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  6. Turns Out Visa was At Fault for Coinbase Customers getting Duplicate Charges, Not Coinbase: credit card, cash - Investing
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  14. about 10 year Treasury: bonds, investor, stocks, buy - Investing
  15. Bond bubble: IRA, brokerage, balanced fund, margin - Investing
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  19. share your thoughts on Exchange Traded Notes: bonds, fund, credit - Investing
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  21. If this is an inflationary shock, why are commodities plunging?: bonds, stocks - Investing
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  33. Steve Wynn steps down from RNC finance chair role amid misconduct allegations: IRA, fundraiser - Investing
  34. For your coins which wallet are you using?: fund, fees, buy - Investing
  35. The Chinese Strategic Takeover: bond, stock market, real estate, purchase - Investing
  36. BTC's price compared to the number of daily transactions and the number of new wallets: fund, puts - Investing
  37. 10k, first time young investor. Where should I begin?: bonds, mutual funds, Fidelity - Investing
  38. favorite books on investing?: fund, trading, fees, Fidelity
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  45. SWAGX...: bonds, fund, invested, stocks - Investing
  46. Thank you to all who have provided investment advice: fund, Fidelity, year - Investing
  47. Rolling Tradition IRA in to 457b: fund, rollover, fees, retirement plan - Investing
  48. Buffet's Latest Letter: bonds, fund, trading, cash - Investing
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  54. American Funds--Your Opinion: IRA, mutual fund, 401k, commissions - Investing
  55. of you who had/have short equities...: brokers, stocks, buy - Investing
  56. Always avoid junk bonds?: fund, Fidelity, invest, stock market - Investing
  57. Marijuana block chain: market, interest, currency, money - Investing
  58. Best Way to Correct Excess Roth IRA Contribution: custodian, trust, income - Investing
  59. Timberrrr!!!: cash, stock, buy, sell - Investing
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  61. Shiller PE: fund, credit, DJIA, trust - Investing
  62. The stock market is officially in a correction... s what usually happens next: trading, buying - Investing
  63. Is there relationship between the home price and the stock market? Can explain me: credit, loan - Investing
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  65. Let's talk bond funds: IRA, mutual funds, dividends, Fidelity - Investing
  66. Shiller: Market could rise 50% from: investment, companies, interest, tax - Investing
  67. AMA about trading, stocks, options, market mechanics: bond, options trading, mutual funds - Investing
  68. Live off of dividends and never sell stock: mutual funds, dividend, corporation - Investing
  69. Why the fear of the market?: bond, IRA, mutual fund, fees - Investing
  70. 100k to invest. Need help with Fidelity fund choices?: bond, brokerage, mutual funds - Investing
  71. Bitcoin is going downhill fast.: credit card, investor, buy, sell - Investing
  72. no one knows nothing: bond, fund, investor, stock market - Investing
  73. Why all the panic?: balanced fund, cash, invest, stock - Investing
  74. I want to start investing.: bonds, Ameritrade, brokers, mutual funds
  75. The Market Time Bomb That's Bigger Than the VIX: bond, fund, cash - Investing
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  77. Handling your own portfolio, what if you become incapacitated?: IRA, fund, trading - Investing
  78. Best place to invest after maxed out retirement funds?: IRAs, broker - Investing
  79. Era of cheap money not ending for least 2 more years: bonds, trading - Investing
  80. Hyperbolic CNBC headlines: bond, trading, investment, stock - Investing
  81. Nothing is working right now!!: fund, stocks, buying, interest - Investing
  82. Dividends vs Savings: fund, cash, dividend, investments - Investing
  83. Retiring And No Investment Experience: IRA, mutual funds, 401k, retirement plan - Investing
  84. Chances of a Japan style situation in the US?: IRA, credit, cash - Investing
  85. Fidelity May Abandon Its Star Stock-Picker System After Harassment Claims: fund, corporation - Investing
  86. Do of you keep cash in a safe or on hand?: fund, credit card - Investing
  87. Fidelity Monitor & Insight Newsletter ... changes?: bonds, fund, redemption, cash - Investing
  88. recommendation on a NASDAQ ETF?: fund, DJIA, investment, trust - Investing
  89. Opinions on USAA managed accounts?: brokerage, fund, fees, 401k - Investing
  90. Is Vanguard the only game?: IRA, broker, mutual fund, rollover - Investing
  91. So.....I may have inadvertently timed the market ...: IRA, cash - Investing
  92. $10k, 20 years, a reputable advisor, = $1 million?: fees, investment, stock market, buying - Investing
  93. Can i sell stocks in my IRA without getting taxed?: IRAs, dividends - Investing
  94. Retirees and bond portfolios: fund, cash, income, stock market - Investing
  95. Where do you keep your ready Cash ?: mutual fund, credit card, Fidelity - Investing
  96. Technician: Rebound coming: bond, trading, stock market, interest - Investing
  97. can the central banks be trusted i don't think so: bonds, corporation - Investing
  98. The market is still above the 200 day moving average, people need to remain calm LOL: fund, trading - Investing
  99. Best Fidelity Fund for Retirement in than 5 years: bond, IRA, fees - Investing
  100. brokerage reps: broker, trading, calls, puts - Investing
  101. Can I 'pause' my retirement accounts?: bond, IRAs, value fund, cash - Investing
  102. Moody's Threatens to Downgrade US Debt: bonds, margin, credit card, investment - Investing
  103. Big lump sum to invest: annuity, bonds, IRA, brokerage - Investing
  104. advice on how to proceed with Fidelity Monitor Insight: bond, IRA - Investing
  105. Whistleblower Alleges VIX Manipulation: E-Trade, mutual funds, Fidelity, investor - Investing
  106. Investing in Real Estate - Owner finance or Rental: mortgage, loan, financing
  107. Thoughts on FANG: fund, trading, stocks, buying - Investing
  108. Identifying Trends: calls, stock market, buy, average - Investing
  109. Certificate of deposit: brokerage, mutual funds, FDIC, calls - Investing
  110. Bond Fund Choices: trading, credit, Fidelity, investment - Investing
  111. SHTF / Prepper Investment options: bonds, mutual funds, invest, Vanguard - Investing
  112. Is there a way to sell winning funds but delay payment of taxes?: bond, IRA - Investing
  113. Inverse moving products: fund, trading, investor, income - Investing
  114. What percentile are you for net worth for your age?: invest, wage - Investing
  115. Fidelity mutual funds investment advice: bond, IRAs, cash, 401k - Investing
  116. Microsoft Stops Accepting Bitcoin: fees, stock, payments, visa - Investing
  117. Percent to invest in stocks: fund, Vanguard, income, tier - Investing
  118. Is diversification necessary for a long time horizon?: bonds, IRA, fund - Investing
  119. 401k with old employer- what to do with it?: IRA, fund, rollover - Investing
  120. I need help picking a bond fund: IRAs, cash, Fidelity - Investing
  121. How much should one invest ideally: bond, Scottrade, fund, FDIC - Investing
  122. Underlying Stock Selection I: IRA, options trading, fund, margin - Investing
  123. Which way is this market going in 2018?: bonds, invest, stocks - Investing
  124. Zero-Sum Game: Ameritrade, options trading, margin, trading - Investing
  125. Feelings on Gold?: bonds, balanced fund, corporation, investor - Investing
  126. Where do I look to investigate individual stocks?: bonds, broker, judgement - Investing
  127. Warren Buffett talks negative about cryptocurrency they will come to a bad ending: fund, credit - Investing
  128. Facebook Bans All Cryptocurrency Ads: trading, cash, fee, investment - Investing
  129. Criteria for Selecting Stocks Suitable for Buying Calls: IRA, options trading, fund - Investing
  130. REIT poor price performance?: dividends, investor, income, stock market - Investing
  131. Jamie Dimon(Chase CEO) says he regrets calling bitcoin a fraud and believes in the technology behind it: trading, fees - Investing
  132. What rate of return do you use for your 401k projections?: stocks, buying - Investing
  133. Kodak with blockchain ~ stock price triples today: fund, free market, Fidelity - Investing
  134. Buy and Hold or Take Profits?: bonds, IRA, fund - Investing
  135. What will the S&P500 be by Dec 2018: puts, invested, stock market - Investing
  136. Trying to live off investments in the next ten years when I currently have little..: judgement, mutual fund - Investing
  137. Bittrex is No Longer Accepting New Users | How to Use Binance and Why it's Better: fund, trading - Investing
  138. Which one is the best to Invest money Bitcoin or Ethereum: margin, cash - Investing
  139. How to Get Your free money December 28 when Bitcoin Segwit2X Hardforks: Etrade, Scottrade - Investing
  140. If goal is same, is constructing a $10 mil portfolio just like a $10K one?: bonds, mutual funds - Investing
  141. The same thing that happened to Crytpo last night will happen to the stock market.: buying, interest - Investing
  142. GOP Tax Bill - What's next?: bonds, mutual funds, margin, puts - Investing
  143. Contemplating putting all my investments assets into...: IRA, mutual funds, dividend - Investing
  144. hope that this forum doesn't turn into..: fund, investment, stocks - Investing
  145. Buffett On Bitcoin -- the last word needs: trading, invest, income - Investing
  146. Going to rollover 401(k) - questions: bond, IRAs, brokerage, mutual funds - Investing
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  156. bond fund: trading, credit, invest, Vanguard - Investing
  157. Banks in India Freeze Cryptocurrency Exchanges: IRA, fund, credit card, cash - Investing
  158. What kind of Manipulator is this?: brokerage, investment, stock, buy - Investing
  159. Apr 20 Call Options for Apple: IRA, brokerage, margin, trading - Investing
  160. Private companies: brokers, mutual funds, invest, work - Investing
  161. For whose portfolio consists of individual stocks: fund, calls, puts - Investing
  162. about bond funds: credit, investments, markets, buy - Investing
  163. Short The Shutdown: credit, DJIA, investor, markets - Investing
  164. Binance Opens Back Up to New Users & My Top 10 Altcoins on Binance: trading, fees - Investing
  165. CD Coin Trading Desk: market, payment, purchase, sell - Investing
  166. When do you take money off the stock table?: E-Trade, IRA, fund - Investing
  167. Amazon/ GE which one will be best stock as a long run investment?: dividend, DJIA - Investing
  168. This Melt-Up Looks Like a Set up to Me: bonds, hedge fund - Investing
  169. the dangers of crypto -coincheck hacked: annuity, brokerage, mutual funds, trading - Investing
  170. Another Roth IRA: bonds, mutual funds, fee, Fidelity - Investing
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  181. own Stellar crypto and where to buy it?: fund, trading, credit card - Investing
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  183. Spouse offered company stock right before IPO...good idea?: broker, fees, 401k - Investing
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  186. How much does the regular Joe know about investing?: fund, 401k, invest
  187. Was the Oil God really wrong?: fund, invest, wage - Investing
  188. How would you educate your younger sibling or kid about investing?: IRA, cash
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  191. Credit card application and credit score: cash, fees, investment, loan - Investing
  192. 2 queries.. - Investing
  193. Is the fear Gauge being rigged?: market - Investing
  194. Opportunity Zone Fund program: IRA, interest, putting - Investing
  195. delete - Investing
  196. Bond NAV and Yield: fund, interest, past, year - Investing
  197. Alphaflow - RE Investing: fund, loans
  198. got Qualcomm stock?: company, profit, shares, year - Investing
  199. Dobermans of the DOW: calls, cash, dividend, invest - Investing
  200. 2nd longest bull market blablabla: stock market, year, index - Investing