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  1. What are your favorite tools to analyze your existing investments? (e.g., asset allocation,: fees, Fidelity - Investing
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  5. Delay in the fiduciary rule a big boost for annuity sales: commission, sell - Investing
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  9. Under Armour, Inc. (UAA): market, holding, year - Investing
  10. RSI closes above 90%: cash, invested, market, visa - Investing
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  12. How Low Can Frontier Go?: trading, dividend, bankrupt, investor - Investing
  13. Opinions on Fidelity Asset Manager 50% Symbol: FASMX: balanced fund, invest, trust - Investing
  14. Emerging markets?: fund, stock, buy, workers - Investing
  15. Apps such as Stash and Robinhood: Sharebuilder, mutual fund, fees, invest - Investing
  16. Wash sale losses - do they get lost?: Etrade, Ameritrade, brokers - Investing
  17. Bloomberg - North Korea is dodging sanctions with a secret stash of bitcoins: IRA, fund - Investing
  18. Hurricane Harvey shaved 1% from third-quarter growth, Goldman Sachs says: wage, market - Investing
  19. Who wins and loses in a Hurricane?: puts, investment, loans - Investing
  20. Long market value , what is it exactly?: mutual funds, cash, investment - Investing
  21. Familar with 408a?: bonds, IRAs, Roth IRA, IRS - Investing
  22. What would cause this?: fund, trading, sell, ETF - Investing
  23. Samsung Electronics CEO Steps Down During 'Unprecedented Crisis': debt - Investing
  24. Ty J. Young: is this guy for real?: trading, stock market - Investing
  25. Favorite to be next Fed chair believes central bank is a 'slave' to the stock market: fund, puts - Investing
  26. Its time for me to buy a house: fees, mortgage, investment - Investing
  27. website lists percentage of growth vs value stocks in an index fund?: Fidelity, Vanguard - Investing
  28. Buy on the rumor?: mutual funds, margin, cash, invest - Investing
  29. S&P PE Ratio and index relationship: investor, stock, interest - Investing
  30. Reshuffled the deck - out with the old, in with the new: IRAs, trading - Investing
  31. Blue Chip Oil Stock: fund, margin, trading, invest - Investing
  32. Accelerated diagnostics, AXDX ?: purchase, work, company, interest - Investing
  33. Mutual funds: bonds, 401k, dividends, bankrupt - Investing
  34. Roth Recharacterizations about to be history: IRAs, fund, 401k, income - Investing
  35. Marijuana Cryptocurrencies: cash, invest, market, buying - Investing
  36. What's the Deal with Bitcoin Cash & Other Forks?: trading, credit, invest - Investing
  37. Usreeb: invest, real estate, Kansas - Investing
  38. on Bitcoin cash: market, buying, interest, account - Investing
  39. Stock options and sale of company: income, payment, employee, money - Investing
  40. A about bitcoin: credit card, investments, stock market, payment - Investing
  41. Crispr/Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats: invest, stocks, buy - Investing
  42. Dumb on cash: bond, mutual fund, FDIC, credit card - Investing
  43. Traditional IRA to Roth conversion: IRAs, 401k, investments, income - Investing
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  46. PDVSA will ever become a stock: bond, invest, payments, company - Investing
  47. Cdars: interest - Investing
  48. Interest Rates - How Far Can They Go?: trading, Fidelity, markets - Investing
  49. Benchmark indexes for bonds/equity funds?: bond, investment, Vanguard, income - Investing
  50. Are you investing in blockchain stocks?: fund, investment, Vanguard, accounts
  51. AI, Superconductors, Phillips 66 & others...: corporation, invest, stocks, buy - Investing
  52. Robinhood for stock trades: IRA, broker, trading, dividends - Investing
  53. Municipal Bond Funds on the decline lately: dividends, Fidelity, invest - Investing
  54. Pawn Shop Items: brokers, cash, market, buy - Investing
  55. Confused about Vanguard rollover: Scottrade, IRAs, brokerage, fund - Investing
  56. Retailers: investor, income, stock, purchase - Investing
  57. 66 retired have $500 a month to invest: bonds, balanced fund, dividend, Vanguard - Investing
  58. Alternatives to Marketwatch?: finance - Investing
  59. Retirement accounts income and Child support: IRA, cash, 401k, investment - Investing
  60. Would you invest your rollover IRA to the bitcoin IRA?: trading, annual fee - Investing
  61. How Do I Find Out Duration of Zero Public Float: stock, shares - Investing
  62. Adjustments to IRA at retirement: bonds, IRAs, brokers, fund - Investing
  63. Safest place to put investments within an IRA: bonds, fund, credit - Investing
  64. Life insurance investment: margin, market, payment, purchasing - Investing
  65. Teva: IRAs, trading, stock, purchase - Investing
  66. Cfa: finance, participate - Investing
  67. Debt ceiling crisis looming--: fund, stock market, payments, company - Investing
  68. Jewish Bit Coen ready to launch: currency - Investing
  69. I bonds and TIPs: bond, IRA, fund, mortgage - Investing
  70. Tobacco companies outlook?: cash, dividends, lawsuits, stocks - Investing
  71. BTSC: Bitcoin Services Inc is Skyrocketing!: fund, cash, investment, stock market - Investing
  72. Jeffrey Gundlach and what to do with bonds.: bond, fund, cash - Investing
  73. Hedge while You can...: bond, fund, dividends, investment - Investing
  74. investing on Litecoin and/or Etherium: fund, investment, market
  75. about 403b vs funding your own Ira: creditors, fees, 401k - Investing
  76. Passive income: bonds, mutual funds, cash, dividend - Investing
  77. Threat of nukes flying - market yawns: wage, tier, gains - Investing
  78. Embrace Passive Management: fund, invest, stock market, purchase - Investing
  79. Dumb questions for the mathmatically challenged....: brokerage, fees, investments, stocks - Investing
  80. Stock Market Game 2018: fund, trading, credit, dividends - Investing
  81. Avoid/reduce capital gains taxes: IRA, mutual fund, 401k, invest - Investing
  82. Why are Roth IRA limits so low?: fund, mortgages, income - Investing
  83. Will Fifo bite you?: mutual funds, trading, dividend, corporation - Investing
  84. Creating an LLC - Stock Investments: bonds, brokerage, fund, trading - Investing
  85. $175k to invest - buy a new construction rental home for $160k?: cash, dividend - Investing
  86. Megabackdoor Roth: bonds, IRA, mutual funds, rollover - Investing
  87. on daytrade ??: daytrading, market, cost, profit - Investing
  88. I have 50K to invest what should I do with it?: IRA, fund - Investing
  89. Where to put a large amount of money for 6 years?: bond, mutual fund - Investing
  90. Wife wants to open an retirement account with Vanguard. Start with a Index fund?: bond, IRA - Investing
  91. Top 3 investing books: trading, investor, income, markets
  92. J.P. Morgan's Jamie Dimon: Bitcoin is a Fraud...: trading, trust - Investing
  93. Stumped: what to do next?: annuity, IRA, brokerage, fund - Investing
  94. How to check whether a person who will help you investing is trustworthy and efficient?: brokers, judgement
  95. Annuity/IRA ?: bonds, IRAs, fund, rollover - Investing
  96. I'm now short the market: trading, calls, puts, cash - Investing
  97. Retirement +30 years, can buy fund, what is good mix?: bonds, puts - Investing
  98. Rental Income: inheritance, IRA, fund, cash - Investing
  99. real estate investing: expensive new primary or two rentals: self-directed, broker
  100. Investing in Alibaba: IRA, stock, payment, buy
  101. tax bill mandates FIFO for individual investors: mutual funds, trading, corporation - Investing
  102. MSN Poll - Is this a Good or Bad Time to Get into the Stock Mkt.?: bond, fund - Investing
  103. story of waiting a looong time for a stock come back from big loss?: IRAs, fund - Investing
  104. Will Bitcoin hit 10k first or 25k: second mortgage, invest, stocks - Investing
  105. Vanguard changing website?: IRA, fund, fee, Fidelity - Investing
  106. Doing asset projection. What assumed growth rate to use if investing in S&P500?: bonds, mutual funds
  107. How to Protect your Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency | The Most Important Part of Investing in Crypto: fund, trading
  108. Retirement Investments: Number of Funds: bond, growth fund, fees, Fidelity - Investing
  109. I give you $10k, where would you put it for 10 years? 20years?: bonds, mutual fund - Investing
  110. Study finds uninsured donít use emergency rooms more than other: lawsuits, bankrupt - Investing
  111. Our financial advisory firm moving from Fidelity to TD Ameritrade: IRAs, mutual fund - Investing
  112. Who is sick of Jim Cramer?: investment, stocks, purchase - Investing
  113. Opening a Coinbase account: fund, fees, work, poor - Investing
  114. Why Is Facebook So Expensive?: dividend, investor, stock, buying - Investing
  115. Share your crypto currency portfolio. What Alt coins are you invested in?: broker, trading - Investing
  116. buying on margin: fund, cash, dividends, investor - Investing
  117. Just put $1000 dollars on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin!: trading, mortgages, investment - Investing
  118. Gold's up: bonds, trading, stock market, buy - Investing
  119. Inside trading - should they just make it legal?: invest, trust, stocks - Investing
  120. Will Bitcoin Futures crash Bitcoin?: fund, trading, cash, corporation - Investing
  121. I could have been a $200,000,000 millionaire this year from bitcoin. REALLY!??: invest, purchase - Investing
  122. End of the year, heading into 2018, changes you are making?: bond, IRAs - Investing
  123. Won't the downfall of bitcoin be competition?: brokers, margin, trading - Investing
  124. Was the 90s tech bubble foreseen?: investment, stocks, companies, interest - Investing
  125. Passive investment suggestions: bonds, IRA, fund, bankrupt - Investing
  126. Disney stock and hurricane Irma: trading, investment, income, buying - Investing
  127. First time investor. Is this the right time to invest in an index fund?: invest, Vanguard - Investing
  128. Coinbase; where did my transaction go: Scottrade, fund, trading, credit card - Investing
  129. What is LiteCoin? Beginners Guide to LiteCoin: broker, fund, margin - Investing
  130. Ripple XRP , own: puts, fees, stock, buy - Investing
  131. How much money a year means an yield of 3.8pc of an investment fund?: cash, dividend - Investing
  132. Would like to save for kid' wedding costs...: fund, cash, dividend - Investing
  133. Fidelity dividends: bond, IRAs, brokerage, fund - Investing
  134. Bitcoin Tumbles- China Bans Transactions: fund, credit, invest, income - Investing
  135. How to invest $150,000: inheritance, bonds, brokerage, mutual funds - Investing
  136. Best way to get started in swing trading?: IRA, fund, calls - Investing
  137. What if there's another market crash w/ no recovery before you retire or a crash during retirement?: annuity, bonds - Investing
  138. got a Lithium stock they like?: invest, buy, companies - Investing
  139. Frugal rich people.: buy, insurance, benefits, bank - Investing
  140. No More MyRA: bonds, IRA, fund, fees - Investing
  141. Everyone ready for T+2 settlement...: brokerage, mutual funds, margin, trading - Investing
  142. What industries do you think will be worth investing in the upcoming future?: broker, trading
  143. Not investing until you have money to lose.: bond, mutual funds, credit card
  144. new vanguard global wellesley and global wellington: bonds, IRA, balanced fund - Investing
  145. Powerball winner! What do you do?: fund, dividends, invest, trust - Investing
  146. What do you guys think of Ebay stock?: fund, margin, stocks - Investing
  147. New Tax Bill to purpose cuts to your 401k.: IRAs, fund, income - Investing
  148. Advice on safe short term investments: bond, mutual funds, redemption, credit - Investing
  149. How to Access your Free Bitcoin Gold and Segwit 2 Coins after the Bitcoin Forks: trading, credit card - Investing
  150. Black Monday (1987) - where were you?: IRA, brokerage, calls, cash - Investing
  151. Past performance of mutual funds are in fact a great way to predict future results!: dividend, Fidelity - Investing
  152. Best inexpensive online brokerage firm?: bonds, Scottrade, Ameritrade, IRA - Investing
  153. Trumps new Tax Plan...thoughts?: inheritance, IRA, mortgage, income - Investing
  154. going to invest in real estate in houston?: stocks, buy, cost - Investing
  155. 5 large-cap oil stocks are up 20% or more in September ó and more gains appear on tap: dividend, investment - Investing
  156. Scottrade ---> Vanguard: bonds, Ameritrade, IRA, brokers - Investing
  157. Fidelity Go, managed account: bond, IRA, broker, growth fund - Investing
  158. Options and stocks going x dividend: IRA, fund, trading, calls - Investing
  159. Hurricane Harvey aftermath: stock market, companies, gains, year - Investing
  160. Which Online Brokers will email me closing prices of list of stocks/ETFs?: Scottrade, TDAmeritrade - Investing
  161. How can amateur individual investor compete with professionals?: fund, margin, puts - Investing
  162. Why has Exxon been sinking?: cash, dividend, investor, stocks - Investing
  163. Inverse V for Glidepath Allocation?: bonds, cash, investments, income - Investing
  164. Have you bailed out of the stock market because of Internet experts?: mutual fund, cash - Investing
  165. Got play money but have no idea what to invest in: IRA, brokerage - Investing
  166. Cisco and Intel: IRAs, fund, invest, loan - Investing
  167. Which Vanguards should I pick? For IRA: bonds, mutual funds, fees - Investing
  168. Looking for a mutual fund to use as a payout fund: annuity, bond - Investing
  169. Are we seeing the birth pains of a bear market ?: fund, collection - Investing
  170. a brief look at valuations: Etrade, mutual fund, trading, fee - Investing
  171. Is gold Jewelry really a good investment?: bonds, wholesale, stock market - Investing
  172. Conservative plan for newly retired: bonds, IRA, fund, cash - Investing
  173. What to start investing in?: bond, brokers, mutual funds, 401k
  174. Fidelity or Vanguard or ?? and why: TDAmeritrade, IRA, fund, margin - Investing
  175. Investment apps: mutual funds, trading, fees, Fidelity - Investing
  176. How do you invest in land?: trading, cash, income, millionaire - Investing
  177. Pundits and reality: annuity, bonds, IRA, fund - Investing
  178. GE: $19 a share after dividend cut: cash, bankrupt, investor, stock - Investing
  179. vanguard's beneficiary policy stinks !: IRAs, brokerage, Fidelity, investment - Investing
  180. Do you invest in companies that you buy products from?: dividend, stocks - Investing
  181. The world biggest IPO is coming: cash, markets, company, interest - Investing
  182. Your gains so far in %?: bond, fund, trading, 401k - Investing
  183. Why Did Omega Healthcare Slash Their Stock Prices?: trading, investment, trust - Investing
  184. CASH PANIC : DOLLAR going to crash ?: Scottrade, brokerages, commission, Fidelity - Investing
  185. Logic would say it is time for a market correction: fund, investment - Investing
  186. how risky are your retirement funds: bond, IRA, trading, stocks - Investing
  187. Is it good time to buy CMG: margin, investment, stock - Investing
  188. real estate investing: cash, fees, invest, market
  189. High Interest Bank Accounts?: bonds, cash, dividend, mortgage - Investing
  190. Risk in Income Mix - When is it safe for retire?: bonds, fund - Investing
  191. vanguard fund to etf conversions: bond, IRA, brokerage, mutual funds - Investing
  192. concerns with using only one broker: E-Trade, Ameritrade, brokers - Investing
  193. High Yield Bond Funds are safer than stocks: junk bond, Fidelity, income - Investing
  194. Best mutual fund to invest in to retire in 25 years?: bond, IRA - Investing
  195. Savings Accounts with the Highest Compound Interest Rates?: fund, fees, investment - Investing
  196. Front end load mutual funds?: broker, fees, dividends, Fidelity - Investing
  197. 529 Plan: Prepaid vs. Invest Strategy: fund, 401k, stock market, buying - Investing
  198. Bitcoin 401K - Investing
  199. LYV might be an odd play: partnership, Seattle - Investing
  200. Least expensive way to purchase PRIMECAP Odyssey funds?: Ameritrade, brokerage, mutual funds - Investing