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  87. Sell in May....and Go away.....(especially when an impeachment is around the corner): credit, business - Personal Finance
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  91. 2.5%!!!!!! :shocked:: pay, taxes, credit, checking account - Personal Finance
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  104. New car vs. driving old one into the ground. When does the new car make more sense?: pay, taxes - Personal Finance
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  106. Wealth Creation Mastermind Group Looking for New Members: Hawaii, range, year - Personal Finance
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  108. Do you know millionaires who never owned property or received an inheritance?: rent, income - Personal Finance
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  112. How much of bad money management is due to lack of personal finance education?: funds, pay
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  114. The one thing I haven't talked about.: paying, million, increase - Personal Finance
  115. Why would buy a house?: pay, rent, taxes, rates - Personal Finance
  116. What would you do with $500K?: pay, rent, taxes, rates - Personal Finance
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  118. Hubby having a hard time landing a good role.. CA: rent, reports - Personal Finance
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  120. Having a second Bank Account for Savings: pay, rate, deposit - Personal Finance
  121. Credit/collection: pay, debts, collector, dispute - Personal Finance
  122. To of you who are in the professional middle/upper middle class, what do you like about the lifestyle: pay, taxes - Personal Finance
  123. s/o To the professional middle/upper middle class - what do you NOT like?: pay, taxes - Personal Finance
  124. St. Jude's Dream Home Giveaway - Financing: funds, pay, taxes - Personal Finance
  125. News, Amazon to start collecting state sales taxes everywhere.: pay, Alaska, Delaware - Personal Finance
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  128. Salary: Am I doing OK? Worth looking at bigger cities for bigger pay?: rent, taxes - Personal Finance
  129. Bought land for 100K, selling for 29K: pay, taxes, credit - Personal Finance
  130. Snowball vs. highest interest on student loan payoff: pay, debts, rate - Personal Finance
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  134. about cashing out 401k: funds, pay, taxes, account - Personal Finance
  135. Update Income for Your Credit Card?: payment, account, increase, percent - Personal Finance
  136. People tell me that their huge tax refund is mad money and they plan to blow it!: funds, pay - Personal Finance
  137. Can't get auto refinancing: pay, rate, transfer, credit - Personal Finance
  138. Credit Karma - concerns about using it?: payment, dispute, credit report - Personal Finance
  139. Scraping by on $500K/year.: pay, million, rate, vehicle - Personal Finance
  140. How do you pay back your emergency fund?: funds, deposit, increase - Personal Finance
  141. Pressler and Pressler law firm - on behalf of a creditor? experience similar?: funds, pay - Personal Finance
  142. What caused your credit cards to raise your limits?: pay, accounts, increase - Personal Finance
  143. Parents want Us to move back in with them.: paying, income, mortgage - Personal Finance
  144. Tax Liens & Civil Judgments to be removed from Credit Reports: dollars, lawyer - Personal Finance
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  147. Thoughts and Ideas on how to spend 20k: funds, pay, rent - Personal Finance
  148. Big tax refund is coming... what to do with it?: funds, pay - Personal Finance
  149. Will the age at which one can withdraw qualified retirement funds penalty-free, currently 59.5, be increased?: pay, taxes - Personal Finance
  150. Money Managers - Are they worth it?: funds, pay, rent - Personal Finance
  151. How much do you pay for your employee Health/ Dental insurance premium?: HSA, credit - Personal Finance
  152. New vehicle wrecked, trade-in not signed by spouse: charge, lawyer, cancel - Personal Finance
  153. News, Americans Are Dying With an Average of $62K of Debt.: paying, million - Personal Finance
  154. Chase won't take my change anymore - in the name of customer service: deposit, credit - Personal Finance
  155. Money into an IRA?: payment, taxes, account, dollars - Personal Finance
  156. Which stock broker do you guys use?: funds, business, invest - Personal Finance
  157. How should family wealth be used to help the young generation?: pay, rent - Personal Finance
  158. has lost it ALL?: paying, account, savings, business - Personal Finance
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  160. Can I open a Roth IRA for my 9-year old?: funds, payments - Personal Finance
  161. Methods to achieve perpetuality for family wealth: pay, taxes, increase - Personal Finance
  162. Why do i owe so much in taxes??: pay, deduction, dependents - Personal Finance
  163. When and for what did you delay gratification for the wiser financial choices?: pay, rent - Personal Finance
  164. Mystery windfall possibly of nefarious means... what do you do?: funds, pay - Personal Finance
  165. Longest you have been without income: funds, pay, credit, accounts - Personal Finance
  166. Kroger might be testing our math / PF skills, and we might be flunking: deposit, increase - Personal Finance
  167. Books on investing/financial freedom: funds, pay, million, increase - Personal Finance
  168. Mass Mutual says I close 401K, unless I meet certain criteria..: funds, pay - Personal Finance
  169. What do app/software do you use to keep yourself organized?: pay, taxes - Personal Finance
  170. What is the biggest waste of money spent?: pay, rent, holiday - Personal Finance
  171. Unplanned expenses for once-in-a-lifetime experiences: pay, account, Colorado - Personal Finance
  172. t 700 credit score: pay, debts, dispute, creditors - Personal Finance
  173. Issue with CREDIT CARD CO. OWING YOU $?: funds, deposit, account - Personal Finance
  174. What's considered Upper Class Income for an Individual?: million, financing, California - Personal Finance
  175. Fair way to split expenses?: funds, pay, rent, taxes - Personal Finance
  176. Have you ever had a debt collector come around your house?: pay, rent - Personal Finance
  177. Midlife financial crisis?: funds, rate, increase, income - Personal Finance
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  180. From where are you getting your credit score?: rate, financing, credit report - Personal Finance
  181. Need pros and cons on an annunity: pay, rates, financing - Personal Finance
  182. Warning about Employer 401k's!!: funds, pay, taxes, credit - Personal Finance
  183. Can I afford to take a break (from work)?: rent, credit, checking account - Personal Finance
  184. Spend the Life Insurance First or Spread it out and Simultaneously Hit the Taxable Accounts inherited?: funds, paying - Personal Finance
  185. What is Cash Value on a Life Insurance Policy Mean: funds, pay - Personal Finance
  186. ways of retiring young ?: paying, income, business, wedding - Personal Finance
  187. How exactly are you preparing financially for retirement?: funds, pay, million - Personal Finance
  188. TruboTax weirdness with IRS: payments, taxes, rates, transfer - Personal Finance
  189. High-value jewelry in safe deposit box?: pay, dollars, safety, average - Personal Finance
  190. Cash: Florida, wedding, house, live - Personal Finance
  191. Best way to Exchange Currencies......USD to CAD for example: pay, rate - Personal Finance
  192. Financial hangers-on.: pay, charge, Texas, employment - Personal Finance
  193. Can you afford to send your child to your Almamater?: pay, mortgage - Personal Finance
  194. Protecting our finances: recession-resistant jobs?: pay, increase, income, Maine - Personal Finance
  195. difference between Vanguard and Fidelity for Roth IRAs?: accounts, buy, collection - Personal Finance
  196. Saving and Investing: funds, pay, account, savings - Personal Finance
  197. Taking money out of IRAs at age 77: funds, pay, taxes - Personal Finance
  198. student loan refi: financing, Illinois, Nevada, Ohio - Personal Finance
  199. Statute of limitations on cc debt in Texas: credit report, business, lawsuit - Personal Finance
  200. Treasury Bonds - maturity date: account, savings, sell, default - Personal Finance