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  91. FFNOX bought fund when price wasn't low: bonds, Fidelity, buying - Investing
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  95. Panic selling..panic buying...panic selling..panic buying: trading, stock market, cost - Investing
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  98. Callable Bond Advice: brokers, mutual fund, trading, credit rating - Investing
  99. My decision on deferred GLWB Variable Annuity, going forward: IRA, credit, investor - Investing
  100. Jack Bogle is gone.: fund, investment, Vanguard, markets - Investing
  101. Market has a strong correlation with 2008: stocks, companies, interest, unemployment - Investing
  102. Should we buy a rental property?: fund, credit, cash, fee - Investing
  103. Backdoor Roth IRA?: IRAs, mutual funds, rollover, fees - Investing
  104. If a stock is making a fast recovery right after you sold it, what do you do?: buy options, mutual funds - Investing
  105. international/foreign: bond, mutual funds, cash, dividends - Investing
  106. Why have CD rates decreased since December?: annuity, bond, fund - Investing
  107. Up to $145 Million disappears: bankrupt, bankruptcy, currency, check - Investing
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  112. Will Mnuchin calm the waters or capsize the boat????: fund, calls, investor - Investing
  113. Ikea vs P.F.Changs for long-term stability?: wage, stock, buying - Investing
  114. U.S. Annuities Sales Boom After Fiduciary Rule Kicks the Bucket: annuity, broker - Investing
  115. If the market does nosedive, would you see opportunity or more risk?: bond, fund - Investing
  116. nasdaq now back to 2000 levels adjusted for inflation .: small business, stock market, accounts - Investing
  117. William Bernstein's Deep Risk: annuities, trading, investment, stocks - Investing
  118. Who have made $$$$ in this volatile market?: trading, cash, stocks - Investing
  119. 70% Stock Market Crash to Strike December 1, Economist Warns: hedge fund, margin, credit - Investing
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  121. Look out below: buy - Investing
  122. Might be time for Gold: bond, fund, cash, DJIA - Investing
  123. down 20%, should I take the hit?: stocks, purchase, sell, money - Investing
  124. Why should I take on risk?: invest, income, stock market, budget - Investing
  125. Thinking about a no-fee Fidelity Investments account, to be used for stock market ingesting..: mutual fund, trading - Investing
  126. Where will AMZN be 6 months from now?: trading, investor, stocks - Investing
  127. What's your favorite bond days?: fund, cash, investor, Vanguard - Investing
  128. Many of my fiends invest in high yield low return stocks like ATT (T): Etrade, fund - Investing
  129. rogue wave and poof, it's gone: brokerage, judgement, hedge fund, margin - Investing
  130. AT&T in the words of Vince Lombardi: bonds, fund, trading - Investing
  131. Forbes: S&P500 returns are mediocre: bonds, mutual fund, dividends - Investing
  132. Is this the end of the Bull Market? Redux: bond, fund, margin - Investing
  133. It is not the FED's job to juice the markets: bonds, fund - Investing
  134. China: All Bets Are Off: trust, work, cost, gains - Investing
  135. Gains since 2016 wiped out: bonds, fund, 401k, invested - Investing
  136. Valuations Matter: IRAs, fund, 401k, investments - Investing
  137. Betterment: bond, fund, trading, Fidelity - Investing
  138. A visit to the local Fidelity office: investment, markets, sell - Investing
  139. With this Volatile Market: What are You Doing?: bond, IRA, fund - Investing
  140. Switching 529 funds to money market: bond, cash, dividend, investment - Investing
  141. What is the balance between staying the course and taking precautionary measures?: bond, mutual funds - Investing
  142. AMZN hold it or sell it: cash, invest, stocks, purchase - Investing
  143. IBM is acquiring Redhat: trading, cash, stock, buying - Investing
  144. Selling a mutual fund and buying back in: bond, margin, puts - Investing
  145. Is this the end of the Bull Market - Part II - No Politics: bond, trading - Investing
  146. Crossed Congress and effect on stock market?: trading, cash, investor - Investing
  147. Two stocks I'm looking at: Disney (DIS) and Chimera (CIM): fund, dividend - Investing
  148. ROI (return of investment), with partial redemptions?: fund, trading, 401k - Investing
  149. As of Nov 1 I'm at break: IRA, mutual funds, cash - Investing
  150. So who suckered themselves into buying this dip?: fund, margin, rollover - Investing
  151. Inverse tickers -- with me?: IRA, fund, margin - Investing
  152. 4% CD's and AAA Corporate Bonds coming- Why bother with the stock market?: fund, income - Investing
  153. Share your trades as you make them! - Investing
  154. PAPER LOSSES in the stock market are just terribly painful!: fund, cash - Investing
  155. As of the Close Today My Stock Holdings are Down 10% from Last Month: bonds, mutual funds - Investing
  156. Loss limits for long term stock portfolio holdings: junk bond, fund, trading - Investing
  157. Contagion Risk?: fund, trading, 401k, stocks - Investing
  158. The S&P 500 is trading at just 14.5 times next year's expected earnings. 16 is the historical average: dividend, invest - Investing
  159. Two Charts - short-term trend is broken (duh) and long-term trend is stable: bonds, IRA - Investing
  160. *POLL* ——— Will the Fed raise rates?: puts, investments, stocks, companies - Investing
  161. Lots of Certified financial Planners on YOUTUBE seem like con men!: IRA, retirement plan - Investing
  162. What happened to my Mass. Investors Trust?: annuity, mutual funds, dividend - Investing
  163. S&P's Worst Hits - 2018 (interesting graphic): trading, cash, dividends - Investing
  164. Which way do you think the market will go this week?: IRA, trading - Investing
  165. Wash sale rules: stock, purchase, sell, account - Investing
  166. Merry Christmas 2018, Investors!: calls, dividend, investment, income - Investing
  167. Proper investing for 90 year old: annuities, fund, cash, bankrupt
  168. Asset allocation with longevity annuity: bonds, fund, investment, income - Investing
  169. Re-balancing before year end: bonds, fund, trading, income - Investing
  170. Effect of crash on the wealth effect?: Fidelity, income, stock market - Investing
  171. How many people sold equities today?: annuity, bond, fund, puts - Investing
  172. It is not the FED’s job to protect your portfolio. It is your job to protect your portfolio: bond, credit - Investing
  173. Who is affecting the Stock Market, The FED or The President?: investor, job - Investing
  174. 37 Minutes Left...: IRA, 401k, DJIA, stock market - Investing
  175. Ron Paul : 1929 coming soon: fund, cash, stock, buy - Investing
  176. Vanguard Target 2040 Fund: bond, IRA, rollover, cash - Investing
  177. Get out of 401k and buy annuities: annuity, bond, mutual funds - Investing
  178. Robinhood for stock trading: IRA, cash, fee, tax - Investing
  179. S&P Now Lower than it was a Year Ago: bonds, fund - Investing
  180. buying the dip?: fund, investor, stocks, sell - Investing
  181. Small caps: brokerage, value fund, 401k, Fidelity - Investing
  182. Dow Plunges 600 on US-China Worries: stocks, government, debt, motion - Investing
  183. Are we going to have a Santa rally this year?: stock market, sell - Investing
  184. Year End 2018 Fidelity Funds Distributions: dividend, corporation, investor, wage - Investing
  185. 2020-2030 Predictions: invested, Vanguard, stocks, interest - Investing
  186. UP 10.1% YTD in 2018 ...... Strategy ahead: IRA, brokerages, 401k, invest - Investing
  187. Uber & Lyft plan to go public by April 2019, who is going to buy?: stocks, company - Investing
  188. Nothing in the Market is Working....: bond, fund, cash, dividend - Investing
  189. Stock Market Game 2019: fund, trading, dividends, interest - Investing
  190. Robinhood will offer bank accounts that pay 3% compounded daily starting Jan 2019: brokerage, fund - Investing
  191. Interesting FINRA study: mutual funds, investment, income, stock market - Investing
  192. A dividends: brokerages, cash, dividend, invest - Investing
  193. Scenario: 5 primes by end of 2019, trade war until January or later? Antifa too...: stock market, government - Investing
  194. The Best Free Real-Time Stock Charts?: trading, websites, trader, balance - Investing
  195. Does Subscribe To The Motely Fool Stock Advisor - Investing
  196. Video doc: Flash Crash 2010 - Investing
  197. Europe and Australia inching towards joining the trade war with China: Fidelity, investments - Investing
  198. Is Wall Street starting to price minority interests differently? (Facebook): cash, investor - Investing
  199. What is this game?: trading, Fidelity, company, average - Investing
  200. Treasury Bills discussion: buy, accounts, money, research - Investing