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  1. If I Panhandled / Beg in a suit, would the effort succeed ??: attorney, how much - Great Debates
  2. ...This long standing form of abuse is getting !: accuse, weapons - Great Debates
  3. Riparian water rights or Prior appropriation water rights: Which is better?: legal, leader - Great Debates
  4. Memory: Is it what makes suspect, state, languages - Great Debates
  5. Do people overlook the for remote tracking?: independent, companies, compared - Great Debates
  6. Consumer Fraud... Malpractice? And Where Does it End?: Congress, ethical, legal - Great Debates
  7. Great Debates..... NOT: Congress, speeches, cost, Walmart
  8. The Responsibility of Kaing Guek Eav (Duch): illegal, accuse, suspect - Great Debates
  9. National Parks Threatened: Congress, global warming, environmentalist, deaths - Great Debates
  10. Do we tend to 'blame' the wrong generations for social changes?: Congress, Baby Boomers - Great Debates
  11. NYT article on Health Care: insurance, cost, economy, money - Great Debates
  12. Current State of American Political Discourse: Obama, economic, versus, work - Great Debates
  13. Effect of New Media on Politics: Iran, regular, Obama, companies - Great Debates
  14. Igor Panarin: A Nut... or Is It: conspiracy, Canada, school - Great Debates
  15. Ugly babies harder to love?: Israeli, regular, radical, death - Great Debates
  16. AMERICAN Sr Citizen Care is a Crime!: cost, medical, pay - Great Debates
  17. Hawaii coach suspended 30 days over gay slur: salary, Hispanic, states - Great Debates
  18. Not really a debate....: global warming, Minnesota, elect, money - Great Debates
  19. Is there one thing that can be labeled as 'the' biggest divisive issue in the U.S.?: multiculturalism, legal - Great Debates
  20. illegal drug use pays off...: Congress, heroin, drugs, Canada - Great Debates
  21. How do i find my post!: Hispanic, city - Great Debates
  22. Nato: military, economic, examples, money - Great Debates
  23. If you support free markets, does it imply you oppose big business?: lobby, cost - Great Debates
  24. Dogs and pigs as a food source: death, claim, support - Great Debates
  25. Has the recession made you kinder?: unemployment, wisdom, dollar, economy - Great Debates
  26. Income Disparity: unemployed, fast food, wages, generation - Great Debates
  27. Are kids being too protected from life?: generation, Baby Boomers, legal - Great Debates
  28. illegal drugs are less dangerous to society than alcohol?: interstate, heroin - Great Debates
  29. Women vs Men: leader, state, countries, issues - Great Debates
  30. Is America wasting its time in afghanistan: Iraq, middle east, enemies - Great Debates
  31. Truth, Lies, and the Internet: conspiracy, death, Barack Obama, solution - Great Debates
  32. 1950-2009 Health Care: The Great Debate.: wages, legal, drug, lawyers - Great Debates
  33. Are immigrants bad?: unemployment, interview, wages, middle east - Great Debates
  34. Special High Standards vs. General Mediocrity: global warming, poll, regular, solution - Great Debates
  35. Recycling- saving the world or destorying it: generation, myth, cost - Great Debates
  36. Culture-Clashes and Melting Pots....: generations, fence, crime, ideology - Great Debates
  37. America's unjust sex laws (The Economist): crime, Jesus, school, economic - Great Debates
  38. Global Warming-: CNN, poll, conspiracy, solutions - Great Debates
  39. Men/Women bosses: death, carry, retirement, state - Great Debates
  40. what products and banned stuff would you like to see come back and be legal??: illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  41. What is the meaning of the General Welfare clause?: unemployment, interstate, Congress - Great Debates
  42. Why are people so terrified?: unemployment, statistics, conspiracy, wisdom - Great Debates
  43. Could stock ownership be considered socialistic?: economy, retirement, government, state - Great Debates
  44. what do you think about modern day bounty hunters good or bad??: voted, Las Vegas - Great Debates
  45. Alumna sues college because she hasn't found a job: unemployment, interviews, attorney - Great Debates
  46. Viagra/Cialis TV Commercials when young kids are watching TV ; good,bad, or who cares ?: drugs, free speech - Great Debates
  47. Home Schooling, is it a good education?: wisdom, high school, compare - Great Debates
  48. is whale wars sea shepherds cause just or unjust!!!??: global warming, legal, activist - Great Debates
  49. Kill Shelters: Ban them or neccesary for population control?: death, independent, solutions - Great Debates
  50. Interest rates MUST go up...: Canada, companies, dollars, economy - Great Debates
  51. Why is it a Requirement to Drink in Order to Fit in Socially?: gallon, Congress - Great Debates
  52. If All News Websites Make You Pay For Content, How Will It Impact You as a City Data Poster?: legal, healthcare - Great Debates
  53. What are we going to do about it?: Congress, lawyers, weapons - Great Debates
  54. Why Marijuana should stay Illegal: employment, wages, heroin, cocaine - Great Debates
  55. Compendium of Messages for the Moderate: unemployment, gallon, middle east, generation - Great Debates
  56. Unhooking the TV: Canada, compare, money, propaganda - Great Debates
  57. The anatomy of a yuppie!: generation, regular, invasion, compared - Great Debates
  58. When did Americans lose their natural mistrust of large corporations?: Congress, drug - Great Debates
  59. Call for peace, all out cease fire and tolerance: serial killers, wisdom, invasion - Great Debates
  60. Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?: illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  61. Can Google.maps be used to track a drop of water?: gallon, generation - Great Debates
  62. Being Gay, Choice, Disease or Other?: legal, gay people, homosexual, female - Great Debates
  63. politics as theatre,why should we take it seriously?: ethics, controversial, speeches - Great Debates
  64. Are Baby boomers responsible for the sad state of affairs and priorities in this country today?: Iraq, salaries - Great Debates
  65. Heard on the radio today - the newest trend - Kid Kamps (Kennels for Kids): generation, how much - Great Debates
  66. When Did You Sign The Social Contract?: Reagan, dictators, government - Great Debates
  67. have we allowed the religious community to go to far?: illegal, death - Great Debates
  68. Fight Obesity: fast food, premium, regular, regime - Great Debates
  69. What does Justice mean?: drug, attorneys, O.J. Simpson, conspiracy - Great Debates
  70. Government Run Healthcare...: health care system, premium, death, Obama - Great Debates
  71. Are we too hard on sex offenders?: illegal, injection, death - Great Debates
  72. The Wheels Have Fallen Off The Obama Presidency: McCain, unemployment, Iraq - Great Debates
  73. Mind You Manners or I MIND Your Manners?: highway, Hispanic, Chicago - Great Debates
  74. I'm now completely convinced headed toward a One-World Dictatorship: interview, Baby Boomers - Great Debates
  75. Tax on sugary drinks: gallon, Congress, health care system, regular - Great Debates
  76. Trendy Goofball Panics: global warming, statistics, regular, suspect - Great Debates
  77. What Would Your Solution Be To The Healthcare Crisis?: illegal, drugs, lawyers - Great Debates
  78. Freedom of Speech, or ???: high school, parties, state, citizen - Great Debates
  79. Fines proposed for going without health insurance: Congress, wages, legal - Great Debates
  80. Just another dumb race ....: Mexican, drugs, racism, crimes - Great Debates
  81. ******** eligble to be sued for violating constitutional rights: Congress, illegal, 9/11 - Great Debates
  82. Rape: legal, Brown, high school, education - Great Debates
  83. Blue or Black ink?: healthcare, companies, work, own - Great Debates
  84. Should everyone be allowed to breed?: generations, lawyers, soldiers, dictators - Great Debates
  85. Homicide does not mean murder!: illegal, drugs, death, invasion - Great Debates
  86. Senetor Edward Kennedy Dies. What is his legacy?: death, insurance, politicians - Great Debates
  87. Prostituition: employment, legal, drug, regular - Great Debates
  88. Marriage: accuse, high school, state, marriages - Great Debates
  89. censorship in Usa: Congress, parade, drug, death - Great Debates
  90. What will be the next great debate?: global warming, accuse, healthcare - Great Debates
  91. How Important Is It to Be Born Beautiful?: how much, bias, money - Great Debates
  92. 4th Amendment: unemployed, illegal, suspected, county - Great Debates
  93. Which drug contributes to more crime between meth or crack?: cocaine, conspiracy - Great Debates
  94. Why Do ‘We’ Rate Human Beings on a Monetary Scale?: employment, wage - Great Debates
  95. Religion as a High School Subject: wisdom, layman, bias, economic - Great Debates
  96. Is it ok?: speech, dollar, money, abuse - Great Debates
  97. Vick apologizes - I'm super sorry: dollar, financial, education - Great Debates
  98. What is the incidence of crime against gun-owners vs. non gun-owners?: Limbaugh, illegal - Great Debates
  99. Darfur: A Different Angle: Israeli, legal, weapon, regime - Great Debates
  100. Most independent and hard working state: independence, stereotypes, Montana, money - Great Debates
  101. A wrinkle in time. How will this part of history be viewed by future generations?: death, black president - Great Debates
  102. What do we do about all the people who will not find work?: unemployment, Congressmen - Great Debates
  103. Car accidents involving cell phone use: fast food, illegal, highway, biased - Great Debates
  104. circumcision ?: parent - Great Debates
  105. It has to be done...How does homosexualit hurt: statistics, death - Great Debates
  106. Mother-in-laws: March, how much, insurance, economy - Great Debates
  107. Closure and Revenge: deaths, school, county, state - Great Debates
  108. Define GOOD .: ethics, money, laws, murder - Great Debates
  109. Red Lobster Restaurant Mystery!!: unemployment, fast food, compared, economy - Great Debates
  110. Should Myspace Prankster Get Punished?: illegal, activist, suspect, death - Great Debates
  111. Feeling a Change is on the Way?: attorneys, radical, extremist - Great Debates
  112. Moral Delimma: Iraq, generations, illegal - Great Debates
  113. Are you spending too much time on your computer?: Putin, cocaine, how much - Great Debates
  114. To be in a Union or not??: legal, healthcare, March - Great Debates
  115. 40th Anniversary Of Woodstock, What Have We Learned...?: Iraq, generation, Baby Boomers - Great Debates
  116. What will your Bachelor's Degree Be Worth If Everyone Can Go To College on Uncle Sam?: unemployed, interview - Great Debates
  117. The decay of the English language: generations, speech, invasion, school - Great Debates
  118. Does BET help or hurt the black community?: interview, stereotypes, party - Great Debates
  119. Does mankind really want peace?: Iraq, enemy, school, economic - Great Debates
  120. medical noncompliance: drug, healthcare, deaths, March - Great Debates
  121. Blacks are black until they are successful, then they are white: Colin Powell, drug - Great Debates
  122. The rise in racism on the internet?: CNN, Obama, states - Great Debates
  123. Why is it always minorities wanting to be white?: injection, racist, Brown - Great Debates
  124. The Sanctity of Marriage Gays - Ensign Sanford Spitzer: generation, legal - Great Debates
  125. Is growth a good thing?: unemployment rate, interstate, generations, illegal - Great Debates
  126. French / American Tourists and Language...: Canada, school, biased, education - Great Debates
  127. Does but me find this to be offensive ?: legal, Clinton, Obama - Great Debates
  128. MJ Memorial-what kind if celebration was it?: regular, death, elections - Great Debates
  129. why is it that when we pay extra at the post office ?: regular, dollars - Great Debates
  130. Social Conservatism is Incompatible With Fiscal Conservatism: Huckabee, independent, ideology - Great Debates
  131. Drug Pushing TV Commercials: McCain, drugs, lawyers, healthcare - Great Debates
  132. Sympathy for Criminals: drugs, death, crime, dollars - Great Debates
  133. What are the legal benefits of getting married?: financial, states, income - Great Debates
  134. zero zero oh oh: school, Pennsylvania, best, own - Great Debates
  135. Gov't Healthcare Baby we Come!!!!!!: interviews, health care, compare, abuse - Great Debates
  136. France Doesn't Relish The Burqa: attorneys, racist, independent, school - Great Debates
  137. American spirit: What is the most influential written work?: generations, soldiers, independence - Great Debates
  138. A new (decaying) Republican party: unemployment, Iraq, accuse, health care - Great Debates
  139. Report on The American Misconception of Canadian Single Payer Healthcare: employment, interview - Great Debates
  140. will things get better soon? or is it over?: unemployment rate, generations, global warming - Great Debates
  141. Is the American society and culture really sicker today, in 2009, than anytime in the past?: Limbaugh, Iran - Great Debates
  142. What would you do if you were a Congressperson?: Putin, Congressmen, Mexican - Great Debates
  143. What is the appropriate amount to spend on an engagement RING?: death, how much - Great Debates
  144. Is the United States of America an Empire?: enemy, generations, drugs - Great Debates
  145. What effect will semi-autonomous, human looking robots have on society?: extremist, revolution - Great Debates
  146. The Great Vegetarian Meat Debate...: famous, influence, reasons - Great Debates
  147. Is a Liberal Arts Major with no work experience better off than a recent High School Graduate?: employment, interview - Great Debates
  148. Will rapid demographic changes kill many American Pastimes?: generations, stats, regular - Great Debates
  149. Most rich people are thieves, liars or elitists, true?: revolution, stereotypes - Great Debates
  150. Aging...: generations, death, cost, election - Great Debates
  151. Iran: McCain, Iraq, enemy, Israel - Great Debates
  152. Most poor people are stupid, lazy or unskilled, true?: Mexican, drug - Great Debates
  153. No language, no thoughts?: interview, claim, work, own - Great Debates
  154. are the species of the ocean's going to go extinct soon: regular, death - Great Debates
  155. Cremation vs burial?: generations, poll, death, Jesus - Great Debates
  156. Should there should be limits on research that might lead to loss of human control over computer-based systems?: unemployment, Putin - Great Debates
  157. Democrats VS. Republicans- Which party has had the better Presidents?: party affiliation, Reagan - Great Debates
  158. Should cigarettes be outlawed?: fast food, illegal, heroin, drugs - Great Debates
  159. Do we need a $500 Bill?: drugs, Christmas, regular, Canada - Great Debates
  160. Will You Die at Peace with Yourself?: suspect, death, solutions - Great Debates
  161. How about a better unemployment?: salary, regular, dollars, school - Great Debates
  162. City or suburb?: how much, cost, private school, Chicago - Great Debates
  163. Dog ear cropping and tail docking: illegal, Boxer, fence, state - Great Debates
  164. how do we achieve a sustainable world economy??: Al Gore, enemy, generations - Great Debates
  165. People Having Kids For Their Own Selfish Reasons: money, state, income - Great Debates
  166. Hangman's Noose Racist..?: Putin, generation, statistics, weapons - Great Debates
  167. A firearm properly used for protection worked this morning: drugs, death, felonies - Great Debates
  168. When are we going to get NEW in this forum ? contribute .: controversial, ideology - Great Debates
  169. Why Do We Hate Base 10 Arithmetic?: Franken, interstates, solution, cost - Great Debates
  170. Social Networking Sites...Good or Bad for People?: high school, party, attractive - Great Debates
  171. Urban Chicken keeping. . .: fence, waiver, state, support - Great Debates
  172. Foolish or First Rate???: employment, weapon, death, crime - Great Debates
  173. Putting Children Up For Adoption: drugs, statistics, conspiracy, abortions - Great Debates
  174. Are most caucasions naturally racists, do you think it is human nature?: interview, racism - Great Debates
  175. Does shooting fully loaded compounds and Olympic recurves qualify as true archery?: death, how much - Great Debates
  176. Why is success measured in new expensive cars?: how much, cost, financial - Great Debates
  177. Do people who live in Third World Countries have a lower IQ on average?: drug, stats - Great Debates
  178. Our Economy and Tent Cities: employment, suspect, death, Obama - Great Debates
  179. Panhandlers...: interstate, drug, highway, companies - Great Debates
  180. Should there be a cap on child support/alimony payments?: drugs, millionaire - Great Debates
  181. Reasons: The 9/11 attack, Recent Pirates: Iran, Israel, drugs, accuse - Great Debates
  182. Health Care Funding Abortions: illegal, statistics, death, crime - Great Debates
  183. Would it promote civility if certain 4-letter words were unlawful (with fines) ?: illegal, free speech - Great Debates
  184. Why Doesn't Switzerland's Health Care Ever Come Up? Could it Be The New US Model??: Obama, Pittsburgh - Great Debates
  185. Booster Seats: death, lobbyists, lobby, companies - Great Debates
  186. Would you work for 5 dollars an hour if you had no money and were desperate?: illegal, security - Great Debates
  187. Transgender Rights Bill Fuels Bathroom Debate: illegal, statistics, solution, Massachusetts - Great Debates
  188. How Much Sex is Too Much Sex: generations, drugs, lawyer - Great Debates
  189. Mandatory Drug TAKING - Help me think it through.: illegal, drugs, school - Great Debates
  190. A polarized America, will we ever get together: independent, ideologies, insurance - Great Debates
  191. When backward beliefs persist in the world, how can mankind make progress in the developing world? What should be done?: wisdom, myth - Great Debates
  192. Why is there racism?: employment, enemy, generation, Mexican - Great Debates
  193. Population Control: ethical, illegal, death, solution - Great Debates
  194. F22 do we need more or less........: Congress, enemy, generations - Great Debates
  195. Sotomayor's view of the Constitution: legal, elect, federal government, states - Great Debates
  196. Purpose of Handguns: illegal, regular, weapons, invasion - Great Debates
  197. Most contented people met?: Iran, Canada, violent crime, myth - Great Debates
  198. NASA - Waste of money or wise investment in future of mankind: Iraq, death - Great Debates
  199. Michael Steele isn’t sure what kind of health insurance he has. - Great Debates
  200. How low will the stock market go with Obama's plans?: unemployment, state - Great Debates