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  1. Teenage Murderers- Parole?: drug, suspect, death, Alabama - Great Debates
  2. Gun Control: A conservative agenda?: Reagan, weapons, extremist, carry - Great Debates
  3. The Urban Dictionary: examples, own, example - Great Debates
  4. Random Violence as a Strange Fruit of Diversity and Mass Communication: drugs, regular - Great Debates
  5. someone explain the ridiculousness of sports fanaticism to me...: controversial, layoff, school - Great Debates
  6. Personal hygiene, why don't more people take it seriously?: regular, world, workers - Great Debates
  7. Prostelyzing, Trying to Convert Strangers to Christianity: global warming, good news, government - Great Debates
  8. It's all local: minimum wage, support, problems, community - Great Debates
  9. Natural laws of energy: generation, gasoline, deaths, revolution - Great Debates
  10. Which villains do you think are worse: the Nazis or ISIS?: Israel, radical - Great Debates
  11. MTV on Black History Month video vs Rebuttal video: racist, african, Americans - Great Debates
  12. Do you believe in the moon landing?: conspiracy, 9/11, USA - Great Debates
  13. Scams based on infrequency of business: legal, lawyers, border, state - Great Debates
  14. The Stores: Just Looking & I gave at the office: party, program - Great Debates
  15. Will we be seeing more warnings about movies and TV shows?: drug, racism - Great Debates
  16. About Attorneys/Clients and Lies: legal, accuse, crime, insurance - Great Debates
  17. The myth of a peaceful civilized modern age: enemy, health care, deaths - Great Debates
  18. Should women's restrooms have urinals in them?: Marines, female - Great Debates
  19. Is Cyber Monday becoming obsolete?: Christmas, how much, retirement - Great Debates
  20. Penal Colonies: legal, statistics, regular, Obama - Great Debates
  21. Relationship between government and citizens: deaths, solution, elect, work - Great Debates
  22. Public trends of downplaying divorce rates continues: fast food, legal, biased - Great Debates
  23. EPA The Relatively Non Existant Government Agency Network: crimes, military, cost - Great Debates
  24. Corruption is legal in America (shocking video embedded): Congress, generation, ethical - Great Debates
  25. does remember freedom fries: Iraq, middle east, radical - Great Debates
  26. Haute Cuisine Comes At A Terrible Price (And I Don't Mean Money!): statistics, crime - Great Debates
  27. Will Hispanic Americans be the new Italians while the Muslims will be the new Hispanics ?: crime, terrorists - Great Debates
  28. Is Gun Control working in France?: Christmas, terrorism, citizen, world - Great Debates
  29. Climate change and shifting magnetic north pole: Al Gore, Congress, global warming - Great Debates
  30. Are Indians Asian?: languages, permit, own, city - Great Debates
  31. The Terrorists have Won.: Iraq, middle east, enemies, drugs - Great Debates
  32. think we should let women have control of our intelligence angencies?: enemy, rating - Great Debates
  33. Gay Marriage, Has it Made Your's Illegitimate: illegal, Minnesota, dollars - Great Debates
  34. Could Justice Anthony Scalia have been murdered and covered up?: conspiracy, deaths - Great Debates
  35. Compare attitudes toward welfare recipients in the U.S. vs. other countries: unemployed, minimum wage - Great Debates
  36. Exchange our Food Stamp Program for Amazon PrimeNow?: wages, Christmas, stats - Great Debates
  37. We have absolutely no proof of alien visitation: Congress, regular, death - Great Debates
  38. Racism is alive and well in Hollywood?: global warming, boycott, speeches - Great Debates
  39. What do you think of the promotion of hot , sex appeal and affect social/romantic relationships: suspect, March - Great Debates
  40. Will Facebook be a global diary decades from now?: employment, Congress - Great Debates
  41. Women Unpaid Work .... “time poverty” gender gap: salary, how much, rating - Great Debates
  42. Gender in Politics: suspect, Clinton, Sanders, Obama - Great Debates
  43. world war three: Iran, Iraq, middle east, Afghanistan - Great Debates
  44. Should we throw away our first amendment rights?: Congress, Iraq, middle east - Great Debates
  45. Nazi vs Communist: racism, Sanders, dictators, leader - Great Debates
  46. Do you think people are becoming more paranoid?: CNN, statistics, conspiracy - Great Debates
  47. Do we still need/want the IRS?: Corporate Profits, unemployment, Congress - Great Debates
  48. white lives don't matter: drugs, activist, racism, crime - Great Debates
  49. Is Earth Doomed?: global warming, Canada, how much, elect - Great Debates
  50. Democracy is a failure!: Congress, legal, independent - Great Debates
  51. National Service in Exchange for a Stronger Safety Net ?: wage, Israel - Great Debates
  52. should I feel guilty for not voting?: Marines, soldiers, Obama - Great Debates
  53. Why is for profit always considered bad?: ethical, health care, premium - Great Debates
  54. Welfare Programs and Liberty: wage, generations, drugs, Obama - Great Debates
  55. worry about the 'Yellowstone Cauldron'?: vote, 2015, New York, million - Great Debates
  56. Narcotic pain relievers - too hard or too easy to get legally?: illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  57. Should we continue life-time appointments to the Supreme Court?: Congress, illegal, lawyers - Great Debates
  58. What is the American Way?: enemies, ethic, health care, suspect - Great Debates
  59. Could you forgive your greatest enemy?: generation, drug, death, Amish - Great Debates
  60. For-profit prisons: minimum wage, healthcare, military - Great Debates
  61. Do you believe OJ murdered Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman?: ethical, legal - Great Debates
  62. Should all adult behavior be excused?: employment, Iraq, enemy, generation - Great Debates
  63. What if we just stopped the war on drugs?: employment, generations, Reagan - Great Debates
  64. Is panhandling protected by the constitution?: illegal, attorneys, Reed, free speech - Great Debates
  65. Why Is It Socially Acceptable To Be Bad At Math?: regular, school - Great Debates
  66. Civil War II: Amerika vs. ‘Murica: ethic, highway, speech, abortion - Great Debates
  67. Property taxes/state taxes: does it all out?: illegal, health care system, premium - Great Debates
  68. three to four feet concrete(see photo) barriers dividing two-way streets: how much, cost - Great Debates
  69. Adverse Possession: legal, attorney, fence, dollars - Great Debates
  70. Who is God? Is there a time or an that could bring about common ground between religions?: Iraq, enemy - Great Debates
  71. And Speaking of Free Tuition...: insurance, cost, politicians, governor - Great Debates
  72. What would happen if Europe and America completely stopped immigration from third world countries?: wages, Indiana - Great Debates
  73. Why do people text on their phones?: regular, speech, vs - Great Debates
  74. Why worry for Europe?: drugs, health care system, weapons, racism - Great Debates
  75. Does the American Dream still exist anywhere in the USA??: unemployment, minimum wage - Great Debates
  76. Black or AA?: interview, generation, poll, accuse - Great Debates
  77. How far should we bend over to accomodate?: illegal, activist, suspect - Great Debates
  78. Owners of potentially dangerous animals: death, Boxer, fence, insurance - Great Debates
  79. 30,000 white males commit suicide every year... why is the media obsessed over chicago?: illegal, statistics - Great Debates
  80. Debate: do you feel marijuana(weed) causes bad behavior in smokers or are people bad from the start.: illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  81. Can the 1% survive without the need for the 99%?: school, money, states - Great Debates
  82. End of Money Madness: Congress, legal, how much, myths - Great Debates
  83. To against the death penalty: fence, Minnesota, violent crime, county - Great Debates
  84. Will The Next Prez Be Decided In The US House?: Ron Paul, house of - Great Debates
  85. Does science and math require a high IQ?: revolution, myth, school - Great Debates
  86. Why do liberals pressure Black Americans to support Hispanic issues but not Asian Americans?: employment, Mexicans - Great Debates
  87. torture or not?: illegal, regular, death, crime - Great Debates
  88. What does it mean to be homeless?: heroin, Birmingham, money - Great Debates
  89. I don't understand the black lives matter movement: Iraq - Great Debates
  90. The effects of Twitter - is it helping or hurting?: election, elect - Great Debates
  91. Slavery is impossible under free market capitalism.: unemployment, minimum wage, generation - Great Debates
  92. Why was the white race(anglo saxon) so successful?: Limbaugh, middle east, enemies - Great Debates
  93. Sex offender registries, so why not child abuse registries?: employment, legal, lawyers - Great Debates
  94. Will PC silliness ever end?: generation, Mexican, impeachment, racist - Great Debates
  95. Right to die.: death, school, money, state - Great Debates
  96. How is hiding the face a valid religious right?: legal, suspect, death - Great Debates
  97. Time for universal health care ?: employment, drugs, health care system, premium - Great Debates
  98. Democratic Socialism could be in our future. Are the new America? At what costs?: employment, minimum wage - Great Debates
  99. Of The Latin Immigrant Groups, Why Are The Cubans More Successful?: employment, Mexicans - Great Debates
  100. Do you believe in luck and, if you do, what happens when your luck runs out?: independent, 9/11 - Great Debates
  101. Should children be able to acquire 18+ years of child support from their parents in adulthood?: illegal, solution - Great Debates
  102. Do you support affirmative consent laws in their current form?: lawyer, accuse - Great Debates
  103. Child forcibly removed from home and family in CA for silly reason: illegal, regular - Great Debates
  104. Do you ever think eating dogs & cats will be commonplace in the U.S. like in other countries?: illegal, school - Great Debates
  105. America VS the World in a War.: middle east, soldiers, weapons - Great Debates
  106. Do you feel bad for that get injured/hurt in porn?: unemployment, Iraq - Great Debates
  107. Is it rude to pinch people for not wearing green on St. Patrick's day?: rating, laws - Great Debates
  108. If Bernie's Plan for Free Tuition Was Approved...?: interview, wage, healthcare - Great Debates
  109. are minorities getting sick and tired of all the racial talk: employment, racism - Great Debates
  110. Why can't North Korea develop nuclear weapons?: Iran, Iraq, middle east - Great Debates
  111. Has PC madness numbed peoples minds?: interview, Reagan, Christmas, accuse - Great Debates
  112. What is the point of life: interviews, solutions, lobbyists, lobby - Great Debates
  113. Abortion Exceptions for Rape or Incest: illegal, regular, revolution, abortions - Great Debates
  114. Mass Murders- The Overall Plan: employment, Congress, generations, arsenal - Great Debates
  115. Gun Control and Mass shootings - Hard Facts: illegal, drug, statistics - Great Debates
  116. Mass murders, gun control, and how do we fix it?: Putin, Congress - Great Debates
  117. police shooting and common sense...: weapon, suspect, death, Brown - Great Debates
  118. Is there real reason to cooperate with a mugger?: weapon, carry - Great Debates
  119. Cultural Appropriation: multiculturalism, generation, Mexican, illegal - Great Debates
  120. Should the world buy oil from Islamic country's like Saudi Arabia: Iran, enemies - Great Debates
  121. Why do subways cost so much to build in the US?: military, compared - Great Debates
  122. If Latinos get considered white , would Native Americans and Mulattoes/Biracials be considered white by default?: middle east, generation - Great Debates
  123. I think giving higher wages to entry level positions is a bad idea.: minimum wage, dollars - Great Debates
  124. Smoking at the entrance of stores & buildings: parade, illegal, Canada - Great Debates
  125. An addict dies. How do you feel?: heroin, drugs, deaths - Great Debates
  126. Bathroom tissue with a politicians picture on each sheet...: Obama, Oregon, news - Great Debates
  127. Does Diversity Always Matter?: lawyer, statistics, nationalist, solution - Great Debates
  128. How to Eliminate Welfare?: unemployment, minimum wage, health care, solution - Great Debates
  129. Gun control. I don't understand the rights point of view.: middle east, arsenal - Great Debates
  130. Would you take matters into your own hands if you were in the middle of a terrorist attack?: soldiers, weapon - Great Debates
  131. Is it time for White Working Class interest group?: Rush Limbaugh, generation - Great Debates
  132. Hipster-Types and Ugly Dogs: death, Brown, terrorism, state - Great Debates
  133. Do We Need Vagrancy Laws -- Updated for Modern Times?: unemployment, wages - Great Debates
  134. Gun Control, Now!....oops, my bad...: weapons, suspect, border, military - Great Debates
  135. Couples that do not want children. Are they doing the right thing?: employment, generations - Great Debates
  136. One day most of the jobs will be automated. Then what?: unemployment, fast food - Great Debates
  137. I want Christmas Looking things to wish me: Merry Christmas ...: happy holidays, accuse - Great Debates
  138. Should all illegal immigrants be rounded up and sent back to their country's: unemployed, Putin - Great Debates
  139. How would you feel about people convicted of child abuse permanently made infertile?: accuse, fence - Great Debates
  140. The term white trash has classist and racist implications. Why do we still use it?: illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  141. America the land of second and third chances: Iran, illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  142. What's behind the increased numbers in homelessness?: unemployed, fast food, wages - Great Debates
  143. Is it time to send Troops into Syria, and Iraq: Iran, Taliban - Great Debates
  144. Should Abortion be illegal?: Clinton, abortions, money, states - Great Debates
  145. The definitive alcohol vs marijuana vs cigarette debate: legal, drugs, statistics - Great Debates
  146. Should Muslims in America be forced to register in a government data base as Trump said: legal, racist - Great Debates
  147. If abortion were made illegal, what penalties would you support?: death, crime - Great Debates
  148. No work on Thanksgiving - Should NFL lead the way?: holidays, millionaires - Great Debates
  149. Which Gun Control Policy Is Really More Important?: Iraq, interviews, enemies - Great Debates
  150. Passion vs Cash: legal, retired, money, paycheck - Great Debates
  151. Should There Be Taxation On Robots?: unemployed, minimum wage, salary, legal - Great Debates
  152. Why is lethal injection considered humane compared to other forms of execution?: drugs, serial killers - Great Debates
  153. Why aren't there more entrepreneurs?: regular, Obama, how much, insurance - Great Debates
  154. What if we exiled prisoners?: Mexicans, serial killers, cost, states - Great Debates
  155. How would you feel if Adultery were illegal?: military, insurance, party - Great Debates
  156. Artist's statues downtown causing controversy: controversial, school, politician, education - Great Debates
  157. and similar: Good or bad?: employment, party affiliation, drug - Great Debates
  158. Victim Blaming: crimes, insurance, percentage, female - Great Debates
  159. Ethics of Income Taxes: Congress, wage, generation, ethical - Great Debates
  160. Is the 20 and 30-something generations More Rude to Seniors than Previous Generations??: bias, Colorado - Great Debates
  161. Should people be fired for social media: drugs, controversial, racist - Great Debates
  162. Do you think overpopulation of Earth is being overlooked??: enemies, generation, Canada - Great Debates
  163. why is an all white dating site racists and Jewish and black dating sites not racists.: accuse, regular - Great Debates
  164. Do We Really Need So Many Laws?: Palestinian, enemy, legal - Great Debates
  165. Do most women want to have their cake and eat too, when it comes to getting pregnant?: dollars, economic - Great Debates
  166. Exchange Our Food Stamp Program for Welfare Stores?: minimum wage, illegal - Great Debates
  167. Child Support Vs Welfare: wages, salary, legal, lawyer - Great Debates
  168. Why hasn't the United States invaded Pakistanis?: Iran, Iraq, middle east - Great Debates
  169. Is watching porn bad?: illegal, abuse, gun, 2013 - Great Debates
  170. Big or small government?: enemies, pros and cons, racist, borders - Great Debates
  171. Will Hispanics reach socio-economic parity with Whites?: wages, generations, Mexicans - Great Debates
  172. Vigilantes/ Peace Keeper Patrols?: middle east, enemy, Mexican, drug - Great Debates
  173. How close to the end: drugs, regime, deaths, invasion - Great Debates
  174. Do deceased people still have a right to privacy?: death, insurance, party - Great Debates
  175. White Genocide: middle east, suspect, racist, invasion - Great Debates
  176. The Slippery Trans Slope: legal, insurance, gay people, homosexuals - Great Debates
  177. The Founding Fathers Screwed Up: Congress, enemies, generations, candidacy - Great Debates
  178. An argument in favor of giving male-bodied people a unilateral opt-out from paying child support: illegal, injection - Great Debates
  179. Does ignoring internet troll discourages them?: controversial, Brown, community, pay - Great Debates
  180. going out in public with your pajamas on is disgusting: drug, Christmas - Great Debates
  181. Should A US President Be Able To Pardon/Commute?: Congress, legal, drug - Great Debates
  182. American protectionism, is it a sense of entitlement?: minimum wage, Mexicans, ethic - Great Debates
  183. The purpose of beauty?: election, elect, percent, world - Great Debates
  184. I think price tags should be required to include all taxes and fees.: Congress, illegal - Great Debates
  185. should a horribly deformed baby be put to sleep: independence, abortion, school - Great Debates
  186. What does tolerance mean now?: legal, drugs, suspect - Great Debates
  187. Will Wealth and Money Become Redundant in the Future?: salary, generations, revolution - Great Debates
  188. Should the US legalize polygamy?: illegal, attorney, healthcare, death - Great Debates
  189. Socialism promotes slavery: Congress, minimum wage, illegal, healthcare - Great Debates
  190. Immunity for Underage Drinkers Who Call 911 for Help: illegal, drug, healthcare - Great Debates
  191. Should doctors who perform failed vasectomies be forced to pay *all* of their child support?: accuse, regular - Great Debates
  192. A HBO ducomentary about Heroin addiction.: interview, illegal, drugs, health care system - Great Debates
  193. Would it be irrational for a woman to get rid of her ovaries and/or her uterus in the event of a *global* abortion ban?: support, female - Great Debates
  194. What Does It Mean to Be A Woman? (Or A Man?): interview, claim - Great Debates
  195. Multiple wives - refugees: Iraq, generations, legal, regular - Great Debates
  196. Belli capelli it was not the dux's motto: democratic - Great Debates
  197. Is China The New Mexico?: Mexican, nationalist, compare, economic - Great Debates
  198. War’s Conundrum: Should civilians be rescued from – or punished with – their government?: Iraq, enemy - Great Debates
  199. Should encryption be considered a weapon?: illegal, FBI, crimes, vs - Great Debates
  200. A Stable Global Society/Economy: Is it and Are we Getting There?: conspiracy, school - Great Debates