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  13. Vector vest - Investing
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  18. We need to make America great again: jobs, rich, current - Investing
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  20. New to Acorn does know if it is legit or is there something better to invest in?: Scottrade, Ameritrade - Investing
  21. Start-up tech company: investor, most, Texas, index - Investing
  22. Is rebalancing in a narrow range good or bad for returns?: fees, investor - Investing
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  24. Investing in Canadian Marijuana companies.: credit card, corporation, investment, financing
  25. Tax Puzzler: Contribution dates determiming $5500/$6500 limits: does when you actually file taxes matter?: IRA, fund - Investing
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  27. Investing HSA: bond, fund, cash, fees
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  36. Gilbert Arenas paid 2.25 million in money management fees!: investment, company, $50,000 - Investing
  37. questions about boglehead investing style: bond, Ameritrade, Sharebuilder, IRAs
  38. Employer offers both Traditional 401k & Roth401k. Is it ok to switch in between them?: inheritance, IRA - Investing
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  43. Bill ACK ACK MAN: hedge fund, fees, Warren Buffet, check - Investing
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  45. used Personal Capital or Portfolio Solutions for investment advisor: fund, fees - Investing
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  49. Direct registration system for a stock?: E-Trade, Scottrade, brokers, fees - Investing
  50. A little help with long-term government bond ETFs,: fund, puts, cash - Investing
  51. Boom Bust Boom - The Movie: market, interest, cost, Buffet - Investing
  52. Retirement Contribution: IRA, 401k, Vanguard, salary - Investing
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  54. A Bank 401K: annuities, bond, broker, mutual funds - Investing
  55. Old stock certificates and called Vanguard-should I toss them?: broker, companies, check - Investing
  56. Use part of my IRA?: fund, mortgage, income, purchase - Investing
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  58. Don't shareholders need to approve political donations?: corporation, work, companies - Investing
  59. Invest $130,000: bond, fund, stocks, money - Investing
  60. Boy, The Gun Stocks Are Really Down: buying, employee, best - Investing
  61. Compounding Interest: TDAmeritrade, brokerage, mutual fund, cash - Investing
  62. Ditched 401K Going with IRA Instead: IRAs, fund, 401k plan, invest - Investing
  63. Annuity secured by government: mutual funds, FDIC, bankrupt, investment - Investing
  64. invest on for Real Estate: fund, credit, stock market - Investing
  65. S&P 500 index was unclanged today: 0.00%: value fund, Fidelity, investments - Investing
  66. Lyin Hillary Doll - Investing
  67. Funding Roth day after election: IRAs, brokerage, cash, Fidelity - Investing
  68. Where does one begin with a new Roth IRA and Rollover IRA?: inheritance, bond - Investing
  69. about reinvested dividends?: bond, IRA, broker, fund - Investing
  70. Help Me Pick A Bond Fund: annuities, Ameritrade, IRA, brokerage - Investing
  71. New 401k offered at Company, help with short term portfolio: bonds, IRA - Investing
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  74. Investing vs. Paying off student loans for someone right out of college.: IRAs, mutual fund
  75. Investing in International stocks has cost me lots of money: bonds, trading
  76. Behind the ball in retirement planning: annuities, bond, IRA, brokers - Investing
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  78. Would you ever invest in someone s house flip?: judgement, lawyer, trust - Investing
  79. Income Investing Results from January and more background on how it works: bonds, IRAs
  80. what should I do with money?: bond, IRA, mutual fund, margin - Investing
  81. Banks are a joke: fee, Fidelity, interest, $10k - Investing
  82. Investment book recommendation?: bonds, trade options, mutual funds, dividend - Investing
  83. Will there ever be another Microsoft?: fund, investment, stocks, buying - Investing
  84. What would you do if... you only had 3 stocks: business credit, cash - Investing
  85. Invest $100k in condo in Clearwater / St. Pete FL?: broker, fees, commissions - Investing
  86. A typical Bear Market could drop the Dow Jones to 1999 levels!: bonds, puts - Investing
  87. Bond Fund ETF Help: credit, cash, dividends, income - Investing
  88. Bear Market ahead! How much of a stock market crash can you handle mentally?: bonds, 401k - Investing
  89. US Stocks overvalued, buy Europe, buy Japan .: fund, 401k - Investing
  90. Vanguard investing: bond, IRAs, balanced fund, puts
  91. Long term return: bond, fund, investment, Vanguard - Investing
  92. USD depreciating: fund, cash, investor, market - Investing
  93. Bitcoin vs Conventional stocks: invest, payment, purchase, sell - Investing
  94. How often you you look at your stock/mutual fund/ETF portfolio statement?: Ameritrade, IRA - Investing
  95. Primarily for mathjak, others welcome.: junk bonds, fund, 401k, Fidelity - Investing
  96. How many federal workers use TSP as exclusive retirement vehicle?: annuity, bond - Investing
  97. EFTs vs Stockpicking: fund, trading, cash, fees - Investing
  98. Why is there no 1031 Exchange for stocks?: bonds, IRA, dividend - Investing
  99. Is this a decent ROI?: balanced fund, credit, mortgage, Fidelity - Investing
  100. My friends have gone to cash and will reinvest their money at the bottom of the next stock market correction!: bond, fund - Investing
  101. HIGH dividend stocks vs others.............thoughts?: fund, invest, income, buying - Investing
  102. Income Invest Results in Feb: bond, IRAs, fund, trading - Investing
  103. about Dividends and Taxes...........................: broker, mutual funds, cash, dividend - Investing
  104. Tax on 401k: IRA, margin, credit, invested - Investing
  105. Past 10 years: Stock returns beat bonds by only .3% per year: annuities, bond - Investing
  106. Why is there such a big cost difference in vanguard TRF: invest, stock - Investing
  107. Sigh... Elderly Mom's Getting Terrible Investment Results: bond, IRA, mutual funds - Investing
  108. Traditional to Roth IRA: rollover, work, interest, tax - Investing
  109. Investing just having a portfolio of index finds: bond, brokerage, mutual funds
  110. What company(s) would you love to see go public this year?: margin, corporation - Investing
  111. Amended tax return? Capital losses?: brokerage, fund, trust, money - Investing
  112. Commission Schedules Lowered: E-Trade, Scottrade, Ameritrade, brokers - Investing
  113. build me an income portfolio: brokerage, growth fund, cash, dividend - Investing
  114. Snap: small business, invest, stocks, companies - Investing
  115. Will stocks rally or sink tomorrow after Trump's speech?: invest, sell, closing - Investing
  116. Financial advisor at a bank: annuity, bond, fund, cash - Investing
  117. Asteroid Mining - Precious Metals not a good Investment?: lawyer, stock, work - Investing
  118. How much should I offer?: bonds, credit, cash, loan - Investing
  119. $35k, Swing Trade vs Buying Condo?: IRA, trading, cash, fees - Investing
  120. Basic Questions About Investing: inheritance, bond, IRA, mutual fund
  121. Which Vanguard mutual funds?: bonds, IRA, invest, income - Investing
  122. Dryships- thoughts on day trading it: fund, margin, investment, income - Investing
  123. Transfering Mutual Funds from financial planner: custodian, credit, fees, commissions - Investing
  124. High front load fees on IRA: mutual funds, custodian, annual fee, 401k - Investing
  125. What to do with bond funds now?: cash, dividend, mortgage rates - Investing
  126. Who has put their money where their mouth is PRE-election?: trading, cash - Investing
  127. good interview with michael kitces on low returns: fund, cash, investments - Investing
  128. What's the best way to learn about investing in stock market?: bond, balanced fund
  129. Parent Help - Managing Assets in Retirement: bond, Scottrade, Ameritrade - Investing
  130. Trump's stock holdings - our buying list?: broker, invest, stocks - Investing
  131. How do you invest in a brand new industry that's up and coming?: fund, commissions - Investing
  132. company stock purchases?: 401k, invested, stock market, sell - Investing
  133. Trumps Tweets: investor, stocks, sell, work - Investing
  134. 20,000: bonds, DJIA, investor, stocks - Investing
  135. use Yahoo Finance portfolios? Or at least used to...: stocks, cost - Investing
  136. Keep or sell and re-invest?: bond, cash, fees, mortgage - Investing
  137. Income Investing Results in November: bonds, fund, dividend, invest
  138. Sears in Dec 2016 = Third Reich March 1945: puts, investment, company, money - Investing
  139. Municipal bond funds are getting trashed since the election: IRA, dividends, investment - Investing
  140. Stocks? What dropping enough to buy?: bonds, fund, mortgage, financing - Investing
  141. Amazon - where do we go from: puts, reinvestment, stock market - Investing
  142. Math Teachers Are at a Loss to Understand Annuities: annuity, bond - Investing
  143. Income Investing - Results from Sep and Oct: bonds, fund, cash
  144. is it advisable to invest in gold bars: bonds, brokerage, trading - Investing
  145. When the 4% Rule Fails -- The future could be a lot less happy than the past.: annuity, trading - Investing
  146. Suggested Allocation (401K) - Your Opinion?: inheritance, bond, value fund, Vanguard - Investing
  147. Ameritrade to buy Scottrade: TDAmeritrade, IRA, brokers, trading - Investing
  148. Donald Trump repealing the fiduciary rule??: 401k, commission, investment, income - Investing
  149. How to invest in cannabis (weed): fund, trading, stocks, work - Investing
  150. need to fund our 2016 IRAs... should I invest next week?: cash, stock market - Investing
  151. Opinions on yesterday's rally: bond, mutual funds, trading, dividend - Investing
  152. IRA Account Capital Loss Claim?: brokerage, fund, trading, fees - Investing
  153. Trump win = Stock doom predictors: credit, stock market, real estate, buying - Investing
  154. Name winners and losers in all of this election: cash, dividend - Investing
  155. 2016 401k YTD return - measly 3.5%!!: bond, mutual fund, redemption, cash - Investing
  156. Is it time to sell my S & P Index and go to cash: invest, stock market - Investing
  157. What would you do in this situation??: cash, invest, stock market - Investing
  158. I hope you Trump investors are happy: bonds, fund, cash - Investing
  159. How will bonds do this year?: junk bonds, IRA, mutual funds, investment - Investing
  160. International Funds: bonds, Fidelity, investment, stock market - Investing
  161. Has there ever been a five year period a 50/50 (Total Stock Market and Total Bond Market) portfolio lost money?: mutual fund, cash - Investing
  162. My Unusual Investment Strategy: Is It Doable?: bond, fund, fee - Investing
  163. using dividend stocks in place of bond for income?: fund, margin, cash - Investing
  164. Where to park the cash waiting to be invested?: bonds, fund, redemption - Investing
  165. How much % cash are you holding now?: bond, fund, dividend - Investing
  166. Investing in non-US markets: bonds, balanced fund, trading, fees
  167. Borrowing to invest?: fund, 401k, dividend, loan - Investing
  168. Has made REAL money in stocks?: bond, mutual funds, margin - Investing
  169. MOST people think that Stock Dividends are the same as Bank Interest: broker, mutual fund - Investing
  170. Maxed out 401k and roth, now what ?: IRA, fund, mortgage - Investing
  171. Which of your long or mid term investments have doubled in 10 yrs?: inheritance, annuities - Investing
  172. 15% discount on Employee Stock Purchase: broker, fund, cash, fees - Investing
  173. What's the inflation outlook for the next few years?: bonds, fund, invest - Investing
  174. Problem with Edward Jones Advisor: brokers, fund, fees, Fidelity - Investing
  175. Parents save up: Cost to raise a child more than 233k: investments, buy - Investing
  176. Time Value when selling options: IRA, options trading, trading, calls - Investing
  177. Mutual Fund that did not have an annual loss in over twenty (20) years: bond, IRA - Investing
  178. Amazon at this level?: bonds, Scottrade, mutual funds, cash - Investing
  179. I am investing my Social Security Checks: IRA, balanced fund, 401k
  180. investing in Bitcoin?: credit card, invested, buy, bank
  181. investing in Munis: bond, mutual fund, fees, dividend
  182. City Data Stock Market Game 2017: trading, dividends, real estate, buy - Investing
  183. Dividend investing do's and dont's: IRA, brokerage, cash, invested
  184. REIT investing.: fund, calls, mortgages, invest
  185. Which broker for trading stocks for beginners: Etrade, Scottrade, Ameritrade - Investing
  186. Your expertise needed - investment moves: bond, E-Trade, IRA, mutual funds - Investing
  187. For tax loss harvesting, sell gold fund or bond fund?: junk bonds, mutual fund - Investing
  188. 401k: After tax contribution: IRA, fund, margin, rollover - Investing
  189. Fed raises rates by 25 basis points ( %): fund, investment, loans, market - Investing
  190. Three-Fund Portfolio Investing: bond, IRA, mutual funds, trading
  191. Income Investing Results in December: bonds, IRAs, brokerage, mutual fund
  192. Does Trump's election equate to a Black Swan event???: bond, credit - Investing
  193. Three plus year history of income investing for daughter: fund, 401k, dividend
  194. Marijuana Stocks: investments, buy, companies, cost - Investing
  195. Call Options- January 2017: brokerage, mutual funds, calls, puts - Investing
  196. SB 1234 - CA is making a better Social Security: IRAs, fund, fees - Investing
  197. What is your cap on stocks before dumping it.: margin, sell, profit - Investing
  198. Warren Buffett Dividend Stocks in 2017: investor, companies, portfolio, bill - Investing
  199. Mo Money, Mo Money: IRA, rollover, cash, Fidelity - Investing
  200. 107 Best Investing Tweets of All Time: brokerage, trading, cash, investor