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  1. Aid to the Developing World: illegal, drugs, death, Obama - Great Debates
  2. Burping worms cause global warming....: Al Gore, generations, world, news - Great Debates
  3. Can our economy withstand global warming policies?: employment, gas prices, Congress - Great Debates
  4. Why Can't We Do This?: wages, salaries, solution, lobby - Great Debates
  5. Questions kindness in today's society: health care, dollars, school, state - Great Debates
  6. Would You Tell A Seriously Ill Person About A Surprise Party?: parties, money - Great Debates
  7. Afghanistan Escalation: Iraq, enemies, Taliban, drug - Great Debates
  8. Screwing the Employees for the Future: unemployment, Congress, salaries, Obama - Great Debates
  9. Making Money Helping the Poor: salaries, million, employees, world - Great Debates
  10. Neighborhood crime: drugs, invasion, Denver, school - Great Debates
  11. Human to Super-Cyborg: school, Austin, laws, world - Great Debates
  12. Medicare part D - are the drug companies and insurance companies winning?: Congress, drugs - Great Debates
  13. Cheated, or Not?: financial, money, Oregon, CEO - Great Debates
  14. How the Big 3 Auto execs should have gone to Wash DC: generation, economic - Great Debates
  15. Money Lessons for the US: ethic, wisdom, retired, income - Great Debates
  16. Abortion: legal, death, rating, Michigan - Great Debates
  17. What type of crime is most heinous, II: drug, death, versus - Great Debates
  18. Are Racist, Bigots, and Black Nationalist The New Minority Group?: radical, extremist - Great Debates
  19. Prop 8 - The Musical: legal, Brown, Obama, dollars - Great Debates
  20. Inflation for people in massive debt: politicians, economy, money, stimulus - Great Debates
  21. Shoud the US be wasting THIS MUCH taxpayer money?: Congress, enemy, Israel - Great Debates
  22. What If Congress Voted In Secret?: treason, politicians, party, elections - Great Debates
  23. suicide on tv: death, education, support, doctor - Great Debates
  24. Jesse Jackson Jr. The son's atonement for the father's sins: Clarence Thomas, high school - Great Debates
  25. In the spirit of both fun and inquiry (not to: world, work - Great Debates
  26. Evolution vs. Creationism: religion, example - Great Debates
  27. Should the Employee Free Choice Act Be Passed?: fast food, free speech - Great Debates
  28. A proper response to hate groups: Taliban, legal, soldiers, military - Great Debates
  29. what is your take on the california octuplets ?: unemployed, lawyer, dollars - Great Debates
  30. An Eye For An Eye?: Iran, legal, lawyer, activist - Great Debates
  31. Who would win a Red State vs Blue State Civil War?: military, economic - Great Debates
  32. Whats your stance on abortion??: ethics, illegal, drug, controversial - Great Debates
  33. Define what Middle Class America is ..: wages, generation, illegal - Great Debates
  34. Do you feel the same kind of anger that you did in the sixties now?: Iran, generations - Great Debates
  35. Americans should give up the consumption based culture and become frugral: gallon, generation - Great Debates
  36. Alcoholism, drug habits : NOT a disease: ethics, heroin, drugs - Great Debates
  37. How Would You Fix It?: interstate, gallon, Congress, wages - Great Debates
  38. Where in the USA?: Alabama, cost, government, states - Great Debates
  39. Should people with self-inflicted disabilities be able to draw gov't disability payments?: drugs, myth - Great Debates
  40. A GOOD ONE that needs an answer: children, television, family - Great Debates
  41. News papers out of business...........: Congress, Pelosi, poll, regime - Great Debates
  42. How do YOU change the world?: employment, middle east, Israel, illegal - Great Debates
  43. U.S. Automakers - What's Their Plan?: companies, financial, retire - Great Debates
  44. Am I The Only One Who Thinks...: Mexicans, Kennedy, school - Great Debates
  45. The time is NOW! buy made in the USA or DIE.: legal, companies - Great Debates
  46. Philosophy as a Practical Life-Art Form: employment, Iraq, middle east, generation - Great Debates
  47. Smart Education: wage, attorneys, stats, companies - Great Debates
  48. banning religion from public....: dollar, school, money, government - Great Debates
  49. Dam Susquehanna, dammit: Congress, premium, Kennedy, revolution - Great Debates
  50. What are you doing that still wastes energy?: radical, elect, city - Great Debates
  51. Bumper Stickers: fast food, Jesus, claim, Republicans - Great Debates
  52. 3D Printing: enemies, illegal, revolution, how much - Great Debates
  53. Tipping off a friend about outsourcing plans: ethics, cost, economy - Great Debates
  54. The US needs more CHEAP studios, why don't we have them?: compared, economic - Great Debates
  55. When procreation becomes a burden on taxpayers/society: interview, attorney, health care - Great Debates
  56. Decline of Middle Class Americans...: generation, regular, cost, economy - Great Debates
  57. Is there a conspiracy to make us stupid?: death, school, politicians - Great Debates
  58. Menacing New Obama-Admin Gun Control for The Elderly!: Congress, illegal aliens, drug - Great Debates
  59. Mercy killing for disabled babies????: death, solutions, abortions, abuse - Great Debates
  60. Legalize ALL drugs, NOW.: illegal, heroin, weapons, radical - Great Debates
  61. With today's economy why are movies still in production. . .: unemployment, attorneys, millionaire - Great Debates
  62. What's the big deal about AIG bonuses?: unemployed, Congress - Great Debates
  63. Welfare state. How much can we take?: employment, generation, illegal aliens - Great Debates
  64. The Law of Relative Standards: multiculturalism, Iran, middle east, ethics - Great Debates
  65. The Painkiller Pendulum -- what do you think?: generation, heroin, drugs - Great Debates
  66. Why is it so bad to be a racist?: Mexicans, radical, nationalist - Great Debates
  67. Special Victims Unit - PC or Preferential?: crime, abuse, states - Great Debates
  68. A registry for serious crimes, not just sex offenders: legal, drug, serial killers - Great Debates
  69. Where are the protests?: unemployment rate, Pelosi, healthcare, Obama - Great Debates
  70. Should people be able to own dangerous animals as pets?: Iran, Iraq - Great Debates
  71. WHY would you marry a violent ex-con?: accuse, Simpson, death - Great Debates
  72. Teams and competition: school, leader, party, government - Great Debates
  73. Is society moving in a good direction? Really?: employment, wage, ethical - Great Debates
  74. The American Dream, inalienable or illusion?: employment, wages, salary - Great Debates
  75. Can Marijuana Help Rescue California's Economy?: illegal, drugs, crime, cost - Great Debates
  76. What research should be funded? Red dots on a Chinese caterpillar or Evil Effects of fast food: interstate, illegal - Great Debates
  77. If College Is Made Affordable for Everyone...: health care, Obama, high school - Great Debates
  78. Parental importance: Iraq, school, felonies, parenting - Great Debates
  79. Irish American Heritage Month: racist, March, stereotypes, rating - Great Debates
  80. do you think America will go back to people living off the land?: economy, money - Great Debates
  81. Reverse-racism?: employment, Mexicans, accuse, education - Great Debates
  82. Lowering the pay of Doctors: wage, salaries, ethic, legal - Great Debates
  83. President Obama overturns ban on funding for stem cell research: health care, good news - Great Debates
  84. Do humans have instincts?: school, election, elect, abuse - Great Debates
  85. We Surround Them: Glenn Beck, extremist, Clinton, leader - Great Debates
  86. The case against Socialism/Leftism: My opinion: unemployment, illegal, drug - Great Debates
  87. Do you think diversity is good or bad?: death, myth, education - Great Debates
  88. What is the actual percentage of the white US population?: rating, female - Great Debates
  89. Psychology useless?: ethical, how much, school, problems - Great Debates
  90. Insurance is a waste of money: salaries, generations, illegal, health care - Great Debates
  91. is a maned mission to mars a big waste money???: regular, invasion - Great Debates
  92. do you think it's to create a new global unbias language: generations, regular - Great Debates
  93. Be a Man!: drug, wisdom, financial, education - Great Debates
  94. What is the meaning of life to YOU?: work, single, - Great Debates
  95. Do Top Universities = Better Jobs: salaries, lawyers, companies, school - Great Debates
  96. Mom driving while breastfeeding Would you call police?: weapon, death, high school - Great Debates
  97. Are liberals more creative than conservatives?: lawyer, military, financial, money - Great Debates
  98. How should Teens be raised?: high school, party, economic, education - Great Debates
  99. What do you think of women who make false accusations?: accuse, soldier - Great Debates
  100. The Crime of Doing As Little As: minimum wage, legal - Great Debates
  101. do you think globalization is good for the usa: generation, legal, Obama - Great Debates
  102. Cause and effect: The Vicious Cycle of Violent Inner City Crime: generations, illegal - Great Debates
  103. Marriage: why can't you marry family members - or a pet?: legal, homosexual - Great Debates
  104. Do non-Christians think that abortion is murder?: legal, health care, regular - Great Debates
  105. Victimless Crimes: illegal, drugs, crime, insurance - Great Debates
  106. Social Fads: Al Gore, generation, cost, money - Great Debates
  107. Time versus money!: gasoline, cost, rating, economy - Great Debates
  108. Modern Day Slavery and You: The World's Greatest Coverup: generations, Christmas - Great Debates
  109. What will the future hold?: generation, ethics, Christmas, death - Great Debates
  110. Where Do We Draw The Line?: middle east, illegal, drugs, health care - Great Debates
  111. The N word ?: illegal, controversial, racist, fence - Great Debates
  112. Anti-Green....?: generations, global warming, radical, solutions - Great Debates
  113. Rational Basis for Human Rights vs Irrational Basis for Animal Rights: legal, injection - Great Debates
  114. Innocent until proven guilty or...: legal, attorney, accuse, O.J. Simpson - Great Debates
  115. Is homophobia a noticeable problem?: suspect, party, gay people, state - Great Debates
  116. Dying Breed?: Baby Boomers, ethic, suspect, deaths - Great Debates
  117. Can We Switch to the SI Metric System: interstate, gallon, Mexican - Great Debates
  118. Going to Hell in a Handcart?: gas prices, global warming, drug, radical - Great Debates
  119. Economic Rationality for Moving: unemployed, stats, companies, economy - Great Debates
  120. Two party rejecters out there?: Ron Paul, unemployment, legal, Marines - Great Debates
  121. Can Work still be something that we are rather than something that we do?: wage, salary - Great Debates
  122. Biology and Mother Nature: statistics, regular, Clinton, bias - Great Debates
  123. Do you really see color anymore??: racism, solution, speech - Great Debates
  124. Non-Interventionism: Iraq, Afghanistan, borders, solutions - Great Debates
  125. White Privilege: Does it exist???: Iran, conspiracy, racism, Brown - Great Debates
  126. Opium Addicts Supporting the Taliban: enemy, illegal, heroin, drugs - Great Debates
  127. Women partly to blame?: employment, interviews, wages, ethical - Great Debates
  128. ask why I carry a gun in Vermont, s an example why...: regular, weapons - Great Debates
  129. Famous People always wanting to help other-outside the U.S.?: Hugo Chavez, Reagan - Great Debates
  130. Ron Paul: McCain, Congress, poll, Clinton - Great Debates
  131. Following the Bible - Literally or just the parts you want: accuse, death - Great Debates
  132. Doesn't Ever Admit When They're Wrong: party, retired, state - Great Debates
  133. Will paying over market get better workers?: interviews, minimum wage, salaries - Great Debates
  134. Stereotypes-to need or to not need?: Mexican, racism, bias, rating - Great Debates
  135. What should a person do when the boss tells you to do something wrong?: employment, ethical - Great Debates
  136. Insurgency and Guerilla Warfare: enemy, CNN, soldier, weapons - Great Debates
  137. GM and Chrysler both declare bankruptcy: unemployment, Congress, minimum wage, generation - Great Debates
  138. overpaid CEOs?: minimum wage, salaries, independent, downturn - Great Debates
  139. Unions- Still Useful?: employment, Congress, wages, salaries - Great Debates
  140. Where did we go wrong?: wage, salary, generation, ethical - Great Debates
  141. Teaching kids its to be gay in schools / reading stories about gays in kindergarter?: racism, fence - Great Debates
  142. Why aren't we seeing more Hemp made products???: Congress, illegal, Canada - Great Debates
  143. Drinking age - should it be lowered?: legal, 18 year old, how much - Great Debates
  144. Is the US falling behind technologically?: interview, generation, lawyers, insurance - Great Debates
  145. I'm just curious.....about area 51 and the sightings in new mexico and nevada,back in the day....: interview, Reagan - Great Debates
  146. How far would you go for your pet?: healthcare, death, fence - Great Debates
  147. Abondoning the SW US: employment, gallon, regular, Brown - Great Debates
  148. Competitive High School Sports---Good or Bad?: minimum wage, education, abuse, programs - Great Debates
  149. Are entertainers paid too much for what they do?: Iraq, salaries, enemies - Great Debates
  150. Are humans inherently good?: ethical, wisdom, March, crime - Great Debates
  151. Online too much??? Is it the same as other hobby?: economic, thesis - Great Debates
  152. Are men better in technical matters than women?: interview, military, high school - Great Debates
  153. Is This Significant?: Rush Limbaugh, McCain, Congress, Iraq - Great Debates
  154. African-American VS. Black: Iran, Iraq, Mexican, Brown - Great Debates
  155. Holocaust Troubling -: enemy, suspect, death, independent - Great Debates
  156. Why do we tolerate talented Pedophiles?: Rush Limbaugh, legal, drug - Great Debates
  157. Contraceptive Stimulation ?: Ron Paul, Congress, Pelosi, Reid - Great Debates
  158. Are people too obsessive about God and The Bible: racist, Jesus, obsession - Great Debates
  159. Is it to create an equal justice system?: legal, drugs, attorneys - Great Debates
  160. America, the land of the free?: employment, death, lobby, insurance - Great Debates
  161. Rise in racial mixing: school, elect, states, minorities - Great Debates
  162. What is A Civilian National Security Force: soldier, Brown, borders - Great Debates
  163. Obamanomics: New Deal II or Raw Deal Socialism?: unemployment, Congress, minimum wage - Great Debates
  164. Global warming hoax and the need for a true energy policy: Congress, environmentalists - Great Debates
  165. War on drugs, killing our economy, kids and rights: illegal, marijuana, Miami - Great Debates
  166. I'm sure it's come up before...Taxation.: Congress, Iraq, wages - Great Debates
  167. Stealth creationism in Louisiana schools.: lawyers, activist, death, state - Great Debates
  168. Affirmative Action Still Needed?: generation, attorneys, racism, black president - Great Debates
  169. Jury nullification. . . does it vary from state to state?: legal, attorneys, accuse - Great Debates
  170. Closet Racist or In Your Face?: Congress, generations, Mexicans, health care - Great Debates
  171. Do Americans have a schizophrenic attitude toward the police?: lawyers, regular, weapons - Great Debates
  172. Should the government regulate this?: ethical, drug, health care system, cost - Great Debates
  173. Unbelievable!: house of Congress, global warming, Pelosi - Great Debates
  174. The Limbaugh Plan: Rush Limbaugh, drug, lawyers, regime - Great Debates
  175. Hate communism! ... but what is it?: revolution, speeches, ideologies, party - Great Debates
  176. Dude, Can Language Change Culture?: Mexican, CNN, speech, Hispanic - Great Debates
  177. What Can I Do?: high school, biased, economic, education - Great Debates
  178. Six Degrees of Separation: Congress, generation, school, leader - Great Debates
  179. How To Fight The War On Terror?: Iraq, middle east, enemies - Great Debates
  180. Rev Lowery's Racist Inauguration Prayer: Congress, racism, Brown, Obama - Great Debates
  181. New York City finishes 2008 with 363 more homicides than London - is this the best we can expect?: illegal, lawyer - Great Debates
  182. People in the media's limelight saying rude things: ethics, racist, military - Great Debates
  183. Legalize ALL drugs: crime, money, federal government, states - Great Debates
  184. Soviet Constitution: Congress, legal, independence, lobby - Great Debates
  185. Women as a civilizing influence: Iraq, Palestinian, middle east, military - Great Debates
  186. Is the south generally safer to live in then the north?: drug, FBI - Great Debates
  187. Primarily for US Citizens Only: What Do You Think Will Change in US Gun Regulations in the Next Few Years?: Congress, enemy - Great Debates
  188. The Coming Cultural Upset (or Not...): drugs, weapons, how much, cost - Great Debates
  189. Cell Phones and Cigarettes: illegal, activist, stats, suspect - Great Debates
  190. What is the point of closing bars/clubs at 2 a.m.?: legal, statistics - Great Debates
  191. the US Constitution: NAFTA, Congress, illegal, death - Great Debates
  192. Which type of crime is more heinous?: legal, drug, premium - Great Debates
  193. Now s a Debate!: claim, quotes, world, arguments - Great Debates
  194. Why is nothing done about scamming?: Congress, legal, death, solution - Great Debates
  195. Our broken prison system: employment, drug, attorney, conspiracy - Great Debates
  196. brilliant Savage opinions on Marijuana: legal, heroin, drugs, revolution - Great Debates
  197. Why the recession / depression was unnecessary: Congress, legal, death, solution - Great Debates
  198. A Place to say thank you: job, Bush, President - Great Debates
  199. Let love abound all over the world: Canada, Obama, economic - Great Debates
  200. What day so you want to use the Park Ave apt the bailout paid for?: downturn, money - Great Debates