annuities, Ameritrade - Investing
  189. double post - Investing
  190. Fintech and Digital Investments. The ICO of ICOs: interest, financial, Wall Street - Investing
  191. small business investing platform: invest, stock
  192. Effect of warrants on stock price?: trading, cash, purchase, company - Investing
  193. Can tell me about The ROZ area and loan forgiveness?: jobs - Investing
  194. Maryland 529 Plan?? has experience?: income, tax, accounts, gains - Investing
  195. The Treasury Yield Curve: bonds, year - Investing
  196. Stock Market app for streaming devices / smart tvs: interest, finance, portfolio - Investing
  197. Local voting on Brexit: financial, most - Investing
  198. Convertible Notes: companies, conversion - Investing
  199. The Coming MLP and US Shale Boom: fund, invest, loans - Investing
  200. Funny investing story...: annuity, brokerage, corporation, payment