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  1. BAE Systems to Open New Innovation Hub at the Georgia Cyber Center: Washington: living - Augusta area, (GA)
  2. UGA economist expects Augusta economy to outpace state in 2019: Gainesville: employment, construction - Georgia
  3. “All In Augusta” Campaign Has Bold Expectations for Garden City: Savannah: house, university - Georgia (GA)
  4. Blue Sky Kitchen Closes: restaurant, bars, food - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  5. New mixed-use development planned for Laney-Walker Blvd: university, warehouse - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  6. Tsplost 2022: Martinez, Evans, Grovetown: subdivisions, live, mall - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  7. New residential development coming to Downtown Augusta: Ivey: 2015, apartments - Georgia (GA)
  8. AU starts bike-sharing system called JagRide: Summerville: university, safer, activities - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  9. Moving to Grovetown, Ga from Panama City, FL post hurricane Michael.: Atlanta: house, magnet schools - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  10. U-Haul buys former southside Kmart: Calhoun, Gordon: sale, real estate, rentals - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  11. Columbia County hospital site could see development this year: Martinez: real estate, house - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  12. Massive I-20 project kicks off: Collins: construction, live, safer - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  13. Cyber Center making impact in downtown Augusta: Reynolds, Brooks: university, gardens - Georgia (GA)
  14. Graphic Packaging to invest $350M in Augusta paper plant: Atlanta: companies, quality - Georgia (GA)
  15. Moving to Augusta GA-North Augusta SC-Aiken SC: Atlanta, Savannah: sales, home - Georgia
  16. AU gets three new cyber-related degree programs: Columbus, Savannah: credit, schools - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  17. Augusta Commissioner Grady Smith dead: office, health, mayor - Georgia (GA)
  18. Referendum on November ballot could give Columbia County leaders more power over redevelopment: Martinez: cost - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  19. Columbia County finalizes Evans Towne Center Urban Design Plan: Atlanta: amphitheatre, construction - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  20. Augusta growth and increased funding drives transit projects: Gordon: employment, tax - Georgia (GA)
  21. Coliseum Authority discusses “redevelopment opportunity” possibly arena: Calhoun, Gordon: fit in, 2014 - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  22. U.S. 78 Median Project in South Augusta: Calhoun: construction, airport - Georgia (GA)
  23. Your Thoughts are by transplant: Atlanta, Martinez: renting, low crime - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  24. Gander outdoors?: sales, leases, bankruptcy - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  25. Residential Renaissance: New generation of renters and homeowners repopulating Augusta’s urban core: Oglethorpe: apartment complex - Georgia (GA)
  26. Different tax sale could spur investment, clear blight in Augusta: sales, foreclosures - Georgia (GA)
  27. LEGO Convention coming to Augusta for first time: stadium, buildings - Georgia (GA)
  28. That Flippin Egg coming to South Augusta: Atlanta, Evans: restaurant, prices - Georgia (GA)
  29. $30 million Beacon Station in Laney Walker/Bethlehem: apartments, leasing - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  30. Augusta Commission votes to fire city attorney, city administrator: Jackson: law, car - Georgia (GA)
  31. Must eat restaurants?: Washington: food, kitchen, best - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  32. Harlem City limits may double in size if GA governor signs bill: Grovetown: house - Augusta area, Georgia
  33. Houseboat Living on the Lake: Milledgeville, Greensboro: renting, buying a home, buying - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  34. Walton Way: Summerville: houses, neighborhoods, university - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  35. Where to live if working at nuclear plant in Waynesboro?: house, neighborhoods - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  36. 2018 Population estimate for Augusta-Aiken MSA: Atlanta, Columbus: 2015, military, moving - Georgia (GA)
  37. Spanish Company to Establish North American Headquarters in Augusta: sale, construction - Georgia (GA)
  38. Morris family proposing mixed-use project downtown - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  39. Keel addresses Augusta University growth concerns in annual talk: Harrison: dorms, school - Georgia (GA)
  40. Could Augusta leaders get into the medical marijuana business using city land?: move - Georgia (GA)
  41. Rush hr. traffic: Martinez, Evans, Martin: relocating, town, downtown - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  42. Next SPLOST on 20 presidential ballot: Jackson: sales, 2015 - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  43. First phase of Riverfront at the Depot includes microbrewery and restaurant: Atlanta: real estate, hotel - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  44. Cities ask GDOT to make 13th Street Bridge safer: Collins: hotel, living - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  45. Another building getting renovated on Broad Street.: house, tenants - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  46. Could somebody have killed the Godfather of Soul?: Atlanta, Crawford: house, health - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  47. Carolina Moon Distillery at the Riverwalk: entertainment, street, plaza - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  48. YouTubers checked out Knuckle Sandwiches: video, whole, love - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  49. $25-$30 million Hyatt House unique design on Broad: Greenville: hotels, houses - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  50. Everything: Augusta National / Masters: Atlanta, Calhoun: apartment complex, rental, motels - Georgia (GA)
  51. Mall in downtown Augusta: condos, construction, restaurants - Georgia (GA)
  52. A murder almost every day: stats, gangs, transport - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  53. Tin Lizzy's Augusta location closes: Atlanta, Evans: 2015, closing, live - Georgia (GA)
  54. New adult clubs in Augusta might be able to serve alcohol: Atlanta: zoning, club - Georgia (GA)
  55. Three Augusta area 'underperforming' Bi-Lo stores are closing: Martinez, Martin: ferry, discounts - Georgia (GA)
  56. Augusta seeking feedback on whitewater, recreation study: Columbus, Savannah: houses, neighborhood - Georgia (GA)
  57. Relocated to girard: Hephzibah: townhouse, area, town - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  58. Upscale bowling alley 'Bowlero' to replace Brunswick: Nashville, Washington: construction, restaurant - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  59. First phase of Augusta’s Georgia Cyber Center to open Tuesday: Hull: construction, contractors - (GA)
  60. 15th Street development still in the work, new plans to come soon: store - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  61. Forbes 'Why Augusta the South's best-kept secret': school, trendy - Georgia (GA)
  62. Moving to Augusta: home, university, medical - Georgia (GA)
  63. Augusta Salary?: Atlanta, Savannah: coop, neighborhoods, school - Georgia (GA)
  64. New name officially in the works for Calhoun Expressway: Cumming: bill, racist - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  65. Nearly quarter of downtown Augusta’s office space empty: Atlanta: lease, lofts - Georgia (GA)
  66. How long do you have to wait to get a car tag?: insurance - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  67. Largest freshman class moves in at Augusta University: Brooks: dorm, school - Georgia (GA)
  68. Pull of an Outlet Mall: Springfield, Concord: construction, outlet malls, nicest - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  69. Commission could study idea of downtown entertainment district: closing, restaurants - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  70. Decent areas to live near airport?: Martinez, Evans: to rent, home, transfer to - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  71. Need Help with Augusta Neighborhoods: Savannah, Richmond Hill: for rent, crime, homes - Georgia (GA)
  72. Evans, Martinez power outages: Harlem: 2014, homes, neighborhoods - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  73. herbert homes buys old 1810 west inn in thomson: for sale, houses - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  74. Grovetown ban on development extended: construction, zoning, move - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  75. Swiss Chocolate: house, to buy, shops - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  76. Downtown arena ‘yes’ votes prevail: Augusta-Richmond County, Between: hotel, theater, construction - Georgia (GA)
  77. Relocating to Augusta-seeking advice: Evans, Waynesboro: rentals, condo, townhouse - Georgia (GA)
  78. How sketchy is the area around Pendleton King Park?: Summerville: to rent, house - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  79. Augusta Commission passes smoking ordinance 6-4: Savannah: attorneys, home, school - Georgia (GA)
  80. Richmond, Columbia county schools seeing enrollment increase: campus, classroom - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  81. The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia: how much, installing - Augusta area, (GA)
  82. Super Speeder / Reduction?: Sylvania: how much, school, under 21 - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  83. Harlem grapples with transportation issues: Milledgeville, Louisville: installing, commuter, town - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  84. Basic on User Name: where to, change - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  85. Anything you can see coming or saw post it: Evans: leases, month to - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  86. Over 1,000 new residential units DT by 2020: Reynolds: apartments, hotel, construction - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  87. Coliseum Authority votes not to put new James Brown Arena on current site: Atlanta: home, buying - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  88. Augusta National wants it own exit from I-20 to golf club: Washington: buying, costs - Georgia (GA)
  89. New grocery store possibly coming to South Augusta: Washington, Wrens: real estate, new construction - Georgia (GA)
  90. Am I the only one who despises the masters?: renting, hotels - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  91. Augusta Commission moves on depot property project: Jackson, Reynolds: apartments, condos - Georgia (GA)
  92. Which Shower Valve Most Use In Augusta,Georgia.: Home Depot, yard - (GA)
  93. AU Medical Center one step closer to building Columbia County hospital: Evans: 2014, construction - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  94. What is the theater name?: White: low income, condos, hotel - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  95. Effort to drive nude clubs from downtown Augusta grows: Atlanta: transfer, zoning - Georgia (GA)
  96. Columbia County diverse and the healthiest, according to analysis: Evans: houses, job market - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  97. Augusta Commission moves Depot project forward: Columbus, Jackson: costs, moving, authority - Georgia (GA)
  98. Topgolf: Greenville: how much, live, vs - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  99. Sears at Augusta Mall likely Closing Soon: Atlanta, Lenox: sales, 2015 - Georgia (GA)
  100. Train Depot project reveal October 5th: Columbus, Savannah: appointed, apartments, theater - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  101. Gap opening Old Navy in Evans, closing Augusta Mall store: Atlanta: sales, tenants - Georgia (GA)
  102. Second interstate in Augusta worth fighting for: Atlanta, Savannah: bill, transportation - Georgia (GA)
  103. $15 million dollar fully furnished home for sale in Augusta: Atlanta: real estate, 2014 - Georgia (GA)
  104. Lakeside High, Evans High, Greenbrier High, and Grovetown High: Insight, Characteristics, and Commentary: neighborhoods, high schools - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  105. Farmer’s Basket coming to Augusta mall: Atlanta, Lenox: rent, restaurant - Georgia (GA)
  106. New Interstate Coming to Augusta: Atlanta, Columbus: new house, cost, military - Georgia (GA)
  107. Georgia Cyber Center adds first private industry tenant: Hull: house, construction - Augusta area, (GA)
  108. Report says Augusta-area economy grew $1.6B in three years: Atlanta: construction, calculation - Georgia (GA)
  109. Is there such as a thing... ?: Savannah, Washington: neighborhood, live, parking - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  110. Real Estate company lays two options on the table for 401 Walton Way: Hull: sublease - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  111. Public hearing Thursday on Hardy-McManus road widening: Evans, Riverside: construction, design - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  112. Damn the poor the money is coming: Augusta-Richmond County, Washington: hotels, school - Georgia (GA)
  113. Crime-ridden Augusta complex again being renovated: Evans: apartment complex, purchaser, vouchers - Georgia (GA)
  114. Augusta road projects nearing completion: Milledgeville, Washington: construction, maintenance, cost - Georgia (GA)
  115. Augusta Commissioner Andrew Jefferson dies: condo, university, baptist - Georgia (GA)
  116. Issues to Whiskey Road could see major improvements: construction, price - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  117. Regional development up for Augusta Commission committee review: counties, to work - Georgia (GA)
  118. Augusta to Host Collegiate Cycling Competition in 2019: home, universities - Georgia (GA)
  119. Governor Deal announces 50 new IT, Cybersecurity jobs: Atlanta: safest, castle - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  120. What the heck Augusta?: Washington, Hampton: eat, activity, dinner - Georgia (GA)
  121. Clearing 22-acre former Whitney Cotton complex could spur development in Laney-Walker: Bethlehem: houses, neighborhood - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  122. New housing planned for 24 acre inner city site: Bethlehem: apartment, land - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  123. Moving into state - High School - Help: high schools, county - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  124. Regional BMX event coming to Columbia County: Evans, Richland: hotel, estimated - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  125. Augusta's Doctors Hospital plans $80 million expansion of burn center: construction, tower - Georgia (GA)
  126. I-20 bridge project expected to begin in Spring 2019: Savannah, Martin: 2013, design - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  127. River Glen Apartments to be demolished, new complex to replace it: crime, homes - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  128. South Augusta Windsor Square expansion: hiring, Starbucks - Georgia (GA)
  129. Richmond County seeing growth in local developments: authority, commute - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  130. New campuses proposed for next Columbia County E-SPLOST: sales, elementary schools - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  131. Augusta to target blight around 15th Street in next phase of redevelopment: Douglas: neighborhoods - Georgia (GA)
  132. Get an email from FedEx? Read this first: credit card, loans - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  133. Georgia Economy to Slow Slightly in 2019 but Still Robust and Growing: good - Augusta area, (GA)
  134. move to Augusta in near future: to rent, buy - Georgia (GA)
  135. Paine welcomes big class during Fall Convocation as it seeks second accreditation: transfer - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  136. Guess what? Everyone thinks they are the next cyber hot spot: town - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  137. New ideas needed to help solve longstanding problems in south Augusta, say officials: Milledgeville: construction - Georgia (GA)
  138. New school, other developments coming to South Augusta: houses, neighborhoods - Georgia (GA)
  139. Regent pushes to combine University Hospital with AU Health: Savannah: county, hospitals - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  140. Task force’s downtown parking plan set for implementation by July: Savannah: authority, transportation - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  141. Augusta Entertainment Complex: Atlanta: cost, authority, designs - Georgia (GA)
  142. Streetlights could come to dangerous Columbia County intersections: Evans, Washington: safer, engineering - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  143. Augusta uses cyber to cultivate business, economic growth: house, school - Georgia (GA)
  144. Whitewater park - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  145. Tsplost 2.0?: Savannah, Commerce, Washington: sales, 2015, credit - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  146. Biotech company acquires NutraSweet plant, will create 50 jobs: manufacturing, campus - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  147. New townhomes coming to Laney Walker neighborhood: construction, design - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  148. North Augusta council hears construction update on Riverside Village: Calhoun: apartments, condos - Georgia (GA)
  149. Companies mull $1 billion in investment at Augusta Corporate Park: Savannah: authority, rail - Georgia (GA)
  150. How this happen: commission - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  151. Planners unveil concepts for Evans Towne Center: Grovetown, Washington: living, shopping center - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  152. Committee forms to develop next transportation sales tax package: Savannah: 2013, office - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  153. 401 Greene St to be renovated into 12 residential units: zoning, parking - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)
  154. Uber Eats launches in Augusta: Atlanta: live, restaurants, delivery - Georgia (GA)
  155. Augusta streetlight fix could cost millions: how much, maintenance, cost of - Georgia (GA)
  156. Augusta commission expanding EEO policy to LGBT community: employment, office - Georgia (GA)
  157. Augusta Commissioners approve bid for whitewater course at Lock and Dam: Columbus: design, great - Georgia (GA)
  158. Evans....: construction, county, town - Augusta area, Georgia (GA)