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  1. UCLA Cancer Research Center Study Shows Fructose and Cancer Connection: pancreatic
  2. had minimally invasive or robot assisted thyroidectomy?: recovery, time - Cancer
  3. Lymphedema: node, biopsy, blood, surgery - Cancer
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  6. OUTRAGE: Kids in India getting cancer from tobacco: doctor
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  8. New drug that stops untreatable cancers...
  9. Mohs Micrographic Surgery for Basal Cell Carcinoma: procedure, time, surgeon - Cancer
  10. Chemosensitivity/Resistance Assay Part of NCCN Guidelines: chemotherapy, survival, treatment - Cancer
  11. could this be endometrial cancer???: cyst, recovery, treatment, cervix
  12. Books (inspirational/religious type) that might be to someone battling cancer....: time
  13. News, Woman’s Body Cut in Half to Treat Aggressive Cancer.: pain, chemotherapy
  14. Relationship between small cell carcinoma and black mold: treatment, lung, smokers - Cancer
  15. What is up with Phil Mickelson's wife's hair?: node, chemo, treatment - Cancer
  16. Martina Natratilova - diagnosed w/ breast cancer: recovery, mammogram, prognosis
  17. cancer no insurance?: chemo, treatment, surgery, time
  18. We raised almost 1/2 a million dollars the other day...: chemo, treatment, anesthesia - Cancer
  19. Husband has ALL PH+: chemo, treatment, biopsy, time - Cancer
  20. News, Michael Douglas Says His Tumor's Gone, Throat Cancer Likely Beaten: treatment, tumors
  21. Carcinogen: Hexavalent chromium in water: treatment, natural, kidney, lung - Cancer
  22. Chemo not going well 4 my friend--questions: bleeding, treatment, blood, surgery - Cancer
  23. Diet for Tumors: cancerous, doctor
  24. Hello to all members! - Cancer
  25. News, New York Creates Online Cancer Data Map.
  26. BEWARE Aranasp!: blood, time, drugs - Cancer
  27. News, Cancer Is a Man-Made Disease, Controversial Study Claims.: tumors
  28. News, U.S. cancer death rate continues to drop.: survival, treatment, prevention
  29. Olive Oil Components Change Breast Cancer Genes (Clinical Study): pain, treatment, tumors
  30. Cll & EGCG - Cancer
  31. Oral Sex - Oral Cancer
  32. BCG treatment for low grade bladder cancer: cyst, chemotherapy, removal
  33. News, Vegetables linked to fewer breast cancers.: time, drugs
  34. Generic Arimidex is now available!!!: time - Cancer
  35. Diagnosis: Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: chemo, treatment, blood, lung - Cancer
  36. Prostate Cancer: treatment, biopsy, surgery, cure
  37. News, Shot that stops many deadly forms of cancer may be ready in 5 years: scientists.: cervix, tumor
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  39. Strawberry Fields...for Cancer?
  40. Cancer 101
  41. Good breast surgeon doctor in North Ga?: cyst, treatment, ultrasound - Cancer
  42. About cancer and weight loss: chemo, treatment, tumors, lung
  43. PSA: Getting a mammogram: pain, treatment, surgery, time - Cancer
  44. Pregnant Smokers: lung, smoking - Cancer
  45. Awesome HD/3D Video About How Tumors Grow: blood, time - Cancer
  46. Raw foods to combat cancer?
  47. SKIN CANCER.. do Radiation ?: treatment, drugs
  48. Antibiotic after surgery (mastectomy: node, blood, procedure, time - Cancer
  49. What are the different colors for different cancers?: kidney, lung
  50. Fine Needle Asper produces no liquid???: pain, cyst, spots, mammogram - Cancer
  51. Relationship between brain cancer and cell phone use.: tumors, time
  52. News, Red wine and dark chocolate are potent cancer killers, US study says.: chemo, surgery
  53. Caregivers and others close to someone w/cancer still have a right to have a life: chemo, time
  54. News, Soft Drinks Linked to Pancreatic Cancer Risk.: prevention, smoking
  55. News, Nanobubbles 'jackhammer' cancer cells.: chemo, cancerous
  56. Stand Up To Cancer: Manage Your Treatment: chemotherapy, infection
  57. Mango Effective At Stopping and Preventing Breast & Colon Cancer (Clinical Study): cure, prevention
  58. Study shows patient-specific vaccines for metastatic melanoma may induce durable complete regression: node, tumor - Cancer
  59. Good News, Badin H.S. Students Shave Heads To Support Classmate.: treatment, lymphoma - Cancer
  60. March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month: cure, time, colonoscopy, doctor
  61. Once a gh risk , always a high risk?: mammogram, biopsy - Cancer
  62. Relay for Life: chemo, treatment, remission, cure - Cancer
  63. Liver Cancer: tumor, remission, surgery, cure
  64. stereotactic biopsy: pain, mammogram, treatment, biopsies - Cancer
  65. Coffee cut prostate cancer risk in new study
  66. Maine wants cell phones to carry cancer label
  67. Protecting Second Base--Men Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Initiatives: mammogram, treatment, cure
  68. Altering body's PH factor: remission, lung, liver - Cancer
  69. Tarceva Rash: chemo, treatment, tumor, lung - Cancer
  70. Has had a partial cervicetomy/trachelectomy?: pain, bleeding, removal - Cancer
  71. News, Mary Tyler Moore, Gupta: Waiting out a meningioma.: tumors, surgery, time - Cancer
  72. Be cautious if prescribed Aranesp (used for anmeia during chemo): chemotherapy, blood - Cancer
  73. Thyroid cancer treatment: biopsy, biospy, surgery, time
  74. Cola syrup for nausea?: chemo - Cancer
  75. Avastin approval to be revoked.: doctor - Cancer
  76. Your bed is antenna causing cancer!: time
  77. For the on mastechtomies: surgery, natural - Cancer
  78. Cervical cancer update: node, chemotherapy, treatment, cervix
  79. News, Report: Thyroid cancer radiation a public threat.: treatment, detect
  80. News, Fewer smoking = fewer with lung cancer: tumors, prevention, time
  81. Drug may slow growth of early prostate cancer: treatment, tumors
  82. follicular thyroid cancer: pain, recovery, treatment, surgery
  83. Today 2/4 is world cancer day- Stand up 2 cancer!: cure, time
  84. Survival rates for rarer cancer?: tumors, time, pancreatic
  85. New monkey wrench thrown in: treatment - Cancer
  86. News, Vanderbilt Doctor Celebrates Tanning Bed Tax.: treatment, smokers - Cancer
  87. News, Michael Douglas tells Letterman: 'It's a stage 4' cancer.: survival, treatment
  89. 3-16-10: time - Cancer
  90. Women: Have you had a Breast Ultrasound?: cyst, mammogram, biopsy - Cancer
  91. News, Obama Aces Medical Exam, But Is Told to Lay Off Smoking.: smokers, waiting - Cancer
  92. News, Dead smoker has 'Smoking Killed Me' signs placed on hearse.: smokers - Cancer
  93. The best anti-tobacco ads (42 photos): blood, lung, time, smoking - Cancer
  94. News, Bone-Building Bisphosphonates May Increase Risk of Esophageal Cancer.: time, drugs, doctor
  95. How long does one wait for lymph biopsy results?: node, recovery, surgery - Cancer
  96. Eating Vegetables, Fruits, Soy lowers risk of developing breast cancer by 30%: time
  97. The Brain Tumor: chemotherapy, blood, tumors, surgery - Cancer
  98. Fourth Stage Ovarian Cancer- Female: chemotherapy, removal, surgery, time
  99. News, $93,000 cancer drug: How much is a life worth?: survival, treatment, remission
  100. How to help my friend dx w/ breast cancer: pain, node, chemo
  101. Sorry but enough of Breast Cancer Awareness Month: treatment, cure
  102. Is there a prostate cancer awareness month?: pain, survival, cure
  103. Try Pomegranate Juice: treatment, blood, lung, prostate - Cancer
  104. What are the right questions to ask?: node, chemo, treatment - Cancer
  105. Afraid and feeling lost breast cancer: pain, survival, mammogram
  106. Higher vitamin D intake needed to reduce cancer risk: pain, blood, prevention
  107. Who with breast cancer has had a sentinel node biopsy?: pain, chemo
  108. Are Doctors trying to kill people?: pain, chemotherapy, mammogram, surgery - Cancer
  109. Chemo Roll Call: node, treatment, tumor, time - Cancer
  110. Steroids to help my Dad gain weight again? Crazy idea?: chemo, treatment - Cancer
  111. Breast biopsy and doctor wants to discuss...: mammogram, biopsies, cure - Cancer
  112. Scary Symptoms! Seeing the Dr on Wednesday.: pain, survival, doctor - Cancer
  113. Fibroid Tumor - Test to rule out cancer before Embolization: bleeding, biopsy
  114. Medical Marijuana cures toddler's cancer: chemotherapy, doctor
  115. How to when people say somebody died from cancer?: chemotherapy, time
  116. Friend just dx'd with pancreatic cancer.: pancreas, node, chemo, treatment
  117. Proof That Cancer is a Man-Made Disease: treatment, tumors, cure
  118. November Is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month!!!!: pain, pancreas, chemo, time
  119. Is this too over the top or just cool?: chemo, treatment, time - Cancer
  120. Medicinal Mushrooms for Cancer?: node, chemo, treatment, prognosis
  121. I have cervical cancer: pain, chemo, bleeding, recovery
  122. PSA levels up and down.. have this?: pain, treatment, biopsy - Cancer
  123. When do you return to normal?: pain, cyst, chemo, removal - Cancer
  124. Colon Cancer Stage 3 Questions: node, chemo, survival, treatment
  125. have stage 1 breast cancer and still need chemo?: node, survival, treatment
  126. Cancer/Lymphoma Charities: node, chemo, treatment, biopsy
  127. Prostate biospy - in office vs in hospital: pain, removal, treatment - Cancer
  128. BEWARE alternative cures: chemotherapy, survival, treatment, surgery - Cancer
  129. Grand total of doc appts. for my BC treatments: chemotherapy, blood, cure - Cancer
  130. Susan G. Komen partners with KFC: Buckets for the Cure - Cancer
  131. does think this is weird-neighbors dying from the same type of cancer: pain, blood
  132. News, Cancer danger of that night-time trip to the toilet.: cure
  133. Neighbor dying, how to help?: pain, pancreas, time, pancreatic - Cancer
  134. Breast Cancer: pain, chemo, treatment, tumors
  135. Jalapenos?: chemo, treatment, time, pancreatic - Cancer
  136. How to support someone?: recovery, surgery - Cancer
  137. How aggressive can cancers be: pain, node, chemo, treatment
  138. Can they force treatment?: pain, chemo, blood, remission - Cancer
  139. Anthem/Blue Cross: cancer spread to the liver? Too bad we won't pay: chemo, treatment
  140. When cancer isn't really cancer: pain, node, chemotherapy
  141. Breast Cancer?: cure, lung, time, detect
  142. Beware alternative cures: pancreas, chemo, treatment, blood - Cancer
  143. Not being able to tolerate chemo: pain, chemotherapy, treatment, blood - Cancer
  144. Symptoms: pain, biopsy, tumor, kidney - Cancer
  145. Breast Cancer - Reconstructive Surgery: pain, recovery, tumor, procedure
  146. More harm than good? (Cancer treatment): pain, chemo, biopsy, natural
  147. Radiation Burns, Pain and Itching: treatment, tumor, surgery, time - Cancer
  148. Breast Cysts? Recommending 6 mo followup: pain, mammogram, treatment, procedure - Cancer
  149. Avastin and Gemzar: pain, chemo, spots, treatment - Cancer
  150. Just need to vent...: biopsy, blood, tumor, surgery - Cancer
  151. Give Your Opinion On Treatments.: pain, node, chemo, biopsy - Cancer
  152. Immune System: chemotherapy, treatment, blood, anesthesia - Cancer
  153. dad died and now dealing with mom: time, liver - Cancer
  154. Laser treatment for lung cancer: chemo, surgery, time, liver
  155. Parents plus Cancer equals a nightmare: pain, biopsy, prognosis, lung
  156. News, Sheryl Crow Opens Breast Cancer Center in Los Angeles.: lung, time
  157. Selling dietary supplements as able to treat/prevent/cure cancer isn't just irresponsible/unscrupulous- it's illegal: treatment, prevention
  158. No Strong Marijuana Lung Cancer Connection: cure, natural, time, smoking
  159. Chemo as a Form of Suicide: pain, chemotherapy, survival, treatment - Cancer
  160. News, Cigarettes kill, but don't tell smokers?: natural, time, smoking - Cancer
  161. What now?: node, treatment, tumor, surgery - Cancer
  162. Lung Cancer.. Over for my Dad: pain, treatment, prognosis, cure
  163. What are smoking cancer symptoms ?: blood, lung, time, detect
  164. Your best weapon against cancer? Vit C megadosing.: chemotherapy, treatment, surgery
  165. BRCA testing: chemo, removal, survival, mammogram - Cancer
  166. Advice for helping friends with cancer: chemo, treatment, prognosis, cure
  167. Housework lowers Breast cancer risk?: time
  168. Wanda or Who Can help .: treatment, biopsy, blood, time - Cancer
  169. Bad Reactions to Chemotherapy: pain, time, drugs - Cancer
  170. Spot on liver: pain, pancreas, chemo, time - Cancer
  171. When cancer treatment won't work how long does someone have to live?: node, chemo
  172. Extracts from peaches and plums, kills only cancer cells: pain, bleeding, treatment
  173. Cancer: chemo, treatment, surgery, cure
  174. Breast cancer in an elderly woman: pain, chemotherapy, treatment, biopsies
  175. Why a Top Cancer Center Could Save Your Life: pain, chemotherapy, treatment
  176. Scientists discover antibody that kills prostate cancer
  177. Exercise To Benefit With Colon Cancer (Study): survival
  178. News, Pack-a-day smokers declining.: smoking - Cancer
  179. First Cancer Genomes Sequenced: tumors, lung
  180. News, Cigarette displays to be banned in English stores. - Cancer
  181. News, For one cancer patient, it was a prom night to remember.
  182. News, 'Cure' is found for skin cancer, claim scientists.: stage
  183. Widely Used Arthritis Pill Protects Against Skin Cancer: pain, treatment
  184. News, Americans bombarded with cancer sources: report.
  185. Dr Robert O Becker: treatment, cure, time, surgeon - Cancer
  186. Gene therapy for metastatic melanoma in mice produces complete remission: tumor, surgery - Cancer
  187. Mom Loses 2 Babies, Survives Cancer, Moves to Haiti
  188. News Video, Cancer 'iron man' puts hope in drug trials: chemo, treatment
  189. Special Cancer treatment in Canada
  190. News, Bride walks for mom's cancer fight
  191. News, Provenge Uses Body's Immune System to Fight Prostate Cancer.: chemotherapy, treatment
  192. Insurance policy cancelled BECAUSE they got cancer: time
  193. News, China Limits Smoking in Films, TV Shows.: smokers - Cancer
  194. Geron's Therapy from an MD who had Cancer: cure, time, prostate
  195. Slo Burn Cigaretts,New Chemicles: drugs - Cancer
  196. Cleaning for a Reason: treatment, time, doctor - Cancer
  197. Neck, tonsel and throat cancer: pain, chemo, treatment, stage
  198. Grilling chicken/cooking at high temps - increased danger of cancer
  199. News, Test could warn smokers of cancer danger.: lung, detect
  200. Attacking cancer with reoviruses