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  1. Is America too uptight?: illegal, drug, regular, crime - Great Debates
  2. has the word 'racist' losing its toxicity?: racism, race - Great Debates
  3. Losing Our Drive: generation, suspect, independent, insurance - Great Debates
  4. Hallucinogenic Drugs - legality for personal and/or clinical usage?: illegal, heroin - Great Debates
  5. What should the age of majority be?: legal, death, marijuana - Great Debates
  6. WWI poem - does your value of life depend on your age?: invasion, politicians - Great Debates
  7. Selective enforcement of laws: Congress, enemy, illegal, attorneys - Great Debates
  8. When Hip-Hop Goes Gault: brainwashing, independent, dollars, school - Great Debates
  9. Can Chinese Immigrants Save Detroit?: Mexican, governor, visas, state - Great Debates
  10. Excessive use of abbreviations in the US: employment, companies, state - Great Debates
  11. The Media and it's Influence on you: Stop The Madness!: flag, radio - Great Debates
  12. How come other diseases don't get as much recognition as cancer?: death, state - Great Debates
  13. Is It Time For Int'l Red Cross Clinics/Hospitals Be Allowed Into The U.S.?: cost, 2013 - Great Debates
  14. Managing perception VS clean intentions (what should take priority): attractive, tattoo, female - Great Debates
  15. Which is more relevant the natural world or the virtual one?: money, programs - Great Debates
  16. Someone said that all people are good: ideology, examples, laws - Great Debates
  17. 100 Years Ago Today....: middle east, illegal, death, border - Great Debates
  18. MH17 vs IA655: Putin, Iran, Clinton, independent - Great Debates
  19. Is the United States the country that it once was?: illegal, drug - Great Debates
  20. Blacks are the least racist Americans (opinion): Mexican, racism, Obama - Great Debates
  21. The War on Drugs is a lie: fast food, Taliban, illegal - Great Debates
  22. White Community…Self Cancer Eradicating?: legal, drugs, statistics, suspect - Great Debates
  23. Did Lincoln break the law to maintain the union, and if he did, was he justified?: interstate, Congress - Great Debates
  24. What is worth dying for?: legal, death, 9/11, cost - Great Debates
  25. Why do we glorify athletes when their health conditions are often much worse than that of the general population?: drugs, how much - Great Debates
  26. Will we ever see secession attempts in US cities?: state, New York, country - Great Debates
  27. Has Diversity retarded global development?: regime, dictators, economy, education - Great Debates
  28. The race of the future: legal, racism, Brown, Canada - Great Debates
  29. Sales Of Bulletproof Blankets Beat Maker's 'Wildest Expectations': statistics, solutions, cost - Great Debates
  30. Has the quality of life outside the home in America significantly decreased?: parade, regular - Great Debates
  31. Officials Didn't Vet Miss Delaware; Now Declare She Is Too Old. Is This Incompentence & Arbitrary Age Discrimination?: school, party - Great Debates
  32. Are minimum wages detrimental to overall wages: fast food, illegal, illegals - Great Debates
  33. Recognizing the results of an overthrown government: Iran, Iraq, illegal - Great Debates
  34. Valid argument for the legalisation of drugs?: illegal, cocaine, healthcare - Great Debates
  35. Should friends and extended family be included in inheritances/estate plans? How would it affect society?: enemies, ethical - Great Debates
  36. Law against shackling pregnant women????: leader, Maryland, states, supporters - Great Debates
  37. BONKERS over MONEY: unemployed, generation, healthcare, conspiracy - Great Debates
  38. Retirement benefits: defined benefits or defined contribution?: generation, holidays - Great Debates
  39. Do people still throw wild parties after college?: ethic, high school, attractive - Great Debates
  40. What is needed to regime change?: fast food, middle east, enemies, revolution - Great Debates
  41. Are environmentalism and humanism opposed to each other?: activist, radical, environmentalists - Great Debates
  42. When it comes to international matters, what can be done to curb inhuman laws , out there cultural practices ,: solution, goverment - Great Debates
  43. Which Laws do you think need to go? Which crimes should be legal?: illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  44. Medical Staff Warned To Be Quiet About Illegal Immigrants Or Face Arrest. Should The Public Be Aware Of Disease Issues?: Mexican, health care - Great Debates
  45. Prosecutors Want To Take Picture Of A Sexually Aroused 17 Year-Old Boy In A Child Pornography Case. What Would You Do?: legal, injection - Great Debates
  46. Does the media focus on New York and Southern California overrepresent Jews and Catholics in the popular perception?: Simpson, Nebraska - Great Debates
  47. Is Vegan Parenting Child Abuse?: regular, states, doctor, religion - Great Debates
  48. Is it Cool to be gay now?: Obama, March, gay people - Great Debates
  49. Do Americans Envy the European Lifestyle?: stereotypes, Walmart, vs, money - Great Debates
  50. Is it reasonable to say that you can eat healthy on a limited budget: fast food, gallon - Great Debates
  51. Why do fat people always claim they have thyroid issues?: regular, school - Great Debates
  52. Why do people blame guns instead of mental illness?: Congress, arsenal, ethics - Great Debates
  53. There Are One Million More Square Kilometers Of Global Sea Ice Than 35 Years Ago. Did An Ice Age Start 35 Years Ago?: Al Gore, global warming - Great Debates
  54. 290,000 Illegals Have Crossed The Border Since April. Are We Likely To Ever Ship Them Back?: illegal aliens, suspect - Great Debates
  55. Why is every national holiday now all about the troops ?: Congress, legal - Great Debates
  56. Vet Gives Muffin To A Homeless Man, Cracker Barrel Fires Him. What Would You Have done??: minimum wage, generation - Great Debates
  57. What If Muslims Win The 3rd World War (Their Global Jihad)?: Iraq, middle east - Great Debates
  58. Federal Government Claims Companies Can't Require Employees To Speak Proficient English. Does This Make Sense To You?: employment, generations - Great Debates
  59. Are you tired of hearing about the POOR: employment, wages - Great Debates
  60. Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman Were Murdered 20 Years Ago. Did The L.A.P.D. Try To Frame O.J. Simpson? What Say You??: attorney, Brown - Great Debates
  61. Greater clothing diversity for females in comparison to males: unemployment, regular, high school - Great Debates
  62. Would the World be a better place if everyone treated everyone as if they were 'good' deep down?: illegal, Obama - Great Debates
  63. Britain-U.S. union?: legal, drug, death, Canada - Great Debates
  64. What is the difference between Revenge and Justice?: legal, death, wisdom - Great Debates
  65. Carlin: Rights aren't rights.: illegal, suspect, revolution, free speech - Great Debates
  66. Honestly, why not just legalize all drugs?: illegal, heroin, cocaine - Great Debates
  67. Our society idolizes superficiality: fast food, salary, enemy, ethics - Great Debates
  68. People who don't have the Internet --- are they happy or miserable ??: regular, racism - Great Debates
  69. Since There Has Been No Global Warming Since 1997, Where Is The Evidence That Supports Global Warming?: independent, state - Great Debates
  70. Cigarette smoking in cities: the tired arguments: ethical, legal, drug - Great Debates
  71. Racial diversity: good, bad, or indifferent?: legal, suspect, racism, Canada - Great Debates
  72. Have we failed our young adults?: unemployment rate, fast food, salary, generations - Great Debates
  73. Why can't the drinking age be lower?: Congress, illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  74. Legalized hunting: ethical, death, money, states - Great Debates
  75. Right and Wrong is Relative. Do you agree?: enemy, death, March - Great Debates
  76. Parents File 20 Police Reports On Bullying Of Their Son Before They Sue School. School Fires The Mother. Is This Right?: attorney, accuse - Great Debates
  77. Adopting dogs instead of having babies - the new family?: generation, ideology - Great Debates
  78. How Should The Border Crisis Be Resolved? A Wall? The National Guard? Deportment? ... What Would You Do?: wages, illegal - Great Debates
  79. 33 Years Ago, Gay Behavior Resulted In An HIV/AIDS Explosion; It's Exploding Again. Will Heterosexuals Again Suffer?: generation, drugs - Great Debates
  80. What is climate change, really?: health care, conspiracy, wisdom, revolution - Great Debates
  81. On a federal level, should the government treat marijuana as a medicine or an illegal drug.: heroin, cocaine - Great Debates
  82. Why are all black people expected to be responsible for the black community?: stats, regular - Great Debates
  83. THC and its effect on the human animal.: legal, drugs, marijuana - Great Debates
  84. Genetically Modified Crops, Good or Bad: ethical, regular, lobby, claim - Great Debates
  85. Should free speech be expanded to protect employees from being fired for unpopular views?: employment, parade - Great Debates
  86. Black on Black Violence & Hypocrisy in the U.S: Congress, generations - Great Debates
  87. Why did Christians hate Jews so much before and during the Holocaust?: middle east, generations - Great Debates
  88. Should Ebola virus victims be stopped from coming to the USA?: Congress, illegal - Great Debates
  89. Definition of Poverty: unemployment, minimum wage, parade, drug - Great Debates
  90. Insecurity, self-esteem and the American culture of consumerism: Iraq, interviews, middle east - Great Debates
  91. Time To Switch From Gasoline Taxes To Road Use Taxes?: interstates, gallon - Great Debates
  92. Why such a big difference in attitudes Central American refugees and Iraqi Christian refugees: Taliban, illegal - Great Debates
  93. 6% of wealthy say what’s on their mind vs. 69% of poor.. Explanation?: illegal, independent - Great Debates
  94. Is the Confederate Flag just another flag or a symbol of racism: generations, fence - Great Debates
  95. Why Are Americans Obsessed With Having Children?: generations, Christmas, statistics - Great Debates
  96. Most forum replies are stupid: solutions, party, state, support - Great Debates
  97. Are there advantages for employers if their employee has lots of debt?: unemployment, drug - Great Debates
  98. Is the bible the implied word of God? Or the precise word?: interview, middle east - Great Debates
  99. People need to stop whining?!: illegal, healthcare, Obama, insurance - Great Debates
  100. The Right and Left In America.: Congress, interview, Clinton, solutions - Great Debates
  101. Is Depression Curable? Should Depressed People Have the Option of Euthanasia?: legal, injection - Great Debates
  102. Does Income inequality in the USA need addressing?: Congress, minimum wage, salary - Great Debates
  103. He's in a better place & He died doing what he loved: death, claim - Great Debates
  104. Is America slowly going insane?: illegal, extremist, death, revolution - Great Debates
  105. If a girl is drunk, is it to have sex with her?: 2013, own - Great Debates
  106. Time to Kill Daylight Savings: Minnesota, Denver, Michigan, Chicago - Great Debates
  107. Is The War On Drugs Racist?: Congress, cocaine, statistics, suspect - Great Debates
  108. Was the Iraq War justified or was it a totally unnecessary war?: Colin Powell, Congress - Great Debates
  109. Why we won't be able to reduce or stop immigration: Mexican, illegal - Great Debates
  110. Discrimination against Italian Americans?: drug, stereotypes, party, examples - Great Debates
  111. War is hell.: Palestinian, middle east, generations, Israeli - Great Debates
  112. For Every 10 Executions, 1 Death Row Inmate Is Exonerated ... Are Juries Competent Enough To Reasonably Discern Guilt?: Congress, illegal - Great Debates
  113. Tea party white liberals: illegal, drugs, racist, illegal immigration - Great Debates
  114. Suicide : who owns your life?: legal, suspect, death, solutions - Great Debates
  115. A for you from the Great Debates' moderator: employment, controversial, regular
  116. Is America more or less racist than other nations, such as European countries: racism, Canada - Great Debates
  117. Myths, Truth and Wal Mart: wage, solution, financial, Walmart - Great Debates
  118. Does Our Educational System Focus Too Much On Sports?: fast food, salaries, ethical - Great Debates
  119. States Rights vs. Human Rights: Congress, legal, highway, Nebraska - Great Debates
  120. America Without Europeans: suspect, Canada, state, Maine - Great Debates
  121. Why do we thank the troops for our freedoms as Americans?: Iran, Iraq - Great Debates
  122. Is it wrong to use fertility treatments?: injection, drugs, carry - Great Debates
  123. Mexican Cartel Violence-Are You Prepared America?: Iraq, enemies, illegal, heroin - Great Debates
  124. Only 2% of Americans are Jewish, 139 of the top 400 richest Americans are Jewish. Can their success be reproduced?: stats, education - Great Debates
  125. Verbally attacking welfare / food stamp recipients: interstate, generation, highway, how much - Great Debates
  126. If the recent Supreme Court decision on affirmative action hurts racial minorities, why do Asians not agree?: suspect, conspiracy - Great Debates
  127. Will American society ever get to the point to where males and females will share the same public restrooms?: polls, party - Great Debates
  128. Study shows abortion lowers crime: illegal, serial killers, crime rate, school - Great Debates
  129. If minors are tried as adults for crimes, should they be adult rights too?: legal, attorney - Great Debates
  130. Would switching from taxation to land rent solve everything?: solution, how much, cost - Great Debates
  131. Should States Overturn Laws That Protect Ineffective And/Or Incompetent Teachers From Being Fired?: wages, salary - Great Debates
  132. Eugenics and...?: generations, ethical, controversial, economic - Great Debates
  133. If 99%are angry, why OWS lasted so briefly and did so little?: unemployed, interviews - Great Debates
  134. Should Cancer Without Insurance or Money Be Left to Die?: drugs, premium - Great Debates
  135. Do you think racism is a type of mental illness?: black president, state - Great Debates
  136. Did Putin use Sochi as smokescreen to attack Ukraine?: heroin, Afghanistan, radical - Great Debates
  137. Why are you against gay marriage?: legal, state, supporters, vote - Great Debates
  138. Most marijuana users are delusional, irresponsible and short sighted.: Baby Boomers, illegal, heroin - Great Debates
  139. If you surround yourself with dysfunction voluntarily, are you dysfunctional yourself?: unemployment, wages - Great Debates
  140. Why Americans aren't competitive and what's wrong: unemployment rate, ethic, radical - Great Debates
  141. Is pirating as bad as shop lifting? Is it worse? Should they carry the same penalties?: illegal, crime - Great Debates
  142. Should the USA strictly or loosely adhere to the US Constitution?: Congress, generations - Great Debates
  143. What is the culture of entitlement and how we got it: salary, generations - Great Debates
  144. Should Americans be more open to public nudity?: ethic, Jesus, school - Great Debates
  145. What is CIVILIZATION?: healthcare, racist, Boxer, Canada - Great Debates
  146. should we be worried: Bos,NY,Bal,Mia,NO,Hou,SD,LA,SF,Sea?: global warming, Miami - Great Debates
  147. Should gender be removed from birth certificates? What about passports?: lawyer, how much - Great Debates
  148. Why are there fewer female criminals?: suspect, deaths, crime, elect - Great Debates
  149. Reinstate The Draft - (Not what you think): Congress, Iraq - Great Debates
  150. Women want to have their cake and eat it to?: wage, illegal - Great Debates
  151. Bring Manufacturing Back To American - Taxing China and Foreign Importers To Level The Playing Field: NAFTA, wages - Great Debates
  152. Has the relative value of unversity education gone down as more people obtained degrees?: employment, statistics - Great Debates
  153. What's the point of teaching cursive writing?: health care, military, companies - Great Debates
  154. America's future belong to smart and effective people: unemployment rate, generation, economy - Great Debates
  155. Is Climate Change essentially a religion?: Al Gore, global warming, Obama, revolution - Great Debates
  156. Drugs and mental illness: illegal, health care, weapons, death - Great Debates
  157. America's future: emigration and immigration and the new third world: Iraq, generation - Great Debates
  158. UC Santa Barbara Murderer Influenced by Movies?: parade, Reagan, CNN - Great Debates
  159. Google Says It Supports Diversity, Just 2% Of Its Employees Are Black. Is It A Racist Company?: unemployment rate, legal - Great Debates
  160. Have we become too judgmental?: borders, carry, broadcast, pay - Great Debates
  161. The Average CEOs Makes 257 Times The Average Worker. Are People Paid What They Are Worth?: unemployed, salaries - Great Debates
  162. Should government benefits be withheld from: illegal, health care, cost, financial - Great Debates
  163. If Socialism Works, Why Did So Many Veterans Die Waiting To Be Cared For?: Congress, health care system - Great Debates
  164. Noticing Signs of Societal Collapse?: Rush Limbaugh, generations, drug - Great Debates
  165. is the end of the master craftsman near?: unemployed, generations, Obama - Great Debates
  166. Do You Know GMO? Watch this:: death, Maine, Oregon, billion - Great Debates
  167. Should a Minister reveal what is said to him??: lawyer, accuse, death - Great Debates
  168. Two 12 Year Old Girls Stabbed Another Girl 19 Times, As Guided By A Fictional Character. Should They Be Tried As Adults?: illegal, drug - Great Debates
  169. Will Humans Become Extinct Soon: death, Canada, economy, money - Great Debates
  170. Punishment is a sadistic rite and should be abolished.: enemies, legal, death - Great Debates
  171. Automation and politics: NAFTA, unemployment, minimum wage, salaries - Great Debates
  172. Why do so many care more about animals than people?: generation, regular - Great Debates
  173. To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate: injection, conspiracy, insurance, 2014 - Great Debates
  174. 2 Principals Ordered A Girl To Change How She Was Dressed. She Says The Focus Should Be On Boy's Behavior. Who Is Right?: generation, Boxer - Great Debates
  175. What's the point of hate crimes?: legal, injection, FBI, statistics - Great Debates
  176. Smart Guns: weapons, conspiracy, death, boycott - Great Debates
  177. What do animal rights activists/vegans think about culling destructive feral species?: ethical, legal - Great Debates
  178. Are Single Sex Schools Good For Education?: Alabama, high school, compare - Great Debates
  179. Will There Be A WWIII?: Putin, Iran, Palestinians, middle east - Great Debates
  180. Have we as a society become too sensitive?: generation, school, amendment - Great Debates
  181. Have you ever actually SEEN racism?: highway, Missouri, high school, Seattle - Great Debates
  182. Have Female Teachers Surpassed Male Teachers As Sexual Predators?: illegal, accuse, stats - Great Debates
  183. Does think this is racist?: illegal, racism, boycott - Great Debates
  184. Is it better to Assimilate into the Melting Pot just to 'get-along'?: middle east, generations - Great Debates
  185. As a Landlord, is it racist to prefer certain races?: illegal, stats - Great Debates
  186. Are young black boys at a disadvantage?: drug, accuse, regular - Great Debates
  187. A Taliban Commander says the swap has encouraged them to kidnap more. Was the prisoner swap the right thing to do?: Congress, wage - Great Debates
  188. Is the desire for violent retribution a cultural universal?: middle east, regular, radical - Great Debates
  189. Origins of racism: middle east, ideology, politicians, economic - Great Debates
  190. If 9136 scientist agree and 1 disagrees, is there scientific consensus?: Congress, global warming, gasoline - Great Debates
  191. Can minorities be racist?: legal, accuse, racism, Brown - Great Debates
  192. Our real enemies are corporations and the people that support them: Congress - Great Debates
  193. Do you think the future will be futuristic or post-apocalyptic?: fast food, gas prices - Great Debates
  194. Why be a general practitioner Doctor in the USA ?: healthcare, insurance, companies - Great Debates
  195. The abuse of the urban subculture: knowledge - Great Debates
  196. X - Great Debates
  197. Two Root Causes of Conflict: Contempt For Weakness and Difference: school, compare - Great Debates
  198. Ranking of cities: is it over the top?: compared, economic, world - Great Debates
  199. Carey McWilliams Muckraker: senator, California, against, American - Great Debates
  200. Hows does the USA justify support for LGBT and ignore rapes?: atrocities, financial - Great Debates