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  33. RenovaCare - RCAR: stocks, buy, lend, check - Investing
  34. How will pressure from countries to fight terrorists effect companies like Facebook: stocks, job - Investing
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  44. Investing: bonds, IRA, brokers, mutual funds
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  78. When Trump gets impeached, with Pence in charge...: fund, credit, stock market - Investing
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  86. Thoughts on Kroger: margin, trading, stocks, purchase - Investing
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  89. What do you think of Alibaba?: puts, cash, wholesale, invest - Investing
  90. 1 index fund or multiple ?: bond, IRA, mutual fund, investment - Investing
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  92. Notice how the annuity infomercials has disappeared?: bond, fund, cash - Investing
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  94. Financial news aggregator: fund, stock market, sell, company - Investing
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  96. Brokerage recommendation: brokers, mutual funds, dividends, Fidelity - Investing
  97. Tsla: fund, credit, invest, stock - Investing
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  99. REITs Thoughts? Favorites?: dividends, invest, Vanguard, markets - Investing
  100. Amazing Amazon does it again: fund, trading, cash, stock - Investing
  101. Do you know the relationship between rates & bond values?: fund, credit - Investing
  102. Bitcoin = $2,817.58: credit card, cash, 401k, invest - Investing
  103. When did you wise up and realize investing in individual stocks is for idiots?: bonds, mutual funds
  104. Facebook (FB) keeps on truckin': dividends, invest, stocks, buying - Investing
  105. VTI better than VTSAX since you can set a trailing stop loss order: mutual funds, dividends - Investing
  106. investing pension interest: bond, self-directed, IRA, fund
  107. How do you learn about the next hot thing before everybody does?: judgement, trading - Investing
  108. Have 15K in 401K with Vanguard. Plan to just let it sit there. What should I put it in?: inheritance, fund - Investing
  109. Investing in Retiremen: bond, mutual fund, cash, dividend
  110. Letting my dividends collect in my brokerage cash account for a year cost me lots of money: Ameritrade, mutual funds - Investing
  111. Rebalancing: bonds, brokerage, mutual funds, fees - Investing
  112. living out of their investiments: annuity, puts, investments, income - Investing
  113. Took over Dad's portfolio - Muni funds: junk bond, IRA, trading - Investing
  114. Investing for elderly and financial abuse: mutual funds, fees, lawyer, invest
  115. Advice needed for first time investor 47 years old with no retirement savings: junk bonds, IRA - Investing
  116. Pay Off Your Mortgage or Invest the Cash?: IRA, fees, 401k - Investing
  117. Europe, the Euro and all things Europeanů: mutual funds, trading, investments - Investing
  118. Why put money in a savings account?: IRA, brokerage, fund - Investing
  119. What happened today??? 4-5-2017: bond, stocks, buy, most - Investing
  120. Invest in a new business... what kind of investment?: fund, credit card, cash - Investing
  121. What about buying Amazon stock?: mutual fund, calls, 401k, dividend - Investing
  122. Edward Jones 1.35% Dillema: IRA, fund, fee, commission - Investing
  123. What to do with $7k for mom?: fund, dividend, invest - Investing
  124. 500k to invest - to get a 5% risk-free return ?: annuity, IRA - Investing
  125. Help me make sense of my mother's portfolio: bond, IRA, value fund - Investing
  126. Can baby boomers plunder their children's 401ks to make up for their lack of retirement funds?: IRA, puts - Investing
  127. Based on this, should I buy me gold, ya' think?: bonds, cash - Investing
  128. Tax Refund - Gold necklace or Rolex: 401k, stock, buying - Investing
  129. Is International Index Fund Needed for 401k?: IRA, calls, retirement plan - Investing
  130. 529 Plans for college?: mutual fund, credit, invest, income - Investing
  131. Cryptocurrency: fund, Fidelity, invest, loans - Investing
  132. After Tax Funds to Invest in Through Charles Schwab?: bond, trading, 401k - Investing
  133. Deferred Comp 457(b) - No Social Security Tax?: fund, 401k, income - Investing
  134. What is the best type of account to invest money in that isn't from earned income?: inheritance, bond - Investing
  135. How To Determine ROI if investing in SP500 index monthly?: bonds, IRA
  136. Fixed Indexed Annuity From A Company Called Symetra: bond, fund, FDIC - Investing
  137. Another Edward Jones: annuities, bond, IRAs, mutual funds - Investing
  138. International funds, active/index, mutual fund/ETF?: bond, mutual funds, fees - Investing
  139. 4 Stocks For the Next 100 Years: invest, buying, companies, money - Investing
  140. I want to invest 2,000 now, and 100$ a month after: bonds, Scottrade, broker - Investing
  141. (Opinions) Which is better for a first time investor: Index ETF or index mutual fund?: mutual funds, cash - Investing
  142. $5,000 where to put it for 18 years ???: bonds, Scottrade, mutual funds, fees - Investing
  143. Will more bonds be purchased as baby boomers near retirement?: bond, mutual funds - Investing
  144. Employers 401k VERY EXPENSIVE- Have about $1000 charged $10??: inheritance, IRA, fund - Investing
  145. If you could save $1000/mo staying at current residence, where would it be best invested?: IRA, fund - Investing
  146. Sector investing: mutual funds, Fidelity, invested, stock market
  147. Buying a larger/ Dream House vs Using the Money for Better Investments?: bonds, mutual funds - Investing
  148. My broker doesn't tell me about shareholder meetings: Scottrade, investor, stock - Investing
  149. Moral Investing in Stocks: mutual funds, invest, wage, buying
  150. Fee-based advisors: IRA, fund, 401k, investments - Investing
  151. Help. Too many boring topics on this board.: bonds, fund, trading - Investing
  152. And the volatility begins....: calls, stocks, tax, returns - Investing
  153. advice on SPY and DIA ETF: fund, trading, fee, dividends - Investing
  154. Rebalancing, a waste of time?: bond, fund, investment, Vanguard - Investing
  155. The most phenomenal/memorable one-time profit you made: IRA, brokerage, mutual fund - Investing
  156. a brief review of 150 lazy portfolio's: bond, value fund, fees, investor - Investing
  157. Morgan Stanley monitored 401(k): bond, fund, cash, 401k plan - Investing
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  159. Have too much in savings but scared to invest: bonds, IRA, balanced fund - Investing
  160. The absolute BEST investment you made?: brokers, mutual fund, invest, stock - Investing
  161. By waiting until I was 70 to collect Social Security I lost lots of money that could have been invested: mutual funds, trading - Investing
  162. Brokerage accounts vs. managed funds: IRA, mutual funds, cash, fee - Investing
  163. What could/should I be doing differently?: bonds, IRA, mutual funds - Investing
  164. How do you factor in future inheritance when making financial decisions?: invested, stocks - Investing
  165. How do you track your investments?: Etrade, brokerage, mutual fund, credit card - Investing
  166. Is the stock market too high to invest in now?: bond, mutual funds - Investing
  167. What is the benefit to the US Government for ROTH IRA's ?: 401k, retirement plan - Investing
  168. Annuities - The good, bad and the ugly!: annuity, IRA, fund - Investing
  169. Mutual Funds with No Dividends or Cap Gains ?: IRA, brokerage, invest - Investing
  170. Made 100k From House Sale; Thoughts On My Plan To Invest?: bond, Ameritrade - Investing
  171. What would you do if the market is down 10%+ in one day?: redemption, 401k - Investing
  172. Need 100k quick to invest in a business should I: fund, margin - Investing
  173. Does think Walmart will double in price?: margin, dividends, stock - Investing
  174. 60 year old+ who are 100% in stocks?: bond, IRA, fund - Investing
  175. Are you selling, hedging, holding on, buying, or?: fund, puts, stocks - Investing
  176. Do you expect dividends to grow at least the rate of inflation most years going forward?: Ameritrade, cash - Investing
  177. Bought a house cash out.: IRA, 401k, mortgage, investment - Investing
  178. Collecting Social Security at age 62 so logical to me: annuity, fund - Investing
  179. Where to park cash in TAXABLE account?: bond, mutual funds, dividends - Investing
  180. Help: Fidelity 401K Funds.. Go..: bond, IRA, mutual funds, trading - Investing
  181. Using Limit Orders to buy on drops: cash, stocks, buying - Investing
  182. investment: cash, income, buy, work - Investing
  183. Dollar Cost Average into the Market: bond, fund, dividends, Fidelity - Investing
  184. Suggestions for fixed income products - Bonds?: annuities, bond, IRA - Investing
  185. Volatility of Bull Bear 3X funds vs. stocks: margin, trading, cash - Investing
  186. When people say they held a fund/stock for many years: IRA, mutual funds - Investing
  187. Target maturity funds - should I sell?: bonds, IRA, broker - Investing
  188. Employer Paid Annuity Affect 401K Contributions: IRAs, broker, rollover, fees - Investing
  189. Verizon. concerned?: bond, IRA, brokerage, mutual funds - Investing
  190. Buy Facebook (more) today?: mutual funds, Fidelity, invest, stocks - Investing
  191. Has found the perfect side hustle? (For investment): invest, loan, stock - Investing
  192. How Did You Get Over Your Hesitancy About Buying Stocks?: IRA, brokerage - Investing
  193. My father only pulls out 2% from his investments annually in retirement: IRA, 401k - Investing
  194. Abolish the Federal Reserve: investment, market, interest, tax - Investing
  195. Virtual Reality ETF: invest, index - Investing
  196. Vnrsq(vnr) and CODI: sell, shares, year - Investing
  197. Apple stock ahead of the developer conference?: purchase, 2014, year - Investing
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  199. Schwab-sters with Option Express account - Investing
  200. Options Express account holders who can offer help?: fund, bank, Schwab - Investing