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  1. Political Parties: A good thing or a bad thing: Iran, Obama, dictators - Great Debates
  2. And this guy is an anarchist! Hmmmm: drug, revolution, terrorism - Great Debates
  3. Whosever idea this is, must be somewhat disappointed. Are you?: wage, drugs - Great Debates
  4. Disposable: employment, economy, carry, money - Great Debates
  5. Do you think the writer of this letter to the examiner has a good idea?: highway, lobby - Great Debates
  6. Do you think Life feels they way it looks?: employment, drugs, money - Great Debates
  7. Redistribution: Are the Advocates Willing?: Congress, Reagan, Pelosi, activist - Great Debates
  8. The miners: Mexicans, drug, deaths, school - Great Debates
  9. Should the United States charge for protection?: middle east, Israel, military - Great Debates
  10. Eating people - Great Debates
  11. Public Stocks: Congress, drug, suspect, fence - Great Debates
  12. Iranian nuclear bombs.: weapons, money, programs, pay - Great Debates
  13. Should drivers and companies be warned ahead of time?: statistics, Utah, USA - Great Debates
  14. Most white people are GOOD people.....and RACIST.: generation, statistics, racism - Great Debates
  15. War on Anything a Colossal Failure: enemy, Mexican, how much, school - Great Debates
  16. Should bankrupt countries (like Greece) be bailed out? The $1 trillion EU/IMF bailout: illegal, money - Great Debates
  17. would it be a good idea to use truck drivers for this purpose?: illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  18. What do you think?: Iran, suspect, death, racism - Great Debates
  19. Citizenship addiction: Palestinians, enemy, death, racism - Great Debates
  20. More proof we have declined: Jesus, work, news, society - Great Debates
  21. Disneyland: Chicago, pirates, constitutional, great - Great Debates
  22. Big Brother is Watching - Do You Recycle?: illegal, Brown, illegals - Great Debates
  23. Is Unemployment insurance a failed program?: regular, crime, cost, money - Great Debates
  24. A great point made: millionaires, layoffs, Walmart, million - Great Debates
  25. Why not an American Foreign Legion?: problems, society, country, problem - Great Debates
  26. Michigan: school, governor, state, Arkansas - Great Debates
  27. Figuring out the new HCR law. (Not a debate.): Congressmen, health care - Great Debates
  28. Morocco: illegal, accuse, suspect, Canada - Great Debates
  29. What is Human?: how much, laws, Lincoln, medical - Great Debates
  30. Is Free Will Compatible With Determinism?: state, - Great Debates
  31. Specific about healthcare debate: Congress, illegal, lawyers, Pelosi - Great Debates
  32. Auto Insurance Discrimination: legal, statistics, premium, companies - Great Debates
  33. Basketball Games and the Official Timekeeper: how much, high school, bias, compared - Great Debates
  34. Celibacy or not before marriage??: money, teenage, Maine, world - Great Debates
  35. Human Placentophagy: party, pregnant, TV, women - Great Debates
  36. Is The US Becoming a Broken Society ?: generation, ethical, legal - Great Debates
  37. The further backward you look, the further forward you can see.: Glenn Beck, Indiana - Great Debates
  38. Is niceness a competitive disadvantage?: school, money, attractive - Great Debates
  39. In support of Tin Hats: accuse, conspiracy, 9/11, carry - Great Debates
  40. Cruel Food... take a BITE?: military, school, Maryland, state - Great Debates
  41. Should money reimbursed to truck drivers be income taxable?: salary, cost, government - Great Debates
  42. Industrialization on the Backs of Slaves?: generation, legal, lawyers, borders - Great Debates
  43. Should corporal punishment be enforced in schools?: legal, cost, carry - Great Debates
  44. What? If a black kills a white person no death penalty.: Limbaugh, Iran - Great Debates
  45. Have the rich declared war?: Iran, wages, salary, enemies - Great Debates
  46. Why cremation?: employment, interstate, death, Minnesota - Great Debates
  47. Arranged Marriages: parties, economic, elect, children - Great Debates
  48. Can America become less greedy?: ethics, accuse, death, how much - Great Debates
  49. Which Is Worse, To Have Had And Lost Or To Have Never Had?: wisdom, millionaire - Great Debates
  50. Law or not?: Tom Tancredo, Mexicans, illegal aliens, racism - Great Debates
  51. Forgiving US Debt, someday?: Congress, drugs, weapons, Brown - Great Debates
  52. You Just Watch: unemployment, Congress, Pelosi, Clinton - Great Debates
  53. Why Goldman Sachs?: Congress, ethical, health care, Levin - Great Debates
  54. Are We Really Ice to Truth, Fire to Falsehood?: drug, crime rate, politicians - Great Debates
  55. Why not government paid college for the 1st 2 years?: generation, premium, border - Great Debates
  56. Should the local factory be allowed to advertise jobs to a foreign workforce?: interview - Great Debates
  57. Will this lead to something bigger?: illegal aliens, border, immigration, dollars - Great Debates
  58. Are we Rome?: Iran, Iraq, middle east, enemies - Great Debates
  59. The Afterlife?: Muslim, world, work, best - Great Debates
  60. Should a person who works really hard doing a physical dirty job be paid well?: drug, highway - Great Debates
  61. Cyber-bullying: solution, how much, school, teenage - Great Debates
  62. The singularity. Do you want to live forever?: how much, economy, overpopulated - Great Debates
  63. Half Full/Half Empty: gallon, accuse, border, claim - Great Debates
  64. Lady News Presenters: 9/11, crime, election, elect - Great Debates
  65. Food stamps - what should people be allowed to buy?: drugs, racist - Great Debates
  66. Marijuania - WLE: illegal, drug, highway, marijuana - Great Debates
  67. Is Social Security a failed experiment?: salary, military, retirement, money - Great Debates
  68. Hones For The Pro Lifers.: activist, death, abortions, carry - Great Debates
  69. Are we all a bunch of slobs?: school, Walmart, money - Great Debates
  70. Can Humans Survive Without Oceans?: world, own, city, USA - Great Debates
  71. tornado shelters: interstates, Nebraska, county, money - Great Debates
  72. Why is or is not this argument valid?: unemployment, enemy, statistics - Great Debates
  73. Teenagers in Prison: 18 year old, solution, crimes, dollars - Great Debates
  74. What exactly is a race?: middle east, generation, Brown, Hispanics - Great Debates
  75. The Canada example - teen births and abortions drop dramatically since 1996: insurance, companies - Great Debates
  76. The Monopoloy analogy.: enemy, racism, myth, school - Great Debates
  77. Companies you boycott: unemployed, wages, Israel, ethics - Great Debates
  78. People who choose a career for money are bad and selfish: ethic, lawyer - Great Debates
  79. Should Internation Adoption be banned?: interview, illegal, how much, education - Great Debates
  80. Judge marries domestic violence defendent to victim: wisdom, education, Maryland - Great Debates
  81. Do we have the right to take our own life?: drugs, abortions - Great Debates
  82. What's so wrong with polygamy: illegal, lawyer, financial, government - Great Debates
  83. Mandatory Drug Test for all Public Assistance?: illegal, heroin, cocaine - Great Debates
  84. Should DNA be taken from all arrested individuals?: legal, accuse, crimes - Great Debates
  85. What is the point of being married when you are only going to divorce in the long run?: Al Gore, states - Great Debates
  86. Who Should Be Honored on Memorial Day: soldiers, regular, school - Great Debates
  87. All Things Constitutional: discuss the U.S. Constitution: interstate, Congress, controversial - Great Debates
  88. Children, Structured Play, and Social Development Risk?: independence, state, parenting - Great Debates
  89. My city's more dangerous than yours!: Afghanistan, Somali, crime rates, military - Great Debates
  90. Is there ANYTHING out there made with the same integrity as yesteryear?: cost, elect - Great Debates
  91. Does the method of earning reflect society's priorities?: wages, parade, drugs - Great Debates
  92. You just can't legislate morals: illegal, drugs, marijuana, school - Great Debates
  93. Logical Problem solving: Simpson, racist, school, claim - Great Debates
  94. Should homeowner's associations be allowed to ban solar panels/clotheslines?: fence, crime - Great Debates
  95. Illinois School Nixes Basketball Team's Trip to Arizona Over Immigration Law: illegal, boycott - Great Debates
  96. War on Drugs a Colossal Failure: Congress, Iraq, Clinton, solutions - Great Debates
  97. When are you considered to be from that city/town?: Missouri, high school - Great Debates
  98. Did this actually happen in Victoria, Texas?: regular, independent, boycott - Great Debates
  99. This Guy Should Get a Medal: suspect, elect, gun, Washington - Great Debates
  100. Is Humanity on the decline? If so, whats the reason?: unemployed, economic - Great Debates
  101. White Version of an Afrocentric Schools?: Mexican, Reagan, weapons, racist - Great Debates
  102. I would really like to know folks thoughts on this issue: insurance, companies - Great Debates
  103. This is why there is a NEED for afrocentric schools: ethical, racism - Great Debates
  104. Why don't individuals who complain about crime do something to prevent it from happening in the first place?: illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  105. Should Civil Rights be the law in the Private Marketplace?: employment, Congress - Great Debates
  106. I'm glad the working man's taxes goes to people like this.: unemployment, millionaires - Great Debates
  107. People anthropomorphizing their pets?????????: Corporate Profits, health care, death, parties - Great Debates
  108. Rep. Sanchez: Let Women Fight In Combat.: Congress, Israeli, soldiers - Great Debates
  109. Why is nothing produced in the US anymore? what is up with that?: employment - Great Debates
  110. Repairing the broken Great Debates forum: regular, racism, solution, politicians
  111. Miss usa 2010: supporter, female, Muslim, best - Great Debates
  112. 7year old accidentally shot by police...: suspect, death, racism, crimes - Great Debates
  113. Should affirmative action be used in businesses and universities?: employment, radical, racism - Great Debates
  114. Michigan Law: No More Bongs in Restaurants: employment, illegal, health care - Great Debates
  115. Effects of Anti-Aging Products...: injection, regular, death, wisdom - Great Debates
  116. If all going to die: wage, death, dollar - Great Debates
  117. Your Private Information - How would you feel?: companies, cost, states - Great Debates
  118. Should we change whats normal eating habits?: fast food, legal, health care - Great Debates
  119. Why do black people all sit together in the high school cafeteria?: regime, suspect - Great Debates
  120. Division of this all a plan?: Mexican, solution, Hispanic - Great Debates
  121. so.. what is the solution then?: enemy, health care, revolution - Great Debates
  122. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with a white-majority city?: multiculturalism, serial killers - Great Debates
  123. What are the differences between male and female mid-life crisis? Is it depression or a normal transition?: suspect, death - Great Debates
  124. How much money would it take for you to...: salary, ethical, legal - Great Debates
  125. Which is Worse: Clinton, companies, cost, high school - Great Debates
  126. What's Wrong With Cannibalism?: cost, female, prison, problems - Great Debates
  127. Happiness vs. painlessness.: drugs, death, economic, education - Great Debates
  128. What happens to the white after the snow melts?: carry, million, working - Great Debates
  129. Who designated colors in the first place?: Brown, how much, languages - Great Debates
  130. Why did Obama leave the United Church of Christ which goes directly back to the Pilgrims, Puritans, Calvinists?: McCain, soldiers - Great Debates
  131. Should we ever consider re-writing or revising our Constitution?: Congress, health care, independence - Great Debates
  132. underground economy: Corporate Profits, illegal, drugs, lawyers - Great Debates
  133. How many kinds of gas are there?: great - Great Debates
  134. Eating issues brought on by parents?: generation, death, military, citizen - Great Debates
  135. WHAT is wrong with people?: highway, Hispanic, carry, state - Great Debates
  136. Unless your race is perfect there is no superiority.: controversial, Harkin - Great Debates
  137. What happens if the US stops supporting Israel?: Iraq, Israeli, 9/11 - Great Debates
  138. Why do kids and teens bully one another?: generation, legal, radical - Great Debates
  139. Are You Willing To Withdraw Your Consent?: Iraq, Obama, terrorist - Great Debates
  140. Is a gunfree USA a better place?: illegal, injection, drugs - Great Debates
  141. UConn's Women's B-ball team, Do They Just Try Harder?: school, compared, top 10 - Great Debates
  142. Scared of Democracy: Congressmen, health care, Canada - Great Debates
  143. Why are racial groups more dramatic and excitable than others?: Hispanics, state - Great Debates
  144. Does love exist?: death, fence, program, states - Great Debates
  145. Black people aren't looking when crossing the street.: fence, state, city - Great Debates
  146. Why are racial groups more prone to suicide?: drug, statistics, death - Great Debates
  147. Is there anything that doesn't cause cancer?: death, work, city - Great Debates
  148. Muslim And Black Slave Masters ?: Congress, racist, school, parties - Great Debates
  149. Call me doctor.: suspect, school, retired, status - Great Debates
  150. Why do many Asian Americans have perfect American Accents?: how much, school, compared - Great Debates
  151. Ronald McDonald:Friend or Foe?: fast food, activist, health care, Sanders - Great Debates
  152. Dropping out of school because of bullying/And what should happen to bullys: drugs, accuse - Great Debates
  153. Drivers' Education in the U.S.: Standard or Automatic?: interstate, school, programs - Great Debates
  154. World as one country: soldiers, gasoline, racist, borders - Great Debates
  155. American Could Take a Lesson: parade, lawyers, accuse, suspected - Great Debates
  156. Great Debate forum challenge: racism, economic, elections, elect - Great Debates
  157. Male Privilege and Female Privilege: generations, school, carry, claims - Great Debates
  158. Giving to Homeless: employment, ethical, legal, drugs - Great Debates
  159. Communism and Morality. Can they co-exist?: regime, death, compare, economic - Great Debates
  160. Medicine/medical industry in the U.S. Is it made for profit?: ethics, health care - Great Debates
  161. Public Education - Pro and Con: Reagan, racist, ideology, cost - Great Debates
  162. Guns: Open Carry Rally in Virginia: Congress, enemies, illegal, drug - Great Debates
  163. If you could ban one logical fallacy or debating tactic...: crime rate, school - Great Debates
  164. Plastic Water Bottles....discussion...: solution, carry, support, problems - Great Debates
  165. Assistance turned Occupation: unemployment, lawyer, FBI, statistics - Great Debates
  166. Pain management: illegal, drugs, elect, abuse - Great Debates
  167. Iran and The Atomic Bomb: Iraq, middle east, Israel, parade - Great Debates
  168. What should be done for the long term unemployed?: unemployment rate, interviews, Pelosi - Great Debates
  169. Have u ever wanted to try hard drugs?: heroin, cocaine, marijuana - Great Debates
  170. 20 tigers left in China -WTF: dollars, carry, federal, billion - Great Debates
  171. I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag, of...........................: Iran, brainwashing, ideology - Great Debates
  172. The Lotto: interview, dollar, compared, education - Great Debates
  173. Do u guys think that terrorism is a hobby?: gallon, enemies, ethical - Great Debates
  174. Why do hipsters obsess about being poor?: how much, crime, dollars - Great Debates
  175. California will vote to legalize marijuna: illegal, polls, Canada, marijuana - Great Debates
  176. Why are so many people lazy in America?: wages, ethic, Clinton - Great Debates
  177. Individualism vs Collectivism: Iraq, generations, ethical - Great Debates
  178. The Grand Hypocrisy of the Catholic Church.: McCain, legal, Obama - Great Debates
  179. Us shipping bombs for Iran attack: arsenal, soldiers, healthcare, death - Great Debates
  180. wetb*** - Discriminatory or just not PC?: employment, minimum wage, Mexicans - Great Debates
  181. Why is it so hard for people to be positive?: weapons, 9/11 - Great Debates
  182. Grown adults who use the word 'retarded': doctor, best - Great Debates
  183. Why profanity, cursing, and sexual insinuation?: money, programs, states, teenage - Great Debates
  184. Why don't cars get the fuel efficiency they used to?: gallon, injection - Great Debates
  185. If You Could Go Back in Time...: generation, racist, money - Great Debates
  186. How important is the Census?: Congress, economy, Michigan, election - Great Debates
  187. Confederate pride???????: Iran, legal, CNN, treason - Great Debates
  188. Old people, why so rude?: generations, stats, insurance, retired - Great Debates
  189. U.S. Dealing With African Pirates: illegal, accuse, suspected, Somali - Great Debates
  190. public schools?: salaries, Minnesota, solution, how much - Great Debates
  191. So much negativity amongst americans days: generations, death, independent - Great Debates
  192. How do we know an election is actually: poll, cost, politicians - Great Debates
  193. Is the Yuppie Lifestyle the only way someone in their 20s can socialize and live?: multiculturalism, salary - Great Debates
  194. Seriously, what is wrong with Segregation???: illegal, premium, racism, dollar - Great Debates
  195. Are the idiots taking over the net and the U.S.?: middle east, parade - Great Debates
  196. Would you Fire ALL Teachers in Failing Central Falls HS?: suspect, Hispanic - Great Debates
  197. Political Party Switchers: Congress: Ron Paul, Pelosi, Afghanistan, Reid - Great Debates
  198. Technology: generations, Brown, military, million - Great Debates
  199. is cheaper labor, costs more important than American jobs?: Mexican, states - Great Debates
  200. Should we have the right to remain anonymous.: politicians, government, claim - Great Debates