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  117. Generational Bond bear market: fund, corporation, markets, buying - Investing
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  125. Cannebis play: fund, invest, stocks, real estate - Investing
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  132. Think This Can't Happen: IRA, mortgage, investor, market - Investing
  133. Time to buy Turkish stocks?: IRA, ETF - Investing
  134. Where is golds bottom?: IRA, fund, commission, Fidelity - Investing
  135. Do you think Nike will continue to decline from signing Kap?: fund, investment - Investing
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  137. Dividends on brokerage account: fund, trading, cash, dividend - Investing
  138. Roku - Earnings out - GOOD!: margin, trading, stock, buying - Investing
  139. 3% CD or Total Bond ETF?: annuity, fund, credit, cash - Investing
  140. The 10-year yield cracked 3%. Technician says 4% is just around the corner: bond, fund - Investing
  141. I have a traditional IRA and a roth IRA and am trying to combine them.: bonds, IRAs - Investing
  142. Is Faang Dead? Post Amazon selloff?: mutual funds, calls, invested, stocks - Investing
  143. Would you do a backdoor Roth in this case?: IRAs, fund, rollover - Investing
  144. What's the right investment makeup?: bond, IRA, mutual funds, margin - Investing
  145. How can we get stock market data? How do Google Finance and Yahoo Finance do it?: bond, brokerage - Investing
  146. have an investment property and bought it with no money down?: cash, mortgage - Investing
  147. FaceBook - Earnings Call: fund, calls, cash, investor - Investing
  148. How and when are taxes paid when cashing in stocks or a 401k?: Etrade, brokerages - Investing
  149. Trump mulling indexing LT Cap Gains to inflation: IRAs, fund, 401k - Investing
  150. Trump says he has cushion to wage a trade war: stock market, work - Investing
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  163. Use Multy Year Guarenteed Annuities (MYGA) to Deferr Income?: bond, fund - Investing
  164. Amazon is approaching $2000 a share!: trading, buy, sell, $20k - Investing
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  166. Pre Tax vs Post Tax Contribution: IRA, margin, credit, investments - Investing
  167. My Dad is going to give his kids his invested Social Security money at upon his death: mutual fund, fee - Investing
  168. Best recession stocks: mutual funds, dividend, invest, buy - Investing
  169. Backbone to retirement account: Mutual Fund or ETF?: bonds, mutual funds, trading - Investing
  170. doesn't buy bond/bond funds because you don't understand them?: cash, 401k - Investing
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  178. on making accelerated mortgage payments vs. investing: bonds, fund, 401k
  179. Range Accrual Notes tied to the russell 2000.: credit rating, investments, Vanguard - Investing
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  186. Pitfalls of buying a Sale Lease Back type RE like Fast food, or chain convenience store: bankrupt, sell - Investing
  187. Fox Comcast Disney - what they are paying vs. FOXA share price: market, buying - Investing
  188. I have an IRA with money in it havenít invested what next?: fund, 401k - Investing
  189. Short-Term Directional Bias of the Market: markets, average - Investing
  190. invest in Street Shares Veteran Bonds?: credit, small business, loans - Investing
  191. thoughts on PCQ: bond, fund, investments, Vanguard - Investing
  192. What has happened to Weyerhaeuser (WY)?: trading, buying, interest, ETF - Investing
  193. Progressive or all in donation to college fund?: cash, fees, investment - Investing
  194. Judge appeals T and TWC deal: lawsuit, trust, purchase, government - Investing
  195. Are Tariffs Bad?: invested, markets, interest, costs - Investing
  196. Effectiveness of Scans: trading, credit - Investing
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  199. IPO - LTHM today... - Investing
  200. Kiva Lending through Paypal: fund, fee, loan, payments - Investing