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  1. Why is the US ALWAYS last or different: legal, Canada, politicians - Great Debates
  2. TSA agents: scum: legal, world, security, children - Great Debates
  3. Why do we care if racists conform?: employment, regular, racism - Great Debates
  4. Yelp as a vehicle for protests, and puzzling pictures.: activist, free speech, party - Great Debates
  5. Cyberbullying is completely avoidable: legal, school, voted, prison - Great Debates
  6. World map of IQ by country - Great Debates
  7. Do religious charities use racial stereotypes in their favor?: deaths, racism, border - Great Debates
  8. Does language style reflect culture or does culture reflect language: government, languages - Great Debates
  9. Why do women care so much about equality but then use it to be just like the men they complain about: legal, drugs - Great Debates
  10. Pedophilia laws and their leniency/strictness: legal, 18 year old, solution, crime - Great Debates
  11. Deinstitutionalization causes police shootings and an increased prison population.: legal, drugs, border - Great Debates
  12. Can business function without hierarchy?: regime, Brown, military - Great Debates
  13. 24-hour news and political discourse: CNN, death, racism, crime - Great Debates
  14. Are you 'bathroom shy?': school, kids, great - Great Debates
  15. Why not charge them with treason.: Congress, middle east, enemies, death - Great Debates
  16. Example Of Being Bullied By Political Correctness Gone Idiotic: 2015, female, world - Great Debates
  17. Non-lethal weapons, what do you think of them?: middle east, enemies, drug - Great Debates
  18. Ethanol rip off . Let me count the ways... Article (opinion) in NYTs: gasoline, regular - Great Debates
  19. Trust Issues?: Clinton, elections, elect, city - Great Debates
  20. Have I seen too many changes?: citizen, work, society, country - Great Debates
  21. Facebook removes pictures of baby with no nose: controversial, world - Great Debates
  22. What is Obama's legacy?: Congress, Iran, Iraq, attorney - Great Debates
  23. cpr app: ethical, legal, death, how much - Great Debates
  24. A about the definition of a serial killer.: serial killers, deaths, examples - Great Debates
  25. Is it worth it......: cost, school, income, California - Great Debates
  26. Does the feminist movement represent black women?: income, female, community - Great Debates
  27. What Will America Look Like in 2060?: Hispanic, examples, states, propaganda - Great Debates
  28. Sam Harris and Noam Chomsky: enemy, Clinton, crimes, atrocities - Great Debates
  29. Should Academic Institutions be Solely Involved in Sexual Assault Claims?: ethical, illegal - Great Debates
  30. Whether it would make sense to have a much higher percentage of the population in prison for life: unemployment, salaries - Great Debates
  31. Does the pursuit of excellence excuse abuse?: high school, rating, leader - Great Debates
  32. Quality of Sportsmen: vs, money, support, society - Great Debates
  33. OJ Simpson was ordered to pay Millions in a wrongful death suit: legal, attorneys - Great Debates
  34. Universities and student suicides: legal, health care, statistics, cost - Great Debates
  35. Targeting high crime areas: money, government, votes, minorities - Great Debates
  36. Is human compassion mostly driven by shallow sentiment?: suspect, school, bias - Great Debates
  37. Have Atheists or Believers contributed more to humanity and the world?: dictators, leader - Great Debates
  38. Prenatal testing and abortion: generation, legal, suspect, carry - Great Debates
  39. Why is Bill Cosby not in jail?: drug, lawyers, accuses - Great Debates
  40. Why Do People Use Do Much Rhetoric and Logical Fallacies When Talking Politics: election, elect - Great Debates
  41. how do we reconcile the old school Libertarian with current trends?: Ron Paul, Congress - Great Debates
  42. Collecting genes to help correct medical issues: drugs, health care, Obama - Great Debates
  43. On diversity...: Reed, great - Great Debates
  44. What is it with people poking their noses in the lives of someone they don't know?: heroin, racist - Great Debates
  45. Are the standards to receive food stamps for minorities lower. . .?: unemployment, interview - Great Debates
  46. Why are public restrooms always a filthy mess? Especially toilets? - Great Debates
  47. Is it better to die on your feet or live on your knees?: death, money - Great Debates
  48. Planet of the Apes result of Global Nuclear WARS?: enemy, arsenal, weapons - Great Debates
  49. Should Powerball be changed to produce multiple jackpot winners?: drugs, Edwards, dollar - Great Debates
  50. Illinois Teens Charged Child Porn after Group Sex Posted to Twitter: legal, high school - Great Debates
  51. What if... WW2 had come early? USA vs Japan and UK?: Marines, leader - Great Debates
  52. Gun control Advocates open fake Gun store in NYC: illegal, drugs, activist - Great Debates
  53. Why is conformity such a pervasive force?: generation, racism, vs - Great Debates
  54. Muslim fanatics kill More Muslims Than By Far: middle east, extremist - Great Debates
  55. To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise......that's the: generations, states, claim - Great Debates
  56. An Argument Against Eating Meat: legal, regular, death, compared - Great Debates
  57. Eating Plants...Cruel??: wage, ethical, Simpson, revolution - Great Debates
  58. Black Lives Matter!: suspected, racism, Brown, Indiana - Great Debates
  59. Young Student Exposure to Controversial Topics: generations, racism, high school, biased - Great Debates
  60. in your experience what occupations have the rudest people?: healthcare, military, dollars - Great Debates
  61. is saying the word sucks an obscenity or just no big deal anymore?: generations, high school - Great Debates
  62. Why do Americans Call Each Other ____-Americans ?: Congress, generation, Mexican - Great Debates
  63. Compare and contrast two 1st Amendment issues: illegal, drug, crime - Great Debates
  64. Motorcycle riders don't have to wait in traffic like everyone: interview, illegal - Great Debates
  65. Should prosecutors or witnesses be jailed for wrongful convictions?: illegal, attorneys, accuse - Great Debates
  66. Do white people have a future in sub-Saharan Africa?: generations, Israeli, activist - Great Debates
  67. Do gays believe in freedom of religion of others ?: lobby, money, states - Great Debates
  68. Why do minorities have more babies than whites?: generations, illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  69. I don't understand why people would be mad to have to show ID to vote.: employment - Great Debates
  70. Do online debates just raise blood pressure?: Congress, fence, solutions - Great Debates
  71. Why is the country obsessed with the concept of mixed race?: generation, illegal - Great Debates
  72. Should men that get caught peeing outside be treated like sex offenders?: drugs, accuse - Great Debates
  73. What if all schools went private?: lawyer, private school, economy, education - Great Debates
  74. Why do people obsesses over interracial and gay relationship?: illegal, drugs, healthcare - Great Debates
  75. Keep or rip down the Great Pyramids? Your justification?: Israel, Taliban, Afghanistan - Great Debates
  76. Why do people think rules dont apply to them ?: leader, laws - Great Debates
  77. Could desalination solve the water problem and the rising ocean problem?: gallon, generation - Great Debates
  78. Should a Victim who Attacks a Perpetrator of a Crime in Court Be Charged with a Crime?: legal, lawyers - Great Debates
  79. A Continuing Heritage/ Legacy of Slavery.: interviews, generations, racism, deported - Great Debates
  80. Restaurant Servers Leaving Too Quickly To Get Requests: money, problems, world - Great Debates
  81. Riots and Race Relations: Congress, middle east, ethic, drug - Great Debates
  82. Should the US implement open borders?: unemployment, wages, illegal, pros and cons - Great Debates
  83. Has the US become a nation of beggers, whiney, entitled bunch?: minimum wage, Christmas - Great Debates
  84. Do you think people in the U.S. are more satisfied with their lives now then people who lived 100 years ago?: generation, global warming - Great Debates
  85. Whats a good weapon against vicious dogs besides firearms?: illegal, suspect, illegals - Great Debates
  86. Did the free market and industrialization end American slavery?: deaths, racist, Alabama - Great Debates
  87. What conspiracy theory do you believe in??: middle east, ethical, Sanders - Great Debates
  88. Does honoring veterans promote war?: Iraq, generations, illegal, soldiers - Great Debates
  89. Everyone Gets a Trophy (Truth or Myth?): unemployment, minimum wage, salaries - Great Debates
  90. Why So Much Overregulation?: parade, drugs, lawyers, weapon - Great Debates
  91. Does a Vet need to be biologically dead to be a subject in Memorial Day?: generation, holidays - Great Debates
  92. Child-free Women and Men: Should We Establish and Start Celebrating Child-free Women's Day and Child-free Men's Day?: Congress, parade - Great Debates
  93. How would you feel about sending all the serial killers to war zones?: Iraq, enemies - Great Debates
  94. Animal Abusers sign of Psychopath?: global warming, ethical, serial killers, weapon - Great Debates
  95. home owner shoots and kills home burglar should he be prosecuted?: illegal, death - Great Debates
  96. When Have Riots Ever Been Effective in Changing Policy?: poll, March, school - Great Debates
  97. Should prisoners with life sentences be allowed to commit suicide humanely?: illegal, drug - Great Debates
  98. Was it wrong for Obama to make a truce with Cuba?: Putin, Iran - Great Debates
  99. Would We Be Better Off Without Health Insurance?: employment, drugs, lawyer - Great Debates
  100. To level playing field, SATs spot blacks 230-pt 'bonus,' penalize Asians 50 pts: Hispanics, high school - Great Debates
  101. Birth control is simple solution to the unwanted children and STI.: minimum wage, injection - Great Debates
  102. Cats or Dogs?: independence, solutions, how much, retired - Great Debates
  103. Gay V Black: middle east, generation, legal, activist - Great Debates
  104. Should men give up their seats to women?: carry, elect, pregnant - Great Debates
  105. Why are so many non-black women having illegitimate black-mixed babies?: unemployed, statistics - Great Debates
  106. Can a school voucher program be created in a non-ideologic manner to address needs of all children?: solutions, cost - Great Debates
  107. Transitioning to a Cashless Society.: activist, solution, economy, financial - Great Debates
  108. Government propaganda and marijuana: global warming, illegal, heroin, cocaine - Great Debates
  109. How do you think the world will come to an end??: generations, death - Great Debates
  110. French: A Dying Language or Still Important?: generation, death, Canada - Great Debates
  111. Being cheap vs. being economical?: examples, money, state, support - Great Debates
  112. There is bound to be another Ferguson: radical, Hispanic, government - Great Debates
  113. Are women more powerful than men??: crimes, compare, pregnant, religion - Great Debates
  114. Should we bring back colonialism?: poll, regular, independence, invasion - Great Debates
  115. America is Falling Behind: gallon, minimum wage, salary, middle east - Great Debates
  116. Does a celebrity's political views matter to you?: stats, Kennedy, boycott - Great Debates
  117. Worth Marrying if You Don't Want Kids?: legal, attorney, myth - Great Debates
  118. America - Land of Welfare: Congress, minimum wage, border, Obama - Great Debates
  119. Double Standard for Gays?: generations, Massachusetts, gay people, claim - Great Debates
  120. Should People On Unemployment Get Subsidized If They Take a Job That Pays Less Than Unemployment?: minimum wage, salary - Great Debates
  121. Tribal instincts when helping a panhandler / homeless person?: unemployment, ethic, drugs - Great Debates
  122. The nature of war: enemy, soldiers, brainwashing, how much - Great Debates
  123. Has women's equality in the workplace had a positive or negative impact on society?: minimum wage, generations - Great Debates
  124. Are women the more moral sex?: middle east, illegal, stats, suspect - Great Debates
  125. How much can we reduce plastic use in the US?: rating, carry - Great Debates
  126. Why do people focus on white privilage instead of non-white disadvantages ?: generation, legal - Great Debates
  127. Do you trust our government is fairly representing us?: Congress, middle east, illegal aliens - Great Debates
  128. Can you envision the existence of humans more than 200 years from now?: suspect, independent - Great Debates
  129. For Millennials, Out-of-Wedlock Childbirth Is the Norm: generation, health care, regular - Great Debates
  130. Single people are at a disadvantage in the USA: generation, illegal, cost - Great Debates
  131. Skatin' with the kids?: illegal, cost, money, California - Great Debates
  132. Keeping your culture vs integrating: legal, healthcare, conspiracy, racism - Great Debates
  133. Which is better, math or language?: weapon, carry, program, state - Great Debates
  134. Has ever changed their opinion due to a gun debate?: regular, extremist - Great Debates
  135. What would you have done to the earth that god didnt do in 7 days??: claims - Great Debates
  136. do you think humans would feel the same if a human murdered an alien?: death, European - Great Debates
  137. Television: The Destruction of Social Activity?: interview, death, layoffs, money - Great Debates
  138. Would of our cultural icons be as famous as they are if they didn't die before their time?: deaths, revolution - Great Debates
  139. If the government stopped providing welfare, would the US be in chaos?: unemployment, Congress - Great Debates
  140. Government Spending. Can we survive?: Congress, highway, Obama, military - Great Debates
  141. Being poor is a mindset: unemployment, generations, border, cost - Great Debates
  142. Two Party System Values: Corporate Profits, NAFTA, party affiliation, Congress - Great Debates
  143. Will there ever be another communist revolution?: radical, ideology, dictators - Great Debates
  144. Should the U.S. Military continue to police the world or come home?: middle east, enemies - Great Debates
  145. Should Pediatricians Refuse To Treat Unvaccinated Kids?: healthcare, state, parenting - Great Debates
  146. Sharia courts in the US?: middle east, legal, marijuana, rating - Great Debates
  147. Is conflict an intrinsic part of human society?: controversial, independent, crime - Great Debates
  148. SB commercial double standard: unemployed, drug, school, compared - Great Debates
  149. Is immigration the only way to solve the declining birth rate in developed countries?: illegal aliens, solution - Great Debates
  150. Should income tax be scraped in place for a Federal sales tax?: millionaire, cost - Great Debates
  151. Adding gender-neutral pronouns to the English language?: examples, education, female - Great Debates
  152. Why don't muslims do anything about ISIS, and only protect their own kind?: Iran, Iraq - Great Debates
  153. Are humans natural sadists?: serial killers, death, crime, terrorists - Great Debates
  154. Is america on track to becoming completely culturally homogenous?: Canada, borders, layman - Great Debates
  155. why are so many young women living so irresponsibly: Putin, education, teenage - Great Debates
  156. Micro Apartments Could They Help The Poor?: interview, wages, myth - Great Debates
  157. Should women dress more conservatively?: solution, elect, world, single - Great Debates
  158. Possibly offensive, possibly true?: generation, ethics, illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  159. What Should We Do About Justin ?: unemployment, legal, drugs - Great Debates
  160. closed 3/20/15: legal, Canada, border, dollars - Great Debates
  161. Will corporate aptitude tests burst the higher education bubble?: employment, interview, ethic - Great Debates
  162. Why is the illegal drug trade so violent?: drugs, racism, independent - Great Debates
  163. offended by the jailing of teachers who have sex with students?: ethics, legal - Great Debates
  164. Police and Direct Order: interview, illegal, drug, weapon - Great Debates
  165. Fossil fuels will save the world!: generation, global warming, how much, Pittsburgh - Great Debates
  166. Why do waiters do this?: Alabama, parties, states, Maine - Great Debates
  167. Is global warming all that bad?: state, support, million, world - Great Debates
  168. Let's not place our soldiers on a pedestal: middle east, enemy, weapons - Great Debates
  169. Alcoholics Anonymous and Rehab doesn't work for most people: unemployed, interview, legal - Great Debates
  170. Should Copyrights Last as Long as They do?: Congress, ethical, legal - Great Debates
  171. Business owners forced to comply with customers' wishes....where will it end: legal, companies - Great Debates
  172. Is Hypocrisy A Liberal Celebrity Killer For You? Overlook It?: Ron Paul, Al Franken - Great Debates
  173. Why are Republicans so much more successful than Democrats?: minimum wage, rating, leader - Great Debates
  174. Alcoholics anonymous vs Tobacco anonymous: legal, drugs, compared - Great Debates
  175. IQ requirement to vote: illegal aliens, suspect, illegals - Great Debates
  176. Will the USA turn into a 3rd world country?: illegal, Canada, 9/11 - Great Debates
  177. Stop the lie that black people don't protest crime in their neighborhoods: parade, racism - Great Debates
  178. Do People Cry Racism in Non-Racist Situations?: interview, Christmas, accuse - Great Debates
  179. Are you an Establishment person who sticks up for big companies in disputes?: dollars, leader - Great Debates
  180. Will constant Black Lives Matter banter turn white people off?: generations, drug - Great Debates
  181. Should capital punishment be abolished: middle east, stats, death, crime rates - Great Debates
  182. Is the USA becoming a group of different countries not states?: Congress, enemies - Great Debates
  183. Will constant Black lives matter banter turn people off?: drug, suspect - Great Debates
  184. Noise Lawsuits, Why Not?: Reagan, attorney, highway, cost - Great Debates
  185. Daylight saving time.... for or against: poll, government, state, Arizona - Great Debates
  186. World War III has begun?: Iraq, middle east, Israel, soldier - Great Debates
  187. Do you believe in truth in advertising?: gas price, Obama, speech - Great Debates
  188. Should the United States ban the sale of Airbus aircraft?: Brown, Alabama - Great Debates
  189. Naming the children.... after the parent: generations, legal, European, female - Great Debates
  190. Ferguson Cop Shooter Suspect Charged Only with Assault: Obama, terrorism, carry - Great Debates
  191. Real arguments against same sex marriage: legal, fence, elect - Great Debates
  192. why is segregation such a bad word?: Mexicans, death, racism - Great Debates
  193. Should We Ban Boxing?: illegal, death, Boxer, economic - Great Debates
  194. Is there common courtesy left in society?: March, rating, Arizona - Great Debates
  195. Feminism an historic failure?: conspiracy, deaths, rating, leader - Great Debates
  196. If You Really Can't Fix Stupid....: employment, weapon, wisdom, high school - Great Debates
  197. The top two detriments killing the human race: religion and drugs (addiction).: wages, enemies - Great Debates
  198. Most to Least Democratic Countries:Norway First, North Korea Last.: Iran, regime - Great Debates
  199. Battle for the net: lobbyists, lobby, companies, dollars - Great Debates
  200. In your opinion, are American country people hard working or laid back?: ethic, California - Great Debates