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  37. remember the Rule of 72: cash, investment, loan, income - Investing
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  53. ?The closing price changed from 69.50 to 68.15?: fund, retirement plan, dividend, investor - Investing
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  55. Cash is back as an asset because of rising US bond yields, strategist says: mutual fund, investment - Investing
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  60. ďHighly compensated employeeĒ and 401k catch up: wage, work, company - Investing
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  66. Dow can't get back above 25,000: bonds, fund, cash, 401k - Investing
  67. A Life Changing Investment strategy-real estatehaters will want to stay out: IRA, fund - Investing
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  69. pre-bubble phase: hedge fund, invested, market, insurance - Investing
  70. Permanent losses in bond fund, why?: mutual fund, redemption, credit, investment - Investing
  71. Ibbotson on fixed indexed annuities vs bonds: annuity, value fund, fees - Investing
  72. Thoughts on this fund? Franklin Income Fund Class A: bond, IRA, broker - Investing
  73. Sleeping Soundly through a Market Crash - WARM (Wasting Asset Retirement Model): bonds, fund - Investing
  74. TSLA chief is losing it (MERGED THREADS): IRA, margin, bankrupt - Investing
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  81. Cost to withdraw $175 in Bitcoin: fund, cash, fees, invest - Investing
  82. The crash and rebound will be spectacular: cash, stock market, account - Investing
  83. Funds that held strong in down markets: bond, mutual funds, investment - Investing
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  91. How much longer can bonds languish?: bond, fund, credit, investment - Investing
  92. Advice on Fixed Income Investments: bond, IRA, fund, cash - Investing
  93. fidelity lets 200 people go for scamming the company: fund, credit card, investments - Investing
  94. 2020: cash, 401k, Fidelity, invest - Investing
  95. pepsico stock ?: IRA, mutual funds, cash, dividend - Investing
  96. Did you buy, sell, or hold this week?: fund, investor, stocks - Investing
  97. How much will college cost in 10 years?: fund, credit card, fees - Investing
  98. Fidelity Fund, Savings Account or Money Market?: bonds, FDIC, income - Investing
  99. G-7 Meeting: IRA, investment, Vanguard, stock - Investing
  100. love silver?: mutual funds, fees, 401k, investment - Investing
  101. Dividends?: fund, dividend, investment, income - Investing
  102. Investing without out obsessively worrying every day?: mutual funds, invest, trust
  103. SEP IRA: IRAs, 401k, Fidelity, income - Investing
  104. active trading sale rule: TDAmeritrade, brokers, fund, margin - Investing
  105. Seriously Thinking Fixed Annuity to Replace CDs: bond, IRA - Investing
  106. Are CDs coming back?: bonds, credit, mortgage, investment - Investing
  107. Buying tech stocks after recent run ups?: investor, stock market, sell - Investing
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  110. Fisher investments: annuity, IRA, hedge fund, fee - Investing
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  112. Which crypto and why?: hedge fund, invest, stock, payment - Investing
  113. Retirement Age?: brokerage, mutual funds, cash, income - Investing
  114. Dow can't get back above 26,000: market, money, contribute, history - Investing
  115. Are 401ks over rated?: IRAs, investments, company, property taxes - Investing
  116. Selling a fund: IRA, brokerage, mutual funds, rollover - Investing
  117. Time To Invest In Campbells?: buying, companies, debt, money - Investing
  118. dividend percent: investor, stock, purchase, accounts - Investing
  119. S&P on December 31st 2018 - Investing
  120. Fund Roth IRA for parent?: brokerage, lawyer, investment, income - Investing
  121. does paper trades?: Ameritrade, trading, invest, buy - Investing
  122. Capital Gains - more controlled with Mutual Fund than Individual Stock purchases?: bonds, Etrade - Investing
  123. Sell or hold for a 59 year old?: bonds, IRAs, margin - Investing
  124. The Market is Heading Down: bond, fund, cash, 401k - Investing
  125. Test your market IQ with this quiz: mutual funds, investment, stock market - Investing
  126. How often do you use stop or stop limit orders?: margin, trading - Investing
  127. Why most investors donít know what their true market returns are: brokerage, mutual funds - Investing
  128. What is going to happen tomorrow (Monday)?: stockbroker, trading, investor - Investing
  129. How to get out of Morgan Stanley: bonds, IRA, brokers - Investing
  130. Investment Options - Principal Protection, Growth, Income: inheritance, annuity, bonds - Investing
  131. High dividend paying stocks...... recommend!: bonds, fund, fees, invest - Investing
  132. What are you buying on the dip?: mutual funds, cash, DJIA - Investing
  133. active vs passive debate: bond, IRA, growth fund, fees - Investing
  134. investing in mutual funds: brokerage, fees, Fidelity, Vanguard
  135. Why use brokerage firm for cash management accounts.: trading, credit, fees - Investing
  136. Rollover 401k advice: bonds, mutual funds, fees, 401k plan - Investing
  137. Confidence that the market is headed up: annuities, fund, investment - Investing
  138. What type of investments do you put in Roth IRA?: bond, IRAs - Investing
  139. How much longer can the Federal Printing Press realistically keep America afloat?: IRA, bankrupt - Investing
  140. SMAs and S&R Levels: options trading, trading, markets, account - Investing
  141. Why I Don't Buy Mutual Funds: redemption, cash, annual fee - Investing
  142. hired a financial advisor: IRA, mutual funds, fee, 401k - Investing
  143. Today is a good example: trading, dividends, invest, stock market - Investing
  144. Tariffs ... What did I miss: bond, hedge fund, DJIA, stock market - Investing
  145. CD Ladders: bond, fund, invest, income - Investing
  146. Good Funds that are not Fidelity or Vanguard: bond, IRA, growth fund - Investing
  147. Retirement account under-performing?: annuity, bond, IRAs, mutual funds - Investing
  148. which is the best way to get the profit in stocks?: mutual funds, investor - Investing
  149. Wide spread use if Bitcoin: credit card, millionaire, markets, payment - Investing
  150. Sorting through the Value Plays: IRA, margin, trading, cash - Investing
  151. Technical analysis: fund, invest, stock market, sell - Investing
  152. Dividend: mutual funds, trading, invest, trust - Investing
  153. Amazon: pays $1.4 Billion for a door bell gimmick: invest, buy, sell - Investing
  154. In the Money (ITM) Options at Expiration: brokers, fund, margin - Investing
  155. Am I Investing In the Wrong Retirement Funds?: bond, IRA, brokerage
  156. Trump on Bernie & Sid Show.....: 401k, stocks, purchase, jobs - Investing
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  158. Has .......: fund, investment, markets, buy - Investing
  159. Best Real estate option to in invest in???: fund, cash, fees - Investing
  160. Giving up my stocks..: bonds, brokerage, mutual funds, trading - Investing
  161. what is up with NFLX?: trading, fee, stocks, buy - Investing
  162. The markets are still overvalued: bond, fund, cash, corporation - Investing
  163. The beer man is advising a strong buy on Dunkin Donuts: investor, stores - Investing
  164. And today is a great example why we ..........: cash, DJIA, stocks - Investing
  165. 20 year young novice investor/trader looking for an advice: IRA, fund, daytrading - Investing
  166. How much personal (non 401k) money do you have in stocks?: IRA, fund - Investing
  167. Money market for emergency fund: bond, brokerage, margin, cash - Investing
  168. Low-income and Financial Advisor: broker, fund, credit, stock - Investing
  169. Myths busted: fund, markets, purchase, interest - Investing
  170. 10-year Treasury yield hits its highest level since 2014: bond, cash, investor - Investing
  171. Feeling Comfortable: job, $20k, account, bank - Investing
  172. The Investing Fear, Loathing & High Anxiety: bonds, mutual fund, cash
  173. Can someone explain shorting to me?: IRAs, broker, fund, margin - Investing
  174. From looking at a 5-10 year DOW chart we seem way over valued?: bonds, investor - Investing
  175. The last hour of market trading is all that matters: lawyer, investor - Investing
  176. Low fees index funds: IRA, rollover, redemption, calls - Investing
  177. Suggestions for Roth Income Investing: bond, IRA, mutual funds, rollover
  178. 529 plans losing traction...: fund, invested, Vanguard, loans - Investing
  179. Nice to see higher interest rates: bonds, cash, mortgage, loan - Investing
  180. When does the S&P reach 3,000: bond, investor, markets - Investing
  181. Withdrawal rate: annuities, fund, cash, stocks - Investing
  182. think Gold is the dumbest investment ever?: markets, buying, sell - Investing
  183. Tesla shares jump after Elon Musk says the company will be profitable and cash-flow positive in third quarter: trading, credit rating - Investing
  184. Trump strikes Syria --- level of unpredictability at all time high: IRA, stocks - Investing
  185. Sideways market for the next decade: bonds, balanced fund, cash, dividends - Investing
  186. try real estate crowdfunding?: mortgage, invest, income, stocks - Investing
  187. Your Stock Market Goose That Laid the Golden Egg...: IRA, trading, cash - Investing
  188. Need investment advice for cash: bonds, IRA, mutual funds, fees - Investing
  189. help us make this forum very welcoming and enjoyable at all times!: gains - Investing
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  191. High Yield Municipal Bonds: Short or intermediate/long term, which to choose from?: bond, fund - Investing
  192. Mutual of America: IRA, investment, job, account - Investing
  193. Want to simplify equity portion of portfolio - Investing
  194. The bull case for the market: markets, average, past, current - Investing
  195. Best MF & EFTs by Stephen L. McKee: interest, profit, current - Investing
  196. Good tip Rep: ETF - Investing
  197. invested in this Swiss currency - opinions?: purchase, account, transfer - Investing
  198. AT&T/Time Warner merger approved: trading, cash, market - Investing
  199. free this weekend: stocks, buying, past, finance - Investing
  200. Scanning Stocks in a Choppy Market: trading, short-term, current - Investing